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Saints Have The Chance To Lay Down The Parameters In The Transfer Market
Monday, 12th Oct 2015 12:33

With rumours appearing in the media again attempting to unsettle Victor Wanyama ahead of the January transfer window, Saints now have the chance to set down the parameters.

The transfer market these days is a cut throat dog eat dog world, were odious men like Brendan Rodgers and odious clubs like Spurs attempt to wield power whilst they still have it and trample down those they see as small time clubs in the process.

We at Southampton FC have seen more than our fair share of how the transfer windows degenerate into a melee with journalists being briefed by clubs, managers, agents and even players in an attempt to force a club into selling a now prized asset. We only have to look at the summer of 2014 & 15 for evidence of this.

Contracts seem to be worth little more than the paper they are written on and given that no club wants to lose a player for nothing after a contract has run down, are at best valid for one year less than their actual length.

The arrogant who see themselves as major players are at their most vile during the transfer windows.

But now though Saints have got their act together and have the opportunity to lead the way for those clubs who are not considered the big guns of the game these days.

Now Saints have got their act together after what it has to be admitted was a panic period in the early part of the summer of 2014, they have to lay down the parameters in the ay that we as a club are going to do business and in doing that lead the way for those club's outside of last seasons top six.

This means letting our players know just what they can expect from Southampton Football Club and what they as players can expect in return.

The reality of life at the moment is that we are going to have to implement a policy of selling players on a regular basis, it does have it's upsides in that if a player is coveted by another club it means that he is doing well for Saints, but the downside is that we are going to be pestered by rumours almost as soon as one transfer window closes.

Our reputation for finding and developing players is now up there with the best in Europe and it helps our ability to sign players in the up and coming bracket, such as Wanyama, Sadio Mane etc, but when you sign this calibre of player you are signing ones with ambition, they are not going to be satisfied with what Saints can offer, they want more, they want Champions League football and of course the attendant salary and bonus's that go with it.

When they join us they are not quite at that level, so their choice is join a club where they might not be first choice or join Saints where they will get game time and improve and get noticed.

But if they opt for us they will want to know that we are not going to stand in their way when the big guns come a calling, it pains me to say it, but Morgan Schneiderlin is right to want to move to Manchester United rather than stay at Saints, it was the right time for him and we could not offer what they can either on or off the field, but we should use Schneiderlin of the blue print of how we move forward and manage our squad.

New arrivals should be clear that we as a club will not sell our players until the time is right for us, we will sell, bringing in big fee's is crucial to us building a bigger, better squad and off the pitch developments as well, but we have to control when.

Saints should make it clear just when we are prepared to sell to a player, in my mind that means setting parameters and indeed time limits to our dealings, players should be told that we will only sell a player from the end of the previous season to a set point, that set point is not the end of the transfer window, it should be somewhere around the end of July start of August.

If we made it quite clear to other clubs that any attempt to prise away a player will be met with a curt refusal after this date it will help in two areas.

Firstly it will deter the likes of Spurs trying to come in at the last moment with a derisory offer after unsettling a player, they will know that if they have not done the business by our own set cut off date before the start of the season then it will be futile.

This will encourage clubs who are buying to get serious from the start rather than string out a transfer because they spend too long haggling from a starting position that is way too low.

Secondly a players expectations will be managed, they will not be able to try and force through a move in the final week of the transfer window as was the case allegedly with Victor Wanyama six weeks ago.

I would also go a step further and say that we will not entertain any bids in the January window unless it was in our interests.

Initially this would be difficult to enforce in that clubs would still try to test our resolve, but once we had shown that these were our boundaries and that we would not move from them, then clubs would soon stop wasting their own time.

When a player joins he would know our boundaries and accept them, he would know we would not stand in his way, just that we are not going to be bullied by the arrogant and deluded.

Of course we might perhaps consider offers outside of these time limits, but once we have said no then that is the end of it.

This would lead the way for other clubs in our position to follow our lead and take the power back from the buying club and put it firmly with the selling club to be able to call the shots.

One thing is for sure something has to change in the transfer windows, we now have the infrastructure to lead the way and be groundbreaking, of course it won't be ideal, but someone has to make a stand and stop the bullying that has become the norm from certain clubs of late where they try to prise a player from a club at a cheap price because they hav unsettled him.

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Jesus_02 added 13:44 - Oct 12
We had our chance to lay down the parameters with the Clyne sale from which we gained very little. We seem to have very little in terms of bargaining power because we are SO ready to concede our ability to hold on to players. Statements by RK about enjoying Mane while he is still a saints player don't help either

FindAndDestroy added 14:49 - Oct 12
You have a point! we now have the opportunity here to lay a foundation for other to follow when it comes to tranfers...players with ambition may see us as a "stepping stone", but they need to know that here we do things the Southampton, we own the player until his contract runs out..we only sell when it suits us..

i would start by signing players on 5 years contract if we see great potential..get players to discuss move with the club instead of using the media.. players need to know or understand a NO its NO, a YES is YES, they have a contract, there is no point venting anger or throwing tatrum, we cant sell if it doesnt suit.


BUCK added 16:32 - Oct 12
I don't know why everyone thinks saints gets bullied. They don't whatsoever. Everyone who comes to saints will improve we can all agree on that. And saints are running a club like a successful business. Buy low sell high. It's just like stocks and shares. Clyne had to be sold as he would have gone for nothing. Everyone else has gone at our price we wanted knowing we had a great back up plan. If saints can get 20 million for wanyama then so be it. A great profit and our board and koeman will find a more than adequate replacement. There is no bullying tactics but unsettling tactics that's it.

SaintBrock added 18:33 - Oct 12
Schneiderlin was here for 7 years and he more than most helped us be where we are today. He was a Lowe signing!

The real problem is that Koeman will be gone as well and all too soon, so he is hardly going to put his name to any club initiative for permanency. In all likelihood he agreed all this with Reed before he signed up so there will be no point in going through the pretence of asking him to sign another contract, unless of course Koeman has a change of heart.

SanMarco added 23:55 - Oct 12
Yes - the Koeman departure will be the big event at the end of next season but before then Mane, Wanyama and who knows perhaps Van Dyck and Bertrand will all be heading off to richer pastures.

Jesus_02 added 09:05 - Oct 13
BUCK: Saints will not get 20m for Wanyama because "if we don't sell him he could end up going for nothing". I reckon he will go for £14-16m. We haven't been bullied in the past but we have been opening ourselves up a bit lately TBH

SaintPaulVW added 11:32 - Oct 13
Players come and players go sadly. Perhaps if you could sign them to a 5 year contract it would help but are their agents going to recommend it? If you cut down on the clubs you will deal with you could cut the price by reducing competition for your players. Luckily the TV money now means that Saints can't really be pushed around financially but if a player wants to go - truthfully in most cases for higher salaries than Saints are willing to pay them - what can they do? Unless they start upping first team wages, selling with a year left is probably the only alternative and the price is already starting to drop.

montecristo added 12:43 - Oct 14
this is all speculative nonsense to me. Yes the media are busy but Saints policy is of their own making no amount of press reports should make any difference. Cintracts are binding, fuk stop, sign one and know you are cmitted for whatever ter you signed up to.Really not that difficult is it. My advice would be to insert heafty release clauses in every contract that would stop a lot of the crap that goes on.

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