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Liverpool v Southampton Your Report added at 17:35:29
Cons: New formation didn't work., We had several good chances but couldn't take them.

Pros: Tella and Perraud looked good, Sali and Lyanco played together for the second half, it wasn't 9-0.

Oh well, LFC have done that to most teams this season.

No point getting bent out of shape, Just move on to Wednesday.

Norwich City v Southampton Your Report added at 17:27:23
Same old same old. Dominant in first half
but nothing to show for it. Sloppy play in the second half lead to Norwich taking the lead.Norwich just wanted it more in the second half.

McCarthy at fault for both goals. Salisu and Diallo were also bad. Diallo seemed to shrink, couldn't make a pass, kept on getting caught in possession. We seemed to forget how to get the ball out of our half. Formation fell apart.

Subs made us worse. Broja got lost up front. Walcott had an ineffective game even by Walcott standards. Lyanco came on and we then seemingly changed to a 4-2-4 formation with Diallo and JWP out numbered in midfield where defenders were either forced to hang onto the ball too long or hit long balls to Norwich players.

Shame as it started well.

Still Ralph has got 10 PTS from 15. Hopefully just a blip.

Saints fans sounded great tho. Shame the team couldn't match them.


Southampton v Aston Villa Your Report added at 22:20:29
Southampton v Aston Villa Your Report added at 22:19:35
Once again should have been 3 nil up at half time but once again, one was enough.

Armstrong and Adams combined to make a goal which is what we all want to see. Great shot from JWP and Stu should have converted. Martinez was playing out of his skin.

Has to be said, probably Tino's least impressive performance so far. Salisu also got away with it again from his one poor decision.

Still 10 from 12 points so far from the must win period.

Ralph's subs were well considered. Lyanco helped stop the second half battering we were taking.

Watford v Southampton Your Report added at 18:13:23
Great performance, again should have been 3 nil up at half time but one was enough.

KWP, Tino, Salisu played really well. JWP looked better than he has this season, the rest must have done him good.

Ralph has got 7 points from 9 out the first 3 games in this fairly crucial 5 game period.


Chelsea v Southampton Your Report added at 10:11:59
Good open game. Great to watch. Shame about the penalties.

Smallbone should walk tall today. Played really well in his brief appearance and almost won it for us. Young player and will learn from this experience.

Forster and Lyanco looked great. Lyanco should still be given some time to get used to the EPL but this was a great step forward. Forster must be pressing for a place in the first team now.

KWP looked great, there must be a way to get both him and Tino in the same side.

Diallo looked to have his hands full. If the yellow wasn't harsh, you wonder why similar Chelsea fouls weren't also penalised the same way. Still he managed to play most of the game on a yellow so perhaps Romeu has given him some tips.

You just get the sense that Adams and Armstrong are both trying too hard. Contrast their over eagerness with the composure of Broja. If they can just get a few goals then they can hopefully settle down a bit. It's really the missing piece that our team needs. Fingers crossed.

A great battling team performance and the Saints fans completely outsang Chelsea.


Southampton v Burnley Your Report added at 17:39:08
Felt like 2 points lost.

After Tino suffered a learning experience we slotted back into our groove.

We played well in the first half and with a fair wind could easily have been 3-1 up at half time. How Redmond missed ....and Tino shot must have been micrometers off going in off the post, Eli's header so close. Walcott should have done better with his shot etc etc

Built on the first half at the start of the second before falling back to earth again.

Last 4 minutes was us at our most hopeless trying to get through a packed Burnley defence head on rather than keep playing around the outside.

Salisu was awesome, Tion and Broja superb, Diallo has a pin point pass. I thought Perraud had an off game. Eli was industrious but lacked that bit if composure. Walcott again only showed glimpses. Redmond was good, although I'm sure as he didn't score and create 3 goals he will be criticised.

Overall we played well, so hopefully we are up for the Chelsea game.

Southampton v Leeds United Your Report added at 19:36:36
Boy we needed that.

Salisu and Tino were immense. Perraud looked really effective. Diallo has bulked up and his speed of thought is now better. Romeu was back to his best. The unloved Redmond was really really good today, worked his socks off and provided a killer assist for the goal. Eli and Djenepo put a shift in, Djenepo almost running horizontal to the ground at one point, Broja provided that missing link a striker who can convert a good chance. McCarthy and Bednarak could have had the day off really.

Armstrong looked good on his return. Even Theo looked up for a tussle.

The side worked well against a lacklustre Leeds side and their goalie looked quite bothered by the pressing.

Crowd sounded great, Ralph looked smart.

Good result and could really have been better.

Chelsea v Southampton Your Report added at 17:32:51
Played fairly well but rode our luck to only be one down at half time.

Almost pulled off the draw, which would have been a point against the run of play.

Tino again looked superb. Tella was good, although like all our attackers, makes a great run and then just doesn't release the ball.

Agree it was a red for JWP. Late and open studs.

Our attack still looks lightweight and badly organised. Armstrong playing almost as a centre forward just wasn't going to work, way too short.

Went to pieces a bit when JWP went off. Djenepo and KWP didn't mesh and our left hand side was targeted.

Sadly the right result in the end.


