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Saints To Launch Summer Squad Reshuffle
Tuesday, 5th Jun 2018 09:29

There looks set to be a major reshuffle of the Saints squad over the next two months although the World Cup will be a big disruption.

Saints will feel that the core of their squad is strong although they also know that it does need a major reshuffle with some outgoings freeing up space and money for their replacements.

So how much money will Saints have to spend and who will be leaving ?

The general feeling is that Saints still have around £30-40 million of the Virgil Van Dijk money, of the £70 million approximately £20 million went on Carrillo with another £10 million or so to Celtic in a sell on clause and of course agents fees also to be paid.

Even if it is the lower figure then that is a good foundation for Saints to build on.

But just who will go ?

It is likely that Saints will lose a keeper, but will that be Alex McCarthy of Fraser Forster, neither is going to want to play second fiddle, so I would imagine one will go and one will stay.

If it's Forster who goes I would expect to get in about £15 million maybe a little more for him, if it is McCarthy then although big figures are being bandied about in the press, I would imagine that with only a year left on his contract and to be blunt only 18 Premier League games to his name in the past few years that he would probably go for slightly less at best the same, if there is someone who is willing to pay the £25 million bandied about in the press, then I would snatch their hands off.

The defence is also likely to lose a player, it looked like it would be Yoshida and he seems to have turned down the idea of moving to the middle east, he is unlikely to get an offer from another Premier League club or a Championship one that will match his wages here so he will probably stay.

Jack Stephens is most likely to go in the centre of defence although I think that is more likely to be January for around £5 million, with the emergence of Bednarek and Hoedt showing his quality in the latter part of the season, you would hope that Saints will also replace Van Dijk, this is the key to next season, but if they do that then we will be top heavy in central defenders and Stephens will be 5th in the line.

Ryan Bertrand is also being touted around and he would fetch £20 million at least, likewise Cedric.

In midfield there are several candidates to go, most likely is Tadic who is being linked with a move to Ajax and that could rake in £15 million, Sofiane Boufal could also go and he would still be worth £10 million at least .

Steven Davis sadly looks like he will be reaching the end of his career turning 34 on the first day of 2019, he is getting injury prone, but it was no coincidence that as he was unable to play through injury we fell apart as a team in February/March.

There could be another shock departure of Oriol Romeu who would again fetch around £15 million with Saints top heavy in central midfield options.

Up front virtually any of our strikers could go, Charlie Austin has been injured for most of his 2 1/2 years at the club and he is rumoured to be moving on, Bournemouth being linked, his fee would be minimal due to his injuries perhaps around the £4 million we paid for hi ourselves.

Shane Long has given good service and may move on for a small fee given his age, so that leaves Carrillo & Gabbiadini.

Carrillo could be deemed surplus to requirements, however the drawbacks are that he is on better wages than he would get elsewhere and we would not get the fee that we paid for him, Manolo Gabbiadini has been linked with moves back to Italy, but seems to be making noises about staying suggesting that he has had some talks with perhaps Mark Hughes about his future.

I would think that Saints will look to move on Long & Austin and bring in two more strikers.

So I would imagine that Saints could bring in anywhere between £45- £70 million in transfer fees, but who does come in will depend on who goes.

If we take this scenario of possible outgoings.

McCarthy or Forster £15 million.
Boufal £10 million
Tadic £15 million
Austin £4 million
Stephens £5 million
Long £4 million

That would bring in £53 million plus the £40 million from Van Dijk and a lot of money off the wage bill, if this was the scenario, then I feel that we would bring in.

Back up keeper £5 million
Quality Central defender £25 million
Wide man £30 million
Striker £25 million
One for the future striker £10 million.

That would be £95 million and would see all the money re invested although this is not an exact science.

If we went for the complete revamp and perhaps added Ryan Bertrand and Romeu, that would give us an extra £35 million which we could either spend on replacements, or if we felt that Matt Targett was ready and we already had enough central midfielders then we could upgrade the key areas to strengthen.

All in all though I think Saints squad in the past season had the quality, but it got bogged down in having too much quantity meaning that Pellegrino had too much choice, we need to trim the squad and bring in quality in the three key areas of central defence, out wide and up front, depending on who leaves we could get away with three key significant signings.

The key though is managing the squad properly, that didn't happen under Pellegrino and Mark Hughes kept us up by purely organising the team well and playing to it's strengths in the final games of the season.

