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Eye opener 17:08 - Dec 30 with 413 viewssaint22

Eye opener on 17:15 - Dec 30 with 401 viewsGennaro_Contaldo

No it's not.

The UI; For the sophisticated gentleman
Poll: Where will Saints finish in the 2018/19 season


Eye opener on 17:17 - Dec 30 with 398 viewssaint68

Poll: Who would you want to save this season Pellegrino or Adkins


Eye opener on 17:44 - Dec 30 with 347 viewsHeisenberg

Holiday in paradise no longer doing it for you ?

“Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously'
Poll: Who should get a statue outside the old girl ?


Eye opener on 18:51 - Dec 30 with 288 viewsMarcus_y

Probably accurate as younger people are often idealistic and think it is cool to be as such. When they grow up and start to work and see how the real world works they realise voting for fascist labour will not benefit them or other normal hard working people at all, but only those who are work shy.

You're nothing but a lot of talk n'a' badge.


Eye opener on 20:19 - Dec 30 with 214 viewsPaninaro83

It highlights that young people are far open minded by being more willing to vote for politicians who will promise what benefit them rather than being stuck in their bigoted Tory ways. It just goes to show how many people would have died if they put the election and referendum back 3 years. It I tend to find that it always a good thing when anyone who doesn’t share my opinion dies
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Eye opener on 20:44 - Dec 30 with 193 viewsI_would

Lucky there's not more young people voting then. Should change the voting rules to white, born in UK and over 35.

Poll: How many players should RH play at the back on Saturday?


Eye opener on 20:55 - Dec 30 with 171 viewsBazza

Guesswork analysis only as voting is confidential. Fake information from so called experts
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