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Saints Move A Step Closer To Carrillo
Thursday, 18th Jan 2018 12:00

Saints are being reported to be close to signing Monaco's Guido Carrillo although whether he will be available this weekend depends on if it is done quickly.

Guido Carrillo is said to be in advanced talks with Saints over a £15 million move from Monaco to St Mary's, the Argentnian striker has reportably turned down several other Premier League clubs including Crystal Palace with his close links to Mauricio Pellegrino playing a part in his choice of destination.

Carrillo who will turn 27 in May has been at Monaco since the summer of 2015 and although he has struggled to hold down a place in the starting line up has proved valuable to their cause and although Carrillo has scored four times in Ligue 1 this season, but most of those appearences have come off the bench with only 2 starts. He has averaged a goal 104 minutes, which is not a bad record given his game time.

He has of course worked with Mauricio Pellegrino before whom he played under at Estudiantes in Argentina and is considered a centre forward and at 6ft 2 could provide some much needed aerial threat up front in the absence of Charlie Austin.

Certainly Saints fans at the moment are desperate for some incoming transfers and if Carrillo can be signed then the next task should be to secure a central defender and fast, if we do that then the squad should have a much better balance to it than it does now, however it still needs to be managed properly and that is perhaps the biggest problem at the moment.

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highfield49 added 12:13 - Jan 18
If he signs then it must be proof that the manager is going nowhere? It's tempting to be negative but I'm taking the positives and hoping that this is the catalyst for kick starting the fight against relegation. Fingers crossed yet again.

pintsizedsaint added 12:35 - Jan 18
This is happening. People need to move away from thinking bad thoughts about MP and team; yes it's a concern, but its not going to change anything other than continuing to damage confidence on the field.

One of the biggest issues with MP's teams is that we haven't had enough of a tall CF presence all season. Austin was not involved at the start of season (MP still getting to know his team combined with CA not being fully fit) but, when he was included, we showed signs of clicking. The 4-0 drubbing of Everton was not a fluke, but a sign of how important an aerially dominant CF is to Saints (i.e. Pelle).

Carillo's strength is aerial ability - particularly finishing. He's a very good player who hasn't suited Monaco's style to justify regular starts (a bit like Gabbi). Yet, in an EPL side with creativity more emphasis on wide crosses and 'route one' football, Carillo may well find a place.

Carillo is adept at getting on top of lofted balls and flicking them on to the advancing midfield/attack (a possible superb foil for Gabbi and Boufal - and Long) as well has holding up the ball. To my mind, that is what we have missed the most since Pelle's 'retirement' - the ability to hold the ball up and layoff for midfield.

I strongly suspect that Saints had Carillo as a potential in the Black Box and MP's knowledge of him has made this a stronger bet. This really will address the gap left by Pelle - with all repsect to Austin we took a chance on his fitness, and it hasn't paid off. Having Carillo will take that particular pressure off.

Next up - replacement for Mane. As I have said before, Redmond (and Boufal) have promise but need more time. Walcott was a perfect foil to hit the ground running, but such is life. I hope/expect we will sign another player from abroad who has Mane-esque qualities that the top brass in EPL haven't spotted (or aren't willing to take the risk on yet).

If Carillo goes through, i really believe this will have a huge positive impact on the team. Too many people are going through the motions. This isn't about MP (although he needs to sort out his ability to change tactics in real time to suit opponent changes) but about the stagnant squad (Puel also suffered from it).

pintsizedsaint added 12:43 - Jan 18
Just one more thing. This article suggests what is next is a defender. I don't think that is the case - although i agree it is one for the summer. We have good coverage in that area; but the shambles with VVD has upset the apple cart in terms of consistency. Hoedt has had wobbles but the constant shuffling has not helped with that. Yoshida and Stephens are good value.

What we need is some consistency in the back four, coupled with the ability to put games to bed so that it isnt a panic every time we reach the 75th minute. I also include Lemina in that - he needs a good run out as he's our best, most talented player in CDM.

LordDZLucan added 12:52 - Jan 18
You've said it all for me pintsizedsaint. Spot on.

SaintNick added 13:04 - Jan 18
Very reasoned piece from pint sized which in the main I agree with, but not the central defensive bit, yes Stephens and Yoshida might be good value for money, but we have the money to spend, we need quality, the reason we dont put games to bed is that in the last 15 mins the opposition tend to put more balls into the box rather than try to play football and we are found wanting

undertoomers added 13:09 - Jan 18
This manager dosn't realise that the answer isn't to get another striker( supposedly better than we have ) , but to play two up front!. For christ sake we need goal's but if we had Harry Kane up front, HIS FORM WOULD GO BACKWARDS LIKE EVERYONE ELSE'S (almost) in the team. M.P has got to change the formation & tactics so the striker/s is/are not so isolated. We've seen play safe tactics all bloody season. It's time to put more emphasis on scoring & not being content to let the opposition have the ball, sit back & defend. It hasn't worked. There being asked to play that tactic for too long in games. So what do we do?, how about playing in the opposition half more!. He' s got to do something differently, time is running out. Does he watch football on TV ?, I do & I see teams playing that way. Even Bournemouth ( v Arse ). We've got to go for it more, if we don't we'll go down with a wimper!.

