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Burnley 3 v 0 Southampton
Barclays Premier League
Saturday, 10th August 2019 Kick-off 15:00

Voting was locked for this match at midnight on Sunday 11th August but you may still add your mini match reports. Note that members and non-members alike were able to vote.

Nick Pope6.4
Matthew Lowton6.1
James Tarkowski6.4
Benjamin Mee6.3
Erik Pieters6.1
Johann Berg Gudmundsson6.8
Jack Cork6.1
Ashley R Westwood5.7
Dwight McNeil5.8
Chris Wood5.9
Ashley Barnes8.4
Jay Rodriguez4.9
Aaron Lennon4.4
4.4Angus Gunn
5.1Jan Bednarek
3.1Jack Stephens
2.8Jannik Vestergaard
4.7Yann Valery
5.1Oriol Romeu
4.3James Ward-Prowse
4.6Ryan Bertrand
3.8Danny Ings
5.6Nathan Redmond
4.9Che Adams
4.0Sofiane Boufal
3.5Michael Obafemi
3.9Pierre Hojbjerg

Match Rating2.9 

Your Burnley v Southampton Match Reports

I_would added 17:40 - Aug 10

Prowsey Captain, well that was a good idea. Vestergard, is he on valium?, Stephens, no comment. Valery, get him off and put Cedric on, too immature. Romeu , too slow. JWP waste of space, anyone who didn't have an insurance bet on when they saw him as Captain missed out. Redmond should be forced at gunpoint, if necessary, to pass the bloody ball. Ings, did he kick the ball? Adams, has promise. Apart from that, great. Oh, and the manager needs a mate to help him.

codge added 17:46 - Aug 10

Looked like l was watching last season all over again,defense looked like the same a disaster waiting to happen.
Surely we have to of learned our lessons from the last 2yrs but you wouldn't of thought so watching this game.Next up Liverpool boy do we need to improve on this to have any hope of a soon as l saw Stephens my stomach sunk and l wanted to throw up, really though no one covered themselves with anything more than mediocre.
Surely this has to get better as this was the first game but it looked like we could be in for long season,hope not Cory.

10i added 17:48 - Aug 10

Well, today we unfortunately got see, what this summer happened - despite it shouldn't have happened.
Everyone knew there was one position we needed to get better - and we simply didn't, bar from a "one for the future" loan on deadline day. And that DM spot was the second to improve, cause in romeu and Hojbjerg we've only got two of tjose (not a single defender in the world wants to be shielded by JWP). One was ill and well...
I'm a big fan of Hasenhüttl, but there was a lot wrong that last window and today. Nobody here needs djenepo now, let's be honest. It's 12-14 Mio. for someone "nice to have". Let's buy him if you have everything else sorted and got money left to spend. Butto buy him state that from now on you have to sell and getting a CD depends on departures, means there are some people making decisions, who shouldn't make them.
And so there obviously was no money left for players we all are crying for since years now. That transfer window was Shit. End of.
To talk about today, to play Stephens, just because Yoshida may be off in the next weeks, is Shit decision making. You have to play the best that are available to you at any time. Do the best for the club. Of course nobody will buy Stephens (his contract has to make every proper footballer laugh), but to play him just because of that?? He didn't really make it in L1, even RH, who came here later, should have figured that out by now.
If Hojbjerg can sit, then he can play. He's that far above the rest (which tells you something).
JWP a captain? If a player like that would ever have captained my team, I would have laughed the whole day and lost 0:3 by purpose. Oh. You need vocal player there. Someone who never gives up. Stephens would have been about 50 times better as captain,as you need someone with an unbelievable fighting spirit or someone who is just gifted.
Gunn was not without fault too, he could have done better with the first and the third. McCarthy is still here. It didn't work to get him out. So please play the better goalie, which unfortunately isn't Gunn. But this was the smaller issue today, I think...

SaintPaulVW added 19:00 - Aug 10

Disaster darling!

Only positive is Che didn't get sent off for that clodhopper challenge.

Looked evenly matched but then Vestergaard drops a bol0k and it all goes pear shaped. Hey ho, we march on!

corkcitysaint added 19:43 - Aug 10


Boris1977 added 19:45 - Aug 10


Boris1977 added 20:02 - Aug 10


vanmans added 21:00 - Aug 10

Is this the Worst Start to a Season Ever? Why oh why did we not get 2 central defenders at the start of the transfer window? Why replace Ings with Obafemi when they are both the same type players? If we havnt got 2 good central defenders why play 3 of them? When is Cédric Soares going to start instead of Valery? When we went behind why did Djenepo not come on?


KriSaint added 21:23 - Aug 10

We were ok for an hour and looked like the team in control. Them came a series of horrendous defending by first and foremost Jannick Vestergaard, and we lost 3 - 0.
He has to loose his place because of being heavily involved in all 3 goals.

First goal he misjudged his position when trying to clear a long ball with his head, and Barnes was one on one with Gunn.
Second goal he was at least 2 yards away from the man he should have marked, Barnes, and a cross came in for Barnes to volley home.
Third goal he cleared a cross very weakly with his head and the ball went towards Bertrand who didn´t expect to get the ball, and from, what I saw it seemed Bertie didn´t have time and balance to fight wholeheartedly for the ball and he was perhaps fouled in the duel for it. Gudmondsen, or whatever his name is, took the ball and ran into the box with it and finished into the far corner. Vestergaard should have run back faster and tackled Gudmondsen. Apparently VAR didn´t think Bertrand was fouled.

allsaint54 added 22:25 - Aug 10

Same old, same old. Can't defend, can't score, create next to nothing. No fight in the side, where are the leaders. JWP captain - utter joke.

allsaint54 added 22:26 - Aug 10

Same old, same old. Can't defend, can't score, create next to nothing. No fight in the side, where are the leaders. JWP captain - utter joke.

kristianJ added 00:03 - Aug 11

Terrible weather and the result wasn’t much better. However, didn’t think we played too badly up until the first goal. Basically had 15 mins of sloppy defending, with Vestergaard being most culpable. We kept hitting long high balls to our front 3, who were never going to win anything in the air against Mee and Tarkowski. Not sure that JWP and Stephens warrant some of the criticism above.

deanosfc8 added 09:09 - Aug 11

At the start I was openly optimistic, by the end reality kicked in.
The only positive is how Adams stayed on the pitch.

SanMarco added 13:31 - Aug 11

Well my optimism disappeared as quickly as the England batsmen did the other day. The club has made its bed on the CB options and all of us now have to lie on it. Let's hope this new lad is at least good enough to form a partnership with Bednarek in a back four. Far too early to despair on the attacking front. Would have been a totally different game if we had gone 1 up but we didn't and 'capitulation' followed.

helpineedsomebody added 16:24 - Aug 11

bring back NC NOW

KriSaint added 23:54 - Aug 14

My starting line up for the Liverpool game:

Yoshida, Bednarek, Danso,
Valery, Jwp, Højbjerg, Bertrand
Djenepo, Adams, Redmond


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