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Southampton v Liverpool Your Report added at 15:31:04
My only critisism goes to Højbjerg for not putting in a bloody block/tackle when Mané scored.
Don´t tell me that he couldn´t put his foot in , or even better - his whole body - to prevent Mané (probably the most dangerous man with the ball at the edge of the box in the premier league) from shooting.
I hate to call Højbjerg a ball watcher, but ball watching was what he was doing in that situation.
I wanna see some bloody tackling/blocking when any player has the ball at the edge of our penalty box.
Otherwise a very good performance by Saints,
and Liverpool had their normal ever-present small-margins- luck, which is ultimately why they won.
Yoshida not heading the ball in the net in the first half from an otherwise fine header (which should have been headed more downwards) and Ings not hitting target and equalizing from the 6-yard box at the end, was painful to watch.
Saints Motm Gunn or Romeu. Good 20 minutes from Djenepo on his debut.
Burnley v Southampton Your Report added at 23:54:57
My starting line up for the Liverpool game:

Yoshida, Bednarek, Danso,
Valery, Jwp, Højbjerg, Bertrand
Djenepo, Adams, Redmond

Burnley v Southampton Your Report added at 21:23:56
We were ok for an hour and looked like the team in control. Them came a series of horrendous defending by first and foremost Jannick Vestergaard, and we lost 3 - 0.
He has to loose his place because of being heavily involved in all 3 goals.

First goal he misjudged his position when trying to clear a long ball with his head, and Barnes was one on one with Gunn.
Second goal he was at least 2 yards away from the man he should have marked, Barnes, and a cross came in for Barnes to volley home.
Third goal he cleared a cross very weakly with his head and the ball went towards Bertrand who didn´t expect to get the ball, and from, what I saw it seemed Bertie didn´t have time and balance to fight wholeheartedly for the ball and he was perhaps fouled in the duel for it. Gudmondsen, or whatever his name is, took the ball and ran into the box with it and finished into the far corner. Vestergaard should have run back faster and tackled Gudmondsen. Apparently VAR didn´t think Bertrand was fouled.
Southampton v Huddersfield Town Your Report added at 20:08:35
I didn´t see the game, unfortunately. I´m waiting for more comments on both the game and the post match atmosphere at Saint Mary´s. Did any players (Austin?) look like saying goodbye like Tadic did last year after the last game of the season?
West Ham United v Southampton Your Report added at 14:22:35
Decent first 15 minutes of the second half. Apart from that a game to forget as fast as possible.
Elyounouissi got a full game and the writing on the wall couldn´t be more clear: Thanks and goodbuy.
Stephens gave away too many balls, even for his standards.
Lemina tried hard but nothing came of it.
I guess the game what valuable for RH in a sense.
Southampton v AFC Bournemouth Your Report added at 09:56:44
Very entertaining match. Saints really came flyingfrom the start like RH has taught them, and we could have lead 3-0 after 15 minutes and 5-0 after 20. Instead it was 1-1 after 20 minutes as Bournemouth, totally against run of play, suddenly hit us on the brake with a deadly counter attack.
With 1-2 at half time I didn´t have much faith, as the last 5 times this scoreline has been the case in half time we have lost. But this time it ended 3-3 and we almost won it 3-2. Credit to RH´s ability to change tactics during a match. His match managing was excellent. With Cardiff loosing to Fulham one point was enough to secure PL football next season. Well done RH and Saints.
Redmond worked hard but couldn´t hit a barn door but he had a fine assist for Longys goal to 1-0.
Watford v Southampton Your Report added at 17:32:28
Good game. I thought Saints fought for the cause and gave it a good go in every challenge and played with a very high tempo. We should have killed the match in the second half with one or two of our best chances, but that didn´t happen, and then Watford scored in the last minute.
I honestly think we are save with that point, and I think we will get 7 poinst from our last 3 matches and end up with 44 points just below midtable.
Congratulations to Shane Long who immortalized himself with the fastest ever goal in the premier league. I will give him a new nickname, which is simply: Seven-Sixty-Seven (7.69).
Newcastle United v Southampton Your Report added at 08:32:02
Something that has not really been highlighted yet in anyone´s post match analysis:
Yoshida´s significant tendency to miss BIG chances.
For crying out loud: We should have won 4-3! I seriously mean that.
There is a reason for bringing Yoshida all the way up and into the box every time we have a corner. He has been a pro for more than a decade and expectedly trained at least weekly on making an impact on dead balls / finishing in the opponent´s box..
He is supposed to:
1) win headers in the opponent´s box and direct at target (and not too close to the keeper), AND
2) win second balls and direct the bloody thing at target (and not too close to the keeper)