Keesie66 added 13:15 - Jan 18
Maybe the conclusion is that MP's system just doesnt work in the PL..... I'm staying positive... quality always floats to the surface ...... COYR!!!!!

Bettwsresident added 13:30 - Jan 18
Donkey alert!!!...I saw one in a field on a walk the other day and it was a lot less than £15m!

Check out Guido'd skills on Youtube, or rather lack of them..a mix of tap ins and followups.

Might perform a role, and score from the odd cross but he is no Pelle or CA

highfield49 added 14:03 - Jan 18
Cornishsaint I'm hoping that your "stinking yids" comment was more a thoughtless throwaway reference from the past than an actual belief. I'm not a follower of any religion but please have a bit of respect for those who do have religious or ethnic backgrounds that have nothing to do with football. Sorry if that seems harsh but in my view it's not an appropriate phrase for this forum.

saintmark1976 added 14:17 - Jan 18
So here we are, nearly two thirds of the way through the transfer window and we are "a step closer" to signing a player with no Premership record whatsoever for 15million having just sold our best defender for five times that amount. Never mind that we are one place above the relegation zone and haven't won a Premiership game since the dawn of time.

It's hard to imagine that the whole management at S F C can get any worse and then low and behold they surpass all expectations yet again.You simply can't make it up anymore.

cornishsaint added 14:18 - Jan 18
Agreed some of pint sized comments are valid but A well balanced piece SaintNick ? Target man, long ball ? If Carillo is in the black box then it’s a box recently purchased at Lidl’s not the one we used to have from Harrods, Stephens and Yoshida are championship standard at best and they will be able to show off their value for money skills next season if we don’t act now !
This is about MP, he motivates, empowers, trains and provides confidence and tactics do you see any of those in our squad as I don’t ! Yes once on the pitch they have to deliver for 90 plus minutes and we struggle with that, is he allowed to play his own style without interference from Reed who knows ?
What support does the academy get now ? Looking at results and what is available coming through that has dried up completely why ? Questions for The director of all football activities Mr Les Reed who is completely anonymous! From Kat now the anonymous and secretive Mr Gao , the chairman down they all should be held accountable for complete mis management of what used to be the envy of most clubs in Europe ! Remember the Southampton way or has that been lost in all this mess as the football takes a back seat due to our greedy owners.
One signing is unlikely to save us if the same ethos and day to day running of the football side continues in its current form and some fans need to take their heads out of the sand and realise that taking only 43 points from 44 games and being on the worst run of any team in all four divisions isn’t going to keep us up, luck might play a part but if we are relying on that or other sides not strengthening (most are already doing business whilst we try and squeeze every penny to get a bargain) we are sadly doomed.

BaselSaint added 14:25 - Jan 18
Is it the system though? What will Carillo do that Gabi can't in an equally stiffled situation. There's been something stagnant in the tactics or the atmosphere in the team.
Presumably VVD in the dressing room?

Duone added 14:31 - Jan 18
I tend to agree with Pintsize in respect to th defence. We have to allow partnerships to develop & this counts for the whole defence.
Despite recent performances Forster isn't a bad keeper overnight, if he lacks confidence in the CH 's in particular it will affect his decision making & vice versa.
Stephens & Yoshida performed well when VvD was injured & I think either can also partner Hoedt but the constant changes hurt them all & the team as a whole!

Duone added 14:38 - Jan 18
Also as an afterthought maybe a cheeky bid for Bacary Sako from Palce is with a shout. He certainly tore us apart when he came on has been in very good form since Hodgson arrived & only has 6 months left on his contract!
Just a thought maybe?

SanMarco added 15:18 - Jan 18
10 tap-ins will do me fine Bettwsresident !!

I think that those who say we are not short of a quality CB are operating on sentiment (Yoshi's passion, Stephens trying very hard and improving) rather than what we really need to survive. I can just imagine the goal that sends us down being one of those headers where you see Yoshi realise 2 seconds too late that the centre forward needs marking.

I agree with Highfield on the objectionable comment - no place for that on here, or anywhere civilised for that matter.

landsdownsaint added 15:23 - Jan 18
Gabbi should be playing , a clueless manager.

pintsizedsaint added 15:34 - Jan 18
SaintNick: I agree with regard to good value but need quality, but this is the January window and quality Central Defenders are not going to come easy. As I say, perhaps one for summer.

