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Southampton v Huddersfield Town Your Report added at 08:27:56
10 changes in the starting line up - and we won. Boring match but fully approved.
Fulham away in the next round, please ;)

Vestergaard started with 3 class 30 yard passes and then faded away.
Danso tried his best - out of position.
Very happy for Smallbone and Vokins. I can see them become regular first teamers some day. The fine goals from this match will help.
Southampton v Tottenham Hotspur Your Report added at 02:26:47
Get in there :-)

Happy new Year Everyone. Great work rate in a deserved 1-0 win against a poor Spurs side. Ingsy the match winner. The man is pure class.
Biggest referee mistake and VAR mistake in the entire season, when both Dean and VAR somehow didn´t see the clearest handball in the box You´ll ever see - by Judas Alderweireld. Luckily it didn´t matter, but had it mattered, it should have been the final nail in the coffin for Mike Dean. I don´t know whether he is bribed or just insane, but it is time to help the poor post turtle down. He is ridiculously useless.
Chelsea v Southampton Your Report added at 05:32:22
Let us hold hands :-D and never forget these two sequences in succession in the second half:

Minute 70:38:

We´ve pressed Chelsea high up the field and they get a goal kick which they take very quickly and go for a counter while we still have a lot of our players in their half - with quick movement of the ball, played out from the back. We manage to win the ball back shortly in the middle of the park, where there is no space and loose it and they break away again - BUT - JWP makes a professional foul on Mount on the left about 6 yards from the half way line and - fantastically - avoids a yellow card even after having prevented Mount to take an instant freekick TWICE (with JONATHAN MOSS running around with the whistle)....

Mount finally manages to take the freekick and Chelsea quickly get the ball to the edge of our box, where Azpiliqueta crosses, and at the edge of the 6 yard box CEDRIC (of all people) jumps....., rises, and heads the ball up in the air - still inside our penalty box - and Ings manages to huff the ball high up in the air further up our half to the edge of the D where Adams - totally warn out - wins the air duel with Rüdiger, picks up the ball when it hits the ground and moves it towards the left side of their half, desperately followed by Rüdiger and Tomori. Rüdiger tries to prevent Adams in holding up the ball - or worse - getting away for a one-on-one with Kepa, and while trying this Rüdiger puts the ball out for an obvious throw-in to Saints, claiming it´s a Chelsea throw-in :-D

What happens next is epic.

