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Hojbjerg Gives Indication Of His Intent
at 13:29:17

Sounds to me what he is saying is that he feels he cannot realise his potential surrounded by the current group of players at the SAINTS. Now that may be wishful thinking on his part - I would tend to think he will unlikely be any more than a solid player - but it would nevertheless suggest that his heart isn't in it, so let's send him on his way...
Saints Said To Be In Favour Of Project Restart
at 22:46:33

Do a deal with the TV companies means exactly that, in other words negotiating not to have to shell out a huge amount of loot, or at least doing it on some sort of deferral basis and /Or getting it reduced. This whole episode is all about sharing the financial pain and TV is going to have to contribute, otherwise their “product” will get seriously devalued.
Saints Said To Be In Favour Of Project Restart
at 07:32:07

The most interesting point made is that HMG want footie back to keep people indoors.
That seems very plaudible.
But the real problem comes when a member of one of PL team’s staff gets the virus, which Will happen atvsome stage, guaranteed.
Then what happens to that team - witness the announcement from the Bundesliga2 this morning.
Ultimately, unless this season is delayed until say October, and next season doesn’t start until say December, I can see the only solution would be to scrap 2919/2020, give Leeds and WBA some compensation for not being promoted, do a deal with the TV companies and move on.
And to think not so long ago we all thought VAR was the most important issue in the PL ..
Saints Latest Accounts Show Loss For Year Ended June
at 10:23:00

Insofar as what is in it for Gao, football club ownership for the most part is all about real estate.( I know this for a fact due to a connection with a now exPL club owner).
Outside of the top clubs who can generate a lot of external income and indeed have to compete in the top competitions for that reason, the number one priority for the owners of the also rans is staying in the PL, otherwise the value of the club (and their investment in it) falls.
But assuming you can do enough to stay in the top flight, the value a potential buyer will see in a club is in the stadium and the ability to develop the area around it.
And that is why Gao bought into the Saints. He reckoned that there is huge potential for building housing etc in the square mile(s) of light industrial all around SMS. However, for whatever reason, almost certainly to do with financial restrictions placed on him at home in China, he hasn’t been able to do execute this plan, hence he wants - or needs to get - out.
And that is what someone who is considering buying his stake off him will be looking at too. If Gao can find a Denise Coates or a Roman Abramovich type person, then redevelopment is a side issue, but if he can’t then it remains a real estate play, pure and simple.
Saints Still Need One More Win
at 07:05:11

I'll take mid-table mediocrity any time!
But surely the lesson here - and with Norwich coming up it's especially relevant - that ALL the teams in the lower half, and you could include a couple above that line too, have good days and bad days, good luck and bad luck, a misplaced pass here, a goalie howler there; that is just the nature of the PL these days. We have a team of players that is inconsistent - if it wasn't we'd be up with the big boys - let's just pray that things go our way at the weekend.
So stop carping everyone, I am sure that the whole team is trying as hard as they can - after all, I bet 99.9% of people on here, if they really look at themselves in the mirror and ask if they work really hard all the time at their place of work and never cock it up, they'd have to say no.
And that is what we have with our beloved club - we are not brilliant but my Christ we are not that bad - imagine what it's like being say a Villa fan...
Saints Interested In Towering Defender
at 17:24:10

I have said this before but do we really need a comment from you Nick when all these transfer rumours, most if not all of which are goundless, surface...?
You invariably talk about such gossip - for that is all that it is - is in the ether courtesy of agents and other interested parties, so what on earth is the point of you bringing it up, when there is zippo you can add...???!!!!
Saints Need To Follow Anfield Blueprint
at 20:17:01

I think you have got it right Nick. Liverpool are a good blueprint especially when you look at some of the talent they’ve brought through over the last couple of years,Trent Alexander-Arnold for example. And those who think that changing the owner is the answer just have not got a clue. Yes the Liverpool owners threw in a lot of money and of course that’s hugely helped them achieve success, but look at all those clubs that haven’t: Stoke and Fulham to name but two. And then look at Burnley doing very nicely thank you on a shoestring.
Everybody is blindsided by the maxim about success and the wage bill being umbilically linked. Top clubs, probably, but lesser ones? I think the jury is well and truly out on that one.
Hojbjerg Transfer Rumours Will Fuel New Contract Talks
at 09:20:53

Ok everyone, So we let PEH go.
Who on earth do we replace him with?
I agree he has bad days but also good ones but can we seriously do without him with no one to replace him, someone who is tried and tested and will fit in from day one AND be good value?
I have my doubts as the days of finding an unspotted talent such as VVD are well behind us.
Be careful what you wish for...
Saints At West Ham United The Verdict
at 11:11:19

