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Is Lemina's Big Club Move Just A Pipe Dream
Friday, 12th Jul 2019 08:16

Mario Lemina is being linked with both Manchester United & Arsenal, but is there actually any truth in these rumours ?

One thing that cannot be in doubt is that Mario Lemina wants to leave Southampton Football Club, in the past week or so he has suddenly become very prominent in the press saying one thing or another with the latest being that a two year stay at St mary's was always part of his plans.

Whilst there is every likelihood that this is the case, after all he hasn't stayed anywhere that long during a career that at 26 in September has never really seen him a bolted on first choice anywhere as only 87 League starts, 38 of those at Saints plus another 43 as sub testify.

Since making his League debut in January 2013 for Lorient he was a squad player both at Olympique Marseille and Juventus till he joined Saints in August 2017 , he was on the radar of a few clubs, but not really of any top sides, his career path was either stay as a squad player or try to get a regular game elsewhere and Saints were as good a club as any that where interested in them back then.

His stock was high when he joined Saints he had just played in a Champions league final, although that sounds a lot better than the reality, his 12 minutes on the pitch came at a time when Juve where already 3-1 down to Real Madrid on their way to a 4-1 defeat, the game was all but over.

So if Manchester United or Arsenal are interested in Lemina what evidence is leading them to believe that he is the man for a job in their squads ?

It certainly isn't his form for Saints, in two seasons he has started only half the games he could have and missed big chunks of the season through injury, this is no Morgan Schneiderlin scenario, a player at the top of his game and has been for several seasons,whilst he has undoubted talent he did not show it enough times at St Mary's to truly make him indispensable, he has been a bit part player who had played well when the team has been on top but not around when the chips are down.

Indeed it seems that Saints themselves are not that unhappy to see the back of him.

Rumours surfaced last season about his lifestyle choices including the incident last September when he couldn't remember who was driving his car when it was caught speeding.

A few weeks ago most Saints fans would not have been that bothered either, but the United & Arsenal rumours are making some get nervous that if we sell him he will go on to be a massive success and we will have missed out.

Certainly the rumours of United & Arsenal do not seem to be coming from either club, the Manchester Evening News claim that United are not interested and have told them that they feel their name is being used to try and generate interest in the player and set up an auction, although it is not clear whether they feel it is Saints or the agent doing that.

United will know though that their fans will not be impressed by Paul Pogba potentially being replaced by Lemina and if he did go to Old Trafford he would likely be a squad player not first choice.

The players outburts lately perhaps point to why he will be leaving St Mary's, he spent most of the second half of last season unavailable to Ralph Hasenhuttl supposedly with a stomach injury and his injury record at Saints is not going to aid his sale to any club.

United like to keep things under the radar, they do not like big outbursts from their own players let alone those that have not even signed for them yet.

If Lemina truly had interest from them or indeed any club he would have been wise to keep quiet and let things run their course, but he has not done that suggesting that things are not running smoothly between him and his current club.

Saints have done nothing wrong, they have a player with three years left on his contract, they know that in today's game the business is all done behind the clubs backs by the agents, if United wanted Lemina the bid would be in.

So it seems that just as the Manchester Evening News is stating, both the player and his agent are seemingly trying to drum up interest and try to hook a big club, Saints just have to sit back and let them do just that.

The fact that Lemina has been left at home this week and not travelled to Austria for the training camp seems to evidence there is a rift, but Saints are playing it just right, sit back and let things take their course, we have plenty of options in the centre of midfield, we need money in for new signings, over the past couple of seasons Lemina's contributions to the club have been far less than most of his rivals for the starting line up, he in his own mind might see himself as a big star, but truth is he is dispensable to even Saints let alone Manchester United.

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IWOZTHERE added 16:14 - Jul 12
Do the club actively promote this verbal deal to attract good players? It doesn't sit well with me.
We can either demonise Reed or the player over this... Perhaps both?
It's certain that we've invested a lot in cash and specialist medical care and seen little in return.
His actions are dishonourable... even though I cynically suspect that the club (who need the cash for defenders?), may have made his mind up for him!

landerwal added 13:20 - Jul 13
The idea the United or Arsenal would be interested in Lemina seems to be a desperate exercise by his agent's PR company to drum up some kind of interest in the player. The idea that he is being considered as a replacement for Pogba, is completely laughable given that the price for the United player is in excess of a 100 million, whilst we will be lucky to get into double figures for what Lemina would fetch. As things stand with his lack of playing time, his history of injuries and age, we should offload him to a middle order Championship club for the best price possible as soon as possible.

