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Should A Change Be Made Now ! Vote Now !
Sunday, 4th Mar 2018 17:00

Vote in our poll now and show the board what the fans are feeling !

There has been lots of moaning on social media, but little concentrated or unified effort to show the board at Saints that enough is enough, The Ugly Inside has created an online poll below to provide a focal point for the fans to show Ralph Krueger and Les Reed that we have had enough of watching the manager make the same mistakes and getting the same results week in week out.

THis is not a bad squad, it is just being badly managed, cange is the only way forward, vote now in the poll using the link below and share with friends and fellow Saints fans, it is time to draw a line in the sand and launch a concerted effort, rather than just doing nothing other than whinging on social media.

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mgprobert added 17:08 - Mar 4
I think we know the outcome of the vote but the board may say it is not a representative poll - just the vociferous minority

saintmark1976 added 17:38 - Mar 4
Too late Nick. The ship has sailed.

saintpp added 17:42 - Mar 4
Nothing to lose by sacking him he will get us relegated anyway and it might just save us.

SanMarco added 18:17 - Mar 4
Interesting point saintpp. Though we will have to appoint someone - who?

bean added 18:38 - Mar 4
First step of dealing with a problem is accepting we have a problem. This is the issue i think. The manager and board are in denial about us being in trouble. Especially the manager. He should be saying, we are in trouble, we have a massive fight on our hands. Because we are and we do. Not that he is looking forward to an amazing challenge.

underweststand added 19:07 - Mar 4
We're still in the FA Cup - until next weekend anyway . If we win - there is no way Pellegrino will be sacked with semi final in the offing ...and a possible Wembley Final.
After that you can all call for his sacking -in tha same way you did for Claude Puel.

Even if he were sacked - WHO would you want to bring in to save the ship ? There is a motley collection of former Prem. managers who didn't make the grade with other clubs so what would they have to offer? At least Pellegrino knows the players we have and a new face would have less than a dozen games to get to know their names, let alone change the formation (if thats what you're after).

You can't ignore stats and we have had 50%+ possession in the majority of all matches. Our goals against is better than some top ten clubs, and not the worst by a long chalk, We have the 7th highest shot rate in the Prem. - the problem is that our shots/goals conversion rate is less then 10%..which puts it down to our strike force.
Couple that together with 14 shots against the bar/posts, and points "stolen" from us by suspected handballs in the Watford and Burnley games , and the picture would be totally different, in short we are trying - but it's just down to (bad) luck and refereeing.

Those fans who think we ought to start Gabbiadini and Boufal don't have the answer either as they offer little more than Long and Redmond , and with Austin still out there is little sign of improvement in our scoring potential. WE have to sit tight and hope one of them hits form instead of the woodwork.

In short, a change of manager now would be a greater risk than sticking with Pellegrino.
Whatever else happens , our fate will be decided by away results and not those at SMS.


oldeastterrace added 19:20 - Mar 4
I say get rid NOW!!! If we keep him we know what we will get, we get the same old same old and we will be relegated. If we change there is no guarantee it will work but it has to be a better bet than keeping him.

darthvader added 20:18 - Mar 4
It's too late. He's got a quarter final to hopefully get through . If we fail at Wigan then I suspect he may go . The question is , who would WANT to be his replacement ?.
Also although tactics have been admittedly Shïte , he isnt on the pitch missing the chances that say Gabbi air kicks (twice in recent games), or sky's over the bar . Or the free headers 6 or 7 yards out that should have been buried , individual errors recently that have cost us goals and points.

I'm gonna put it to you all, that now is not the time to sack the manager , but to get behind the team like we did back in the days of old, shout and sing and encourage ,rather than slag them or him off in play. Even if it goes tîts up during the game.
I hope we can get out of this and up the table , but we have to help by almost sucking the ball into the net with our, encouragent,support and dare I say, passion . One game at a time, one half at a time,if we have a shît first half , then let's raise them for the second.
We are running out of games so let's not waste them.

patred added 20:24 - Mar 4
by sacking the clown it will send a message we will not accept rubbish. The players will get that message loud and clear.

Boris1977 added 20:37 - Mar 4
I get the impression that the board have frozen and are not sure what to do after a few years of replacing players and managers for one reason or another. The model of selling big and buying for less needed a certain amount of luck and luck isn't something that can be controlled. If the board were going to change the 5-1 v spuds was the game to change it but they were caught in the headlights.

Boxingman75 added 21:13 - Mar 4
Anyone who thinks he should still be our manager is obviously a skate who's joined this site to wind real saints fans up

DorsetIan added 23:43 - Mar 4
We will beat Bournemouth. We will beat one of Chelsea or Arsenal (pity we’re not playing them next week) and we will win one more (take your pick). Other draws will see us safe.

We’re not going anywhere, and neither is MP...

leftfield added 00:58 - Mar 5
You've asked the easy question. Set up a poll for who you would bring in at this stage of the season.

BoondockSaint added 02:12 - Mar 5
The club seems to being run by Bialystock & Bloom-failure wouldn't be a bad thing for the owners: Pocket the parachute money, sell off high salary players, pocket that money, and continue on a lower budget. Are they trying to get relegated? No, but if it happens the board won't be bothered. I don't really don't see MP, Les or Ralphie losing their jobs if it happens . They will trot out the usual doubletalk: "we're a small club....we have a plan.....we just painted the academy bog.." And my favourite: "They fans didn't cheer loud enough!"

Hope it doesn't happen, but when you watch Saints play and then watch Brighton, and others actually fighting to stay up, it is very disheartening.