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Sanguin added 09:43 - Jun 5
The only first team players I can realistically see leaving are Boufal, Bertrand, Cedric and maybe McCarthy. I would be extremely surprised if Tadic left and surprised to see any other players leave. I don’t think there’ll be much interest in buying strikers who can’t score, especially given their likely wages. Even if a new central defender is brought in, I have a feeling that Stephens will want to fight for his place.

VikingSaint added 11:03 - Jun 5
Most of these figures are risibly low given the over-inflated state of the current market. Stephens, with PL experience under his belt and at a relatively young age would be daylight robbery for £5 million.

helpineedsomebody added 11:22 - Jun 5
jack stephens mr dofs 1st name on the team sheet not even poundland would pay for him please give yoshi a free as well .
the playing structure is allreidy in place mr average manager will have to adapt his playing system to it .
i have no idea where you get your information on what players are leaving & what new players are coming in but there is not a cat in hells chance there going to give mr average manager a 100 million pounds to spend on players & if he is going to buy that swiss midget from stoke should he not stay there & help his team mates becouse he was part of the reason they got relegated .

LordDZLucan added 11:49 - Jun 5
Just a few points:
1. Players leaving has got to be contingent on replacements coming in FIRST
2. Simply re-investing the transfer money that we receive is not enough. We need to invest some of the tv money as well for otherwise we are going to continue to fall behind our peers.
3. You've mentioned signing players in just about every position except central midfield. To my mind that is where we are weakest. We don't create high quality chances and we have a tendency to get pushed back in the latter stages of games. A couple of top drawer midfielders would sort out both of those problems.

ericofarabia added 11:52 - Jun 5
What kind of heresy is this ..... spending money nilly willy? We've got to keep our grip on being Net Spend Champions surely?

SaintMike added 12:49 - Jun 5
No mention of Redmond.....Saint could get a fee for him, or should he stay? If down to me I would keep Long, who still has his pace and appetite, and let Redmond go.

I can't see your re-shuffle working out. Knowing Saints, they will want to sell before they buy, and the chances are that most sales will not be completed till too late in the window for replacements to be found, unless we take the rubbish no-one wants or pay well over the odds.

MRHALL93 added 13:17 - Jun 5
Have I missed something with Stephens. I don't understand the negativity that surrounds him. I've always rated his performances. Ever since he came into the squad when VVD got injured and Fonte left last season. I would have him down as a first team player. He's strong, good on the ball.
Cedric's valuation could massively fluctuate if he has a good world cup spell. If he has a bad World Cup, I can't see teams wanting to buy him. He is quick and good going forward, but defensively he is just too weak and gets bullied.

GeordieSaint added 13:45 - Jun 5
I like Jack Stephens and the talk of 5 million seems crazy. Fair enough there are some aspects of his game that could be improved but they will but he is excellent on the ball and could be an amazing player with the right partner.

BuyEastleighFC4aBtea added 14:05 - Jun 5
I Personal stopped reading this arrival about 1/3 into it as found it gut ranching to take.... because it seems poeple are too impatient for Stevens to turn into world centre half!
But that's because we shipped more than 50 goals but haven't recognizes we a new defensive coaches to bring him on to that level which he is clearly capable of!

spud1961 added 14:07 - Jun 5
Am a fan of Jack Stephens, but does tend to get a bit bullied at times.... Maybe he would do a good job as a defensive midfielder... He is good on the ball and would provide competition for Romeu who was poor last season....

BoondockSaint added 14:29 - Jun 5
We're a team that nearly got relegated. The only players that any other team would want are McCarthy and Tadic, and I hope both stay.

Even if we got say, 10-20 million for our dead wood, what are the odds we would spend it ?(or the TV money, or the VVD money,........).

SaintBrock added 14:41 - Jun 5
Sometimes Nick you seem to abandon all common sense when writing your blogs. According to you Saints could be about to shed or lose over half their team and bring in another half team all in the remaining part of this window, when you know so well that Les struggles to bring in one player per window and many of our players are still on long expensive contracts.

History does count for something and our history is one of very little activity in transfer windows, only doing the bare minimum when circumstances have forced the hand of our otherwise extremely recalcitrant board. Apart from which Gao has implied several times that there is no money for transfers.

You'd have to take the logical view that most of our players will stay (big pay packets, settled families etc) with the only exceptions if somebody comes in with irresistible offers for them and us. That is unlikely given our performance last season, I mean who really did shine throughout the year?

