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Shirt Shocker.
at 09:46 28 Jul 2022

Over the years we've had a few sh*t shirts when some f**kwit in a design studio Clerkenwell starts buggering about with the stripes. But the latest takes the sh*t Biscuit. It was bad when I first saw it, but I didn't realise it was all white on the back. We looked like Derby County going forward. Don't encourage these fashion vandals by buying this turkey ffs.
Can summer sunshine beat the virus?
at 08:22 6 Apr 2020

The jury still seems to be out, but it's another possibility.
Interesting read if nothing else
Charlie Austin now!!!
at 21:14 2 Apr 2020

Where will it all end?
Benefits for Billionaires
at 08:58 2 Apr 2020

The billionaire owners of Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur have thrown their employees off their pay roll so that the tax payer, you and I, will instead pay their wages. When all this is over their billion pound enterprises will carry on making them their fortunes thanks to you and I.
These individuals could cover their staffs wages in full for years out of their personal fortunes but instead would prefer you and I did.

Dont get me wrong the, the government scheme to cover 80% of wages is a life line to many small business, and I don't mind my taxes going towards this. What I fùcking hate is our money going to these billionaire crooks.
Brexit before Breathing
at 19:36 26 Mar 2020

The ideological freaks that pass for a government have passed up on the offer to join with the EU to purchase ventilators faster and cheaper with the economics of scale. Apparently we want to make our own arrangements, which amounts to buying them from Dyson who've never made a single ventilator before now.
That will show Jonny Foreigner.
Reading (not the town)
at 08:06 26 Mar 2020

Anyone getting more opportunity to get amongst some literature now we're in lockdown?
I've just read 'The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists' by Robert Tressell , I highly recommend it.
What's everyone reading?
[Post edited 26 Mar 2020 8:52]
If this season is cancelled
at 08:18 25 Mar 2020

Does it mean all results will be expunged from the record books, and that a certain record breaking defeat never happened?
Tim Martin multi-millionaire owner of Weatherspoons.
at 12:47 24 Mar 2020

Hot on the heels of Richard Branson abandoning his staff, Mr Martin is refusing to pay any staff until he is reimbursed by the government. Not withstanding the government have said they are unlikely to be able to organise the payment until the end of April, multi-millionaire Mr Martin would rather his staff go unpaid than dip into his own pocket if only for a few weeks. This man is a kunt.
Fair play to Man United.
at 08:02 21 Mar 2020

Looking after their casual matchday workers and continuing to pay them.
( shouldn't need to be said but so many wealthy companies and individuals are welching on their responibilities)
at 13:28 16 Mar 2020

Workers at Virgin Atlantic are being told to take 8 weeks UNPAID leave.
So Britains second wealthiest man Richatd Branson is happy to take all the profits in the good times but in the bad times the workers pay. The mans a cůnt.
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