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Dont Blame Southampton FC For Project Restart !
at 11:32:34

To be honest not missing football at all, and watching your team on TV with no atmosphere is probably the worst thing I can imagine.As mentioned previously, it's all about the day and not just 90min.
If the Premier-league goes tits up and somehow we get our football back to a supporter based game, well,
Bring it on!!
Healthy Crowd Expected For Newcastle Game At St Mary's
at 17:41:22

Not worried about anybody in our defence catching it then,probably wont get near enough to their players and McCarthy can't catch anything at the moment ,so he is definitely going to be ok!
Absolutely ******* Disgraceful
at 10:56:42

Cannot seriously believe you are standing up for Les Reed. I think you must be suffering from PTSD!
For goodness sake he was responsible for the recruiting of the players!
So yes we did replace Fonte and Vandick, but unfortunately with players chosen by Les Reed. Admit it we are a shambles of a club relying on a decent spell of recruitment that has long gone and is now in serious (understatement) decline.
Saints Looking To Open Fan Park
at 12:20:18

Maybe the fact that they haven't suffered the pain of relegation makes them a bit more loyal!
Just saying like! 😁
30 Years On And It's Deja Vu
at 13:37:53

I thought Yoshida was in the team that day, and had a stinker.
Saints At Derby County The Preview
at 10:25:44

Why the hell do you continue to bring Yoshida into every comment!?
Saints At Chelsea The Verdict
at 09:03:16

Remember how elated everyone was after Arsenal and Huddersfield ?
Then came West Ham!
I will start to believe when a string of results are put together, not just a defensive performance which a decent Championship side could do in the fa cup (Derby in fact actually scored two).
Sorry but so scarred by last couple of years refuse to get carried away by a 0-0 result!
Happy New year 😇!
A Couple Of Injuries For The Manchester City Game
at 14:21:47

Surprised to hear Lemina has Stomach problems!
Pretty unlucky for a man with no guts. 🙁
Saints V Leicester City The Verdict
at 04:12:41

A decent performance it may have been, but it was against Leicester reserves.
These Cup games mean absolutely FA in relation to the real thing,in essence they have become the reincarnation of the old Combination (reserve) League Cup.
I must admit that my normal outlook on Saints is and generally always has been 'a glass half empty' one - but now even the beer that's left is flat.

The Ugly Inside TV ! Fulham Game Fans Reaction
at 11:27:57

'Would leave us without anybody with football nous to pick the team'
Well the man in charge isn't doing much with his 'football nous' is he!
Saints Hint At Restructuring Changes Afoot
at 14:50:44

I can only assume that the 'quality' is shown by the players in training-probably when they play attack vs defense-with both looking very comfortable!
Pride Can Carry Us Through At Fulham !
at 10:24:58

Will be there, albeit in neutral zone,
and will be right behind them.
BUT for me the manager and team are in the last chance saloon.
No amount of 'passionate ranting'or platitudes from any of them will be worth a flying f##k if they don't perform.
Saints V Newcastle United The Verdict
at 12:54:43

Could not agree more with SanMarco!
In fact could have been me writing it!!
It seems the only way left for fans to protest is with their feet-Ian Branfoot - Ipswich springs to mind.
Even the much vaunted love in Nick seems to have with the Toon Army overlooks the fact that they were the absolute hardcore (just like our away support) and by the very nature of that are bound to be 'up for it'.
Think you will find it a different matter when they play at home and have the fans on their back-lost every game I believe.
All fans are the same-want to see goals,win and be entertained-obviously can't be done every week, but come on-3bloody years without it!
Saints At Bournemouth The Preview
at 20:05:08


'we will not have the pressure of our own support weighing heavily on OUR shoulders, '

Is that distancing yourself from the 26,000 other Saints fans?
Saints Survey Ill Timed And Innapropriate
at 14:11:32

That is exactly what I put on the survey-where they asked for suggestions to improve the experience!!
Saints V Chelsea The Verdict
at 14:31:25

There is a malaise of apathy running through this,from the right down to the fans.
I could go on but just can't be arsed.
Saints V Chelsea The Semi Final Verdict
at 11:48:15

If there was one word to sum up the day it was MEDIOCRE.
If ever a club was swimming in a sea of it -we are!
Boring, drab,unadventurous, dire ,expensive mediocrity.
No wonder so many decided not to go-expect the same next season and unfortunately even if relegated.
Saints V Chelsea The Preview
at 15:16:23

LordDZLucan took the words right out of my mouth.
Exactly what happened and made easier for them by us letting the have two early goals.
Any crowd will respond to that, even ours- I think I remember that happening--Although it was in the dim and distant past!!
Saints V Stoke City The Preview
at 09:51:58

Tried, trusted and failed! 😞
Stoke City Tickets Selling Fast ! But Why Is It Not Sold Out Yet !
at 17:41:31

Afraid I am another one.
Can afford it but have reached a watershed as a 'supporter' 'fan' 'customer' or whatever pigeon hole fits.
Over 50years thick and thin, but now have got far more cynical especially with the clubs pr spin. All been said before but I feel totally disconnected with this present club/team/manager/board et al, and basically premiership football in general. So no more for me either, until, if ever the situation changes. Really used to look forward to the game, but last two years the football and been the sh# in between the pub sessions sandwich!
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