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Everton Game Now Massive !
Monday, 4th Nov 2019 14:11

The visit of Everton is now a massive game for Saints, put bluntly a defeat would start to see us lose touch with the rest of the bottom half of the Premier League.

Make no bones about it this is a must win game for Saints after a disastrous run of only a single point in the last 6 games has seen us drop into the bottom three making a solid enough start in the first five games turn into a relegation clash.

Every Saints fan seems to have a theory about what is going wrong, but on Saturday against Everton is not the time to moan but to remember exactly what we want from our team and that is a win and three points and to keep in touch with the sides above us.

After a tough run, Everton is the first of three home games against the clubs directly above us or below us and we need to make sure we win them.

Some will mutter about happy clapping etc , but this is more important than that, it is about supporting your club when the chips are down, that s what we did back in the 1990's when there was plenty to protest about, we had a fine line between protesting up to the first whistle and not starting again till the last.

That meant that although there were plenty of things that did need protesting about, the supporters definitely won some points for the team at times and these points counted come the final week of the season.

That is the situation this week for the visit of Everton, put the problems to one side for a day and make St Mary's a tough atmosphere for Everton to play in not Saints.

The result at Manchester City was disappointing for the fact it yielded no points but great in the fact that it showed the team had spirit and hopefully we can spur it on again on Saturday.

Everton fans are just as up in arms as we are, the problem is for them though should be a warning for us, they have spent massively in the last 4 1/2 years since the stole Ronald Koeman from us, but they have fared no better than us in that time and are still just as worse off despite all that cash, a warning we should take heed of, it is not about how much cash you have but how you spend it.

Everton fans though are not voting with their feet, they are staying behind their team as is shown by the fact that they have sold all their tickets for this game and indeed hve already sold out their fixture against Norwich City at Goodison in two weeks time, highlighting that although they have much to complain about, they are staying behind the team.

In contrast the home sections for Saturday are far from sold out at the moment and there is likely to be the smallest crowd of the season if we are not careful and given the magnitude of the game that is wrong on all accounts.

It is easy to follow a team when things are going well, but when things are going badly wrong that is when we find out how good we are as supporters, when we can put our gripes to one side and concentrate on doing the best thing for the club.

I understand that many are disillusioned after the Leicester debacle, but that result can't be changed and has to be consigned to history , we have got exactly the same number of points from the last two games as we got from the corresponding fixtures last season, indeed even the number of goals was not that much different, we conceded 8 and scored 2 last term and this have conceded 11 and scored 1.

So it is the time for action, let's get behind the team and get three points then we can worry about things.

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Colburn added 14:49 - Nov 4
Seems 40 points minimum will be needed this season, so ideally, we need 4 wins from the next 8 games, many of which are against teams around us. I don't see this as a must win game, apart from the fact we're winless at home so far, a draw wouldn't be a disaster. The big games are Norwich, Watford, Villa and Newcastle. If we can win 3 of those with a couple more draws, it will look ok, we could get something at Arsenal.. The issue is how the spirit of the players will be come December, so I understand your feeling this is a must win, Nick.

We've played 7 of the top 8, and 10 of the top 12 in our 11 so far.. So we won't really know where we stand until Christmas.

saintlee added 15:25 - Nov 4
After Leicester I was completely resigned to the fact we would be fighting relegation again this season and yhe cup defeat in midweek didnt change that. However, after Saturday my faith has been restored even if the goals we conceded were definately preventable.
How can a teams mentality can change so much in 8 days. A willingness to fight for one another. Something that has been severly lacking in my eyes. Not just last Friday but long before then.
Onwards and upwards then 😁😁😁

the_saint added 16:48 - Nov 4
I think you maybe missing the point we had alot of walk up fans go to the Leicester game do you really think they will come back so easily after watching a 0-9 defeat very very unlikely and cant say I blame them because it's not cheap. so we have to get by with the hardcore supporters

the_saint added 16:56 - Nov 4
Anyway we best beat Everton as my wife wants to use my season ticket money for 3 paultins park season tickets next year says it will be more entertaining, how can I reply to that🤔

A1079 added 17:08 - Nov 4
The point about only following a team when it goes well, hardly applies to Saints fans, as it has not gone well for some considerable time and even more so at home, where home support has had to endure a severe lack of wins over a few seasons now and worse still, some truly horrid performances, but on the whole, have virtually sold out ticket wise.

I do agree, that on this game, so much hinges and it will be important to be there and to really get behind the team, but I do fear it could be last chance saloon for this group of players. Anything less than an wholehearted 100% performance and fight on the field will I think resign most fans to the view that there really is no hope with these players (and possibly manager - though my view is still to stick with him even if the worse happens, as we cannot keep changing managers).

A spirited display at Man City does not suddenly heal the sense of dismay and anger, it just merely dilutes it a little. But, we still lost and despite taking the lead, we did not really look like winning. Some teams (some supposedly lesser than us) have forced a win against Man City. But it is at home that not only our results, but our performances that have been truly wretched, since Puel onwards. It is at home, you attract support and possibly win over future supporters - there has been little this season and last to encourage that.

So, as much as it is about the fans getting behind the team, it is about the players recognising that, they are wearing the shirt and badge of our club and they need to fight with every gasp of breath to try and win that game and ones beyond it, as we have a long fight ahead of us, if we are to remain in this league. Our support may be unconditional, our wallets are not!

saintnik added 18:02 - Nov 4
When are people going to wake up and smell the coffee? We have been playing dreadful football for 3 seasons now and nothing is about to change. Unfortunately there are not 3 teams worse that Saints this year! Blind faith isn't enough to keep us in the Prem this year.

BoondockSaint added 18:56 - Nov 4
If you have been following the Saints the last few years, every game is a Must Win. However the players, board and owner(s) don't see it the same way: Same PR statements:

A Win-"No changes need to be made and we have the right squad to climb the table. No money needs to be spent even if we lose the next game." Nick: " We would have kept a clean sheet if not for Yoshi."

A Draw- "Should have got 3 points, but were unlucky. Still happy with a point and the lads put in a good effort so we have the team we want. No changes need to be made." Nick: "We would have had win if not for Yoshi."

A Loss-"Would have loved to get something out of it. But the lads put in a great effort and we didn't lose 9-0, so we have the squad we need. No changes need to be made" Nick: "We would have got a point if not for Yoshi."

Then we wind up hoping to avoid relegation because there are 3 teams worse that us.....

1970 added 21:09 - Nov 4
i find it strange how you keep comparing how saints are run with other clubs in the league nick, our club is run by a bunch of money grabbing muppets like NO other and until at least Jan nothing can change I cant wait for there excuses when jan comes.

Saintsforeverj added 22:59 - Nov 4
Yes it is an important game and again, like we were against Leicester on zero minutes, the fans will once again be behind the team. But if they want the support to continue throughout, those players have to give us a committed performance, tackle hard and work hard. If they give their all, win, lose or draw, they have my full support in the stadium. If they stand around as opposition players breeze past them as has been the case recently, I will moan at them!

LoisDeem added 13:32 - Nov 5
Unless I am being misled, and the Ticketing Website is wrong, I do believe we have already sold the majority of tickets for Saturday.
Hope everyone's on it, and committed for the 90 plus, this conveys belief and support.

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