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Saints Need Backroom Overhaul
at 07:45:46

We are not alone...
Saints Need Backroom Overhaul
at 07:12:59

Underweststand makes some very good points. Surely the sign of a good coach regardless of where he’s come from is getting a bunch of players of differing skills and ability to play their best AS A TEAM. I do not think by and our players look pissed off like Pogba, they look inept and are not playing to their potential. Whether RH is the man to get them to do this as I have said I am starting to doubt...
Time To Identify The Real Cause Of Saints Problems !
at 07:48:11

My pennyworth would be the following. Has the quality of the PL generally improved in the last 3 or 4 years and how have we performed relative to everyone else? I would say Yes; and gone south. And therein lies the problem: ultimately it’s about our players having to play better now than they were back in Poch and RKs time just for us to stand still. That’s why the likes of JWP today appear and arguably are so pedestrian, everyone else has got better and we haven’t. Is RH the man to improve the abilities of our squad? I’m seriously beginning to have my doubts.
Saints V Chelsea The Verdict
at 11:42:12

Really cannot argue with anything that’s been said. The real sadness was that basically we were beaten by some amazingly good youngsters - Abraham, Mount, Hudson-Adoi - which is supposedly one of our strengths!
We were though carved up by a much better team, let’s face it. As I said last week, if you look at who’s around us in the bottom third, that’s where we have to get points. Wolves Leicester, MCity, Everton, Arsenal, Watford are our next 6 pl games. If we get as many as 6 points out of that lot I will be amazed. 4 possibly but could be no more than one! The relegation dogfight has already started!
And in which regard, one word about RH. Did any of us really know how good a manager he was at Leipzig? Yes we all read the stuff but there is this interesting bit on his Wikipedia page:”...Hasenhüttl asking for his contract to be terminated as he was not comfortable acting as an interim for incoming boss Julian Nagelsmann.” He was after all managing a newly promoted and presumably confident team when he was appointed and they ended up being like Wolves in their first season. But maybe there was rather less there than met the eye?
My point is managing a successful and confident team is relatively easy. You really earn your spurs(!) when you have to get a pile of rubbish like us to play better. Can Ralphy do it? The jury is out....
Saints Need To Deliver Home Win
at 12:05:54

Interesting - and quite encouraging - stats of the week:
Chelsea: played 7, scored 14 from 120 shots, 36% on target, conceded 13.
Saints: played 7, scored 7 from 97 shots, 32% on target, conceded 11.
So logic would suggest a few more shots and maybe that illusive home win will be ours...!
Saints At Tottenham Hotspur The Verdict
at 07:17:38

Although I only listened to the match on R5L, the impression I got was our goal was a complete fluke and Spurs’ second goal was pretty exceptional and yes we definitely got badly caught. But they are a top side and we are nowhere near it. But I am inclined to agree more or less with underweststand. We have a young squad some of whom are barely up to PL standard yet (I hope they’ll get better but I have my doubts). And most fans here need a dose of reality: we are no more than a bottom third quality club. I’d love to say we are better and have the potential to be better but unless we spend gazillions, we are going to be stuck down in the teens positions in the PL. As a result sometimes we win against a top half team when we have good luck, more often like vs Spurs we don’t. Let’s not get depressed about it. Shoot for the stars by all means but don’t let’s beat ourselves up about losing to last year’s Champions League finalists! When we lose at home to Watford in November, then you can start beating yourselves up!
PS. Re Watford, after last year’s performance would you rather be a Saints or Hornets?
No New Injury Concerns For Trip To Spurs
at 07:24:51

Poch and Howe indifferent to Cup games? Not true. Just every team has hangovers from PL games and/or take lesser teams in Cup games too complacently. Do you really think that those 2 managers said to their respective players “who cares it’s only the Carabao Cup”. Both those managers are really competitive but for once their players didn’t deliver. Where we were good on Tuesday was we didn’t take Pompey lightly and smacked them. Well done Ralph I say. But well done the team for being clinical...
As for tomorrow, so long as we get in Spurs faces well do OK; if we let them get at us like we did against Bournemouth then we’ll get blown away.
Che Needs A Rest To Get Him Firing On All Cylinders
at 07:13:58

