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Why Ings Would Be Mad To Move To Spurs !
Monday, 14th Sep 2020 09:12

Stories have started in the media in the last 24 hours that Tottenham Hotspur have drawn up a wish list of strikers that they could persue to supplement Harry Kane, Danny Ings is on that list, but he would be mad to make the move to North London.

The natives are getting restless at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium after a gutless home performance against Everton in Spurs opener of the new season, Jose Mourinho is reacting in his normal manner and leaking to the media that he wants to make a big signing.

However that may not be as simple as it sounds, having spent £80 million last season on top of building their new stadium, Tottenham are not flush with cash, hence very little activity so far in the summer for them, Pierre Emile Hojbjerg from Saints and Matt Doherty from Wolves both at fees short of the £20 million mark and only one significant outgoing in Kyle Walker Peters, means they have a net spend of around £20 million and the rumour is they are strapped for cash.

That would not be surprising having built the new stadium, paying for it was always going to be dependent on it generating income, firstly they have struggled to find a Naming Rights partner, they were looking for a company willing to pay £25 million a year in a long term deal, but they have failed to find anyone willing to do that and now with the Covid 19 situation that looks highly unlikely to happen soon at least at that sort of money.

They were also dependent on being able to hold 16 events a year on top of football matches, the financial impact of playing behind closed doors at the moment is a big worry on it's own, but the loss of events booked including American Football, Rugby League & Union, Boxing and pop concerts, is biting deep.

Indeed in June the club had to secure a £175m loan from the Bank of England due to the loss of expected revenue streams as matches and scheduled as the above mentioned events at the stadium had to be cancelled.

This suggests that Spurs will not be spending big on a striker, at least not without a major sale or two from their own squad first.

So this would perhaps rule Ings out from their wish list, with two years left on his contract, a place in the England squad, the services of one of the Premier Leagues most prolific strikers last year would not come cheap, to be blunt Spurs don't have that sort of cash at the moment.

This in itself is worrying, last season was not a success for Tottenham, 6th place meant that they did qualify for the Champions League and that was a big financial blow, indeed they only scraped into the Europa League on goal difference from Wolves and they seem to be on a downward spiral.

This is perhaps the second reason why Ings should not join, the squad in many respects is at it's peak in terms of age, but at the back it is not so young, Goalkeeper Hugo Lloris is 33, Toby Alderweireld is 31, Danny Rose 30, they have allowed too many to get old and not adequately replaced them.

The likes of Dele Alli were tipped for great things a few years ago but for one reason or another, he like several others haven't quite maintained their early promise, injuries and a loss of form has seen him no longer a first choice for England and he seems to have lost his way.

Spurs squad is bloated, but as their performances have showed both last season and now this, it is fragmented, there are too many who are not consistently performing to the level required and who seem to lack motivation, the managers usual answer is to spend, but it seems he is not able to do that now.

But where would Ings fit in to the Spurs team, would he be played alongside Kane ? would they both find themselves going for the same runs and same balls ? or would he find himself on the bench.

This perhaps tells you why he won't be going, Spurs haven't got much money to spent, they cannot afford the cash needed to sign Ings to be spent on a back up player, although it has to be said that is Mourinho's way.

So to the third reason why Ings would be mad to go, Mourinho, he himself seems disinterested and this seems to be showing in his teams motivation, how much longer will Mourinho be at Spurs ? History suggests not very long, one of his abilities is to get out of a club whilst the going is good, the longest he has ever been at a club is 3 years, both at Chelsea in his first spell and also Real Madrid before he left by "Mutual Consent" with 3 years left on his contract.

So why would Ings want to go to a club in turmoil both on the pitch, in the dressing room and more worryingly in the bank balance.

The striker has had a lot of knocks in the last few years, but finally at his home town club he has found real success, he is in the most prolific form of his career and he is in the England squad.

He has achieved that at St Mary's and he can continue to do so, at 28 he has not got much time for manoeuvre, if he went to Spurs, a club in turmoil and it all went to pot then his momentum is lost, whereas at Saints he can build on it and keep it going, in International terms he has two tournaments coming up with the World Cup in 2022 being the culmination as he turns 30, he needs to be focused on that.

Of course Spurs fans would point out that he would want to go there to win things, well they do have a point, their two league cup wins is a couple more than us in the past 30 years, so I can't argue that point.

So if I were Danny Ings I would be avoiding Spurs like the plague at the moment, at least until they can get through several crisis's, both on the pitch and financially, they seem to be heading to a downturn in their fortunes that may take a few years to sort out and overcome.