What also militates your arguments is that we will not risk a massive upheaval of staff after our recent squeaky escape for the drop. We need stability and gradual redevelopment not a buzz dozer to raze the ground to the foundations.

Nope! Forget it! 2 out at most 1 in end of story. You read it here first!

BuyEastleighFC4aBtea added 14:46 - Jun 5
Oh my I think you guys at ugly have lost the plot! Clueless in fact.... And I'll prove it... here is what's most like going to happen or should... if it was up to me... Davis will be a first player in name only. As he won't play again but become an academy coach.
Boufal will be sold as will jordy C, Long will also be sold with a massive thank you Carrolill will be loaned or sold at a high lost.
we will buy a new cover young Right back. And a young forward and possible an centre back in January we will bring like Shaw back in January with Redmond sold next summer as a result. We will keep both keepers.

GaryKhole added 14:58 - Jun 5
Sanguin is absolutely right. As I see it, the only (more or less) confirmed leavers are: Boufal; Cedric; Clasie; Bertrand (likely, if we can cash in and Targett is considered a natural successor ) and Long.

Carillo and Forster are the wild card possible leavers. There's next to no chance of Tadic or Austin leaving.

Priorities are new 1st choice right back, athletic CB, and number 10. If it was up to me I would break the bank for Hakim Ziyech as we could outbid Roma (would prefer spending £30 mill on him than Promes).

1970 added 17:24 - Jun 5
Who in there right mind is going to pay 15 mill for forster? we can get quite a few players on the cheap if we are shrewd but I don't think we are capable of that , we are staring at the abyss now because we need an overhaul of players and style so it will be an interesting summer window,
all those that keep banging on about how good stephens is should realise there are a number of attributes associated with being a defender a couple of those are anticipation and aerial ability and he has none of those so he is not a defender simple even if he is "good on the ball".coyr

kenis added 20:42 - Jun 5
If Hughes is going to continue with three central defenders and doesn’t see Bertrand as the left sided option Koeman did then that only leaves Hoedt, Yosh, Stephens and Bednarek. On that basis we need another CB in and no one leaving. Expect a utility player type who can be a right back or centre back.

Taylor, Clasie, Bertrand and maybe one of the other keepers are the only outgoings I see. If a keeper left I assume we’d seek a replacement and have Lewis back from his Scotland loan. Claise and Bertrand could leave with no new signings replacing. Davis could also go but I hoe he stays.

Looks like Boufal out and Shaqiri in is also a possibility.

I’d want another CB if going to play three, if not then we go with what we have. Promes seems like a break the mould type signing. Can’t see it happening.

DLXTFNY added 21:27 - Jun 5
What a deluded article!
At the most 2-3 players out and the same in.

An overhaul that you are suggesting would mean
certain relegation.

underweststand added 21:32 - Jun 5
I'd not argue the majority of the "transfer predictions " made in the article except for a couple of mentions...
Jack Stephens -?- maybe, but we've always had 4-5 CB's available , and although I agree that a combination of Hoedt, Bednarek and Yoshida is the most likely that doesn't allow issues like serious longer term injury, or loss of form - in which case we're plundering the U23 sqaud to find " a new fit " . Unless we buy a " Gibson " or someone else with some real class, I'd hold off selling Stephens who has (all things considered) DA v.good JFU .

No-one is denying that Carrillo had a nightmare start, but he came in at a time when the whole team was playing very poor, and he didn't get any service to speak of, yet made two assists before he learned everyone's name - let alone speaking the language.
AND it wasn't his fault that we had to pay the fee we did... if it had been £9 million and not £19 ..I'm sure many people might have been a tad less critical.

BY the start of the season, Hughes will know if he wants him in the squad or not (if NOT then he'll be put on loan ..IF anyone can afford his wages. I think he deserves a proper chance. IF Austin goes, we still need a big man up front (and none in sight ATM), and if (I hope) he does stay, then we have to hope he stays properly fit for the season .

There will certainly be YET another generational change (and we had one of the youngest squads last season ) so the proof of " the Hughes pudding " will be getting us back in the top half of the table, and creating a new squad who know each others style and skills.

So with the prospect of perhaps 4 in, and 5-6 out..a top half finish will be a good season.


