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Give Ralph a new contract
at 14:56 15 Sep 2019

Ralph is creating a really good team, that isn't yet perfect, but it will be close to it in time under Ralph, I am sure. The signings under Ralph already look good. The team is quicker, more resilient, the goalkeeper actually saves things, we have clean sheets, the team looks together and players really play for the manager like Boufal and we are in the top half! When these young players develop further (Djenepo, Adams, Danso etc). we are heading for having a really exciting team once again.

This is a manager who doesn't spend very much, brings through young talent, plays an enjoyable style of play and spends wisely when he does spend in the transfer market. Perfect for our club.

And the way Ralph celebrates with the fans at the end is magic. Yesterday, he ordered his players over to the away support to celebrate because he cares about us. Love him.

Not seen such happy and buzzing fans for a long time.
Get Ralph signed up.
The point of another Brexit delay?
at 00:26 4 Sep 2019

So, Parliament has voted for another delay, assuming it gets through. I really don't understand the point to it. As a part of the negotiation, you need the option to be able to walk away. So with that taken away, we won't be able to get a "good" deal.

So if we can't get a good deal, what is the point? I mean, what do the rebels want? To remain, a bad deal or a delay leading to what? Other than causing chaos, I don't understand what they are trying to do.

Why can't Corbyn say what he wants? He must know that getting good deal is off the table so we might as well remain. Is this what he is saying: he wants to remain?

As wrong as she is in my opinion, for defying a democratic vote, the LD leader is at least clear about her intentions. Corbyn is bring about a delay for what reason? To remain? To bring about a bad deal? I don't get it.

The UK certainly won't be able to get a good deal with no deal not being an option: that is for sure.
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Che Adams fans' encouragement?
at 15:08 1 Sep 2019

At 22, Adams is clearly very young and will (hopefully) improve. I read somewhere about him being quiet and / or shy. I wonder if he just needs time to settle and some encouragement? Gut feeling is that there is more to come from him, shown by his 22 goals last year albeit in the championship.

The way he snapped at that chance yesterday, smelt of panic and anxiety, now that he is in the PL. More of a mental issue maybe than quality. I have a feeling he has something to give but maybe as fans we need a song for him or to help him feel wanted? I remember at Millwall away when Pelle hadn't scored and all the fans sang his name, only for him to score.

When Adams gets one goal, I reckon we will see him flourish under Ralph's guidance but does he need some encouragement from the fans like we did with Pelle?

As with Pelle, I think he could be good in the right conditions.
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Efl cup - who do we want? (n/t)
at 19:49 28 Aug 2019

Cup drawer tonight. See how Pompey get on but would love them at home. If not would love to play a team a bit different like Crawley or Oxford.
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Echo reporting canister thrown by Liverpool fans
at 20:55 19 Aug 2019

The southern daily echo is reporting that a 7 year old boy was hit in the face by a canister thrown by Liverpool fans. Horrible set of fans.
[Post edited 19 Aug 21:01]
Horrible Liverpool fans
at 18:42 17 Aug 2019

Once again pockets of trouble all around the ground because of taunting Liverpool idiots in the home end. Next to me and my family were 6 of them who cheered the first goal in our faces. They got so much stick that they didn't cheer the second. The usual in your face flairs.

Outside the coaches a young boy was receiving medical treatment due to being hit. They were all goading and taking the p. Even the fans getting on their coach from Dorset. Obvious problems again in Itchen North and other areas of the ground. Horrible fans and can't stand the club.
[Post edited 17 Aug 18:45]
Lack of ambition / stupidity in defence
at 13:45 11 Aug 2019

I went to the game. The defence was an absolute shambles and fell apart when put under pressure. Same situation as West Ham game at the end of last season and even the Huddersfield game. Nothing has changed.

So my question is: why didn't we buy for example Cahill and one Other top defender for 30 mil to sort the sort defence out? Brighton spent 60 million and didn't sell anyone. After feeling opptimistic and watching that I am furious that some of our 150 million sky income wasn't spent on new defenders.
[Post edited 11 Aug 13:47]
Let's be optimistic
at 23:44 8 Aug 2019

We have signed a CB. We have an awesome looking forward line. We have pace and young, fast players all over the pitch. We have an amazing manager. Boufal will be an amazing surprise this year too. I was a bit worried at the beginning of the week, when it was all so quiet, but let's get behind the team, let's win a cup and let's have a really good season! COME ON YOU SAINTS!!
[Post edited 8 Aug 23:45]
kit / RH and strange goings on
at 15:48 5 Aug 2019

So still no news on new shirt. What a shambles. A stadium worker informed me that the statement sent out Saturday was simply to avert the anger directed towards innocent ticket and store staff by fans attending the game.The staff haven't been told a thing.

Rumour has it, the hold up has something to do with a dodgy Chinese financial transaction that is too embarrassing to announce as it would reflect on the owner. All hearsay but what Premier League club doesn't release their new shirt and says nothing?? Obviously something to hide or surely they would just say what the problem is.

RH - Is he out of hospital? His assistant who he has worked with his whole career, suddenly leaves without any explanation. RH in hospital? Lack of activity in the transfer market, when the manager recently said there would definitely be new signings? Could be nothing but all very strange to me.
Boufal looks electric!
at 15:30 28 Jul 2019

Boufal's performance in today's friendly was electric. He scored a cracker on the break. He could be like a top quality new signing if his attitude is right. We have the right manager to get it right too. The attacking power and pace looks so exciting for this season.
Where is Ward-Prowse?
at 15:36 23 Jul 2019

I could be missing something obvious here but where is James Ward-Prowse? I have seen pictures and squad lists which include every other player apart from those that are accounted for. I did hear a rumour that he is leaving for big money so that RH can bring more players in. Has anyone else seen him in pictures or heard of him? Is he still on holiday or something?
[Post edited 23 Jul 15:37]
Djenepo about to sign
at 19:22 28 May 2019

According to some sources, Saints are about to sign the young left winger. He looks strong, powerful and is apparently also pacy. Under RH, being so young, he could be very good.
What do we need next season?
at 22:34 12 May 2019

RH stated that he needs new players. I agree. I just hope the board backs him with some cash. I would say we need:
- A top quality striker (a pacy striker who scores a lot of goals 20 plus)
- A top quality commanding defender
- A playmaker
I would rather spend a lot of money on just 3 real quality players than spend money on about 6 average ones. I would say 3 top quality players added to this squad would give us a good year next season.
Liverpool to win F.. all
at 21:51 1 May 2019

Saints to stay up, Liverpool to win nothing and Pompey to stay in league one. What a season this could turn out to be. Couldn't bare to see Van d celebrating after his illegal move. Well done Barcelona. I cheered every Barcelona goal.
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