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Have I missed something? 09:48 - May 14 with 786 viewsSonicBoom

What happened to the bloke from Everton we were supposed to be on the verge of appointing as Director of Football?
I would have thought we would have replaced Reed and Krueger by now.

Have I missed something? on 10:07 - May 14 with 758 viewsA1079

Slowly, steady does's the Southampton Way.

Ironically I was going to post "have we signed anyone yet" as a poor joke.

You might have thought they would have had this post in place in time for the close season so they were up and running.

I suspect, like alot of organisations (similar to the one I work for), they try to delay filling roles/vacancies as long as they can get away with it, to save on salaries or even see if they can get away with filling it at all. Not that I am cynical......much!!!!

Have I missed something? on 11:07 - May 14 with 705 viewsPatfromPoole

That appointment will be saved for what would otherwise have been a quiet week, so that we can have another meltdown.

The club are merely thinking of us.

Have I missed something? on 12:43 - May 14 with 620 viewsSonicBoom

It's been quite some time since we binned Les Reed. that's a long time to have no one at all in a critical role. Particularly with the window due to open.

Have I missed something? on 15:46 - May 14 with 520 viewsthis_charming_man

Wasnt he meant to be chief scout rather than director of footvall?

Either way it was meant to have happened a few weeks ago. Rather worrying we are going into a very important transfer window appearing a bit rudderless

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Poll: Before end of transfer window how many more posts about signing a CB?


Have I missed something? on 16:02 - May 14 with 504 viewsMarcus_y

Think of it this way, if we take a few more months to hire someone we will be saving a few months hefty salary costs.
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