Not much to say about this - of course I could go on about individual performances but let’s be honest, even if we were better in H1 than H2, we were beaten by a better side on the day. Yes our defence had real problems but the Hammers did have a presence, both in height (did we win any corners in the air?) and attitude, that a lot of the time seemed to overwhelm us. Far too often we lost the one-on-one battles, being bundled off the ball when, if we had been more physical, we could have won it, which inevitably resulted in a loss of confidence, passes going astray and errors being made. And I’m pretty sure having Danny on the bench for two-thirds of the match was a symptom if not the cause of a fall-off in our overall determination to win the ball.
With a side of more youngsters than previously, it was always going to be difficult up against the likes of Antonio but surely the answer in the future is to tell the lads to mix it in the mid-field and show a much more determined and tougher edge when faced with a no-nonsense opposition.
Saints At West Ham United The Preview
at 09:23:30

"We have one of the worst defences in the Premier League..."
Well maybe if you take the season as a whole but suggest you look at the "Last 10 games table", where we are lying...3RD!!!!
And we are 9th equal in terms of goals conceeded.
Saints V Aston Villa The Verdict
at 10:47:39

Wonderful stuff. 28 shots eh? WOW!
Villa though, Grealish apart especially in H1, were really bad - John Terry never had a happy countenance but my goodness he looked well peeved throughout the match - and we really did give them a pasting, didn’t we? I was so pleased for Smallbone (very cool under pressure) and Moussa (what a comedy player he is, so skilled but all over the place at the same time) and Shane and Armstrong and Che and JWP and PEH and Jack and in fact the whole lot of them.
That said we did seem to rather oddly run out of puff about half way though the second half - I hope not a sign of over-training - but they still got the job done nicely.
But doubts remain. I spent a good twenty minutes before the off trying to persuade the guys behind me that we were going to win this game easily, 3-1 I reckoned as we had done in the away fixture. They were convinced it would be a draw at best! OK so we couldn’t double our score until 90+ minutes but we were still well worth the points.
My conclusion is that the spectre of that 9-0 mauling still hangs over the crowd but seemingly and crucially not the players.
There are four qualities of team in the PL: “challenging for/comfortably in Europe”, “mid-league mediocrity”, “looking over their shoulders”, and “utter rubbish”.
I think we can now all agree that Villa are 100% in the bottom category, but we on the other hand, after yesterday’s performance, I reckon are now well in to “mid-league mediocrity” and probably the top half of it. In other words there are now considerably more than three worse teams in the league than us, namely Norwich, West Ham, the Villa and you could probably throw in Bournemouth, Watford, Brighton and Newcastle as well.
The fact that William Hill are now offering 200/1 on us going down says it all.
The light at the end of that particular tunnel gets ever brighter....
Hasenhuttl Trying To Avoid Unwanted Record At Home
at 18:51:58

Isn’t the thing about SMG fans is that we love good exciting football and we cheer like mad when our lads play it, but I am certain that we are not the only club that simply won’t applaud boring or, even worse, plain bad stuff.
Now Nick you will only say In which case I cannot be a true fan, to which I say b*ll*cks, particularly as I will bet a monkey to a mousetrap that you are not sitting there in the stands as a loan voice cheering like mad when a SAINTS player makes a lousy pass or misses a tackle or runs into trouble.
Play a fast flowing game that’s great to watch and we will go ape, don’t and we won’t. Simples.

Saints V Burnley The Verdict
at 12:07:41

Christ I find some people so black and white on here! Either we play like Gods or like rubbish; there seems to be no in between. For goodness sake guys GET REAL! The conditions were awful so it was never going to be very pretty, it probably should have been a draw, their first goal was like the Keystone Cops but without anybody moving, our first was sublime, their second was good, and we should have had a penalty but for once luck wasn't with us.
Yes I agree we really missed Redmond, but on the other hand Stuart Armstrong was almost back to his old self, Vestergaard had a couple of good tackles (OK the rest of the time he looked awful but at least he's lost a bit of weight), Walker Peters looked decent (and no comparison with the rubbish that is Danso) and Boufal looked pretty dangerous; on the downside, McCarthy needs a kick up the arse to get a move on with his distribution and Moussa doesn't seem to have learned how to cross the ball at all.
But all this shouting for us to buy some defence, again people please get real. I am sure we have been and indeed are looking, but there simply aren't that many/any decent defenders out there, or at least that want to move, except for extortionate amounts. Even Chris Smalling would cost us €20m, and he's 30!
I don't want to be depressing but the reason why there are so many goals conceded in the PL now is that forwards are so much better that they used to be and defences throughout the league are not, we are all part of that and we have to get used to it.

