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*Stop Press* Breaking News About More Hojbjerg Breaking News
Friday, 7th Aug 2020 10:05

If you are feeling bored with not a lot happening on the transfer front then fear ye not, this article will bring you more details hot off the press about Spurs fans wetting themselves about the skills of Pierre Emile Hojbjerg and Daniel Levy's negotiating skills.

Anyone else getting sick of the Pierre Emile Hojbjerg saga dragging on ? I certainly am, it has been in the news now for over six months and to be honest little has been said in the media that hasn't been said before.

There are basically seven strands of the story and to save you reading the dozens of articles that will pop up across the net today and indeed tomorrow, here is the gist of them, they never change.

1. Jose Mourinho - He considers Pierre Emile Hojbjerg a player of no fixed ability and a previously nondescript member of the Southampton squad since 2016, to be the missing link that will propel Spurs to the glory they have barely tasted in the their history let alone living memory, luckily Hojbjerg 's agent is a very close personal friend of Jose so it means the deal will get done quickly and in a Gentlemanly fashion, whatever anyone says, no money will change hands except between the two clubs.

2 Daniel Levy - CEO of Tottenham Hotspur football club, an institution respected in footballing circles as a club that do things in the right manner as recently as 1972, he has also been taken in by the above claim, sorry I meant agrees with Jose Mourinho, but considers missing links to be in the same price bracket as Spurs U23 players.

3. Spurs Supporters - their fan websites agree with both of the above, that Hojbjerg is the new messiah and they also applaud Levy as a shrewd operator for being able to get such a talent at such a low price, never do they consider that the player is worth less than the original asking price of a Spurs New Messiah, said to be £35 million, they worship at the feet of Levy and his ability to get New Messiahs at knock down prices.

4. Southampton FC - actually they say very little on this, as they do with all transfers, they merely accept that Hojbjerg is the new Spurs messiah and ask the going rate for him that other clubs like Everton are willing to pay, despite the fact that the Toffee's certainly do not see him as their messiah merely as a useful addition to their squad, it seems Everton have a realistic valuation of messiahs.

5. Saints supporters - They fall into two categories, those that think that Hojbjerg is a less than average Premier League player and who would accept £15 million although at that price they would not drive him to White Hart Lane, and then those that feel he is at least an average Premier League player and that if £25 million is received for him that it should spark street parties in Southampton as seen recently on Merseyside & Leeds, or that if £20 million is paid into our coffers then we should drive him to London. Strangely there is no third category, that of righteous indignant fans who claim that selling Hojbjerg shows that the club has no ambition etc etc as were prevalent in 2014/16/17/18/19, although they are expected to re emerge should we sell Harrison Reed to Fulham.

6. The rest of the footballing world - They are wondering what the hell is going on at Tottenham a club who just over a year ago where in the Champions League final, whilst their rivals like Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City, Man Utd , Liverpool etc are trying to sign players at circa £70 million and not haggling about the price, Spurs are trying to sign their number one target and are baulking at £15 million, what does that say about Spurs as a club, their ambitions and financial state. This viewpoint is magically invisible to Spurs fans who continue to believe that Hojbjerg will win them the Premier League in the coming season.

7. Pini Zahavi - Strangely nothing is coming from this man who became the players agent last season, well at least not directly, that is not surprising as he has enough transfer controversy linked to him & Mourinho already with Ashley Cole's move from Arsenal to Chelsea in 2005, beng perhaps the most infamous.

So there you have it, assuming that having got down to here that you have read the entire article, then you have no need to trawl through stories on line to find out what the viewpoint of any party is or what the current situation is, you just need to sit tight and wait for the news coming through that the deal is done and the price.

Even that will not be simple, Daniel Levy will try to claim that Saints have actually paid Spurs to take Hojbjerg such is his negotiating skills and Spurs fans will try to convince themselves that now they are going to win the League and finally equal Huddersfield in the number to titles won after 60 years of hurt and will crow about how they have got him for under half price.

Saints supporters will just snigger, something they didn't do when the likes of Lallana, Van Dijk & Mane left, that is something for Spurs fans to think about.

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SanMarco added 10:31 - Aug 7
I keep coming back to the question: Why do they want PEH?

He's an alright player but not an outstanding one. If Spuds go on to qualify for the Champions League with PEH as a leading star I will go out and buy a hat just so I can eat it.

redwight added 11:01 - Aug 7
Snigger. Good word, sums it up well!

EvertonSaint added 11:26 - Aug 7
I can’t stop smiling....the thought that PEH is a ‘Messiah’ and is going to propel Spurs into the top two makes me almost laugh. I totally agree he is an ok player, but remember, he didn’t make the grade at one of the top teams in Europe....Bayern Munich so how comes he rates Spurs as a top European side? Europa League....been there, seen it, done it...

highfield49 added 11:40 - Aug 7
On the basis that PEH doesn't appear to have signed a contract as yet, although probably will this weekend, I can only say that he is a huge loss to Southampton FC and Spurs have got an absolute bargain. I can only hope that Levy takes no notice of any sniggering from the south coast and believes he has struck the deal of the century. Any thoughts in the meantime that he has bought a donkey rather than a race horse are completely wide of the mark and of course PEH will lead Spurs to so many trophies that they will need to invest in a new cabinet to contain the silverware. However, once the transfer has been officially completed Mr Levy will be able to hear my hysterical laughter from any chosen distance. I'm just wondering if Spurs believe they have actually bought the song rights to When the Saints Go Marching In?

