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Hoedt On Verge Of A Move To Spain
at 13:57:22

And Yoshida and Stephens have had man of the match performances too and then gone on to drop a bullock in the next match.

Some one has to go and Dave clearly doesn't rate Wes or Wes doesn't rate Dave. Hey ho. Eggs broken, Omelettes made. Next!
Saints Linked With Brentford Defender
at 22:04:02

Agree we ideally want a solid CB. However, I can't see us getting Cahill. Fulham seems the more likely destination. We won't match the wages and he is more likely to join Fulham given the Ranieri connection.

RH has indicated that any new players are for the long term. If true, this move fits that bill exactly.
Saints At Chelsea The Verdict
at 15:41:47

Very good performance to get a draw against good opposition.

Yoshida was excellent -that tackle on Kante was superb. Nick clearly still has his Christmas Scrooge hat on.

Gunn was great but a rare solid defensive performance in front of him helped him a lot.

Still worried that with so much resources committed to defence we struggle to make any effective attacks. We got clean sheets against Newcastle and Bournemouth by stacking up defenders and similarly created next to nothing so with the step up in opposition this is a good point but I'm not getting too carried away yet.

I'm not expecting us to charge up the table out of trouble but anticipating a tense battle until the end of the season as the squad adapts and RH works with what he has available.

Hopefully next season we will see some real progress.

Saints V Manchester City The Verdict
at 11:58:05

I think RH was resting players and aiming for a draw at best.

I thought JWP had a pretty good game and Stephens, some good forward passed.

Austin and Lemina were just not sharp enough.

Aside from the excellent chance he created Ely's first touch was fairly abysmal.

In the circumstances, the youngsters did pretty well. Hopefully a step on the way for them.

McCarthy had little chance with the 2nd and third goals (which had 2 deflections) and made some excellent saves one at point blank with his head, so I'm not too sure why everyone recently seems to be crying for his head. Gunn is clearly the future but perhaps once we've got a settled back 4/5.

If we need to sell in January to try to get a reliable proven CB, we just need to do it. Hoedt, Lemina, Boufal, Cedric, Long and Austin, are all surplus to requirements in my book and could be moved on.

Can Saints Win Three On The Bounce
at 09:14:28

I think we are playing the next 3 teams at the right time to get some points out of the games.

It's still early days and there will be bumps on the road. It will be interesting to see how other PL managers set up against us when our new style has been studied.

Fingers crossed we can make it 3 but no disaster if it all comes to a halt and we still play well. COYR!
Saints At Huddersfield The Verdict
at 09:56:44

Although it was a good win against Huddersfield, they didn't seem to be in the right place. We also made loads of the same old errors but our confidence shone through again. Great to see.

It will be interesting to see how we do against the next 3 clubs. The 6 at the back system in defence is going to be interesting when there is more attacking threat and the midfield is being overrun. Though I agree that the same style was used to different effect in both the last 2 games. It will be interesting to see how Ralph changes it fordifferent teams. I think we need to move to 2 CB's but the personnel aren't there yet. Using 3 CB's gives more confidence to the players we have but it leaves us short in midfield to disrupt attacks before they get into the final third.

Hopefully the boost in confidence will also mean strikers become more clinical and less worried about trying to just get a shot off. Obafemi and Ings seem made for this system.

Aside from Davis going, to raise a bit of cash and free up the wage bill, I would probably sell Gabbi and Boufal. Clearing out a few out on loan is probably a good idea. Would still like to see Carillo be given another chance. Agree we overpaid but he was given no time to settle in.

Be interesting to see if Ward Prowse and Ely thrive under Ralph. If he can get them up to speed like Redmond, Bednarak and Vestergard it will be an extra boost and give us something different.

Solid progress for the 2 full backs, Yoshi and Hjobjerg were good, only Armstrong was a bit flat for me.

Solid performance against a poor team and hopefully a step on the way to putting a poor season right in the second half.

Saints V Arsenal The Verdict
at 10:38:50

Loved the high press. Really took the game to Arsenal, although understandably seemed to suffer a bit from titedness in the second half. Hjobjerg looked great. Ings and Redmond are made for this system. As per usual the Defence and even Romeu all made mistakes but never ever let their heads go down. Bednarak, Targett and Valery all took big steps forward for me.

Long and Austin as super subs? If so, not too sure who we can sell in January to raise funds for new faces.

All in all terrific performance and great to watch. Great start for RH and something to build on. Happy to eat my words as I thought we were heading to the bottom of the league. Hope is restored now! COYR

Saints The Arsenal The Preview
at 17:03:25

well as we've all been good this year....
Saints At Cardiff The Verdict
at 14:04:24

After that performance, it's not really sticking my neck out to say that I fully expect us to be bottom of the league at the New year.

We have a good midfield core to the side but the Defence and Attack need major change. I'm not sure if much business will take place in January. Certainly a solid CB seems like a must have.

Ralph's style seems on paper to be an exciting one. I just worry that he needs time to work with the players to get his new system working and Summer would have been a better time to make a major shift in style. However we are where we are.