Minute 71:56

After a deserved and highly needed 30 seconds break, Bertrand takes the ball and throws it to Redmond after Ings has created a little space to Redmond with a clever little move.
Redmond passes to Cedric, who passes to Armstrong, who passes to JWP, who passes to PEH who takes the speed of the ball with a one-touch world class left footed pass around Kanté forwards to Armstrong thereby keeping possession and getting the ball into an increasingly dangerous area in very little space, and Armstrong passes to Redmond, who passes to PEH who signals with his right hand that it´s a no-go to pass it to Bertrand who wants it, and instead PEH makes a short pass back to Bednarek, who passes to Jack Cafu Stephens, who dribbles past Mount and passes to Armstrong who makes an incredible one-two with Ings on the right hand side and receives the ball again and chips it past Rüdigers leg, and when Armstrong is just about to pass the ball further - over Azpiliquetas head - to Redmond, who has run in behind into a free position inside the box - it looks like it is actually TOMORI (who runs closely behind Armstrong) who - in a desperate attempt to prevent a goal that would make even M. City very, VERY proud - makes the suicidal but marvellous loop over Azpiliqueta to Redmond who brilliantly chips the ball into the net past Kepa, who has run out and thrown himself down to try to block Redmonds finish.
Redmond runs to the corner where Saints fans go mental when Ings joins the party and lifts Redmond in the air with one arm, and several other Saints players join in the celebration after this fantastic goal, in front of our fans, while 10 guys or more in yellow vests - with depressed faces - try to prevent pitch invasion and/or crowd trouble between mental Saints fans and shocked Chelsea fans.
Absolutely outstanding goal after about 15 classy Saints passes.
One of our best "team " goals since Mick Channons famous team goal at The Dell almost 40 years ago?
Chelsea v Southampton Your Report added at 23:33:31
Over the moon about this performance. Totally deserved win, clean sheet, and it could have been 4-0 to us.
We have a system that works and players in all positions who put in a shift.
What a fine goal by Obafemi and likewise built up and finish in relations to the second scoring. For me Stuart Armstrong was man of the match, and I am so happy for him. Thanks to our fans who sang and sang sang during the match and congrats´ to everyone involved the club and to every fellow Saints fan.
Totally deserved win, clean sheet, and it could have been 4-0 to us.
Keep it going , lads. Enjoy, everybody, and to my fellow TUI members - be back in less than 48 hours. Thanks.
Aston Villa v Southampton Your Report added at 01:11:00
p.s.: We have to keep the 4-4-2 for now , and as long as Shane Long has his pace and engine and attitude he deserves to keep his place. It is of such importance to have two strikers with the mess we are in, and with Longs presence he seems to take some pressure off of our midfielders AND Danny Ings because he does well in build up play and - of course - not least airial duels, not only offensively with flick ons to Redders and Ingsy but ALSO when we defend dead balls. And Stuey Armstrong is much, much, much better defensively than Djenepo, which we really need, and he has good attacking skills in his game too from midfield that we badly need when he is not playing. He makes very intelligent deep runs that JWP and PEH don´t.
We might FINALLY have found our strongest starting 11. Let´s keep it for now but not forget the probable need for rotation in the festive periode with many games - to avoid exhaustion and injuries.
I wasn´t too impressed by middleweight boxer Obafemi when he came on if I´m honest but let´s not forget that he is only 19.
Cedric today was a less liability than normally, and I thank him for that and wish him well when he - hopefully - leaves SOON.
Today Stephens did very well, so let´s give him some credit when deserved, and..... with a classy, physically strong leader type CB next to him (costing 20+ million pounds, I´m afraid) he might become good, because - though he is very far from being the finished article - he does have a good understanding of the game as a "playing CB". Also I think he has a positive influence on the bounding between players and other people around him in the club, because he is a good lad with a good attitude towards gaffer and team mates.
Aston Villa v Southampton Your Report added at 20:33:56
Very happy with the 3 points.
Congrats to all my fellow fans, the travelling fans, the players, Ralph, his staph.

I have been waiting for such a performance for A LONG time. Well done. We could have won 6-1! (again)

I´m very happy that we had Stuart Armstrong back today and special congrats´ to Stephens being brilliant today - scoring and making only 1 minor mistake throughout the whole match today which had absolutely no consequences. Very good performance from Ings too. Thanks Danny Kings!
And finally - a special thanks to McCarthy for making an important safe at 0-0.
Southampton v Norwich City Your Report added at 13:51:49
Congratulations to players, staff and fans. Ralph kept the 4-2-2-2 shape and we looked dangerousn and focused with a good game plan and could actually easily have been 4-0 up when Norwich suddenly scored to 2-1 with 30 minutes left. It then started to become a bit nervy, but we fought for the points - made some intelligent substitutions - and ultimately took the 3 points. Norwich could easily have equalised in injury time to be honest - which would have been a disaster - but fortunately Byrant missed his double chance, the first chance blocked by Yoshida, the second one he missed target. Ings continued his great goal scoring form and after 7 points from 3 games our season has more or less re-started - with top 10 suddenly very much within reaching distance. Let´s hope we keep it going and avoid injuries, and then who knows what we can achieve. I am glad the club stood by Ralph during the storm and it´s good to hear him express thankfulness for the club having kept trust in him and for the crisis learning experience which he has taken something good from. Good to see Bertrand score and now we need other players to start scoring some goals - not least Che Adams - good to see him get some playing time yesterday, and he did well with his energetic display.
All in all a great home win, and with 2 out of 2 we can hope that, once again, St. Mary´s will be a difficult place to come for our opponents. Now, let´s do all we can to beat Newcastle away on saturday. COYS! <3
Arsenal v Southampton Your Report added at 00:23:58
Gutted that we didn´t win but overall very satisfied with the shift we put in.
Southampton v Everton Your Report added at 21:42:23
Very ordinary game. We didn´t create much and allowed Everton more than 20 shots at goal. We could have gone 2-1 up if the referee had seen the penalty against Djenepo, but we don´t have any luck at the moment.
There is clearly some sort of gap or misunderstanding between our midfield and our attackers, and we create very little. Boufal was the only player who tried to create something.
Manchester City v Southampton Your Report added at 09:31:03
Looks like Stephens has found his way back to the team, which is ok with me, judged on his performances vs Man. City. I´d like to see the combination of Stephens, Yoshida and Vestergaard as the back three = more experience. Give Bednarek some rest and let him develope from training sessions as Stephens has done.
We will score against Everton, I think. Let´s have a clean sheet and take 3 very important points on saturday..
Tottenham Hotspur v Southampton Your Report added at 18:45:13
I find it a mystery that Valery couldn´t even get in the team, when Cedric broke down in the warm up, and that Cedric´s injury resulted in Ralph changing the system (???), using JWP as right back and big Vestergaard coming in in a back three.
Why did he not just put Valery in as substitute for Cedric and keep the planned system with 4 in the back, 3 midfielders and 3 up front (Ings, Redmond and Boufal).!

