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Hasenhuttl Calls For The Fans Unity
Saturday, 19th Jan 2019 09:22

Ralph hasenhuttl has urged the Saints supporters to get behind the team and help the fight to pull clear of the relegation dog fight.

When he arrived at the club Ralph Hasenhuttl spoke of how the players had to "get on the bus" and either be part of his plans or move on.

Now he has issued a similar statement to Saints supporters asking them to get behind the team and help them rather than get on their backs and hinder.

Hasenhuttl has bought in to Southampton Football Club on every level and from his time in Germany he knows how the supporters of a football club are it's heart and their backing is essential if a team is to succeed.

Hasenhuttl believes the club’s supporters will be key to the team’s success.

“It’s necessary that at home if we go in the lead we work together like we did against Leicester.

“Together means also the crowd helps us in some moments where they feel the game has a chance to go in a different direction, that they are loud and push us and force us to be as committed as they are."

“If we are in this unity then it’s not so easy to win against us and that’s what we have to show."

“It’s what we need and what we need in the future. Our development on the pitch is one point and the development outside in the stands means they should feel they help us now because they are loud and they get pressure on the opponent."

“I think that will be necessary for the future.”

Hasenhttl is absolutely spot on, for some reason some of the Saints supporters have to have a scapegoat and their default method of support seems to involve abusing the latest whipping boy.

Nathan Redmond can relate to that, for his first two seasons at the club he was the brunt of a section of the crowd, but now he is showing just why we bought him.

I'm not having a go at anyone here we all have players that we like and dislike and feel aren't of the standard required, but we need to leave negative feelings towards them outside the stadium and when in the ground only support them.

From time immemorial the fans are the lifeblood of the club and the players respond to support, Ralph Hasenhuttl knows that and that is why he is now issued this rallying cry, his method of management is one of encouragement and building the players confidence and he is asking the fans to do the same.

So we all need to ask ourselves are we part of the problem or part of the solution, are we behind what the manager is trying to do ? or do we really prefer our club to be in crisis so we can vent our anger.

Saints supporters away from home this season have been magnificent, at St Mary's less so but in fairness up until the Austrian manager arrived there was not much to shout about, now there is the manager banishes negative vibes and now so should we Saints supporters.

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IanRC added 09:35 - Jan 19
Agree entirely. Hope everyone here takes note.

underweststand added 10:07 - Jan 19
Ralph is looking for help outside the dressing room and I don't believe it's criticism either. However, for those die-hard Saints fans, who've tolerated 5 managers in as many years , it's all too easy to fall back to shouting down player(s) who are having a bad day.

RH has shown that he can impact players who haven't really cut it with his predecessors. Redmond and Bednarek and PEH are prime examples. In and out of the side, with no chance to impress, now they are suddenly like new signings. Where or not the "others " will adapt to Ralph's way remains to be seen, and we will know that answer before May.

Of course we have no Divine Right to win every game, and in far too many cases in the recent past, we've "won games" only to go and give them away. In over 60 years as a Saints' fan, I've seen far more "downs" than "ups" (and that doesn't just mean promotion/relegations either). Aside from 1976, many of our successes have been an achievement in themselves like getting to Div.1 (read Prem.) in 1966..and staying there.. for a while. The McMenemy years deserved more recognition than they got in trophies, but later names (Adkins and Koeman) did their share to give us new status.

This season's priority is survival...a common phenomena in the 27 seasons we managed to stay in the top tier, but it should be noted that we rarely finished in the top half of the division, and often only survived in the last few games.

Yes Saints fans, we've got a battle on our hands - again, but Ralph has shown more effort and endeavour in a few weeks than many of the others all put together. We need to grin and bear it, regardless of mediocre performances in the hope that "the Ralph effect" will work and keep us alive in this league and bring a new side together- next season. COYR!


vanmans added 10:30 - Jan 19
The owners have not put any money into helping Ralph yet and there is not many days left. Once again we have been left behind by the other clubs near the bottom.

saintmark1976 added 10:35 - Jan 19
Unity, "the state of being united or joined as a whole". There in lies the problem Nick. It's O K asking the fans to join in but frankly the club's record in recent seasons has been pretty poor. My impression is that they have almost gone out of their way to foster a them and us attitude, exemplified by the chairman calling us " a small club".

Hopefully,when and if we get a new director of football he or she together with Ralph the manager may be able to bring the owners on board and explain what the fans require of them.Particularly in regard to a statement of intent for the future, something that has been sadly lacking recently . In other words give the troops a flag to rally around.

highfield49 added 10:45 - Jan 19
I'd be hugely disappointed if we'd brought in any of the players signed by the other clubs near the bottom. Before getting despondent isn't it better to see what happens in the next couple of weeks? The point is to give 100% support to those available for selection at present who are giving everything on the pitch, not much to ask.

Number_58 added 11:04 - Jan 19
I wouldn't necessarily say that moaning at the players is the big issue here, surely it's the total lack of atmosphere at St Mary's for the vast majority of games, particularly when things aren't going our way. Lampard acknowledged that the small band of Derby fans, who had totally outsung our lot all night, had carried his team through. I've never fathomed out why our crowd is so quiet and reserved, and why our repertoire of songs is so small compared to everyone else. The last few years of The Dell were great with the Bike Shed Army, or whatever you might call them, really vocal with loads of chants and songs. They undoubtedly pulled the team through some tricky times. Somehow we need to get back to that mentality.

BarnetSaint added 13:55 - Jan 19
For starters.
Attack the Northam second half.
I’d love to see the stats to prove my point, but i would guess over 70pc of goals conceded are when away teams attack where their fans are housed.

warrens76 added 14:09 - Jan 19
Just watching Wolves and listening to the crowd...reminds me of something.....therein lies the issue Nick, it was taken away without 'necessity' and the 'orrible people who did it are still here in charge of your and my spiritual football home....the morns even need to do an 'analysis' to see if giving us an 'end' is viable, you know what every other team in all 4 leagues has.

Number_58 added 21:22 - Jan 19
Credit where it's due, the crowd were good today. I think if anyone can persuade the Saints fans to lose their inhibitions and sing their heads off it's probably Ralph.

BarnetSaint added 09:26 - Jan 20
Well said.
Crowd were briliant , imagine how much better if the itchen mob joined the northam in one end, would be superb and uplifting

kome added 09:11 - Jan 23
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