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People complaining about Branson 13:36 - Mar 21 with 398 viewsthissceptredsaint


3 months unpaid leave for staff and reduction in workers rights

Yet Stelios is still going to get 60 million pounds and the Easyjet board are going to issue a 174 million pound dividend to its share holders.

It has asked the government (us as taxpayers) for a financial bail out!

Is this fair? Makes Branson look positively benign

People complaining about Branson on 20:34 - Mar 22 with 239 viewsCapt_Koons

Privatising the profits, socialising the losses. Hard on the heels of the 2007 financial crisis where we, the tax payer, are still picking up the bill for bailing out the Bankers greed; now the tax payer has to cover the wages of workers who's employers are unwilling to pay them.
Sure this will save some jobs, and save some businesses, but a hell of a lot could take the hit but dont want to disappoint shareholders.

Poll: If our new manager is a success, which club will he be managing in 2 years time?


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