A1079 added 15:26 - Jul 13
This players actions and/or the actions of his agent has arguably stuffed us. It's risible for they or the club or us to think that someone like Man U or Arsenal would be interested unless we were prepared to give him away for a virtual free. He has not proved himself in any way thus far, and given his record he is now a risk for any potential purchaser.

So, we are left with the scenario, of getting rid for virtually nothing or being left with someone, who can never play for us and presumably by his comments has no intention of doing so anyway, and consequently being an expensive destabilizing factor in the squad.

To say Saints have done nothing wrong. May be not now at this time, but those who brought him to SFC their decision making is questionable and they left us with another legacy problem. He has never looked like he wanted to be at SFC and even before he came, I did not get the impression he had a great desire to join us.

DorsetIan added 10:02 - Jul 15
Whatever game he's playing it won't work. Pretty sure Ralph is not going to be messed about by him or anyone else.

Somewhere suitable will be found for him at whatever his market price is, or he will warm the bench. A player of his age can't afford to stay at a club where he's not starting.

One or two nice flashes of skill but overall he's been a disappointment. And Boufal is a better player.


SanMarco added 17:05 - Jul 15
Another 'record signing' that didn't work out. None of the big boys will want him because he aint good enough. His comments and attitude should disqualify him from any share of a transfer fee - but of course they won't.

Why did it take me half an hour to scroll down past loads of old stuff or things about other clubs?

TeamCortese added 21:21 - Jul 15
Get this buffoon out of the club already. Once we get rid of him, Austin, Carillo, Cedric and most probably Boufal we'll have a clean slate from Les Reed era of transfer dealings. It's clear to see a lot of these players never truly wanted to play for Southampton. They were either here for the wages or most probably expecting a move to the Top 6 club a couple of years down the line.

For once I want us to purchase genuine talents (like Boufal and Lemina) that actually want to play for us. It's a real shame Lemina and Boufal didn't work out. Under Ralph they really could have elevated their games to a different level.

As a football fan, I watch football to be entertained and most importantly to have fun. When I watch players like Lemina, Boufal, Redmond and to a lesser degree Hojbjerg I'm excited to watch Southampton FC. I commend hard work--especially from players like JWP--but if that was all there is to footy I wouldn't be interested. I'd rather just go to gym...

The reality you're more like to remember Pele/Maradona/Brazil Ronaldo/Zidane than a Gerd Muller. Even though Gerd Muller's goal record was far superior to the aforementioned players. The simple reason is that they are special players with the ability to light up games in such a way that make you excited about football.

The player that has done that the most for me in a Saints FC shirt is Le Tiss. I just feel a massive void of excitement has been left since he retired. Players like Boufal and Lemina had the closest talent to what Le Tiss offered but for some reason, both are just prima donnas more interested in moving to bigger club and posting on Instagram--instead of just playing football!

SaintBrock added 13:52 - Jul 18
The situation surrounding Lemina becomes more curious every day. I guess the agent who is behind the current promotional rumours is the same person that touted him to PL clubs a couple of years ago.

Unlike our late departed dear old Les no other DoF was stupid enough to be taken in by the agent's crap-spiel then and nobody will be stupid enough now to even listen. The agent must be thick to try the old routine again.

Mario came here because his agent was after big money for himself from any PL club that he could sucker into taking his player who would also benefit by a big pay-day.

Now the star of dress of the Emperor has been revealed the only one that won't be laughing is the agent as even Mario continues to get paid.

SaintBrock added 13:53 - Jul 18
"state of dress"

LoisDeem added 15:23 - Jul 22
Along with a lot of other wishful thinking recently, I'm sure I heard the following:

"This time it's not about the money, I owe this club everything, Southampton FC launched me properly in football, they had no option but to sell me, in order to survive. Now I am in a position to give something back, in the only way I can, whilst fulfilling a holistic challenge unlike any other at the same time. To prove it's not about the money, I would obviously not wish to break or unsettle the club wage structure as it stands, which is why I'm so pleased the club, realising the appeal, approached me in the first place. I am after all, first and foremost a Saint".

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