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the injustice continues 17:57 - May 25 with 1031 viewsJaySaint

get the candles ready!

the injustice continues on 10:03 - May 26 with 805 viewsChesham_Saint

What a whinging tvvat. It’s unbeleivable how this annoying dipshit is on tv so much.

Poll: Which manager would you prefer Saints to have?


the injustice continues on 10:45 - May 26 with 772 viewsA1079

Jaysaint, all the 4 clubs involved in the 2 finals, the clubs themselves, the fans, the media have done since they have achieved getting to their respective finals have whinged and whinged and whinged about - the locations, the cost of getting there, the timing, the dates, the impact on their squads, etc, etc. Instead of being pleased and excited by the prospects of potentially winning a prize trophy they seem set of finding excuses in advance should they not win.

As for Garragher - horrible, awful pundit and beyond Liverpool fans I don't think there is anyone who thinks that he fairly or even makes an attempt to present a balanced and objective view.

the injustice continues on 11:31 - May 26 with 716 views1885_SFC

Dirty spitting whinging whining coont.

Love life. Love music.


the injustice continues on 15:11 - May 26 with 580 viewsKennington

Awful pundit. Let’s not forget he was/is employed by Liverpool and openly admitted talking to other contracted players and encouraging them to move to Liverpool.

Poll: What age is too old for a striker?


the injustice continues on 17:50 - May 26 with 500 viewskingslandstand1

There cannot be anyone who would not want Tottenham to win this trophy next week other than the press of course, who will then no doubt hold a national day of mourning should the poor little sops lose

the injustice continues on 18:54 - May 26 with 448 viewsTimSaint

Just goes to show what an utter bellend he really is.

No-one has been able to give him a reason why it is 3 weeks after the league campaign ? Seriously ?

Here you go then Carragher, you thick cvnt. The competition is open to not just English teams !! It was not guaranteed that 2 English teams would reach the final, therefore the final has to be after all the domestic leagues have finished for the teams entering.

The Italian and French leagues had fixtures this weekend and Spain and Germany finished last weeendk I think. So had a team from any of those countries got to the final, exactly when were they supposed to play it earlier (to suit Liverpool) ?

He is no doubt paid a fortune for being a pundit, yet can't work out something so simple.

Good enough a reason for you Jamie ?


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