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Happy Christmas To You All
at 12:59 25 Dec 2021

Merry Xmas Nick and thank you for your valued work. I love this website.

Merry Xmas every Saints supporter.
Conspiracy theorist Matt Le TIss Crank watch
at 03:09 5 Dec 2021

You are a pathetic little government ass licking order follower.
I've been a doctor for 22 years. Should I read all you crap comments????? Give me a break.
You sound like you are paid to crucify covid-19 vaccine skeptics - or just majorly stupid.
Rickie Lambert Joins le Tissier
at 02:23 5 Dec 2021

you don't have t be a doctor (as I happen to be) or a conspiracy theorist to get worried when people in football stadium crowds repeatedly collaps and the match gets temporarily suspended.
3 times in less than a month, is it? Could it be un-intented , severe (new-methodical emergency-approved) Covid vaccine jabs related? You certainly can't look away from that possibility.
29.000 vaccine-related deaths in the US - official data.
Lambert is concerned for his young kids getting the vaccine jabs.
I don't blame him.

These vaccines are not very helpful, I suspect. On the contrary, I fear.
F*cking with our immune system with emergency-approved vaccines for a disease with such a low mortality on average???? Pericarditis, Myocarditis, blood cloths, bone marrow disorders and examples of auto-immune f*ck-ups in our immune systems etc. are happening all over the world due to these mRNA-vaccines , and now we want to vaccine children, who hardly get any symptoms from covid??? Very disturbing.

Shoot bullets through me for saying this, I don't care.

I DON'T trust the authorities on these vaccines.

So, Le Tiss & Rickie: Thank You for trying to wake people up!
Conspiracy theorist Matt Le TIss Crank watch
at 01:59 27 Nov 2021

Calm down and let sports be sports and politics politics.

He's a worried, critical thinker when it comes to Covid-19 and the political handling.. So what? He is not trying to harm anyone. Respect his freedom of speech and courage.

The word 'conspiracy theorist' is such a negative word. We have been TAUGHT that! (Please remember that).
I'd like to think of him as a truth seeker and pandemic sceptic. 'Conspiracy analyst' sounds less negative than conspiracy theorist.

"Oh, he's just a conspiracy theorist" is just too easy and stupid to claim.

Do not believe everything you hear or read in the main stream news. Give room to critical thinkers like MLT.

He is NOT crazy, just rightfully skeptical towards the official Covid-19 narrative. I have no problems with that. On the contrary.

I'm ok with the fact that we are not all order following, mask wearing Covid-test-fans and experimental-vaccine-pros, who ask few questions about what's going on. There has to be a public opposition towards restrictions, experimental vaccines with unknown, potentially risky long term consequences for us AND our children,
AND there has to be a public opposition towards worrying removals of our liberties. Otherwise we'll be rolled over without debate and with no chance of getting back to normal life.

Here in Denmark i.m.o. we try to have a pretty sober debate and not crucify people who think differently and question authorities, testing and novo-methodical experimental vaccines.

It's such a complex matter. And we debate a lot!
RIP Another Saints lad
at 19:37 10 Nov 2021

Very sad news. May I add that I'm in my mid-fiftees and also have, within the last decade, seen friends and colleagues my own age or even younger die - much too early in their lives.
Very thoughtful of you to mention your local friends passing away and your grieve.

We have to live our best lives while we're here <3 , and loosing relations is very, very hard in life.
Played for Saints and Villa
at 20:33 9 Nov 2021

Honestly, I was searching both in my brain and on the internet, but you beat me to him.
I wonder if he came in on (a very short) loan under Nigel Pearson or Jan Poortvliet?
JWP - Failed To Report For England Duty
at 16:32 8 Nov 2021

I feel sorry for him. That means a) he must feel really ill, or 2) Covid-19 positivity (from Redmond?).
At least another full cap up for grabs considering the opposition. Shite.
Aston Villa Target Hasenhuttl And Steven Gerrard To Replace Dean Smith
at 16:24 8 Nov 2021

I agree that he is not going anywhere. With his comments on Villas interest in JWP it would be morally disgusting.
20 million release clause.., seriously?
Played for Saints and Villa
at 13:28 7 Nov 2021

at 12:14 7 Nov 2021

I agree with all comments. Clearly, he has been instructed to be more pro-active both inside and outside his box and - among other things - take more part in passing the ball around at the back, and I do think he has improved a little, BUT... he is still far from being good at it.
To me he hasn't got a real 'goalkeeper personality'. I have met him and , oddly, he strikes me as a more than average shy kind of guy. And that's of course the reason why we almost never see him shouting and commanding.