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underweststand added 09:28 - Sep 14
Surely a good question to ask after next Sunday's game...

SanMarco added 10:14 - Sep 14
More important than Ings' sanity is the question as to whether there is even a jot of truth in this. Sounds like silly gossip. I can't see Spuds making an offer we can't refuse and I also can't see Ings making the kind of childish fuss that one or two other of our star players have in the past when we say no to an offer we can refuse.

Ings is at the peak of his career. Replacing Harry Kane is conceivable I suppose but 'supplementing' him - never.

halftimeorange added 11:11 - Sep 14
I could see Kane going off to one of the Spanish Giants. If so, Danny would seem to be a worthwhile replacement.

saintsfan454 added 11:51 - Sep 14
I don’t believe there is any truth to this story. I think it may instead be an attempt by those in white to unsettle Ings before our game next week. Another reason why (under more normal circumstances) the transfer window needs to end before the season commences.

Big_T added 11:58 - Sep 14
😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
What a load !
Maybe spuds should treat selling clubs with more respect, they may find it easier to do deals later.
If they came in with a deal for £100m I'd still turn it down after the dodgy way they dealt with us over Hojbjerg

SaintPaulVW added 13:16 - Sep 14
Being cynical, you would start unsettling a potential replacement player now, so he doesn't sign a new contract. Then at Season's end, if a big name leaves you, you could could pick the replacement up for a song, as only one year remains on the original deal so the transfer value will be lower.

Not for one moment suggesting anyone would actually do this....

Boris1977 added 14:23 - Sep 14
Has Ings signed up with the 'super agent scumbag' as per fonte, Pierre, the wolves RB and Moanrhino?

This is complete nonsense and unimaginative journalism. More chance of apparent tax dodging messi going to spuds.

saintmark1976 added 14:41 - Sep 14
In my opinion if Spurs or any other club table a half decent offer then the owners will instruct the board to accept it in a heartbeat. Why? Because that’s what we do with our best players much like any other club outside the top six. Would the sky fall in if Ings were to depart? I suggest not.

DellBoyWally added 16:22 - Sep 14
This isn't new! Story popped up in January and early summer. Reckon Mourinho won't be there long anyway; never been able to improve a poor team before and, as mentioned above, his 3 years are nearly up!
I can't see Danny wanting to go to a team to be 2nd string although, given his higher energy play and willingness to work for the team rather than self, he could soon displace Kane.
Can't agree Mark. Can't see a half-decent offer being anywhere near sufficient for Saints to part with Ings. Would the sky for in? Probably not; but relegation would be seriously on the cards.

underweststand added 17:40 - Sep 14
...without the crowds to fund the cost of their Billion £ound stadium, Spurs are now pleading poverty and any deal they might propose who would almost certainly not include a lot of cash, but include one or other of their over-priced bench players they bought by mistake.

Forget it Daniel Levy....we've seen it before and every time we do a deal with Spurs we get scr*wed - not this time. So how much would we value Danny Ings for ?...far more than they would want to pay...Now that he's " back home" ..and getting a good salary, I don't think he would want a move to "expensive " London only to sit on Spurs bench and earn another 10K a week ... and get the occasional sub.game for Kane.

Spurs continue to think of themselves as a "big Club ", because they have a big stadium when they can scarcely qualify for Europe let alone CL , and now that PEH has forced his move, and now having to put up with this rumour...I have never wanted a win more than this weekend. COYR !


KriSaint added 19:02 - Sep 14
Spurs and their bald chairman trying to unsettle our best player days before we meet them at St. Mary´s.
I am pretty sure they don´t have the money for such a transfer, and the timing of Spurs´ interest is sickening. Hopefully Ings and his closest advisers will be calm and collected about this, and Ings will sign a new, improved contract with Saints soon.
It is not long ago that Saints was the only serious club that wanted Ings - at a vulnerable time of his career - and had the courage to take the gamble and sign him for a pretty big fee. He is back doing what he loves, in his home town, playing for England, and Saints fans love him, and I think Ings is thankful to Saints for reaching out for him when he wanted to leave Liverpool, and I hope and think that Ings will pay Saints back by signing a new contract and keep scoring goals for them.

Shakin_Stevens added 02:21 - Sep 15
I don't want this to be true like all Saints fans but I think there's a lot of desperation and denial in some of the comments. And the article itself tries to make a persuasive argument about why it shouldn't/won't happen. But we've been here before so many times and often the unthinkable just happens, much to our collective dismay. I'm worried there's some truth in it and I won't be in the least bit surprised if it happens I'm extremely sorry to say.

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