We conceded 2 goals and only managed to score 1 despite playing against 10 men - and therefore dominating - for 2 thirds of the match, when brainless Aurier got sent off in the first half for 2 yellow cards.

Yoshida didn´t put a foot wrong and was by far our man of the match. He has never been better in his career, and I expect Ralph to ackknowledge that and keep him in the side.
Bertrand didn´t look match fit.
We need injured Djenepo back in our team, and I´d like Alex McCarthy - when fit again - as our preferred keeper.
Sheffield United v Southampton Your Report added at 23:37:23
Well done to all in the team. Not an easy game. Djenepo man of the match for me. He looks like a very good signing and scored a great goal. What skills he has. Great weekend to everyone.
Southampton v Manchester United Your Report added at 19:53:14
Very, very, very important point confidence wise and "season defining" wise. Good mood before the international break after which some very important winnable games will come.

Gunn: Good lad

Bednarek: Very reliable

Vestergaard: Best game in a Saints shirt. GREAT goal. Good timing. Good thinking. Focused for 96 minutes.

Soares: I really like the guy for his positivity and loyalty and obvious friendship-building skills, but his distribution today was not good. He didn´t look quick compared to Daniel James. I still think we need him, though.

Danso: Good game , Lad, a little unlucky with the second yellow as he actually DID touch the ball in that tackle! Looks like a very good signing. Can´t believe he can play left back so well AND take the ball forward with pace down the left hand side. Could ultimately have cost us the point but he didn´t!

Romeu: 3 years younger and 4 kilos lighter??? VERY good game.

JWP: Also approved performance but less brilliant than the 2 steel midfielders of ours. I think he deserves to stay in the team.

Højbjerg: Good game from our captain. But stop diving. Now.

Boufal: Good game. Very positive. He plays with a smile on his face and is dangerous. Well done Ralphy.

Ings: Well fought. I believe in him. We have not seen his best yet but I think it will come. I really do. Awesome assist vs Brighton in my book!!

Adams: Hmmmmmm. beter luck next time. I´d like Ralph to trust in him and keep him in the team for the next games, but I am beginning to worry a little bit because of his shitty finishing so far.

Long: Typical die hard fight, but stop bringing the ball to the corner in the final minutes and instantly give away a throw in. Take the ball inside and blast the ball in the net in stead. Honestly!

Yoshida: Great jump in. Several not so easy clearances. Seemed very confident and leading from first second.

Armstrong: I like him. Good engine. Good going forward and defending.

