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looking forward
at 21:41 4 Aug 2019

It's a bit of a novelty for us to start well. What would you think would be a reasonable target for the fist six games ?

What we have is :

Southend (a)
Oxford (h)
Gillingham (a)
Rochdale (a)
Portsmouth (h)

I think all of those look winnable on paper, and apart from Pompey you'd be a bit surprised if any of them do well this season. But life doesn't always follow form.

I'm hoping for more than ten points from them. No expectations though, it's too early.
extreme weather strikes again
at 15:57 26 Jul 2019

Tour de France shut down early for the day. Due to hail, snow and ice......
James Husband
at 11:06 26 Jul 2019

...has signed on a season-long loan from Norwich.

Inevitably will increase speculation about Bola being on his way.
signs you're growing old....
at 19:36 11 Jul 2019

..... Some of my chest hair is turning white.
Scrafton and Grayson
at 22:38 9 Jul 2019

From Twitter :

Miller will be the new assistant, Banks GK coach. Dawes continues as first team coach.

New contract offers made to Bola and Tilt in the last couple of days.

Stonewalled on the question of Charlie Adam.
Right, morality clique
at 20:27 3 Jul 2019

I did something last Sunday morning and am not sure whether I should be damned for it.

Picture the scene. I am on the way home from my walk. I'm a bit footsore, but happy because I have been thinking about my football club on and off for the entire two hours I've been out.

I am walking down our street with the newspapers and spot two people coming towards me who I know to be Jehova's Witnesses. As they prepared to greet me, I get in first, saying :

"You want to talk to me about the big issue, don't you?".

Faces light up at this point, but they quickly fall when I immediately launch into a summary of the week's events at Bloomfield Road. Not only is it not what they were expecting, they appear unsighted on the major issues for discussion.

They try to move the conversation onto God, but then it completely gets out of hand. Not only have they not heard of Marcus Smith (PBUH), but they appear to think I'm being frivolous. The younger one accuses me of "Wasting their time with my narrow priorities".

At this point I'm afraid I rather disgrace myself, by observing that "it is about f***ing time they realised how decent people feel every time they knock on the front door".

Am I guilty of mocking their religious views? Have I cheapened a serious debate? Do you wish you had thought of it first?

Over to you.
[Post edited 3 Jul 20:52]
Worrying news about Froome
at 00:58 13 Jun 2019

Hope he going to be OK.
Glorious morning here
at 07:06 1 Jun 2019

It feels like summer, certainly. A walk in the park is called for I think, before Sainsbury's. Oh, the glamour.....

Morning everyone.
Whilst we are critiquing TV programmes....
at 16:39 26 May 2019

... is anyone else watching The Looming Tower?
RIP Alan Skirton
at 15:39 13 May 2019

Another one from my childhood gone (sigh).
Imagine you are on the interview panel....
at 18:54 1 May 2019

.... for the prospective buyers of the club. What would your three top questions be?
still a bit intimidated .....
at 08:09 14 Apr 2019

..... here you go.
point of order
at 14:43 8 Apr 2019

It has been brought to my attention that I feature in the EG's Rogue's Gallery from the away end on Saturday.

Can I just say that these photos are reproduced without my permission. In view of this, I will be making no comment and granting no media interviews. Other than to say that I feel violated.
oi fitness clique
at 20:20 7 Apr 2019

How are we all doing?

Today :

14,000 steps (good)

bacon butties (bad)

bowing to peer pressure
at 20:45 6 Apr 2019

Match report. Have it.
pause for breath
at 15:51 20 Feb 2019

Even by our standards, the last week or so has been momentous for Blackpool FC. It all kicked off in the High Court - where too much of our future has been determined in the last two years.
Who is the best player you have seen for 'Pool?
at 19:03 17 Feb 2019

You can only pick one.
BASIL meet McPhillips
at 23:07 15 Feb 2019

I'm not a name dropper, as you know. But he's a very likeable chap, and was good enough to give up most of his evening to talk to us.

I can't reveal any confidences, obviously, except to say that he got quite misty eyed about Lala and wants a fight with spudgun.
Gordon Marsden tables EDM
at 13:25 15 Feb 2019

.... calling on the EFL to refrain from making a points deduction. Good publicity for him and us, another feather in BST's cap.
take a bow, BST
at 11:27 15 Feb 2019

"Blackpool supporters did not sit down, though, and they did not shut up. They kept their story in the news, they formed bonds with supporters of other clubs who had found themselves in similar positions. They understood that the life of the football supporter is not the life of the passive consumer. They walked away, but they never gave up on their love. They protested long and loud, even after the owners of their football club sought to silence them. This verdict will have no ramifications beyond Bloomfield Road. No precedent has been set, here. But yesterday afternoon, at the High Court in London, they took the first step towards getting their club back. This was, in a very real sense, the biggest victory that they’ll have all season."

That, in a nutshell, is why the work of the Trust has been so relevant in supplementing that of the Latvian camp.
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