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Greek Club Interested In Saints High Earner !
at 18:37:23

Ralph cannot be expected to put time into rescuing every lost cause that was here before he came. I am sure he has had a look and formed his own judgment based on the qualities he thinks we need and what Carillo is likely to offer.

So if he comes back into the squad fair enough but if not, if we can get a reasonable price and that will be nowhere near the silly money we paid, I agree cut and run.
Southampton Make Official Complaint About Champions League Final Ticket Allocation
at 15:00:14

Love it. Nice one.
He Done It ! The £1 million Target Has Been Hit
at 17:49:27

Nice one Fran. Legend.
Lemina On Verge Of A Return
at 15:26:57

I think Ings is worth the money even for half a season.

Lemina I'm hoping that the brief glimpses we have seen have been because of him bring held back by injuries rather than attitude. The way he wrong foots and sails past even the best players mid field are just draw dropping. If this is the reason and the ops do put him right he won't be here for long so I want to see him in full flight for a year at least.
Relegation Battle Takes Another Twist
at 13:12:26

At the moment Brighton look like they should appear on the walking dead rather than MOTD.

We just need a few points to keep us right out of it. Fingers crossed COYR!

Jordy Clasie Fined !
at 13:01:37

As much as I would like Clasie, Boufal, Cedric, Carillo to return to prove themselves and show the money wasn't wasted/they deserve a second chance, unfortunately I don't think it will happen.

Ralph said the squad was too big when he got here and I would rather have him concentrate on what he's got and a few good recruits than get distracted on trying to right every wrong decision that he inherited.

There needs to be a clearing of the decks post season and a bit of an offload to free up some funds and wages. Unfortunately there is a limit to the time that can be spent on peripheral members of the squad without the eating into the time available to be spent on the key work that needs to be done.
Saints V Liverpool The Preview
at 09:52:20

Lovely spam, wonderful spam
If Only Ralph Had Been Here At The Start Of This Season !
at 13:32:27

If only he's here at the start of the 20/21 season imo
They Should Never Have Left Southampton ! Players That Have Titanic'ed
at 12:39:33

Matt Le Tissier - Left as a legend and ended up playing for Harry Redknapp with a bunch of fat blokes
Ten Days That Changed The Season !
at 10:47:23

Yoshida isn't the answer going forwards but he's the best option now. He is certainly no worse than Hoedt or Stephens. We definitely need a CB to develop into a solid presence or we need to buy one.

Similarly up front we need a striker, perhaps obafemi/ Sims/ Gallagher are that player if not we need to buy.

We have bought strikers Gabbiadini, Carillobut they don't seem to have worked out. We bought Vestergaard but he doesn't seem quite there yet. So we have tried. Les had to go though as it's s results business.

If the players who could fill these gaps weren't available in January then fair enough. If our existing players don't grow into these roles then if we don't recruit we will have continued problems.

We've played well enough to be able to stay up. Just need to keep the momentum up which will be tricky with this gap. Great to see players seizing their chance if Redmond could just improve the consistency of that final ball of his I'd be far more happier. Both Ralph's have done s good job in my book and I hope they get their rewards next season.
Saints At Manchester United The Verdict
at 13:47:50

I'm struggling to be too negative about it as it was a great game to watch. With the lack of screens at Old Trafford all the incidents occurred at the other end so were a bit difficult to see from the rather snug visitor's corner, not that they would have been screened anyway lol.

I take the point onboard about late goals. I think part of our problem is that we drop back into a tight formation and invite teams to play at us. We need to have some outlets up the field to take the pressure off. Our game management definitely needs working on. However, Saints did well for the most part and regardless of the dodgy refereeing really deserved the draw. And Certainly not 4-2. If we play like that in our remaining games we should be more than okay.

If you think about it Cardiff have only got 19 points from 27 games against the rest of the league. If we can't finish above them we deserve relegation.

COYYellows sorry.... Saints
Saints At Arsenal The Verdict
at 14:10:34

I really don't think we would have been any better had it been Hoedt rather than Stephens. All our central defenders seem lacking atm.