A_Saint_in_Stoke added 02:13 - Mar 5
Many make logical claims to keep Pellegrino - which I understand
Surely the whole point is Change - I really do believe that practically ANYONE can do a much better job than Pellegrino. Bringing in a motivated enthusiastic PASSIONATE positive thinking person - will be a huge relief to all the players lift their spirits - he then could set up the team to play to their strengths - someone with an experienced footballing " brain ". If you really want to push me for a name - I would go for a person who lives in the area, admits to having seen and is up with the Saints players - brings a vast amount of strong successful footballing experience - will sort this mess out, and not taken any flack, like his footballing career Graeme Souness 2nd choice Gordon Strachan both have links to Saints.

Consigliere added 09:29 - Mar 5
I understand the argument that sometimes, the knee has to be jerked but this is not the time. What do we expect a new man to do in the remaining games left to him? By the time he has learned the strengths and weaknesses of the squad it will be too late. I'm all for reflecting on the manager's position in the summer and would need a very great deal of persuading not to sack him then but to do so now is a bigger risk than leaving him in place.

From a business point of view, it is hard to think of anyone with greater motivation to keep us up than the current manager - the new man can afford to sit back and think "Well if I succeed then I'm a hero and if I fail then no-one can seriously complain". Pellegrino got us into this mess and its his job to get us out.

Remember, things can also get worse!

underweststand added 09:50 - Mar 5
There is no short list of viable candidates for a new manager.
There are a handful of people who have played musical chairs in managerial offfices in half-a dozen Prem. clubs - and they all failed the litmus test, several times over.

We are Southampton and bringing in a " foreign manager " who doesn't even know who's in the squad or where / when they should play won't help at all.

The Monk / Beattie duet has gone to Brum, and there aren't any viable options left , (don't anyone say 'Arry Redknapp please).
We need someone who knows the squad can change whatever it is that needs to be changed..... if that's possible. Someone with red-and-white flowing through their veins. Therefore there are only two possible candidates ;
Kelvin Davis .....or the tea lady., otherwise we stick with Pellegrino - to the bitter end.

A_Saint_in_Stoke added 10:31 - Mar 5
I very strongly and totally disagree Consigliere.
Think of how the players must feel right now?- even you and others are being influenced by Pellegrino's backward thinking negativity.
It will give our squad, a new lease of life.
Look what the Swansea manager Carlos Carvalhal has achieved in just a few weeks! and given other teams who have been bold "A bounce factor " when changing their manager for a different face, different energy and more motivation.

You say " Pellegrino got us into this mess and its his job to get us out " normally I would agree - but the whole bloody point is ........ HE HAS NOT GOT IT IN HIM TO ACHIEVE THAT he doesn't know HOW or MORE IMPORTANTLY WHAT to do - he is totally lost and out of his depth.( Please just think reasonably now - He would have shown SOME improvement by now - can't you see that? - the guy CAN NOT COUP!)

As for your " Remember, things can also get worse! " common man toughen up - and let's fight --- that we should stay in the premiership - and if you voted for Pellegrino to stay ......... but this and others posts " make sense " I challenge you to go and change your vote right now - and together lets make a difference, for the sack of saving our club.

SaintBrock added 11:17 - Mar 5
Each week Pellegrino gives of his best you can be certain of that, the reality is that his best just isn't good enough for the Premier League. Either that or our belief in this squad of players is massively misjudged and misplaced and that actually they are not very good. One or the other.

A combination of the two is a guaranteed recipe for failure.

Reed is stuffed either way as he chose the manager and the players so there you have the root cause of the problem.

Nothing is going to change now but there is every chance of Gao enacting a massive overhaul in the summer with a new board, new manager and even some new players. This feels to me increasingly like the end of an era; it wouldn't surprise me at all if Gao wants to wipe the slate clean and re-build in the summer and no doubt rid himself of the benign influence of Liebherr and her cronies.

NZsaint added 11:39 - Mar 5
Hell yes he should go now.woke up with tears on my pillow after seeing the Brighton result 2 1 my god and we couldn’t even score against Stoke .care taker coach who cares anybody but MP. And if we do survive we should do everything in are power to get Eddie Howe from he cherries

qnehl1 added 13:23 - Mar 5
I would have sacked him after 10 games.
However sacking him now, would be an even worse decision than sacking Puel, even if he is useless.


ItchenNorth added 13:43 - Mar 5
Percentage polls mean nothing Nick: unless you publish the number of votes cast. Any chance that this stat could be released? Otherwise this will just turn into a meaningless Daily Echo heading of '85% of fans on popular fan website want MP out' story.

Consigliere added 14:07 - Mar 5
OK Stoke I respect your view and you may prove to be right but I didn't put up my post without thinking about it first and I'm afraid I won't be changing my vote. This is a judgment call.

InsideOut added 15:51 - Mar 5
I'm also No voter. I wanted MP & co sacked at the start of the last transfer window but it's far too late now, we have to stick with him come what may.

Pardew was told he'd be sacked if they lost to Watford, which they did. However, WBA changed their minds and said publicly that they couldn't find anyone better than Pardew right now. If WBA can't find someone before the end of the season, we're probably in the same situation.

Shouting to the rooftops about wanting MP sacked now isn't going to help us, it's more likely to hurt the team. Frankly I wish you'd all shut up and support the team properly in it's time of need and then make your feelings heard when our status for next season is settled.

davidargyll added 16:11 - Mar 5
I've said it before but the key to our final position is LUCK, or lack of. Now in this world you make your own luck but this is one thing that poor old MP is incapable of generating. Whatever you think of our performance against the Potters - and I thought it was pretty average at best - we did not have any luck in scoring, but they did in keeping us out. In a nutshell if we go down because of the 2 points lost courtesy of the Watford handball, that is bad luck no more no less. By which you can tell I am convinced that even the office dog probably has better luck then MP. VOTE HIM OUT.
PS click on the dial and you will see the total number of votes cast (1,500 a couple of moments ago)

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