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Danny Ings Nominated For Premier League Player Of The Year ! Vote Now
at 13:14:09

Ings is the best english centerforward in the PL.
He has just had his best season ever, and I think and hope he is settled and enjoys playing for Saints and Hasenhüttl and will not be interested in getting a "bigger adress".
Saints Reach Agreement With Tottenham Hotspur
at 13:03:50

I believe Saints are stronger with KWP, rather than PEH, in the team.
KWP is clearly a very capable right back specialist, while it is still uncertain whether PEH is best playing as a no. 6 or a no. 8.
I thank PEH for his services and wish him all the best and wellcome KWP on board.
Left Back Signs New Contract At St Mary's
at 22:59:15

Happy for him and the club.
Spurs Daylight Robbery Offer About To Be Accepted
at 22:55:22

I´m as frustrated as any other Saints supporter about Tottenham and Daniel Levi, but at the end of the day I´m pleased that it looks like we got KWP over the line.
Saints At Manchester United The Verdict
at 13:13:34

Thanks for another good article, Nick; my Man of the Match goes to Danny Ings for his incredible work rate all over the pitch, control of the ball, team spirit enhancement, danger in both build-up and finishing and his confidence and cleverness. The man remarkably rarely loses the ball, and he is on the ball quite a lot every game!
Also I´d like to emphasize: great substitution by Ralph, bringing on Obafemi and asking Smallbone to play in Romeus no. 6 position - as defensive midfielder, where Will did very well in his running, positioning and ball control in our so important and so well-rehearsed/trained/executed short passing up the field. Very enjoyable to watch how cool, brave and exciting a team we have actually become. I credit Ralph for that , of course. So happy that he extended his contract with us for four years. Way to go, Ralph. He is an exciting manager, and I believe the players respect and like him a lot.
As far as Smallbone is concerned, he has been added to the A squad to stay there, it looks. Very useful squad player with a lot af potential, and for his age he certainly always looks calm, cool and collected.
If Adams improves after having tasted PL football for one season...., because he needs to, to help Ings and the team scoring goals, I don´t really think we need to be desperate to bring in more than one or two, maximum three new players in the transfer window (depending on any departing Saints players, of course and depending on whether Ralph wellcomes back a player like Harrison Reed, who has done very well at Fulham). As always a lot of other "ifs", of course, but I am delighted with the way we have improved, and I´m sure I share this feeling and positivism with a lot of you guys, fellow Saints fans.
Saints V Manchester City The Verdict
at 11:48:45

One of the best games I´ve seen for a long time against a very good opponent.
Our organisation was spot on - we defended that box so well, over-crowding the last third of our half, pressing the City player in possession everytime City came at us. I didn´t see any world class saves from McCarthy, but had Fernandinho´s shot stayed inside the post, McCarthy would have saved it with a worldy, because he was quickly out towards that right post with his right hand.
We looked dangerous on the break, and Armstrong should actually have made it 2-0 deep into the second half.
Every player deserves credit.
Congrat´s to Adams for his great (first) goal of the season.
How much have our central defence improved?, and how important a player has Ryan Bertrand suddenly become?
Right back? Give KWP the job.

I was worried that Ings was not taken off after 60-70 minutes to protect him against a muscle injury, but he looks very fit, and Ralph rightly anticipated that Ingsy had what it took to go all the way without getting injured.

Now 4 days of recovery before a very important match against Everton. If we win that and other results go with us.........
Big Night For Saints In The Premier League And They're Not Even Playing
at 16:22:05

I may be a hopelessly optimistic fool but having thought it over and looked at the table and remaining fixtures for us and the teams around us, I will not be particularly satisfied with anything less than a no. 8 place. I think we now have a balanced team that fully understands and likes Ralph´s tactics - and the overall quality to achieve a no. 8 place in the table.
Is Fraser Forster Set For A Return !
at 16:08:57

When ever FF has had his debut og post injury return for Saints he has had 5 or 6 clean sheets in a row, as I recall it.
He is also best friends with JWP, so why not bring back the big man, I say.
Can Kyle Walker - Peters Be The Answer For Saints ?
at 16:52:39

I say yes.

Ashley Cole was a good player (and he had small-man´s syndrome didn´t he?), so KWP´s height doesn´t worry me.
KWP actually won headers vs Watford and played well in generel and showed good attitude.
His lack of game time at Spurs is - as mentioned by somebody else - only because of huge competition for that right back position at Spurs.
Ralph can un-doubtedly teach him a lot and make him significantly better.
I honestly believe we will be happy with him, based on what I´ve seen so far.
We sold Targett for 16 million, so anything below 8 million pounds for KWP would be ok with me.
Spurs Can't Afford To Buy Hojbjerg In Cash
at 17:36:51

What could happen is PEH reconsidering and signing a new contract - IF we do really well in the remaining 8 games and finish as no. 8.
Saints V Huddersfield The Verdict
at 13:35:33

I´d also like to ask: when was the last time we saw Saints start a second half with the ball, keep it for 2 minutes and then score without the opponent having touched the ball?

