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End of Season Dinner 16:48 - Apr 18 with 1165 viewsBuggalugs

Just had a nice chap from SFC ring me to see if I planned on attending the end of season dinner event at St Mary's in a couple of weeks time. Only £165+vat pp for a non-hosted table or £195+vat pp for a player hosted table apparently.

Poor b@astard was on a hiding to nothing when his sales pitch went into it being a great opportunity to celebrate the season with the players and management.....seriously, those were his exact words. I of course declined at that point and told him I couldn't think of anything worse, which he did chuckle at to be fair. Imagine the stick that poor bloke's been getting....I mean, seriously....

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End of Season Dinner on 16:50 - Apr 18 with 1154 viewsDockersRottingCorpse

Probably why he e mailed me instead of ringing !

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End of Season Dinner on 17:04 - Apr 18 with 1125 viewssaints__fan__73

Just more incompetance if this allowed to go ahead. Is anyone actually in control of the club at present?

It should be perfectly timed to co-incide with our mathmatical relegation.

Still, it might give Ralph a platform to finally release his 5 Pledges of Gaoism to his adoring public.

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End of Season Dinner on 18:17 - Apr 18 with 1067 viewsHappy_Jack

I bet humble pie won't be on the dessert menu

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End of Season Dinner on 18:27 - Apr 18 with 1059 viewsjordan_sibley

Do you get supersize portions if you're on the Fat Germans table?

Actually I bet she's like most fatties and has a small portion and a diet coke then raids the fridge when she gets home.

No doubt Nick will get a complimentary ticket to sit next to Ralph.
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End of Season Dinner on 23:01 - Apr 18 with 893 viewsKennington

Bit more info about the event. Between courses there’ll be entertainment from some former saints to liven things up a bit.

After the starter fans favourite and hunting enthusiast Rupert Lowe will be back to talk about the good old days. Then a post main course treat with newly formed comedy double act of Pellegrino and Branfoot aka The 8%-ers.

Then rounding off the evening will be our very own Les Reed with special guest and former manager Harry Redknapp himself leading a special Radiohead themed kaoroke sing song.
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End of Season Dinner on 23:06 - Apr 18 with 890 viewsGennaro_Contaldo

I had a phone call asking if I was interested in 2 matches for the price of 1 or something like that. No.

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