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Golden Boot
at 21:07 26 Jul 2020

Why do penalties count with the Golden Boot? If they didn't then it would have been Ings award on 21 outfield goals to Vardy's 19.
Covid Figures Exaggerated
at 09:19 19 Jul 2020

Who would have thought it?

Scotland and Wales classing anyone who had Covid with in 28 days of dying as a Covid death, regardless of their actual cause of death.

In England, we are classing anyone who has ever tested positive for Covid as a covid death. So someone could have have tested positive in February and get run over by a bus today, and they will be added to the list of Covid deaths.

As I have said all along, the numbers are fabricated and exaggerated. History will show that we performed as well, if not better than most of the large European countries ( which will upset some on here )

Cancer Research UK are predicting that the lack of urgent care and referrals could contribute up to 35,000 excess deaths as well.

Heart conditions etc also contributing to excess deaths.

The truth is unraveling.

Rishi Claus
at 18:09 6 Jul 2020

I see Southamptons finest is dishing out the cash again. Regardless of what the leftie loons on here say, one of the things the government have to be credited for is the financial support they have given to BUSINESS and individuals.

Looking forward to the stamp duty holiday as I'm in the process of moving so that will save loads. Hoping the rumours of it not being implemented until Autumn aren't true though, as I'll just stall completing for a few months if so.
Friday tunes for left wing extremists
at 12:26 3 Jul 2020

at 09:31 1 Jul 2020

I see after last nights bill confirming that Free Movement was ending, the bitter remoaners are getting their knickers in a twist again and #RejoinEU is trending on Twitter.

Don't open the schools!!!!
at 10:21 25 Jun 2020

Far too dangerous to open the schools, the parents and teachers said.

Meanwhile life outside of school is completely normal, parents are kicking their kids out for the day to mix in large groups with their friends whilst the parents sup cheap wine in the garden.

Other parents cram the kids in to the car and take them to packed beaches.

Parents aren't bothered about the virus and their kids catching it etc ( and so they shouldn't be, the facts show that to this date, only 2 people under the age of 16 have died from Covid. Around 30 children have died from Pneumonia. A similar amount from Suicide, similar amount from RTA's...)

Unions shout and scream about how it's unsafe for kids at school, backed up by teachers who will do anything to ride this out until they take their 'well deserved' 6 week holiday.

Now the 'outrage' at kids going back to school has been exposed as faux, perhaps the Unions should stop playing politics and parents should stop being lazy and get their children back to school where they should be?

This virus has exposed a pandemic of workshy people who want to do as little as possible and an addiction to furlough benefits.

Stop all benefits now and make people go back to work and kids go back to school.
[Post edited 25 Jun 10:29]
Back To Work
at 12:50 18 Jun 2020

Are people genuinely angry about going back to work and also having to Social Distance?

We've repurposed one of our machines we usually use for garment printing in to print vinyl floor and window warning signs for Social Distancing instead ( 'Please Keep 2m Apart' ) etc and running Facebook ads to promote the website we knocked up.

The amount of hate we get on the ads is unreal. Either people are very very angry about going back to work and social distancing, or there is a campaign from an organisation targeting any adverts/posts promoting social distancing/return to work.

Checked on competitor ads and they get the same.

So, are people really that angry about Social Distancing and having to return to work? (other than teachers, obviously )
[Post edited 18 Jun 13:00]
Del Bianco and Essruu
at 15:57 17 Jun 2020

Where are they?
Brexit and Coronavirus
at 09:33 14 Jun 2020

The government have played a blinder with their 'divide and conquer' tactics over the last two weekends, eh?

Very little debate about Brexit, Cummings or Covid-19 now that we have a race war erupting.

Completely planned and intentional from the government.
Fury v Joshua is ON!
at 15:35 10 Jun 2020

They have agreed a 2 fight deal. Fingers crossed it won't end up in Saudi ( I am sure it will... ironic that the fight will end up in once of the worst places in the world for racism and human rights after AJ's speech on the weekend )

Tyson Fury all day long for me.