Saints V Huddersfield The Verdict
at 13:34:06

I echo much of the other comments, but I´d like to add that I don´t agree that Danso is useless as right back.
1. He is VERY young. Let him mature. Let him grow. Let him learn to play BOTH RB and CB. And maybe even DM.
2. He tries his best, obviously. Tactically, physically, technically.
3. He has a mean throw-in.
I´d also like to as: when was the last time we saw Saints start a second half with the ball, keep it for 2 minutes and then score without the opponent having touched the ball?
Saints At Chelsea The Verdict
at 02:44:46

Great comments which I echo 95 % and thanks for the, positive, fine verdict article, Nick.
I think one of you mentioned that PEH didn´t have a good game, which is simply untrue.
Yes, he gave the ball away a couple of times under pressure, but he gave 110 % (like everybody else) and he had an assist and generally played very, VERY well.
Even Cedric did very well today.
Armstrong can not be saluted enough for his performance today. It was AWESOME, and the build-up to 2-0 was - not least because of him - simply fantastic - and - for me - the best team goal since Channons famous goal after a sensational build-up involving among others Keegan and D. Armstrong back in 1981 or 1982.
Saints Fans Are Optimistic About 2nd Half Of The Season
at 00:57:50

Double sorry. I forgot Adams. Question mark player.
Saints Fans Are Optimistic About 2nd Half Of The Season
at 00:54:14

Correction, sorry: Obafemi has played for his country, Valery not as a senior).
Saints Fans Are Optimistic About 2nd Half Of The Season
at 00:51:03

The post Koeman era has been difficult, no doubt, but currently I have chosen not to panic, even if we don´t buy any players in the january transfer window, because I really believe we can keep 3 teams behind us when the season is over. Personally I think we can and will end up just below mid table.
(That said, I´m still shocked about the 0-9 and (probably should but) have not seen highlights of that game and (probably) never will).

I´d like to mention the players in our current squad, who are either

A. Brilliant.
B. Ok PL players who could maybe even develop into "quality" PL players.
C. Ok players, but only good enough as squad players for now.

(No mentioning of players from worse categories, because - imo - these (not mentioned) players are either not good enough, are highly overpaid, or chances of rejuvinated consistency or demanded progress are too small).

(Under Koeman)
1. Long. Ok player.
2. Bertrand. Ok player.

(Under Puel)
3.McCarthy. Ok player (played for his country? - yes)
4.Boufal. Ok player (playes for his country? - yes.)
5.Redmond. Ok player (played for his country? - yes)
6.Hojbjerg. Ok player. (plays for his country? - yes)

(Under Pellegrino)
None of the players bought under him are here any longer.

(Under Hughes)
7. Ings. Brillant (played for his country? yes)
8. Armstrong. Ok player (plays for his country? yes)
9. Bednarek. Ok player (plays for his country? yes
10. Gunn. Ok player (plays for his country? Not as a senior)

(Under Ralph)
11.Djenepo. Ok player (playes for his country? yes)

"Homegrown" players
12. JWP. Ok player (played for his country? yes)
13. Valery. Ok player (played for his country? yes)
14. Stephens. Question mark/squad player (played for his country? Not as a senior)
15. Obafemi. Question mark/squad player (played for his country? Not as a senior player).
16. Sims. Ok player (played for his country? Not as a senior)
(17. Reed). Question mark/squad player (played for his country? Not as a senior)
(Currently out on loan)

= 16 players in our current squad (+ Reed) that I think I´d like to keep.

1 brilliant.
13 ok.
2 question marks.

So, In reality - imo - we have 14 players who should be able to consistently compeed in the premier league, but, because this league is so competitive, 13 of them can only be defined as average for now, though 12 (!) have been or still are internationals.

Call me a happy clapper, BUT, we have enough quality to avoid relegation, in my opinion, and have a better second part of the season and end up with 40+ points.
Thanks for reading.
Hasenhuttl Confirms January Transfer Intentions
at 15:39:13

It makes me sad to read the (repeated) criticism of PEH. How much potential do You have if You play 102 minutes of the German cup final for Bayern Münich vs Dortmund when at the age of 18 + a couple of days? LOTS.
I know, he is still not the finished article, and maybe the captaincy is too much of a responsibility , putting too much weight on his (still) young shoulders.
I am 99 % certain that I can assure You, that - with the right support and guidance - he will come VERY GOOD in his current number 6 role and even more in a number 8 position. I, primarily, see him as a box-to-box player.
Yes, he has certainly had a qouple of questionable games this season, but I don´t understand, if You wanna get rid of this 23-year old player who loves Saints, and who has still less than 100 PL games under his belt - and let him step up and develope fully in another club???
Happy Christmas From The Ugly Inside
at 15:15:05

Likewise, Merry C to everybody involved with TUI <3
Injury Issues For Saints Might Open A Door For Adams
at 15:13:15

Absolutely agree that we should keep our 4-4-2 shape and play Adams if Long is injured. I actually think Ings sees obvious positive 'possibilities' (expression loaned from C. Puel) just around the corner for Adams, and Ings has never signalled complains about Adams. On the contrary, actually.
Danny Ings Is The King Of The Scummers !
at 01:48:03

To Glen from league1minus10blogspot:

Merry C and Thanks for another great match report from the Villa game.
Jack "Cafu" Stephens :) <3
"There are no good players named Wesley"
"Marvellous Macamba with a marvellous pass to Ings, who marvellously hammered a marvellous shot marvellously into the corner"
"Irritating little T*** Grealish" etc etc etc
I love it.
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