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Jeremy Corbyn met a Communist spy during the Cold War
at 09:52 15 Feb 2018

Just to remind ourselves of the type of people this unutterably dreadful little Stalinist weasel associates with in his hateful obsession to encourage any enemies of the UK.
Not just the IRA, Hamas & Hezbollah.
at 13:59 13 Feb 2018

Presumably we are just going to sleepwalk into the Burnley game with the same collective malaise that has troubled us all season. Where the h ell is the management and the tough decisions so crucial at this time?
So disappointed, so angry at the waste of the potential built over the last few seasons.
So much for the brilliant business model. Really pisse d now.
Remainer's Death Threat to Woman in her 80's
at 09:35 9 Feb 2018

As if we needed more substantiation of the tyranny of the Left and their fascistic tactics? Their true nature is now truly exposed and no one is really suprised.
They are not just shutting down debate with the tactics of Momentum AKA Antifa and their pathetic over-priviledged middle-class `New Blackshirts` but are actually threatening lives.
A part of the letter sent to the elderly lady concerned is “You can no longer be tolerated. We are coming for you. We are going to kill you”.
This is where we are - James Matthews faces terrorism charges
at 10:26 8 Feb 2018

British Anti-ISIS fighter James Matthews who fought against Isil faces terrorism charges in the UK while 400 ISIS returnees are allowed back in the UK and face no charges whatsoever.
Koeman new Netherlands manager
at 15:37 6 Feb 2018
In case anyone missed it on Channel 4 News
at 13:20 26 Jan 2018

The full half-hour interview is on the Channel 4 news website - it won't link here for some reason but you can see it there.
[Post edited 26 Jan 13:33]
At 70 minutes....
at 18:13 21 Jan 2018

The team mentality was to retreat back into the pummelling zone to prepare for a loss but the bench were screaming at them to get forward.
By 20 mins. Dembele should have been sent off by that gutless c unt Kevin Friend
Kane never stopped winging the whole match.
How the f uck did Michael Obafemi miss the chance to grab all the headlines tomorrow?
Back and Midfield adequate and hard working but we remain utterly toothless up front.
I hope to god Swansea lose tomorrow.
Disgusting treatment of the fans and the name of the club by the board and the owner that their neglect and mismanagement has got us into this position.
Fu cking useless.
Channel 4 News on Saturday
at 14:37 18 Jan 2018

To distract me from issues at St.Marys (grrr) I have written this shi t-o-gram to channel 4.
Lefties please feel free to rip me to shreds... if you are even bothered...
***But to all, if you havent seen it, PLEASE watch the interview from Saturday. Amazing!

We wince and accept that channel 4 News seems firmly embedded in the cultural bloc of Contemporary Liberalism with all its failings and exclusions but Cathy Newman's calamitous 'interview' with Professor Jordan Peterson hit a new low. The level of shallowness Ms. Newman demonstrated by continually launching into ill thought out cut and paste social justice and feminist diatribes when trying to form ideas and questions during the interview was mind boggling. She frequently does this and often gets away with it on screen but it is the viewers that notice. On this occasion as we witnessed she more than met her match and was brutally exposed as the vapid and unreasoned practitioner of those views that she evidently is .
Ms.Newman is the case at hand here but then there was Kristian Gure Murphy’s interview where he was blatantly pursuing a purely doctrinal path in trying to paint the Hungarian Prime Minister as an Islamophobe. In turn this was refuted and disproved in the most patient and articulate manner over and over again in response to Murphy’s relentless ‘attack’ style of questioning. This was also deeply embarrassing to watch.
May I ask therefore, what level of managerial ill-discipline allows these `journalists` to endlessly hammer their own narrative home in almost every interview they conduct? If news does not retain even the slightest element of impartiality it is nothing but propaganda. I politely remind you that these two particular journalists are perhaps not the smartest out there and have survived thus far by riding the cultural waves of virtue signaling and shutting down alternative voices as quickly as possible; as such they risk being humiliated again if properly challenged. If the Head of News just accepts this will happen again and these are the standards, so be it.
In the broader context as a news programme I and many of my colleagues and friends see that Channel 4 news is clearly not meeting the required standard of adhering to the Channel 4 guidance regarding impartiality and rigorous journalistic standards and on that basis I sincerely hope your Head of News Dorothy Byrne & the Commissioning Editor, Tom Porter would be concerned about this situation. If they are not and I am just another lost voice I do not think the future is so bright for Channel 4 News.
[Post edited 18 Jan 14:38]
Baldrick unhappy
at 11:42 17 Jan 2018

Labour 'completely taken over by Leftist clique' says Sir Tony Robinson
When will this club take action?!!!
at 11:34 11 Jan 2018

2 wins by any of the bottom three and we are firmly placed in the relegation zone with no apparent guile or plan to then get out.

Does anybody have any real inside knowledge and can answer this;

I presume they are, but can it be confirmed that Pellegrino's replacement is actively being sought and when is Pellegrino to be sacked?
How long before the signing of a Striker, CD or even an attacking MF who can actually score is anounced?
Where the hell is the Board and the leadership at times like this?

I'm sorry but this reminds me of the bleakest times of the Lowe era. The club was just a cash cow for some chinless Barbour wearing twa t and his chums and at one point when we needed a proper player to show positive intent we got.... David Prutton. This was the clearest message from the board that they didn't give a shi t and I then knew relegation was not far away.

Is this where we are again??!
[Post edited 11 Jan 11:40]
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