I agree with some of the above comments to me our big problem is still in attack. To even threaten a 1-0 and get teams to think about hanging back you need a convincing threat up front. We just don't have it at the moment and haven't had it for the last 2 years.

I agree that this game was a write-off for me this season. To me, our end of season run in is far more important in terms of staying up.

However if we do stay up and our attack and defence isn't strengthened over the summer with all these players that supposedly just weren't available in January, we could easily be next season's Huddersfield. Still nervous but optimistic we can escape again one more time.
Hoedt Explains Why He Had To Go !
at 14:42:20

I just don't see that much difference between our central defenders. Hoedt to my eyes was no better than the others. RH seems to either think he was worse or just decided that he had too many and one had to go.

The constant moaning about Yoshi but giving Hoedt a free pass when they are both fallible at times but great at others just seems laughable.

Please move on, Saints have.
Saints At Burnley The Preview
at 12:33:23

Gunfight at the Austin Ings Crouch Coral

Barren Transfer Window Doesn't Mean Disaster For Saints
at 11:51:55

I'm still none the wiser about the Gao era.

Getting rid of Les and MH was a sensible move, appointing Ralph looks a great move so far.

I agree that shipping a few of this season's frankly 'bit part' (regardless of their excellent previous contributions to the side) and not sucking in a few journeymen to patch a few gaps was sensible. my mind we really needed a few key players to put right some glaring faults in the side. You have to live in the real world though, if the calibre of player we wanted wasn't available or isn't available until the summer, what do Saints do?

I'm still inclined to see us surviving but I still believe it will be knife edge. £30 million spent might have put me more at ease today but would it have paid off by May. Dunno? Next!
Saints Aim To End Relegation Worries In Next Three Games
at 22:53:25

I think Ralph's great but worry that we are slightly deluding ourselves if we think relegation worries will be over in the next 3 games. There are some good sides down there, a few injuries, dodgy decisions and we'll be right back in the mix for that third spot. Look at our position tonight.

I'm expecting it to be a tense battle until the end of the season. I really hope to be proved wrong.
Hoedt On Verge Of A Move To Spain
at 13:57:22

And Yoshida and Stephens have had man of the match performances too and then gone on to drop a bullock in the next match.

Some one has to go and Dave clearly doesn't rate Wes or Wes doesn't rate Dave. Hey ho. Eggs broken, Omelettes made. Next!
Saints Linked With Brentford Defender
at 22:04:02

Agree we ideally want a solid CB. However, I can't see us getting Cahill. Fulham seems the more likely destination. We won't match the wages and he is more likely to join Fulham given the Ranieri connection.

RH has indicated that any new players are for the long term. If true, this move fits that bill exactly.
Saints At Chelsea The Verdict
at 15:41:47

Very good performance to get a draw against good opposition.

Yoshida was excellent -that tackle on Kante was superb. Nick clearly still has his Christmas Scrooge hat on.

Gunn was great but a rare solid defensive performance in front of him helped him a lot.

Still worried that with so much resources committed to defence we struggle to make any effective attacks. We got clean sheets against Newcastle and Bournemouth by stacking up defenders and similarly created next to nothing so with the step up in opposition this is a good point but I'm not getting too carried away yet.

I'm not expecting us to charge up the table out of trouble but anticipating a tense battle until the end of the season as the squad adapts and RH works with what he has available.

Hopefully next season we will see some real progress.

Saints V Manchester City The Verdict
at 11:58:05

I think RH was resting players and aiming for a draw at best.

I thought JWP had a pretty good game and Stephens, some good forward passed.

Austin and Lemina were just not sharp enough.

Aside from the excellent chance he created Ely's first touch was fairly abysmal.

In the circumstances, the youngsters did pretty well. Hopefully a step on the way for them.

McCarthy had little chance with the 2nd and third goals (which had 2 deflections) and made some excellent saves one at point blank with his head, so I'm not too sure why everyone recently seems to be crying for his head. Gunn is clearly the future but perhaps once we've got a settled back 4/5.

If we need to sell in January to try to get a reliable proven CB, we just need to do it. Hoedt, Lemina, Boufal, Cedric, Long and Austin, are all surplus to requirements in my book and could be moved on.

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