Southampton v Wolverhampton Wanderers Your Report added at 19:56:27
2 misfiring sides. Match was settled by an individual piece of skill from a top class striker. Yes Salisu and Bednarak made a hash of it, but the problem today was really in our attack.

Usual goodish performance in the first half, opposition score and then we create nothing. We've all seen it.

Too slow and hesitant to get forward or take a shot. If our defence is supposedly 'championship', based on the performance today, I shudder to think what our attack is - League 1?

Armstrong is supposedly the fastest player in the premiership. Why aren't we using that skill to make fast breaks? Subs weren't great today, Djenepo or rather Boufal 2.0 all tricks but no end product, Broja came on and vanished and why Shane Long over Tella?

Salisu and Tino look good, KWP out of position, Romeu, Eli and JWP took steps backwards. Redmond has his moments, it was an offside goal tho. Adams lots of huff and puff but no houses coming down.

Our attack look as if they have just met each other. A bit more composure and familiarity needs to happen fast.

Manchester City v Southampton Your Report added at 17:41:36
Once again media big club bias kicks in.

'Man City have an off day' rather than Saints playing well and restricting them.

Not sure how a red card and a penalty turns to nothing. Surely it should drop down to a yellow and a penalty?

Newcastle United v Southampton Your Report added at 20:15:44
KriSaint - Thank you for the correction. At least there was some justice!
Newcastle United v Southampton Your Report added at 18:18:01
What a ride!

Classic first half domination with nothing to show for it. Djenepo even manages to miss from about 6 inches.

Then a goal from a really excellent Saint Maximin.

Ralph made a sub and it worked. The Redmond haters aren't going to like it but he came on, did the business. Created a chance, Mo finished it off.

Newcastle stick with the plan, loads at the back Saint Maximin running everywhere. We fly up the pitch, get caught in the break at 90.

Then at the death AA through on goal, VAR then goes our way and JWP slits it home and shushes the crowd.

I thought the ref should have penalised Schar and Almeiron they just fouled Livramento all day long, without any sanction.

Salisu, Livramento and Ely were all excellent.

We still don't seem to know how to play against a team that sits deep. We really should have had something to show for the first 45 minutes. Too many weak shots, hit and hopes or trying one touch too many. Some lovely passing and moving tho, so hopefully things will improve when everyone gets used to each other.


Southampton v Manchester United Your Report added at 08:57:50
Good battling performance. Made world class players look ordinary with a side that cost less than a couple of their players. Wasn't too sure on the teamsheet when it was released, but they proved me wrong. Pro active changes by the manager that helped us get the point.

Subs all played a full part in getting the result. KWP as left back looked good.

It wasn't a foul on Fernandes, OGS is just trying to distract everyone.

Well deserved draw.

Everton v Southampton Your Report added at 18:58:45
In some senses same old same old. Start slow, dominate, score, fail to take further chances second half fall apart, make no changes until behind, changes do nothing perhaps even make things worse.

On the positive side, Armstrong looked sharp, Livra looked awesome in the first half, Salisu looks good, Perraud was fairly effective. we seemed to play the ball forward faster.

On the downside - Poor defending is still our Achilles heel. We started the second half being overrun, Ralph should have changed things but didn't last year the excuse was there was no one on the bench, that doesn't wash this year. We should have tightened up and looked to score on the break in the second half.

West Ham United v Southampton Your Report added at 06:29:09
For long periods of this game we played well. We had 4 nailed on chances that we didn't convert. Silly lapses in defence cost us dearly. Several players looked like their futures lie elsewhere.

We looked a million miles away from the team we all saw playing in November.

Southampton v Fulham Your Report added at 18:25:26
Good game against limited opposition. Apart from a few brief spells we never really looked in any danger.

Great to see Tella get his first goal. What a smile on his face!

Salisu really should play every week now. Minamino was good but as he won't be here next year, Tella should now start.

I don't get the extreme Redmond criticism, he performed at the same level as most of the team.

Just a shame we weren't playing at Wembley.

Liverpool v Southampton Your Report added at 09:26:09
We played pretty well, it was a fairly even contest for most of the game. The difference for me was Che fluffed 2 good chances and Liverpool converted theirs.

Walcott was ineffectual and repeatedly gave up the ball at the first challenge.

The formation looked good with KWP acting as a winger in attack and then dropping back into a back 4 when needed.

Defence was okay but it is easy to spot the errors that led to the two goals. I would have like to see Salisu at some point.

Tella was good. Obafemi was good.

As we have all been saying for too long we need a leader on the park to make us more solid and a cool head up front to convert chances.


AFC Bournemouth v Southampton Your Report added at 15:31:50
Bournemouth weren't great but you can only play what's in front of you.

We weren't really troubled at the back. The difference in divisions was obvious.

We played well, particularly Redmond and Djenepo. KWP, JWP and Armstrong also did well. Adams nearly carried on his streak.

Hopefully this builds a bit of confidence back for the PL.

Southampton v Brighton and Hove Albion Your Report added at 17:20:24
Out coached and out played. Need a reset fast.

To retool a famous anecdote, opposition team managers must by now be doing a Fergie at half time..."Lads,...it's Southampton...."

Still at least the St Mary's crowd can't be blamed
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