Undertoomers: who's to say MP won't play with two up front with Carrillo? In any event, Carrillo as the lone striker can help link up midfield - with Gabbi acting as a number 10. If Carrillo can do that, then the breadth of our tactics widens considerably - with teams unsure whether we will play through them, create wider chances or adopt counter attacks (Long is ace at that tactic). We become more unpredictable. MP has been cautious because he doesn't think he has the right players to play certain styles/tactics at present.

Saintmark: I appreciate the frustration, but it is really difficult to get the right players - particularly in the Jan transfer window. Every team in the world knows Saints just got rich off VVD and are desperate for reinforcements. Equally, not many teams are keen to release players themselves unless they are surplus. Saints are understandably and rightly taking time to get the right player at the right deal. I'm sure its just as frustrating for them.

Baselsaint: Carrillo's stength is aerial ability, whilst Gabbi prefers ground work. He's not a target man like Austin. Trouble is, Austin is not really a link up player either, so that's why Gabbi hasn't been playing.

I would like to see us go to a 4-4-2, with Carrillo and Gabbi upfront, but with Gabbi being a little deeper at times to embark on surging runs. However, it's likely we will continue with 4-3-2-1, with Gabbi and Tadic behind Carrillo. I'd allow Gabbi freedom to play off Carrillo and turn up at unexpected places within the penality area - that would be a nightmare for defenders.

Tadic must be licking his lips at the prospect of finding another soulmate like Pelle.


pintsizedsaint added 15:40 - Jan 18
Sorry - that should have said 4-2-3-1!

saintkev added 16:02 - Jan 18
Message to General Dave Watson... The Saints fans beg you to help our beloved team in our struggle against relegation.. Our team has fallen under attack. I have information vital to the survival of our club is vital it does not into the hands of the Stubborn Darth One-Plan Pelligrino.
You must ensure we play 2 up front.. Simple plan - Palace & Watford did this to us recently so it does work....This is our most desperate hour.
Use a Jedi mind trick on the Sith Lord Mauricio ... Freeze him in Carbonite ... anything ... just keep him away from the team this weekend.
Help us, Obi Dave Watson- Kenobi. You're our only hope.

cornishsaint added 16:27 - Jan 18
I would be very careful regarding your comment, I have responded to highfield and apologised it was I throw away comment that spurs fans use everyday and in no way meant anything racist !
People from cornwall are not racist and neither am I and I would expect you to retract that comment as in your own way are being rude and almost racist about Cornish people so what’s the difference ! I messAged saintnick to remove my post as highfield had been upset by it and this was done !

cornishsaint added 16:31 - Jan 18
Sorry above post is in reply to Daleysouths almost libellous post

LordDZLucan added 18:14 - Jan 18
In defence of our much maligned defence any back four in the world would be hard pushed to keep a clean sheet when they have to defend for the whole of the second half every game

AmericanSaint added 18:20 - Jan 18
To Pintsizesaint - I would like to commend you on your insightful tactics and explanations. You obviously get it and understand football. I have been saying since October that we should be playing a 4-4-2. For all the fans who are bitching about this potential signing forget one important fact. We do not have a big man in the center for all the wing-play and crossing that out fullbacks are supposed to do to support the offense. I believe Charlie Austen has scored 3 headers and hit the cross bar on 2 others. Either we stop sending our fullbacks forward to cross or we play through the middle. We do not have the midfielders to play the tic-tac-toe passing that is needed to unlock many of the defensive minded teams. So if we keep playing wing/cross football,then we need a big man in the center (a la Pelle). And to fans who complain that he toe pokes goals etc., remember we are NOT scoring lots of goals and need goals anyway we can get them. There are my two pence worth on this. Sign the guy and give us another option for attack.

SanMarco added 18:29 - Jan 18
In the interests of accuracy Spud supporters don't describe themselves as 'stinking' yids. They have done that postmodern thing of appropriating an offensive word for their own use. At the same time, having spent most of my childhood in Cornwall I can say that they are no more or less racist down there than anyone else. Cornish said something offensive but it wasn't because he is Cornish and he has now been big enough to apologise. Perhaps best to leave it there - not sure you can libel a county anyway...

cornishsaint added 19:04 - Jan 18
SanMarco It has nothing to do with being Cornish or being racist as I am most certainly not racist it was a throw away comment not designed to be racist or offensive as it’s football banter used by my mates who are spurs fans and they use the term themselves everyday
As for libel I stated almost libellous as what daleysouth commented on was completely wrong and out of order and it is directed at me personally.
This is the end of it as far as I’m concerned.

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