60yearsandcounting added 11:53 - Aug 7
Dear Jose, we had a great finish to the season, 1 loss after lockdown, form suited to a Champions League place.

Love Alan

p.s. PEH wasn't playing much!!!

saintmark1976 added 12:34 - Aug 7
Forget the now extremely boring transfer story for one moment and ask yourself another question.

What sort of country have we become where the government lends £175 million pounds of taxpayers money to a Premiership football club without stipulation to the effect that the club is embargoed from transfer dealings until the debt is repaid?


SanMarco added 13:04 - Aug 7
The sort of country where there is always a 'magic-money-tree' to bail out the capitalists, bankers and the very, very rich saintmark1976. All those NHS workers that the well fed elite clapped to the rafters are, I believe, getting a pay-freeze...

As the poet said: " “To him that hath, more shall be given; and from him that hath not, the little that he hath shall be taken away.” The rich have become richer, and the poor have become poorer; and the vessel of the State is driven between the Scylla and Charybdis of anarchy and despotism" Oh, and Shelley didn't rate PEH either...

IanRC added 13:31 - Aug 7
SM76 yes disgraceful isn’t it.

highfield49 added 14:34 - Aug 7
Couldn't agree more SanMarco. Arsenal making staff redundant whilst apparently offering massive signing bonuses to players is not something to be proud of either.

underweststand added 15:24 - Aug 7
I agree with most of the assorted comments above... and although I don't feel PEH is as "irreplaceable" as VvD has proven to be,but I still feel a bit miffed that Spurs didn't cough up the reported £25 million that Saints were asking for.
When you see the (purported) terms that PEH will get at Spurs - one can see why he was so insistent on his choice of move. £100K / week on a 5 year deal PLUS a hefty signing-on fee comes out to around £30 million... PLUS the £15 million they will pay to Saints means that Spurs have committed to a deal that will eventually cost them £45 million.
(No wonder Levy was so stingy over the fee).
IMHO ..it will be interesting to see if he is "considerably better" with Spurs than he has been with Saints. Time will tell. You can bet that his first goal for Spurs (whichever year that will be) ...will make headlines on Match of the Day.

When the ink in dry on the various contract(s), I think I will be happier to think that we will (eventually) sign KWP ...than I would that we will be " losing " PEH.

saintmark1976 added 16:55 - Aug 7
SanMarco.Many thanks for your comments with which I wholeheartedly agree and also the poetry lesson. The quality and general politeness of the majority of posts on the ugly football site never ceases to amaze me, particularly during the current stressful times in which we live. Unfortunately I can’t say the same concerning the Forum,but then again you can’t win them all.

SanMarco added 17:04 - Aug 7
Best to socially distance from the forum saintmark!! I like this site for that very reason. Varied and always interesting views but rarely nastily expressed.

underweststand added 06:16 - Aug 8
well said San Marco..!
and by the way ..I think "the poet" you named based his lines on Jesus ' parable of talents
(see Matthew chapter 25 v. 28).

redwight added 11:33 - Aug 8
Not sure this site is at its best when it strays into politics, but this owner of a micro business who has received a small helping hand is astonished to hear that he is '' a capitalist, a banker or very very rich''.

PazzaC added 17:08 - Aug 8
Is this sorted yet?

saintmark1976 added 22:57 - Aug 8
I’m puzzled as to why you are astonished redwight as clearly your post and business description would indicate that you are not in fact a venture capitalist, banker or very very rich. However, each to their own as the expression goes and I hope that your micro business goes from strength to strength post helping hand.

GeordieSaint added 21:04 - Aug 9
Spurs are paying interest on that loan, albeit only 0.5 %. However, considering there are plenty of mortgages available at just over 1% it is not loads under the going rate available to a lot of normal people. It’s not free money but a business loan.

SanMarco added 13:36 - Aug 10
Certainly wasn't talking about you redwight. Glad to hear that you got a helping hand. I echo Saintmark in wishing you all the best. If, however, you owned Harry Kane, I think it would reasonable to suggest you sold him before you received that small bit of help. I apologize for the loose use of the word capitalist though.

Sadly it is political when state help extends to enormous corporations - Spuds assets amount to hundreds of millions and I sincerely believe that if an enormous business gets into trouble then it should realise assets before getting loans from the state. I get Geordie's point about the interest but I am very surprised that Spuds are deemed worthy of such a loan. Hundreds of thousands if not millions of us are about to lose our jobs - I would prefer that the state helped them (and people like Redwight) before rich football clubs. Sorry - all that is a long-winded way of saying: surely the whole point/ethos of football is that if you get short of money you sell players? If the Covid effect on big capitalism leads to loads of clubs going bust then the model needs rethinking I would have thought.

Thanks for the biblical pointer Underweststand - it certainly makes sense, even though Shelley was an atheist!!!

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