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Joey T - Bad News 13:07 - Mar 16 with 6632 viewsRotherhamDale

His cancer has returned.

He's issued a statement on the official site.

Best of luck Joe!

Possession with progression.


Joey T - Bad News on 13:12 - Mar 16 with 4748 viewsmoth5368

Awful news,. All the best Joe.

Joey T - Bad News on 13:16 - Mar 16 with 4718 viewsSuddenLad

Dreadful news. So very sorry that he has yet another fight on his hands. Very best wishes, Joe for a speedy recovery and a return to full health.....

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up.”


Joey T - Bad News on 13:17 - Mar 16 with 4702 viewsrochdaleriddler

Sad news, hope he makes a full recovery

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Joey T - Bad News on 13:19 - Mar 16 with 4682 viewsChaffRAFC

Horrendous news.

A minutes applause in the 15th minute obviously a given.

If I hadn't seen such riches, I could live with being poor


Joey T - Bad News on 13:20 - Mar 16 with 4673 viewsblakeyj

Horrible disease get well soon joey t

Joey T - Bad News on 13:24 - Mar 16 with 4642 viewskrafty80

Saw this pop up on Twitter and felt like I'd been punched in the stomach. Appalling news, but great to see the club, players and fans rallying around Joey T. Certainly puts some of the recent troll-ish conversations on this forum into perspective.

Really shocking and saddening for this to happen to a player who is, in the truest sense, a model pro and without question 'one of our own'. In terms of setting an example through hard work, overcoming adversity and making the most of every ounce of your ability, I think the club, the fans and the town of Rochdale can be proud of JT.

I wish him all the best in his recovery.

Joey T - Bad News on 13:29 - Mar 16 with 4598 viewsjoecooke

Puts things in perspective.Good Luck to the lad in the battle ahead.

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Joey T - Bad News on 13:31 - Mar 16 with 4578 viewsDaley_Lama


Good luck Joey T.

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Joey T - Bad News on 13:36 - Mar 16 with 4526 viewsdingdangblue

Get well soon Joe - you've beaten it once - time to beat it again.

His statement in full......

Joe Thompson has issued the following statement...

Hello to you all

It is with regret that I have to inform you that my cancer has returned.

That given I will fight this life hurdle with the same belief, courage and desire as my previous battle.

The support shown to me since I discovered my illness has returned has been immense.

I would like to thank my wife, Chantelle, who was my rock in my first encounter and will once again be by my side with the same encouragement, discipline and strength. Not to mention the love shown to me by both my wife and beautiful daughter Thailula-Lily who are both my motivations daily.

I would also like to thank the Manager and his Staff, there are no words to describe this group of people. They gave me an opportunity at the beginning of the season and I hope I have repaid their faith in me with what some say is the best form of my career. Also, to my teammates, this unique group of Players who all believe in each other and keep on over achieving.

To the Board and the fans of my hometown Club which I am so honoured to have returned to and so proud to wear the shirt of, thank you for the warmth and support you shown me upon my return and continue to do so.

A big thank you to my Union too, the PFA, especially John Bramhall. Their support commenced within hours of my diagnosis and me and my family are extremely grateful.

I came back from a goal down before, not only to equalise, but to take the lead. This illness may have found an equaliser but the quest for me to get the winner starts today and I can assure you I will get the most important win of all time.

Thank you to you all.

Joe Thompson

Its a BRILLIANT goal to cap a BRILLIANT start by Rochdale - Don Goodman 26/08/10
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Joey T - Bad News on 13:43 - Mar 16 with 4482 viewsD_Alien

Very sad news

What awful luck for a brilliant young man, exemplified by his statement

Joey T - Bad News on 13:46 - Mar 16 with 4462 viewsmacro

You fought once and won, fight again.

Joey T - Bad News on 13:50 - Mar 16 with 4437 viewsDale27

Awful news.

I wish Joe a full and speedy recovery.

Judging by his statement, he seems proud to wear the Rochdale shirt, and I for one hope he pulls on a Blue shirt again sooner rather than later.

All the best Rochdale's No.15

Joey T - Bad News on 13:53 - Mar 16 with 4418 viewsdawlishdale

Awful news.

Joe... you beat this thing once... you can beat it again.

Every Rochdale fan is 100% behind you.
Joey T - Bad News on 14:03 - Mar 16 with 4377 viewsaleanddale

Joey T - Bad News on 13:53 - Mar 16 by dawlishdale

Awful news.

Joe... you beat this thing once... you can beat it again.

Every Rochdale fan is 100% behind you.

Exactly this I could not put any better.

Team Rochdale are behind one of our own.

Good luck Joe - I wish there was something we could do! But I know your in good hands.

Our turn for that late winner!!

Joey T - Bad News on 14:15 - Mar 16 with 4311 viewsBarryStrange

Oh that is bloody awful. The poor family, that must just be devastating.

You beat this once lad, you can do it again. Sounds from the statement like he is staying positive - best of luck Joey T.

Joey T - Bad News on 14:26 - Mar 16 with 4255 viewsDaleiLama

Blood and sand.

Tough enough to hear this of anyone, but someone as classy as he is makes it even worse.

Time for the most important hat trick of your life Joe.

It certainly puts the game we like to watch on Saturdays into perspective. A 90 minute battle for 3 points is utterly insignificant compared to fighting for your life and the chance to support your family and raise your child. Thoughts and prayers with you #15

Come on you Dayul
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Joey T - Bad News on 14:38 - Mar 16 with 4212 viewskirbys

Courage is needed - you are not short of that.
Determination is needed - you have plenty of that.
The wishes and hopes can help you - you have thousands of those.

Be sure we all care at a club that cares.
Very best regards to you and your family for today and the months ahead.

Joey T - Bad News on 14:59 - Mar 16 with 4132 viewsShun

Horrible news.

You can see from his statement that he has such strength and courage. That kind of attitude will only help him. He has one of the best attitudes from any football I've ever known. Ever.

We're all with you, Joe.

Joey T - Bad News on 15:03 - Mar 16 with 4114 views1mark1

Terrible sad news. Best wishes to Joe in his fight against this terrible disease, and also to his family and close friends as they support Joe in his battle.

Also well done to those at the Club and in the PFA who are supporting him.
[Post edited 16 Mar 2017 15:05]

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Joey T - Bad News on 15:13 - Mar 16 with 4064 viewsPotterDale

Horrible news, just horrible. No other word for it.

Joey T - Bad News on 15:23 - Mar 16 with 4019 viewsPDIDDY

All the best to the lad ..kick its ar se joey lad

Gissa job


Joey T - Bad News on 15:33 - Mar 16 with 3984 viewsDanny1907

No doubts whatsoever that you'll get through it Joey, everyone's behind you, you've beat it before and you will beat it again. Remain positive, lad!

Joey T - Bad News on 15:34 - Mar 16 with 3977 viewsTVOS1907

Really sad news. I'm sure Joe will take comfort from all the messages of support on here and in the wider footballing community.

There's a difference between being a maestro and being able to use your brain


Joey T - Bad News on 15:41 - Mar 16 with 3941 views442Dale

His positive outlook is an example to all at what must be a very difficult time.

Best wishes to Joe and his family.

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Joey T - Bad News on 16:38 - Mar 16 with 3782 viewsYouTubeDale

Together, you can beat this.

Hendo is class.
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