That said, 5 clean sheets in 11 is good, and, hopefully, Frasers good performances in the League Cup has taught McCarthy that he simply needs to step up and give better performances to keep his place in the team.
I'm still angry that Maxwell Cornet so easily scored that 2-2 goal. McC wasn't concentrated!!!! For f*cks sake.
Eddie Howe to Newcastle?
at 22:10 4 Nov 2021

They will probably say they went with a talented, young British manager because that felt right.....
I can't see Howe getting warm welcomes from the Newcastle fans if he gets the job, and he will be in a seat so hot that he will burn his behind.
Can Howe attract premier league quality players to N'Castle??
The Newcastle take over
at 14:40 21 Oct 2021

Correct, owned by a country like City and PSG, but it will be far from peanuts run through the club. Why not perfect for money laundering in your opinion?
Nigel Adkins Sacked
at 14:34 21 Oct 2021

yesterday Nigel came to my mind, and I immediately took a look at the League 2 Table to find out how Charlton were doing. And got very concerned for him. And now this....

YES indeed. A decent man who once was in the right place at the right place with us, so highly regarded. Makes me sad. All the best to him. Hook up with Andy Cross again and find the right club, Nigel.
The Newcastle take over
at 10:33 21 Oct 2021

The blond female front figur and new part owner of N'castle asked if the buying of the club is a sports washing thing (a money white washing thing):

"Eh, no..... It's about investment in a fantastic team......,and investment in the community".

My conclusion: It IS about white washing money!
Does Ralph want to be sacked?
at 05:34 15 Aug 2021

Bednarek and Stuart Armstrong were probably rested because of their participance in the Euro 20 tournament. McCarthy in goal was a big surprise and so was 'Tino' Livramento, but I thought Tino played pretty well.
No doubt Bednarek, S. Armstrong and KWP will start vs M.U. , and I think Tella will come in for Walcott.
Everton didn't look great and to be fair they only had 2 ½ chances from which they scored 3.
Stephens gifted them a really stupid corner from which they equalized. No communication between him and McCarthy???? And I just don' t know why McCarthy didn't run out and defend with his life and prevent disgusting diver boy Richarlison from getting in behind and volleying the ball over McCarthys head?
Romeu usually is good at protecting the ball and distributing it cleverly. He had a bad come back game with some pretty poor distribution + he didn't protect the back four when ugly Doucouré had all the time in the world to control the ball and blast it in the top near corner on the edge of the box. We have to remember though that Romeu was injured for several months with a foot fracture. He obviously needs games to get back to his best.
Our defence bad again
at 16:57 21 Sep 2020

Two goals for Sims in two games. Give him a chance in the first team, Ralphy. We need hit men with speed in the team. No one in Burnleys team are as quick as Sims.

Won´t happen, I suppose. Sims will probably be sent to Fulham on loan for the season. Recommended by Reed and Lemina...
Kane was actually OFF side when assisting Son for the 2-1 goal
at 16:13 21 Sep 2020

Kanes dysproportionally long upper body and Bertrands awareness made Kane 2 inches offside when Lo Celso passed the ball to him in the build up to 2-1.

Freeze the picture when Lo Celso connects with the ball for the pass and see for yourself.
From all angles, looking at it from behind and from the front, Kanes left armpit and maybe even left side of his arse looks offside.
VAR could easily have caught it but didn´t bother to examine it.
Deja vu on home defeat by Spuds today...
at 16:00 21 Sep 2020

Yes - I also went down memory lane for that terrible result 25 years ago.
Ronnie effing Rosenthal and 2-6 after having been 2-0 up.

I also remember Spurs fans been annoying that day.
So was Son yesterday, communicating out his number of goals with his ridiculous fingers to rub our noses in it. He should learn how to communicate with his child voice and practice his lousy english in stead.
Always so innocent on the surface, crying when sent off, etc.
In fact he dives for freekicks and pens and tends to put his boots in peoples faces - without any harmful intensions of course - when having his stupid head upside down as we saw vs Rüdiger last season.
credit to brentford
at 00:37 17 Sep 2020

But if Adams had scored to 1-0 instead of hitting the post it could have been a totally different story. We have been sh*t, yes, but also very unlucky. How the hell has Adams not scored two goals this season?
He absolutely hammered that volley towards goal vs Palace , and their keeper made a ridiculous save. Tonight he was incredibly unlucky not to score again.

We beat Spurs, who are also sh*t, and we are back on track. Let´s not panic, please.
Our defence bad again
at 00:30 17 Sep 2020

Yeah, apparently we are still on holiday, bathing in the sun, celebrating our great project re-start results.
The good thing is that these two awful performances have come before the transfer window closes, and hopefully the powers at be can see that we clearly need to invest in the team as soon as possible and re-group with new blood in the squad and get on with it. Everton just signed 3 midfielders in a couple of days , and they went straight into the team.
Don´t be too disappointed - we have only played two matches. If anybody can sort this out, it´s Ralph.
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