What worries me is that Che will end up as the Shane Long of 2019/20 - who incidentally I now think is great but my goodness we had to wait...!
Saints V Bournemouth The Verdict
at 00:01:56

Sometimes I wonder whether we all saw the same game! Deserved to win? Do me a favour. I reckon we were lucky it was only three. Bournemouth I hate to say were the better team in both halves. How can you possibly say we were better when our first shot even vaguely on target was the pen after 41 minutes. But Bournemouth play a real pressing game and we were on the receiving end on Friday, let’s face it. Every time one of our players had the ball they were closed down often by more than one of theirs. That’s the way they play and we didn’t handle it very well. (The fact that I thought that was how Ralph’s was getting our lads to play is a moot point for discussion at another time). Everybody around me was bemoaning the fact that there was a lot of passing sideways and backwards like last season without actually realising what a good oppo bournemouth really are. They are no longer our junior Johnny come lately cousins on the south coast they are a GOOD side. The fact that we lost shouldn’t have surprised us. But look at it another way: isn’t three points from two games better than two from three which arguably it should/might have been? Oh and MOM without a doubt was Bednarek. Without him we’d have been at least two goals worse off than we were. And whilst we are at it, I used to be a huge JWP fan. But no longer. He just looks ...frankly not very good. The exit I think and hope is looming for him. And finally (honest) I am still of the opinion that Che has got to do one helluva lot more to justify his buy of the season tag. He huffs and puffs but IMHO makes very little impression ...
Saints V Manchester United The Verdict
at 11:16:34

I know it’s early days but am I alone in thinking that Che Adams may not quite be the answer to all our problems up front and is a touch of the “good in championship but well short of class for the PL” type of player?! Or is the team without Nathan Redmond the reason for his seeming complete lack of impact yesterday? No prizes for guessing which camp I’m in.
Danso though I reckon IS class. And is he really only 20? What a performance yesterday; I think he is the Best Buy we’ve made for years.
Saints At Watford The Verdict
at 15:21:14

Suppose Shane Long hadn’t scored what was, let’s be honest, a flukey goal, we would have been fighting for a nil nil draw and, guess what, conceded at the last minute and so lost the game And then out would come all the moaning Minnie’s again this time saying how we should have held on for a draw but blew it.
But, and it’s a big but and I’ve said it before, that RH is a lucky manager and that’s good enough for me. Just think where we’d be if we’d still got either Sparky or Pelliwhatsit in charge...down with the dead men I guarantee it.
So let’s thank Christ for small mercies, be happy and prepare to boot the Cherries in to the middle of next week!!!
Saints At Newcastle The Verdict
at 08:45:55

Here we go again!
We have a good couple of games and everybody goes wild. We have one bad one against a very in and out one AWAY from SMS, we get beaten and everyone goes into meltdown.
Accepting the rough with the smooth is all part of being a genuine fan isn’t it?
No player goes out of their way not to play as well as they can. The opposition changes every match and our players adapt as best they can, sometimes well, sometimes not. Yes we need to strengthen our defence and get a striker but when you’re up against a player on fire like Perez, all teams below the best are going to struggle. So for Christ’s sake guys, GET REAL!!!
We need 4 points from as many games so as you say Nick, what’s done is done, move on.
The Ugly Inside TV ! Ralph Krueger Departure Reaction
at 08:21:35

A really great piece Nick.
I haven’t read so much sense for donkeys years.
I don’t suppose it will change the mindset (“the owners and the Board are all rubbish”) of any of the usual contributors who seem to think that any owner has unlimited funds to splash around instantly and not think about the future at all despite the fact that we now have a classic case of how not to do it in Fulham...
Anyway just thought I would mention the link below which may have passed most people by and perhaps had something to do with the timing of RK’s exit.
Saints V Tottenham Hotspur The Verdict
at 11:43:27