Fakaff added 23:36 - Jun 5
Promes Gabbiadini Anderson
Lemina Højbjerg
Bertrand Hoedt Yoshida Soares

How would that end up?

skiptonsaint added 00:13 - Jun 6
The Carillo issue is that he needs games in a more settled side, under less pressure before we can judge him fully

But can we afford to give him that in the first team ? If his run carries on we could be back down there again after a few games with pressure increasing

So loan him to a championship side with the option of a recall in Jan seems the best option to me

Fakaff added 01:00 - Jun 6
Formation of course; 4-3-3

Consigliere added 08:05 - Jun 6
To my mind the most interesting feature of this article and the comments above is that it is impossible to build a consensus out of it - If I were chairing a meeting of contributors I would find it impossible to understand what everyone wanted! What this demonstrates is the difficulty of the decisions facing the management, as I am sure that similar issues are facing those who really have to take these difficult decisions. We the fans are quick to criticise but I think we sometimes overlook the enormity of the task facing the Board. Mistakes were made last season thats for sure but they were strategic rather than the detailed decisions of which player to keep and which to sell. Focussing on one or two players in the squad does not tell you what is likely to happen at the end of the season. The real issue is whether we have the right manager and the right playing style. Tone from the top and all that.

TeamCortese added 19:03 - Jun 6
This is what I posted a few weeks ago. Please bare in mind this was before Ralph Kruger's interview. I think most of the below is unrealistic but for me is common sense for anybody who wants the club to be successful. Can't be bother until these idiots are out the door. Someone should have been sacked by now!

"I think before we even consider wholesale squad changes we need to consider what the club wants? Is it year-on-year mid-table finishes or pushing for Europe? (or more cynically just survival).

If the former then we should definitely stick with Mark Hughes. He's done nothing short of a minor miracle keeping us up.

If the latter then we need to consider hiring a young manager with a solid track record. I think the following should be considered (in order of preference and being realistically considering us):

Slaviša Jokanović (Fulham Manager)
Željko Buvač (assistant coach to Jurgen Klopp and old teammate)
Rui Faria (former assistant coach to Mourinho since 2001)
Brendan Rogers (I know very ironic!)
David Wagner (currently manager of Huddersfield and also worked under Klopp)
Marcelino (currently managed Valencia to 4th but worth a punt with more money in the EPL)
Vincenzo Montella
Marco Silva
Ralph Hasenhüttl (Currently manages RB Leipzig. Highly unlikely but always worth a punt)

In terms of players we need to sell and buy but in as someone mentioned in a phased way. Here's my proposal:


Jan Bednarak (needs a solid season on-loan in the Championship or EPL)
Maya Yoshida (is getting older. may need to reconsider being a backup or be sold)
Ryan Bertrand (his head is no longer in it. I think he wants one last payday). Needs to be phased out with Matt Targett/Kieran Tierney as his replacement.
Steven Davis (too old now). Should be replaced by Shaqiri or Wilshere
James Ward Prowse (has been given enough opportunities. time to cut our losses)
Dusan Tadic (is getting older. likely to leave this summer. Should be replaced by Boufal or Boufal's replacement)
Harrison Reed
Carillo (should go out on loan)
Sam Gallagher (not EPL quality)
Charlie Austin (too injury-prone. may have to accept himself as an impact sub)
Redmond (too inconsistent and not strong enough on the ball)


Christian Benteke to replace Pelle (was never replaced!). Might need to consider alternatives but he's the best I can think of at this moment.

Adama Traore/Quincy Promes (both will bring pace and directness to our attack). Traore is younger and may have a better sell-on value in the longer term.

Hakim Ziyech and Shaqiri (replace Davis and JWP)

One (possibly two) Solid centre back with leadership qualities i.e. Harry Maguire, James Tarkowski etc.

Backup goalkeeper for McCarthy

Backup right back for Cedric. Maybe it's time to see whether Jan Valery can step up to the first team. "

TeamCortese added 19:08 - Jun 6
I would also consider James Maddison (from Norwich City), Bas Dost (from Sporting Lisbon), Gelson Martins (Sporting Lisbon) and Ademola Lookman (from Everton).

redandwhitedee added 09:12 - Jun 9
Jack Stephens .. 5m .. What ARE you talking about .... ?
He is the long term future of our central defense, and is perfect for a back 3, Hoedt only got a regular game because he is the only left-footed CB in the squad, and in a back 3 that is important, and because yes, he will no doubt develop. But if that Gibson bloke is worth 15-20m then Stephens is on a par at least. I would take Stephens over Gibson any day.
Get off his back.

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