Saints At Tottenham Hotspur The Verdict
at 19:31:38

Re Bednarek, according to the Sun on 23/9/2019:
“the changes this season will see yellow cards only counting in the competition they are received.”
So I reckon he can play...
Saints At Tottenham Hotspur The Verdict
at 16:37:41

Such an exciting game - bar the result of course. I wonder whether, with the thrown-away chances by both sides, the score really should have been 4-4! Spurs missed at least two absolute sitters - as did we - and yes the penalty was soft. But hey, they looked a knackered side who had a couple of huge slices of luck but I think will have real problems in the coming weeks. Do they honestly look like a team whose name is “on the Cup”, let alone CL contenders either this year or next for that matter? Not in my book. Whereas we look a wonderfully spirited bunch who can go on and crack the top 10. Pound for pound we are one helluva lot more effervescent squad than they are.
So yes, yesterday was disappointing and arguably a missed opportunity, but let’s go back a couple of months and I defy anybody to say then that they were expecting us to be playing in the style and with the confidence which we are right now. Yes we do cock it up, but then all teams (bar the Scousers) do. But unlike other teams, not only do our heads not go down and we keep going, but we continue to be really exciting to watch, as the tv commentators last night never ceased saying. And as I’ve said before, I think, Increasingly, talented players will be looking at us thinking “Hey, they look a really great fun team to play for, I’d like to join them...“
COYS. The only way is up...!
Saints Transfer Window ! Good Or Bad
at 07:13:42

I just don’t get some people on here. Southampton may be a football club but it is also a business. And when it comes to buying and selling players - or assets because that is ultimately what they are - they are always the subject of a business decision. Die hard fans may not like it and may assume that any owner has a bottomless pocket out of which he can buy - or hang on to, and/or loan out - anybody the fans want him to is not living in the real world. Cedric was worth £5m to the club at the end of January vs how many more games until he’s out of contract? Half a dozen maybe as he’s currently injured? As the saying goes, you do the math. And getting 11 players off the books temporarily at least on loan is also good business. Sorry love it or loathe it, but that’s the way the world is. And personally I would prefer to support a well run club than one that spends money like water on overpriced players to what effect, eg Fulham.
Saints At Liverpool The Verdict
at 13:11:15

There’s not a great deal that can be said other than we came a distant second! However it most definitely was not the “Absolute tosh and waste of time watching” that some so-called supporter wrote on here last night.
The lesson that we were given yesterday, oh so clinically, was “suck in the oppo,then break fast, electrically fast”; Liverpool showed they are absolute masters of that particular art.
But funnily enough the last few matches have shown me that we are moving in that direction; yes, we were shown at Anfield how much off the pace of the Champions elect we are, but I am convinced we are now quite a long way clear of some of the rest and really quite optimistic for the rest of the season.
And this is made clearer by some of the other results yesterday and today which I thought were quite telling. For example Leicester and Chelsea drawing 2 all, Palace only being beaten by one goal by the Blades, Bournemouth beating Villa, Burnley and arsenal scoreless. Bearing in mind our results against them, I think they show that, although we may be somewhat below the top of the tree, we aren’t a million miles away from the top third.
Saints V Tottenham Hotspur The Verdict
at 13:15:37

Phew re Danso - only on loan - and I may be being naive but I don't agree about him being better at CB than at RB; if you have the talent you can do either, OK maybe one a bit better than the other but still; had he been in the thick of it yesterday I reckon we'd have been 3 or 4 down before you could say knife. Sorry but if your team mates won't pass the ball to you, that suggests they do not think you are very good, end of.
(That said, take what I say with a large pinch of the white stuff - I was v anti-Che until a couple of weeks ago, so what do I know...?)
Saints V Tottenham Hotspur The Verdict
at 11:02:21

Now we know why Ralph has not been playing poor old Danso. It was noticeable how passes out of the back 4 always went to the LHS rather than to him. He just looked like a slow, lumbering, waste of space who clearly has no confidence, precious little ability and painful to watch. I was amazed he was still on the pitch after half time. What did we pay for him? HOW MUCH? They really saw us coming didn’t they?!. We need to ship him out and sharpish! How about offering him to Leicester?!
As for the game I think 4-4 should have been the right score! Thank Christ Son wasn’t quite up to his best as his battle(!) vs Danso was a bit one-sided to put it politely.
As for individuals Obafemi gets better and better by the match; Boufal looked great when he wasn’t falling over his feet; Nathan Redmond is clearly playing like a man possessed; and Danny Ings proved he’s mortal after all.
My only concern was for Stuart Armstrong - played brilliantly as ever - who looked worrying like he’d done his Achilles. Hope I’m wrong of course but pleasingly the subs collectively were up to the challenge.
Finally I do love the Spurs fans singing at the top of their voices “we’re going to win the League”- what a complete load of ...(fill in with a suitable noun of your choice )...
Everton After Hojbjerg ! Cash Or Swap Deal to Bring Ex Saint Home ?
at 17:02:02

For Christ's sake, one minute everybody is saying don't believe a word of any transfer rumour, it's all agents' and press talk; the next minute every bleeding rumour is being reported, as if it is, if not exactly gospel, certainly believeable enough to warrant repeating!.
For goodness sake, can nobody take what RH said only yesterday as being straight, honest and truthful?? Just to remind everybody, he said NOBODY IS LEAVING - unless they come knocking at his door which they haven't.
So can we just have a transfer gossip-free zone on here at least until 31st January, or until something is confirmed by all parties, pur-lease!!!
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