What a game. The good the bad and the ugly would best describe it.
But we had luck, we showed resilience and my god RH must have given them one helluva half time talk to get them playing like they did in H2
Now all I want is some, if not all, the doomsayers on here to start praising the team ESPECIALLY JWP who was brilliant. So pur-lease,Let’s stop thinikng that the players are not good enough. Yesterday showed that they really are.
It is wholly unrealistic to expect any team to play brilliantly week in week out - after all Spurs themselves showed how top teams don’t turn it on all the time and now and then completely unexpectedly cock it up. And we are no different. But...
Yesterday, and indeed last week against Man U, we showed to the world that what we do have now is real team spirit. And when you have that you can achieve buckets.
I sense we have turned the corner...and i for one am smiling...a lot!!!
Saints At Manchester United The Verdict
at 19:42:36

Yes I agree that it was a great game of football and on another day we would have got a point or three; why did we play better against Man U than vs eg Cardiff? Because, as they play an open flowing game, they allowed us to do the same. Borediff were just so negative and were playing to snatch a goal or two from a break and/or a set piece, which of course they did. I still firmly believe that we will stay up as we are not so much "too good to go down" but more that we are a hundred miles better than the dross around us. Now if we can keep that Harry Whatshisname out next weekend, who knows...Keep the faith boys...
Saints V Fulham The Verdict !
at 09:43:34

Quite right although don't let's get too carried away: let's be brutally frank, our defence was average at best and Fulham hit the post ... twice, so we were lucky. But then RH I reckon is just that, lucky! Long may it last. But Oh the joys of climbing up to the dizzy heights of 17th...!
Saints At Arsenal The Verdict
at 17:47:29

C'mon guys!!!! we were beaten by a team that's fourth in the PL! and only by a couple of goals; and we didn't collapse in H2.
I can only repeat what I have said before, I reckon we will stay up on goal difference - we are currently 17th - and goals conceded - we are 15th; so don't go getting depreesed now with 30% of the season still to go; and you don't go down if you don't score goals, you go down because you conceed them!!
Fulham? They have conceded almost 3.5 goals per game away from home and not won a single game. So let's start to be a little more realistic, albeit it is a 6-pointer, but Arsenal they ain't!!!
Saints At Arsenal The Preview
at 07:28:47

Not a crunch game this, by any means, and I’m as ridiculously optimistic as ever, but My God Fulham on Wednesday will be!
Today my fingers are firmly crossed that we keep a clean sheet, or at worst lose by the odd goal, if only because I have a feeling the third relegation place will be decided by goal difference.
Saints V Cardiff City The Verdict
at 08:13:09

Well said schatfield and pintsizedsaint.
We just have to face the fact that we are a bottom half club and all this carping on about we ought to be back in the top ten is unrealistic in the extreme, not necessarily because we’ve got worse but others have got less unreliable.
I too was depressed by our performance vs Cardiff but they did come with a plan which they executed to perfection and we got caught.
And we have to face the fact that when everybody plays out of their skin we are a match for anyone, but when they don’ I for example the only person who thought Hojberg for a long time one of our really reliable players looked really off the pace at the weekend.
So let’s not get too depressed. Cardiff was a set back certainly but I for one think there are at least three teams worse than us (including Cardiff) - not that that will necessarily save us - but if we can get anything out of the Arsenal and three points from the Fulham game we will look just a little more secure..
Finally I firmly believe a good defence is what keeps teams up not a load of goal scorers. When it comes to goal difference and goals against we are 16th and 15th respectively. Not brilliant but not the stuff of relegation...yet...!
Saints V Cardiff City The Preview
at 18:26:20

....and just to make you all feel really optimistic, Cardiff have scored the least number of away goals in the entire PL and conceded almost 2 per game.
Three points here we come....
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