He'll win on points in the first fight and knock him out comfortably in the second fight.
Protests Today
at 19:57 6 Jun 2020

Disgusting scenes today in London, scumbags even attacking horses.

But we're all supposed to accept it because they are rioting about an incident in another country 4000 miles away?

Let's see what's on the front pages of the left wing press tomorrow, I bet it won't be pictures of horses coming under attack and a Policeman being knocked off his horse causing the horse to run away in fear?

To think the vast majority of those out protesting today would have had the nerve to be shouting and screaming about Cummings too...

[Post edited 6 Jun 19:58]
Restart Fixture List
at 19:56 4 Jun 2020

According to the provisional fixture list that I’ve copped eyes on, we are playing Norwich on Friday 19th at 6pm, before Spurs v Man Utd at 8.

We play Arsenal the following Tuesday at 6pm

Then Watford on Sunday 28th

All on Sky

Edit: Official now.
[Post edited 4 Jun 20:08]
Scousers at it again
at 13:17 1 Jun 2020

Watched BBC Breakfast this morning as there was a Scouse family on there who had sadly lost their father to Coronavirus.

They are demanding an independent enquiry as to why the Liverpool v Athletico Madrid game was allowed to go ahead.

Do they ever stop playing the victim card and find someone to blame? I am not sure that anyone was forced to go to the game?
[Post edited 1 Jun 13:18]
at 10:58 27 May 2020

Just wondering, if the abuse directed at Cummings outside his family home became too much for him and he topped himself, would those abusing him see that as a victory?

Was him driving to his second home that bad, that it warranted pushing him to end his life?

The hysteria about a bloke isolating in his second home and going for a quick drive is so out of proportion to the 'crime' . He didn't rape anyone, or kill someone... he drove to his second home to isolate as he put his child first.

I am interested to see how far the activists on here want to see things go? I see on Twitter the vast majority of Labour activists fully support his family being hounded and abused outside his private home.
Post-Covid UK
at 09:52 13 May 2020

Once this is all over, are you going to change anything you do?

I am going to ensure I never spend a penny again with businesses who have acted like c*nts through this, including:

Sports Direct ( or any Mike Ashley owned/associated brand )

I want to holiday in England much more often, planning trips to the Lake District and Cornwall once we are through this.

I've got used to using Grocers and Butchers again and want to continue buying British were possible and supporting independent stores.

We might actually come out of this the other side with a better country than before.
Back to Work
at 07:05 13 May 2020

It's Wednesday, Boris told told you to get back to work you bone idle benefit scroungers.

Why is the Piers Morgans of this world crying so much about businesses being able to re-open? It's advice, not an order and any BUSINESS can choose to ignore it and remain closed ( as we are ) and claiming furlough for their staff.
'Common Sense'
at 08:28 12 May 2020

Good to see the government ramming that slogan down all the dimwits throats the last couple of days and in all of their interviews this morning.

The question is, are the tory-haters thick, or just playing dumb?

Todays Loony Left Squinnying
at 07:16 7 May 2020

The government not hitting their 'testing' target of 100,000 a day, although the capacity is there for far in excess of 100,000 a day tests.

I went on the Government site last night and could have booked a test 6 miles from my house this morning and there were over 2000 appointments available within 28 miles of my house.

It's now the Boris' fault apparently that there isn't enough people in the UK displaying Covid-19 symptoms.

What do the loony left expect Boris to do? Force people to get tested by law, even if they don't have symptoms?

Antibody Tests
at 14:10 6 May 2020

Anyone done one yet privately? I want to get a test for me and the Mrs as both of us had cough/chest illness in March so wanted to see if we had it then so can walk around in relative safety and immunity.

I know they are only 99% accurate but that's good enough for me.
at 17:10 4 May 2020

Haven't had much Brexit chat recently.

Glad to see talks are still pushing ahead and reports suggesting we are more than prepared to leave with no deal.

Surely No Deal is quickly heading towards the preferred option, so we can be fully in charge of our recovery and make sure we are competitive?
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