He does win a fair amount of headers and second balls in the opponent´s box,
BUT WHERE THE HELL IS THE END PRODUCT? It´s almost time wasting to bring him forward for corners and stuff like that.... :(
Bl**dy fr*strating.
(Though, admittedly, he had a rare assist to Longy against Wolves).
Newcastle United v Southampton Your Report added at 23:25:03
Bad defending for the first 2 goals in a shitty first half performance by Saints, where we couldn´t get foot hold and keep the ball in the team.. Much better second half and - in particular - an inspirational second half performance by substitute and goal scorer Mario Lemina. We created good chances in the second half but couldn´t convert them.
On the whole a disappointing afternoon after 5 good matches with 3 wins and narrow defeats to Man. U. and Liverpool. Our 4 man midfield (PEH, Romeu, JWP and Bertrand) totally lost the midfield battle in the first half..
We missed Valery, JWP didn´t have a good game as RWB. We also missed Vestergaard who would have been a bigger task for Rondon than Stephens.
We should have decoded our opponent better beforehand and played Stephens as RB and played Lemina from the start with a very solid , physical midfield.
Southampton v Wolverhampton Wanderers Your Report added at 19:37:07
Interesting change in team selection and formation (3-4-3) with Simsy coming into the team in stead of Romeu. Sims certainly made us more goal seeking and threatening, and a third attacker in the team gave Ings the opportunity to show us how great he is in build up play and combining in the final part of the pitch getting a role similar to for instance Firminos role in Liverpools team. We had significantly more finishing than usually, which was nice.
Tough luck for Romeu, sacrificed on the table of tactics, but I´m sure he understands and accepts the value of tactical speculation and versatility.
It feels great to have a manager who so obviously seems to do his job very well in every department of managing.
Southampton v Liverpool Your Report added at 23:03:41
A rare off day for Bednarek who looked bad in all 3 goal situations, unfortunately. He is still very young, and I fully forgive him of course, and he will learn from it.
Only Højbjerg had a good game really, in my opinion. Liverpool were beatable today but we didn´t take our chance to beat them.
Unlucky that an off side was overlooked in the actions leading to their equalizer.

Still - a decent effort against a good side, I guess, and everybody tried I´m sure, though it didn´t always look like it.
Brighton and Hove Albion v Southampton Your Report added at 20:35:05
Great victory today. Even the darkest, most negative Saints fan will now admit, that it is now highly unlikely that we will be relegated this season.

We won today without playing particularly well; that´s something new :-)

7 victories, 3 draws and 6 losses in 16 games with RH as manager means RH point average = 1.5,

which is normally enough to land the no. 7 position in the premier league. Just lean back and think about it.

RH has done this with - at least on paper - a weakened squad compared to what Hughes had, beating 2 top 6 sides en route.

I think it´s fair to say that we have a very, very competent manager, and I hereby say cheers and share this great fact and feeling with all my fellow Saints fans. Have a great, continued week-end, everybody.
Southampton v Tottenham Hotspur Your Report added at 00:12:14
We should not forget to praise Stuart Armstrong for his efforts today; he was involved in both our goals. He is an intellligent player who offers much in combination play all over the pitch. Makes great runs. Has a sweet right foot. A great signing, really. ´Only` cost around 7 million. Worth every penny, I think.
Southampton v Tottenham Hotspur Your Report added at 20:53:50
Thank You Ralph for finally giving Simms a deserved chance and put Elyounouissi out of the squad, deservedly. What an impact Simms had when he came on in the second half. We need his speed.
I have been waiting for a victory like this, coming from behind and winning against a top 4 team.
Referee Kevin Friend tried his best for Tottenham, but, unlucky for him, they lost without him being able to avoid it..
Fantastic to see the same goal scorers from the Man. U. game score again. JWP has finally had his breakthrough in the PL with his free kick ability. Every keeper, every team, every manager will fear him from dead balls outside the box for the next 10 years. I love it.
Well done, Ralph. Well done, Saints.
Bring on Brighton.
COYS. <3
Manchester United v Southampton Your Report added at 09:22:30
Lukaku´s winning goal; What happened and how could it have been avoided?
He got the ball just inside the box, from a low, short, unblocked pass, with his back against center of goal. Yoshida was the closest marker but couldn´t find time to put in a tackle, and Lukaku turned around with the ball in his possession and put it inside the corner with a low shot, which Gunn - fully streched - couldn´t reach.
Bad defending? Bad goalkeeping? Just a matter of classy finishing?

I guess it was a combination of:

- classy striker ability,
- insufficient defending from Yoshida, AND
- lack of protection from midfield (Højbjerg should have tried harder to block the pass to Lukaku).

It´s all about awareness, timing and great fitness, and we can only learn from it and move on.
Under Hasenhüttl we will be better prepared in all departments next season.
Have a nice sunday.
Manchester United v Southampton Your Report added at 18:20:38
Saints denied 2 penalties + Lukaku scores from an offside position = impossible to get anything at that miserable home referee stadium.

Well played Saints. Very encouraging performance. Very satisfied with JWP finallly reaching 5 league goals in a season. He is soon - finally - the finished article.
Southampton v Fulham Your Report added at 23:10:20
Shockingly important 3 points on the board. Well done, Saints.
Victories over Bournemouth, Huddersfield and Brighton + maybe 2 draws from games vs Newcastle and Wolves will hopefully be enough to keep out of trouble -- which means that nobody should panic if we get nothing against Man. U., Tottenham and Liverpool en route.
Man of the match: Romeu for me. Great game by Yoshida also. Good to have him back in the side. Much more calm on the ball than Stephens.
Arsenal v Southampton Your Report added at 21:31:31
We never recovered from our bad start. We could have scored 2 goals though, but wasn´t to be. Glad we weren´t trashed after that bad start.
Southampton v Cardiff City Your Report added at 21:14:38
After having screamed into a pillow most of the evening, I am now able to relax a little. Let´s be honest: Cardiff were very lucky with this win. We had NO luck. How Valery´s run didn´t end with us scoring, I simply don´t understand.
How Stephens can be so unlucky in injury time 2 weeks in a row, beats me.
It wasn´t Vestergaard who lost the airial duel leading to Cardiff´s first goal, but Hojbjerg.
Austin was not useless. He got an assist.
Where was Armstrong and Simms today???
I am not sure McCarthy can be blamed for anything. Why all the bad ratings for him?
Southampton v Cardiff City Your Report added at 17:35:47
What a punch in the fase.
We equalise in injury time from a tap in from Stephens and 2 minutes later Stephens gives the ball away in a dangerous which leads to Cardiff scoring the winner by a player who never scored in the PL before. Don´t know what to say about it right now....
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