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Massive Tory Majority
at 22:02 12 Dec 2019

There we have it. The people have spoken.
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Curious case of Jan Valery
at 13:18 12 Dec 2019

Apparently he is suffering from a virus and will not be anywhere near the first team for quite a while as Ralph said "he has a virus and it takes time". No sign of him for a good few weeks now. Have they fallen out?

I wonder what type of virus he has that is keeping him out of the team for so long?
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Attacker recently released from prison for terrorism!
at 23:00 29 Nov 2019

What an earth are the authorities doing? Releasing somebody convicted of terrorism into the community. Surprise surprise, he commits terrorism and 2 people lose their lives, could have been many more had it not been for brave members of the public. A disgrace that he was released and free to do this. Where is the common sense? Just ridiculous.

The families of those innocent people killed, need to be asking some serious questions.
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Suddenly pressing like a pack of wolves
at 23:57 23 Nov 2019

I was at the game. Apart from the usual defensive mistakes and not scoring easy chances, the team was pressing with energy, aggression and it was a pleasure to watch. Wave after wave of Saints attack. Exactly what Ralph was saying when saying we will hunt in packs. The best performance and most attacking performance in a long time. Why haven't they been doing it in other games? Why play so well against Man City, Arsenal, Liverpool etc only to play useless against the lesser teams. Not so up for it as they are lesser teams?

Hopefully the start of going back to aggressive and energetic performances
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Southampton last 10 years Adam Leitch
at 14:27 21 Nov 2019

Adam L is going to write a book about his time covering SFC. If this brief summary is anything to go by, what a read it will be. What he says about the managers rings true with me.

My personal favourite managers over the last few years for me are Koeman and Strachan (Frosty, icy, authoritative but straightforward). Poch didn't speak any English at the the time so didn't have much impact on me other than of course being a good manager. Adkins was another favourite but Koeman stands out for me.
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The Gender X Passports
at 20:39 20 Nov 2019

Which toilets would they use? Both? Or we have male, female, other? Can only imagine turning up in some countries and border control looking at the gender X on their passport.
[Post edited 20 Nov 20:40]
Labour offering free dental care now
at 17:35 17 Nov 2019

Under a Labour Government, everything will be totally free. If he throws in a free new kitchen for all (we need a new one) and a free holiday for all to help with the nation's mental health crisis (always fancied going to Australia), then I might have to consider what I do. Bankrupt country vs everything free and that holiday to Australia? Tricky one. Who is happy to pay for all this for me? (Remember this - going to Australia would seriously improve my mental health).
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The problem with Labour
at 05:16 14 Nov 2019

Non binary MP.

It had to be Labour didn't it. One of their MP's is apparently neither a man nor a women. Now don't get me wrong, I will happily speak to anyone regardless of what / who you are but come on, you are either male or female. This gender stuff is absolute nonsense.

I really can't understand why those working class "men" in northern mining towns are considering not voting for the Labour "person" standing as their MP and switching to Tory. What with D Abbott's idea of all female shortlists, it is such a mystery why these northern towns might switch.
[Post edited 14 Nov 5:26]
Gao out
at 14:02 10 Nov 2019

We can talk about who is to blame but ultimately the man at the very top is getting everything wrong. From late shirts, record defeats to £220 coaches. If you are a good owner, you appoint the right manager, you provide funds to buy players, you appoint the right people on the board. Leicester, Bournemouth, Man City, Liverpool have decent owners who get it right.

Plus you don't own a football club and never speak to the fans.

Gao OUT.
Club transparency / Fans' Forum
at 22:19 9 Nov 2019

When is the next fans' forum so that we can put our views to the club? They said that they wanted to be a lot more open with the fans. I just wondered if anyone knows when the next forum will be.
[Post edited 9 Nov 22:20]
Well we got behind the team Nick
at 17:18 9 Nov 2019

It's not wotking! The team is terrible and the club is rotten to the core. Let the protests begin and hold the club to account. Small steps? Are the happy clappers naive?
[Post edited 9 Nov 17:26]
Liverpool fans at it again
at 15:26 8 Nov 2019

Their fans are already planning for the welcome. Wait for the missiles, standing on walls and buildings etc.

"Bottles, cans and flares were thrown at City's team bus in the 2018 incident, when the visitors felt they were badly let down by the security they were supposed to be given."

Come on City.
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