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Liverpool Escape Punishment For Van Dijk Tapping Up
Tuesday, 27th Jun 2017 09:27

Surprise surprise the Premier League have decided that Liverpool should face no further punishment for their indiscretion.

Saints fans and indeed all those of clubs outside of the so called big six will not be surprised to learn that the Premier League has decided that Liverpool will face no further action over their attempts to tap up Virgil Van Dijk, something that they seemed to have known last week when suddenly their campaign sprung into life agan despite their assurances to Saints in their public apology that they had now ended their interest in the player.

That makes the apology sound even more hollow, what was the point of apologising if you are only going to go and do it again !

The Premier League had taken the line that the two clubs should have sorted it out between themselves and therefore hoped that the apology would be the end of the matter, with Liverpool already having been sanctioned back in May for an illegal approach to a 12 year old at Stoke City's academy which saw them fined £100 k and a two year ban from signing players from other English club's academies, they were on stony ground.

The Premier League are also scared to hit clubs too hard in that as an organisation they are effectivily run by the members which are the 20 clubs in any season, that makes it hard to make changes to the rules that the big six do not agree with.

Given that any notice of motion to change rules etc needs a two thirds majority than means that if the big six don't like it then it usually doesn't happen.

That means that the League themselves do not bite the hand that feeds them and run scared that if they hit the big clubs hard then the individuals at the Premier League could find themselves under pressure from the clubs themselves.

Given that the league is of a transient nature with three clubs leaving and three clubs joining every single year the only real consistency is those big six clubs and therefore their word goes.

The League's failure to sanction Liverpool seems to have given them the green light to continue their persuit of Van Dijk, indeed the in joke in football at the moment is that Liverpool's biggest crime was not tapping up the player but getting caught and there is some substance in that as tapping up goes on all the time, club's usually keep it quiet.

Indeed that is the strange thing about this case, Liverpool have been so brazen about it, if Van Dijk was as nailed on as their lackey's in the press would have ou believe then what advantage is there in publicly announcing that ?

Better to just keep quiet and let things run their course, they surely must have known that it would have only served to firstly alert the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City to the fact that Van Dijk was available (It did) secondly it would have infuriated Saints (It has) and it has got the Premier League involved.

Club's who leak things to the press usually do so when they are desperate rather than in control of the situation, so why did Liverpool do it ?

Now it will be interesting to see what happens next, the only person who has not said a word is Van Dijk himself, Saints have now dug their heels in and seem to be only willing to sell to Liverpool if it is a stupid transfer fee.

In truth the £70 million quoted as a minimum fee could probably serve Saints better than Van Dijk himself, spent wisely it could bring in two quality central defenders at around £20 million apiece and still have change to revamp the squad which is top heavy in certain areas and does need a little tweaking.

It seems that Saints will do what they have always done so well, take the money, spend it well and continue to build up the squad and keep it competitive, it also seems that Liverpool will do what they always do, splash out on whatever Saints player is flavour of the month, not always to their advantage

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highfield49 added 09:55 - Jun 27
It seems as though VVD's silence in this matter possibly says it all, the lack of evidence could stem from his inability to deny his part in the whole messy saga. Time for some straight talking from the club to the players, if it hasn't already happened, to remind them about their obligations as contracted employees. At present I feel we should get rid of him before we end up with another Fonte undermining the team spirit. £60 to £70 million to spend on new blood or a public apology to the club and supporters from VVD? I think the first scenario is the more likely now, with the proviso he doesn't go to Liverpool.

SaintNick added 10:12 - Jun 27
I dont think it is a Fonte situation, I think the club have told him what the situation is, he hasnt thrown his toys out of the pram as of yet as Fonte did, his agent isnt ranting and raving , he is just keeping quiet which is the right thing to do.

Van Dijk hasnt mentioned striking etc which tends to suggest that yes of course he would like to go to Liverpool, play in the Champions League and earn £180 k a week, but he understands that he has a contract with Saints and has to honour it.

I think it's Liverpool who are urging him to demand a move,

Sanguin added 10:25 - Jun 27
I read that Southampton didn’t want to pursue the complaint after Liverpool apologised. As much as we hate losing our best players to Liverpool, I doubt the club wants to damage its relationship with another Premier League club. If they act inappropriately again then there’s no reason this complaint can’t be reopened.

At this point, while I’d prefer to see him stay for the statement it would make, if a club does stump up £70m then I wouldn’t be too disappointed. I’m resigned to definitely losing him by next summer.

steve73 added 11:37 - Jun 27
There's nothing fair about football anymore. I don't have a problem with bigger clubs being able to spend more money and get more coverage etc that's to be expected. But the way everything else seems skewed in their favour isn't right. I can't believe how many ex Liverpool players have weighed in on this one, all having the nerve to cast Saints as the bad guys. Steve Nicol being the worst. Basically he thinks we should be obligated to sell Virgil because they desperately need him. And we shouldn't charge too much either! Poor lambs, if they could be bothered to scout properly they wouldn't have to keep doing this.

Wether it's politics or sport our written media is corrupt and full of propaganda and lies. And most football tv pundits are just brain dead ex players who headed one ball too many.

I love our team being part of the Premier League but it's become such a greed filled freak show that it leaves me feeling disgusted at the same time. I hope our principles stay intact above all else.

SonicBoom added 12:37 - Jun 27
If we're seriously that bothered Nick then we can punish Liverpool ourselves by simply refusing to sell them Van Dyke. But we want to avoid some sort of willy waving competition I expect and their money is as good as anyone else's.
Although I would still expect us add on a tax to teach them a lesson.
Of course I'd rather keep him.

no7saint added 13:13 - Jun 27
No surprise that the PL would bottle this one, but the whole thing stinks. The only reason Liverpool would make a public apology would be because Saints have something on them. The fact that it was such a grovelling apology with a promise to end their interest in the player is highly unusual and suggests they left some damning evidence behind. So for it to be dropped becaue of a "lack of evidence" is laughable.

I fully back our board on their decision to report this to the PL and hope they don't allow them to quietly sweep it under the carpet.

BoondockSaint added 13:46 - Jun 27
As others have stated, no surprise at all. However, the Saints need to stand up and release a statement about the double standard of the league, and yes bring it up every time something like this happens, or calls don't go our way. Don't let them sweep it under the rug.Also , under no circumstances do we sell him to the Scouse.

Sanguin-I would love it if we "damaged" our relationship with another Premier club, and never did business with them again!

GeordieSaint added 15:12 - Jun 27
Hopefully the Schneiderlin scenario is the precedent. He stays another year, plays a blinder, increases his value (and wage potential) and allow saints to carefully plan for succession. Everybody wins in that scenario apart from Liverpool who are left with Lovren at the back.

SaintBrock added 18:19 - Jun 27
Well wasn't that a surprise folks! Didn't see that coming.

The PL has just confirmed what a morally bankrupt and biased organisation it is.

Money, money, money... its a rich barstewards Game!

mattthelegend added 19:21 - Jun 27
Boondock, not often I agree with your comments but today I am 100% with you. SFC need to do say something about this, they cannot just leave it at this. FA are spineless and just a lap dog for the top 6. Laughable doesn't even come close to their decision. UTS

IanRC added 22:29 - Jun 27
As I have said many times before corruption in football does not stop at FIFA.

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