I will certainly be happy to see a more pressing style with the ball being got forward much more quickly rather than the focus on training possession that leaves so much of our play looking like a training ground version of keepy uppie with the ball inevitably either being lost or being passed back to the keeper.

All our CB's look weak. Choosing between them seems a fools game. Certainly saying your favourite is either short of match practice so makes mistakes or has played too much so lacks confidence and makes mistakes seems pointless. None of them at the moment are any better than B team players. Unless Ralph can find a way round this glaring problem we are likely to be relegated.

I wish him well. He's got a lot of problems to sort and no real down time to work with the players. When we are bottom at least things can't get any worse!
Saints At Cardiff The Preview
at 16:54:34

Oh Mr H do you see what a job you've taken on now!
Hasenhuttl To Become Saints Manager On Wednesday Morning
at 19:39:37

Looks a solid choice and I hope it works out.

Hopefully the squad will react in the right way and we can get a bit of momentum going.

Right time to bring him in. He has a chance to assess the players before the January window and hopefully he can do a bit of business to start to make the squad his own.
Saints V Manchester United The Verdict
at 18:04:30

I agree with a lot of this. We looked really good at times yesterday and there is a pretty good base to build from but we do need a target man and a solid centre half.

Midfield looks good and Obafemi needs more game time. Redmond has really come on.

I start December encouraged. COYR.

Saints At Fulham The Verdict
at 11:34:30

I agree with most of this. Hughes has had long enough and failed to identify his best team. Despite some of the performances being good we still lack either a last ball in attack or the ability to shut up shop in defence. CB's Cant be bothered to point fingers but they all look as bad as each other for this. Cedric looks like a winger trying to defend, made one goal but was totally ineffective in defence. Targett didn't really show enough to displace Bertrand.

Hjobjerg, good, Lemina loads of skill but nothing to show for it. Redmond looked good, pinged in loads of crosses but as always a mixed bag. Obafemi needs game time at this level.

Armstrong carried on where he left off midweek. Hopefully he can build on it and become the tadic replacement we thought we were buying.

Hughes needs to go now so that any new manager has time to assess the players before the January transfer window. The board need to get ready to cut some deadwood and reinvest in the squad with some good proven Premier League players.

I'm not despondent more frustrated there is a nucleus of good players there but poor recruitment and the lag for players with no Premier League experience getting up to speed has finally caught up with us. Need to spend a bit more money to put it right quickly.

Les Reed Departs
at 11:20:07

Finally someone held to account at board level.

An illustration of the perils of believing your own press. There is no magic system for recruiting talent and just doing the same thing because it worked last time is no guarantee of success.

Latest Man City Win Puts Saints Defeat Into Perspective
at 10:45:15

But MC were a pretty good side last year. Remind me how the results went then?
Saints At Manchester City The Verdict
at 14:15:59

I know it's Man City and we can't really compete but we didn't really competitive with Newcastle, so I think there is a problem.

While it's convenient to Scape goat certain central defenders to my eyes none of them really seem much better than the others. Different strengths but the same flaw, seemingly no ability to close out a game for 90 minutes.

I'm disappointed by the same business model being used to try to find good players on the cheap. To my eyes, given the calamity of last season we needed safer bets. Why we left it until the very last minute to buy Ings escapes me. What if that had failed. Seeing £40 million sat on the bench and £35 million on loan makes me think that after our hubris about our transfer successes we have now 'reverted to the mean' in our transfer dealings. Even on the pitch Lemina and Hoedt really don't seem much if an improvement on what we already had.

Hughes deserved a chance but I agree with most on here. He seems to have failed to define his best team and strategy. I think this uncertainty may be affecting the players.

We need a change to break out of the cycle that sees a few years escaping relegation and then eventually not.

If Hughes can't manage to get wins from the next 2 games, we need to seriously consider a change. Similarly, who ever is in charge of recruiting needs at some point very soon to be answerable for the poor return on our supposed 'investments' that have seen £100 million plus in transfer profits being squandered away.

I'm not blaming anyone just expecting those involved in a high reward results business to react to continued poor performance in an appropriate manner. i.e. sack someone and hire someone else.

Mark Hughes Appointed As Saints Boss
at 12:34:33

He deserves a chance. After all most Saints managers only last 2 years so I hope he makes the most of it in his short stint or exceeds expectations and stays for long term success.
2017/18 Season Review - Maya Yoshida
at 07:23:27

I just think that all players make mistakes. Look at the 15 -20 mistakes made each game at the other end. The pressure our guys at the back must have faced for the last few seasons playing in a team that couldn't score must have been immense. No player would fail to make mistakes if they had to play every game like they were trying to keep it at nil-nil.

Had we been able to score then the errors you mention would not have been so costly.

Yoshi showed the spirit to carry on when we were 4 points into the relegation zone. I really don't see him as performing any worse than any of the other CB's and certainly no worse than Hoedt.
2017/18 Season Review - Jack Stephens
at 07:14:07

I think this is a bit harsh. Can take years to make a good centre back. He's still quite young for a CB and needs to do a bit of work on the areas that you mention to really progress though.
Time For Siege Mentality Against Bournemouth
at 10:14:24


That is all.
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