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Do we need another striker? 12:28 - Jul 16 with 778 viewsA1079

Nothing to do with yesterday's friendly which anyway, is never an indicator, but more to do with what happened last season and the sale of JRod.

When JRod was sold, my initial thoughts were that we need to purchase another striker and yet, as far as I can tell, there isn't a clamour for one from fellow fans, so am I alone in having a concern that we are in danger of repeating last close season and the start of a new one with a potentially threadbare squad quality wise in what has proved for any club (whether you are fighting to win the league or to avoid going out of it) a key position - a striker who has a solid record in front of goal.

Why do I feel like this? Gabbiadini - a good signing and we can see what he can do, though he went slightly off boil towards the end of a tepid season. There is no guarantee we can rely on him and what happens if he picks up a long term injury? Who do we rely on?

Austin - Never been completely sold on him though he has obvious qualities, but he is so injury prone and as a goal hanger he can bear fruit but if it involves running, he is largely beaten.

Gallagher - did well in the championship, but can he repeat it at PL level? Hopefully being in the championship will act as a springboard for good things to come.

Our midfield players have a poor scoring rate under a range of managers, not just Puel.

A quality known and proven striker can be a catalyst to success and entertainment. Even if they do not score, a players who is always seen as a threat by the opposition means that defenders focussing on that individual creates space for other players.

I realise that there is a hell of a long way to the end of the transfer window and I am certainly not "bedwetting" I am just merely raising the question that if we do not strengthen in the forward area we are in danger of repeating the errors of last season.

Do we need another striker? on 12:50 - Jul 16 with 759 viewspete_boggs

No, we need AM's with pace and ability.
There is a gap between CB's and strikers therefore no service to strikers and no goals. We have suffered this since the time of Lallana leaving and Reed has never addressed this as he sees JWP as our attacking midfield threat. As long as Reed has a stranglehold over the squad sheet this will persist. When Reed finally retires the dam will break, decent midfield players will be brought in and 'The Southampton (Reed) Way' will be chucked in the bin where it belongs.

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Do we need another striker? on 14:54 - Jul 16 with 700 viewssaint22

As it is every summer we need a striker & CB
Do we need another striker? on 15:02 - Jul 16 with 688 viewssaintjeff52

Do we need another striker? on 14:54 - Jul 16 by saint22

As it is every summer we need a striker & CB


Do we need another striker? on 15:21 - Jul 16 with 673 viewskingslandstand1

If we do, we need to get rid of one of them at least if not two, and I notice you didn't put Long in to the equation or do you class him as midfielder? I think the change of manager will do him some good
Valid points on the others though as I think the best of Austin has gone. Gallagher, just a squad player but will not be a 1st choice

Pi55 taking aside, 22/Boggs is right as you have also deluded to, we should be scoring more goals from midfield to spread it about. We were very low scorers last season bearing in mind where we finished so where do these additional goals come from? Even B'mouth have signed a proven Prem goalscorer
Do we need another striker? on 16:54 - Jul 16 with 610 viewspete_boggs

Do we need another striker? on 14:54 - Jul 16 by saint22

As it is every summer we need a striker & CB

We could have 10 strikers standing on the edge of the area waiting for a pass and no goals. Have you not watched a single game last season?. We need pacy intelligent AM's. Not strikers.

Poll: Do you think Prowsey should be going to Russia? (for W Cup not as a shield)


Do we need another striker? on 19:30 - Jul 16 with 554 viewsA1079

Pete Boggs, 22 and Kingsland, all valid points. Our lack of creativity and goals from midfield have been a problem. Last season they seemed to spend their time going sideways or backwards.

Not sure whether you would classify Long as a midfielder or forward but again, he is not reliable when it comes to scoring, though I don't think he was in a happy place with Puel last season. Hopefully that will change this coming season.

Sadly I am old enough to recall the days of Armstrong, Ball, Williams, et al and you could guarantee they would score with some degree of regularity or their attacking flair backed up the strikers such as Keegan, Moran, etc. Lallana provided some of that flair which as you rightly state, we have missed, though I am not sure how much of that has been down to the tactics and style.

In truth, I am largely resigned to the fact that we are going into the next season with what we have and not expecting any significant strengthening of the squad, though I am not convinced the VVD issue has yet been put to bed.

Do we need another striker? on 21:04 - Jul 16 with 510 viewsKennington

All depends how much money there is in the transfer kitty. Assuming there isn't much, then it's probably not the main area to strengthen. The lack of creativity has got to be sorted out. That and dealing with the habit we had last season of shipping 2 or 3 goals in far too many games.

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Do we need another striker? on 13:33 - Aug 17 with 270 viewsTony001

I agree with you.
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