Happy weekend everybody.
Fulham v Southampton Your Report added at 16:49:53
Great understanding between Obafemi and Redmond for a great matchwinner.
2 clean sheets in a row now.
With just a little bit of luck Danny could have had a hattrick and even Long should have had a sitter.
We were aggressive and bombarded their goal in the second half with lots of shots.. Very satisfactory.
McCarthy had a great safe in the first half. I have no trouble with him deputising for Gunn in any match :)
Up the Saints. What is it - 3-4 points to a top 6 place? COYS.
Brighton and Hove Albion v Southampton Your Report added at 12:53:13
As nail-biting an event as expected. The match was played in a pretty high tempo and Brighton were good value for their money. Much more of a ball playing side than under Hughton. Saints managed to keep up with the tempo and things were pretty even when Andone made that maniac tackle just below Valery´s right knee, which took an awkward twist , and for a moment I geared the worst. Andone - the SoB - was sent off of course and the numerical advantage soon showed. Brighton were still figting to get something out of the game, but in the 54.thn minute Ralph H. put on Djenepo, and it didn´t take him more than a minute to to make 2 dribbles from the left side towards the middle where he found enough space to pull the tricker and fire a fierce shot from which the ball took a trajectory towards the far, upper corner. BANG. 1-0.
Later Boufal was sent on and he succeeded in taking the ball to the by line in the left side whereafter he sent a hard, precise, low ball across the face of goal past the keeper, which Redmond managed to put his right food to, which meant that the ball was hammered into the middle of the goal. 2-0. Game over. 3 points in the bank.
Southampton v Liverpool Your Report added at 15:31:04
My only critisism goes to Højbjerg for not putting in a bloody block/tackle when Mané scored.
Don´t tell me that he couldn´t put his foot in , or even better - his whole body - to prevent Mané (probably the most dangerous man with the ball at the edge of the box in the premier league) from shooting.
I hate to call Højbjerg a ball watcher, but ball watching was what he was doing in that situation.
I wanna see some bloody tackling/blocking when any player has the ball at the edge of our penalty box.
Otherwise a very good performance by Saints,
and Liverpool had their normal ever-present small-margins- luck, which is ultimately why they won.
Yoshida not heading the ball in the net in the first half from an otherwise fine header (which should have been headed more downwards) and Ings not hitting target and equalizing from the 6-yard box at the end, was painful to watch.
Saints Motm Gunn or Romeu. Good 20 minutes from Djenepo on his debut.
Burnley v Southampton Your Report added at 23:54:57
My starting line up for the Liverpool game:

Yoshida, Bednarek, Danso,
Valery, Jwp, Højbjerg, Bertrand
Djenepo, Adams, Redmond

Burnley v Southampton Your Report added at 21:23:56
We were ok for an hour and looked like the team in control. Them came a series of horrendous defending by first and foremost Jannick Vestergaard, and we lost 3 - 0.
He has to loose his place because of being heavily involved in all 3 goals.

First goal he misjudged his position when trying to clear a long ball with his head, and Barnes was one on one with Gunn.
Second goal he was at least 2 yards away from the man he should have marked, Barnes, and a cross came in for Barnes to volley home.
Third goal he cleared a cross very weakly with his head and the ball went towards Bertrand who didn´t expect to get the ball, and from, what I saw it seemed Bertie didn´t have time and balance to fight wholeheartedly for the ball and he was perhaps fouled in the duel for it. Gudmondsen, or whatever his name is, took the ball and ran into the box with it and finished into the far corner. Vestergaard should have run back faster and tackled Gudmondsen. Apparently VAR didn´t think Bertrand was fouled.
Southampton v Huddersfield Town Your Report added at 20:08:35
I didn´t see the game, unfortunately. I´m waiting for more comments on both the game and the post match atmosphere at Saint Mary´s. Did any players (Austin?) look like saying goodbye like Tadic did last year after the last game of the season?
West Ham United v Southampton Your Report added at 14:22:35
Decent first 15 minutes of the second half. Apart from that a game to forget as fast as possible.
Elyounouissi got a full game and the writing on the wall couldn´t be more clear: Thanks and goodbuy.
Stephens gave away too many balls, even for his standards.
Lemina tried hard but nothing came of it.
I guess the game what valuable for RH in a sense.
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