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Welsh Brothers!
at 10:07 26 Oct 2012

Straight outta Wrecsam, motherfûcker crazy a enwir Jehram,
O'r gang o'r enw Beauties Gyda Agweddau
Pan oeddwn i'n ei gohirio, fe ges i ffwrdd sawed
Gwasgwch y sbardun, a chyrff yn cael eu tynnu oddi ar
Chi hefyd, bachgen, os ya fûck gyda mi
Mae'r heddlu yn gonna hafta dod i fy nghael
Oddi ar yo ass, dyna sut yr wyf i'n goin allan
Ar gyfer y motherfûckers pync sydd wedi showin allan
Beauties dechrau mumble, Maent Eisiau i rumble
Cymysgwch em a choginio em mewn pot fel gumbo
Goin i ffwrdd ar motherfûcker fel 'na
gyda GAT sydd wedi sylw at yo ass
Felly, rhoi'r gorau llyfn
Onid yw dim tellin pan dwi lawr i symud jack
Dyma rap lofruddiaeth i fy nghadw i'n dancin
gyda chofnod troseddau fel Charles Manson
AK-47 yw'r offeryn
Peidiwch â gwneud i mi actio'r ffŵl motherfûckin
Me, gallwch fynd i'r traed blaen, dim efallai
Rwy'n Knockin Beauties allan tha blwch, bob dydd
I wythnosol, misol a blynyddol
Hyd nes iddynt motherfûckers fud Gweler amlwg
fy mod i lawr gyda'r Cyfalaf W-X-M
Boy nad ydych yn gallu fûck gyda mi
Felly, pan dwi yn eich cymdogaeth, well i chi hwyaden
Cube Iâ coz yn crazy fel fûck
Wrth i mi adael, yn credu fy mod i'n stompin
ond pan fi yn dod yn ôl, bachgen, rwy'n common land syth outta Wrecsam.
Skoobs - pop culcha question
at 11:37 21 Feb 2011

Seeing as you seem to prefer Hells Kitchen USA to Master(bates), do you also watch Merkin Idol in preference to any homebased "talent" shows?

(I'm afraid I do, it's astounding this time around with big arse and Arwen's dad innit, innit)
Misreading of post below (or above) (n/t)
at 11:01 21 Feb 2011

I initially misread the post below to imply that our mutual enemy is some manner of comic book villain of dubious sexuality:

[Post edited 1 Jan 1970 1:00]
I'd smash this
at 22:12 20 Feb 2011

FAO TV's Dani Behr
at 13:32 18 Feb 2011

Have you ever w@nked a bear, like pop popsicle Kylie?
Topical Example Thread
at 14:27 17 Feb 2011

Here's a discussion we probably couldn't have on T'ugly (haha, tugly!) at the moment:

Due to my weekend issues, iso ArseBarse last night i watched some of that Big Fat Gypsy Wedding with the Mrs... wowsers! Anyone else see any of it?
OK you feel for a lot of them; who are clearly having to deal with the sort of prejudice that if it were done to other minorities would end the inflictors up in court*, but I fancy some others are their own worst enemies in how they deal with other people.

*eg being refused service at hotels etc as per that gay couple a while back

but what was most jawdropping was the clothes...now I'm no great arbiter of taste, but Jeez there was some serious crimes against the eyeballs going on there!
Anal Timing
at 17:29 16 Feb 2011

As I'm usually here a bit late (as most coonts fook off an hour ago) I'm usually still at my desk when the cleaners come round.
For some reason best known only to my arris, never mind whether I've dropped one all day or not, I always seem to fart just before the cleaner comes in to empty my bin, which is positioned conveniently just behind me...why is this, and does anyone else suffer from an arse with an embarrasing sense of comic timing?
Burls - Apples anecdote
at 16:57 16 Feb 2011

You may have been on your ugly sabbatical when I mentioned MrsJ's big flaming ring...

...anyhoo I made a little mixtape (ok it's not a tape, but old habits die hard) for her to hoop to and included the Apples The Journey Continues. She was practicing last night and found it most excellent for hooping purposes.
Top3 New Under-ugly topics
at 14:40 15 Feb 2011

1 Welcome!
2 Physical ejecta
3 Lunch (preferably not at the same time as 2)
at 12:01 15 Feb 2011

If I recall correctly, Bury were the first team I took from the 4th division to Champions League glory back in the day of Sensible World of Soccer...
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