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Latest Danny Ings Transfer Headlines Highlight Rumour Mill Contradictions
Tuesday, 13th Jul 2021 09:31

Danny Mills is deficiently leaving Southampton, he will definitely leaving for Manchester City who according to some media outlets have made an offer or he will definitely be leaving tor Tottenham Hotspur depending on which ex player turned part time pundit you believe.

The news last week that Danny Mills had turned down a new contract was big news in the media, but it wasn't big news on the South Coast where most knew that the striker was biding his time and looking at what the summer held before committing either way.

This site has often reported that the situation is that Ings is in no hurry to go but that if a truly big club comes in for him then he would be tempted to take the offer and by big club that means Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City or Chelsea.

But if they don't come a calling then Ings is happy to stay where he is.

For their part Saints will not sell cheaply, Ings on form next season could mean the chance of moving from 10th to 15th and that is worth £15 million in itself when all considerations are taken, so it will take a big offer to dislodge Ings from the final year of his contract.

In short Saints are prepared to lose Ings for nothing next summer for the security of another seasons goals, they have a price at which they will sell and Ings is well aware of the situation.

This mornings two big headlines though were not encouraging for Saints supporters, Ings is leaving and he will be playing for two different clubs if the rumour mill can be believed, some rumours are certain that his destination will be Manchester City, whereas other are equally as sure that it will be Tottenham Hotspur where he will ply his trade.

How can there be two so differing assertions you may ask ?

The answer is simple, the Manchester City rumours come from agents, indeed perhaps not specifically agents linked with Ings or Manchester City, they could come from further down the chain, Adam Armstong;s agent who is linked with a move from Blackburn to St Mary's may want to hurry that deal along and it could be him who is trying to stir up business, but equally Armstrong moving could be the catalyst for the Lancashire club buying a player with the proceeds so it could be the agent of that player or indeed further down the line that is turning the rumour mill.

The Spurs rumours usually come from ex players, usually those on the fringes of the game and looking to get their name known for a bit of punditry work.

Danny Mills who retired from football in 2008 and has since forged a career as a radio pundit is the latest to pop up, this time on the website Football Insider, under the headline "Tottenham tipped to sign Ings after 'concrete' news "

Presumably it is Mills who is giving the concrete news, but if you read the article further, Mills only definite statement is that he feels that Ings would be a good signing for Tottenham, the rest of the quotes from the former Celebrity Masterchef contestant are prefixed by the word , "Probably" and quotes such as "the fact he’s turned down a contract strongly suggests he’s not happy and wants to leave.”

Not exactly the "Concrete " news that the headline promises us, but headlines get page hits and it is headlines that prompt outbursts on social media and eventually the main story looks to be full of actual fact.

If Manchester City genuinely want Danny Ings then they will get him, but the good news is they have the money to pay top dollar and they don't baulk at paying £40 million for a back up player and that is what Ings would likely be at City.

The whole axis of Ings staying or going will rely on Harry Kane leaving Spurs if City get him the the headlines will all be about Spurs trying to sign Ings, or indeed even Manchester United going in for them, if United were to sign Kane then City would be linked heavily.

The truth is that no one knows the actual truth other than Danny Ings and his agent.

As I said in another article, nothing has changed in the Danny Ings situation since March when both Saints and the player agreed that they would both wait and see what the summer brings, both parties are comfortable with this, they both know that Saints are prepared to let Ings contract run down and would rather do that than take the usual derisory Spurs offer.

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beynali73 added 09:38 - Jul 13
Funny article Nick reflecting the headline hunting desperation of the press and other dark forces.

On a serious note we are halfway through July and we need to get players settled for the pre season and more importantly for the start of next season.

ssxsaint added 10:39 - Jul 13
Danny Mills?

RedandWight added 11:21 - Jul 13
" Ings on form next season could mean the chance of moving from 10th to 15th" Damn! get rid of him quick then :-)

A1079 added 11:38 - Jul 13
I really am not interested in the rumours I just want the saga sorted. If he is going then go. The worse thing that could happen is this saga virtually runs to the final day and then he suddenly goes and we have had no time to get any form of replacement in or insufficient time for them to settle in before the season starts.

I am not sure where you get that Ings is happy to stay. Everything since the new year suggests otherwise but I appreciate that you are closer to these things than I am and you may be right.

As I said, the club need to resolve it sooner rather than later.

aceofthebase added 14:14 - Jul 13
Were you pished when you wrote this?

Crispinmumbles added 15:19 - Jul 13
Someone started on it early;)

Big_T added 16:35 - Jul 13
If ings stays Saints will be quids in but worse off but if he goes saints will better off but worse off but have money in the bank but won't have any money for new transfers !
Is that the gyst of the article ? :-))

SanMarco added 22:17 - Jul 13
I am old enough to remember when Rumours was simply a Fleetwood Mac album (in fact, come to think of it, the Beeb played a song from it after we lost the other night.)

I couldn't be bothered with it all really. If he wants to go sell him - if he wants to stay then keep him.

PeterL22 added 21:24 - Jul 14
To be honest, it's all down to what Ingsy wants. If he wants game-time and chance to score goals (and get back into the England squad then he should stay at Saints. If he just wants a bigger pay packet then he should go to a so-called big club and get maximum of twenty minutes per game . It does make a massive difference for us as we won't be able to get a striker half as good to replace him. This lad from Blackburn is untried and would probably contribute less than half the goals we get from ache Adams. Again, bizarrely we are told our top striker may leave and we let another one go out on loan!


Waylander added 22:29 - Jul 15
The only concrete item in Danny Mills' article is his brain

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