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Kat v Gao
at 10:52 9 Oct 2019

Lots of rumours going around she's suing him. Possibly because he's failed to invest as promised. Possibly because he's failed to buy her 20% as promised. Hopefully the former, more likely the latter. Anyone heard anything?
The rise of Boris Johnson
at 19:38 23 Jul 2019

was only improbable if you were under the delusion that we live in a meritocracy. We don’t. This is the class system in action – propelling confident, incompetent, posh tw8ts to the top regardless of their abilities, record or character. Taking back control the Eton way.
To hell in a handcart.
at 08:41 25 Jun 2019

So to summarize the situation as I see it. England is leaving the EU and dragging Scotland and northern Ireland with them despite those countries not voting to leave. Indeed only 37% of Brits did vote to leave. We are likely to leave with no deal that nobody voted for, and Parliament specifically voting against; led by a party with no majority in Parliament and who are selecting this countries next Prime Minister without consulting the country. This is without going into the blatant lies, and illegal funding. That's 'Taking back control' folks..... the South American way
Hypocracy watch
at 07:55 26 Nov 2018

Which is the the most astonishing act of hypocrisy by a Leave campaigner?
1. Rees Mogg shifting his Sometset Asset Management investment arm to Dublin to "off-set any negative impact from Brexit
2. Farage marching his kids into the German Embassy a month after the Brexit vote to secure them a German passport. ( his wife is German, he is part French)
3. Brexit campaigner Dyson after all the hot air about building British , deciding to build his new factory in the Far East?

You'll probably have your own favourites.
A captain Fantastic
at 09:00 14 May 2018

We need a centre back or two, a striker, an attacking midfielder, but the one position we've missed all season is a captain. We need someone who knows how to steady a ship when we're hanging on to a lead. Knows how to get Boufal to pull his finger out when he's on go slow; knows when to get into the referees face when Alonso is about to get away with a horror challenge, or when the opposition is about to take a free kick from the wrong spot again. This 'ring craft' comes with experience and Lesley is only interested in signing players we can later flog to Liverpool. A proper old school captain signed last summer wouldn't have made us a top 7side, or Liverpool reaching for their cheque book, but it would have helped make us safe from relegation 6 weeks ago.
Democracy would be a nice thing
at 09:42 13 Sep 2016

I'm no fan of UKIP but nobody can say democracy is being well served when close to 4 million votes gets them only one MP, yet the tories get 327x more sets with less than 3x the votes.
This is how many votes each party needed at the last General Election to secure 1 parliamentary seat.

SNP 25,972
Conservatives 34,244
Labour 40,290
Lib Dem 301,986
Green 1,157,613
Ukip 3,881,129

The last Labour GE win was achieved with just 24% of the electorate, last years Tory victory was secured on a similar amount 23.5 %. Thats just bollox.
The country rightly rejected the Alternative vote system the LibDems wanted but a proper PR system where everybody's vote counted must be the way forward.
at 09:13 27 Aug 2016

6 fearless members of the Northam Road Volunteers have flights from London city and 2 nights in Milan Hotel booked. Another 4 expected to book today. That's organisation.
£350m a week to the EU
at 08:28 27 Jun 2016

Apparently, and that money would be better spent on the NHS said Gove, Johnson and Farage (it rhymes with garage) which is great for all those who voted Leave, and a good silver lining for all those that voted Remain.
So just incase Gove,Johnson and Farage forget this promise, and spend it all on tax breaks for their banker buddies, please take a moment to sign this petition.
Cheers Uglies.
Nothing to hide behind now
at 19:29 24 Jun 2016

for the far right of the Tory party and their press pack. Six years in government, and now no bothersome EU; so come on Boris £350m a week extra to be spent on the NHS isn't it, or did i get that wrong? Looking forward to it.
From one independence to the next
at 07:57 24 Jun 2016

The demand now will be loud and instant for Scotland to assure its own destiny by breaking free of the UK. This is precisely the kind of “material change” that the Scottish National party always said would be enough to warrant a second referendum to follow the one held in 2014. And this time there will be a majority for independence. So a first legacy of 23 June could well be the imminent break-up of the UK.
So put away your union jacks, we'll need a new design.
Hey Frank Xerox
at 13:12 17 Jun 2016

Do you keep yourself to yourself mate? Would your neighbours describe you as "quiet and unassuming" ? Just asking.
[Post edited 17 Jun 2016 13:22]
Breaking point.
at 08:32 17 Jun 2016

"When you shout BREAKING POINT over and over again, you don’t get to be surprised when someone breaks. When you present politics as a matter of life and death, as a question of national survival, don’t be surprised if someone takes you at your word. You didn’t make them do it, no, but you didn’t do much to stop it either.

Sometimes rhetoric has consequences. If you spend days, weeks, months, years telling people they are under threat, that their country has been stolen from them, that they have been betrayed and sold down the river, that their birthright has been pilfered, that their problem is they’re too slow to realise any of this is happening, that their problem is they’re not sufficiently mad as hell, then at some point, in some place, something or someone is going to snap. And then something terrible is going to happen"
Alex Massie in the right wing Spectator magazine
Russian Media...
at 11:44 12 Jun 2016

..reporting that 'their boys won' after huge provocation from drunken Islanders FFS!

It's worth baring in mind Putin is on record as supporting Brexit. Just saying.
ITV football
at 22:18 11 Jun 2016

Who is the fookwit presenting ITV football?
"the beauty of football is the scoring system, and England only scored one"
If our new manager is a success, which club will he be managing in 2 years time?
at 18:20 3 Jun 2016

If our new manager is a success, which club will he be managing in 2 years time?

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