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Southampton May Yet Make It 9 In The Transfer Window !
at 09:47:02

I think Bert, Ings and Vest will all be missed, yes we move on, but all three were important players. Bert was a great servant to the club and played a big role in our success. We all know about Ings. Vest had a difficult start but came good and was a shame to see him go.

Jankewitz is perhaps an example of us not getting it right with a young player, really we should have kept him but can’t blame him for wanting more game time I guess. Similar for Gunn, we bought potential, paid a big price but jut got it wrong. Lemina and Hoedt it’s good to get them off the wage bill, but lemina has shown he has quality even if he can’t seem to settle at one club and Hoedt was unfortunately just found out at this level and couldn’t adapt his game/wasn’t prepared to.

No way we will sign another CB, that’s just wishful thinking and I don’t see it happening or would want the wage bill spent in that area.

Unlikely we’ll sign a free agent either, which leaves a loan option (think we have one loan space left?) but a loan option is likely to be a young player who needs to play, and are they going to be better than and start ahead of Oriol?
I'm Sorry Ralph ! But You Got The Selection Wrong At Everton
at 12:58:50

I was also very surprised by Tino starting ahead of KWP and Theo ahead of S.Armstrong, but the rest wasnt a surprise. I do think Bednarek will be back in for Man U though. Tino may also be switched to LB to allow KWP back in.

I also dont think RH should be sacked, I think its one game, and only if we are 0 wins and 6+ defeats from our first 10 should it even be being discussed. Runs / short term stats arent the measure, its across the season and with the injuries and lack of squad depth we had (not Ralphs fault / not to be repeated) 15th was ok / acceptable.

I dont think there is any better out there, and we have a playing style and squad to suit that playing style. We need to keep the faith / back the team, players and manager.

The rare Eric Dier type who can be an option at CB and CDM is a problem just dont see who is out there who can do that. We do need competition in both positions, as well at LB, so that means I think two more players are needed, and ideally some PL experienced pros/journeymen, but do we need more departures first?

Cahill I think is too old and on too much cash. We need a Jonny Evans / Craig Dawson type - which basically means looking at relegated clubs needing to clear some money of their wage bills
Southampton Sign Second Striker Of The Day
at 22:39:29

Can’t see a new keeper coming in until next summer.

In terms of new arrivals all the talk was more wingers/no 10s, has Moi done enough to convince we don’t need to add there? Is the thought Tino might be able to cover in the centre and/or out wide?

It didn’t really work in that one experiment but maybe Stephens is seen as emergency cover if two of JWP, Romeu, Diallo and S.Armstrong are all injured/banned.
Danny Ings Signs For Aston Villa
at 20:05:50

Before everyone piles in on Ings, maybe we should consider this - does he know Saints need the money and it’s better for the Saints he goes to whoever is paying than he goes for free next year?

Plus I bet his agent and him would only have made this move if they knew a champions league or “big six” club were not going to sign him except as an afterthought / 5th choice.

It rankles, yes, but I’d rather have had him and seen him score some great goals, win us games and nearly get the golden boot AND get a big fee than not have had him at all or having paid out £20m seen him leave on a free.

Best of luck to him, hope he stays fit and scores goals, just not against us.

We shouldn’t overpay for any replacement and hope we have a plan in place, Armstrong or whoever, it if we start with Adams, Obafemi, Tella, Long, Redmond as our striking options then let’s back them and make sure they have the chances to convert and the clean sheets to mean we win when we score!
Should Southampton Sell Jannik Vestergaard This Summer
at 11:19:14

If he wont sign a new contract, then he should be sold, if he signs we keep him. We need four "first team" center backs with one or two who can fill in if required due to injuries/suspension and/or if we want the option to play with 3 CBs for some games (so either a versatile full back/cdm and a youth option in addition to the four main ones).
Mohammed Salisu ! The Invisible Man
at 19:10:24

It seems we love a failure / mistake as much as a success. Think there is no concern, we’ll get the splash/program interview etc after he’s played or when he’s in a squad game. Carabao cup exit probably won’t help but at the moment we have three centre backs all fit, who all know Ralf’s system and are ahead of him on the selection process. Once one of them is out injured, banned or out of form (not just make a mistake or two) and once he’s fully match fit, been in a squad and had a sub appearance or two he might get his chance. B team absence just proves he’s not fully fit or accustomed to the new system just yet.
Saints Stronger After Transfer Window But Again Did Not Address Key Area
at 13:03:13

I dont agree we need another CB, I'm happy with the four we have and emergency options of Bertrand or B-Team. Cant see us playing three at the back anymore, or needing to if we had two or three injuries.

However if we did then I guess the lower league leader option would be Craig Dawson now at Watford formerly of WBA, but Spurs are rumored, Fulham were desperate for a CB and didnt get/go for him and would command a fee as has three years left on his contract. Dont see us getting better than what we have already, its already 4 into 2.

If its true we were in for Loftus-Cheek as well as Walcott (and RH said he wanted three but only got two extra bodies in) then maybe Jack Wilshire could be a good shout but presumably he'll a) want a lot of cash even on pay as you play and b) after his time at West Ham want some guarantees over playing time, which we cant give.
Great Transfer Business For Saints As Hojbjerg Departs
at 23:37:45

Shame we can’t get Ralf and Lemina to kiss and make up, then we’d have a player we've already bought and paying some wages for ready made to rotate with JWP, Romeu and maybe Armstrong (who has to be nailed on first choice out wide/middle 2 even when Djenpo fit and with Smallbone in waiting). Is McKinnie deal dead then as too expensive? If so surly time for a convo with Reed....
Everton After Hojbjerg ! Cash Or Swap Deal to Bring Ex Saint Home ?
at 09:54:42

If we won’t sell Romeu can see us letting PEH go either - unless like Lemina (shame we can’t get him to want to play here) there was always an agreement he’d be able to go or he’s indicated he will run down his contract. I did think what about Slattery, he seemed to be pushing the first time by has dropped off. Would like Schneiderlin back but it rarely works out (and his wages would likely make him the highest paid player at the club) and no player can be guaranteed a starting place.
Leicester City Want Vestergaard
at 13:57:16

@HythePeer - always good to have a starting 12 rather than 11!

JV to Leicester makes more sense than Saints fans might think because of the way Leicester play - I havent seen much of them so might be wrong, but thought they tended to sit deeper, invite pressure and then look to hit on counter. This means the back four/five and midfield tend to be deep and close together defending crosses and in numbers and rarely see them left one on one or two on two against the opposition. Saints play with a very high press which either leaves the back four playing a higher line and exposed one/two on one/two or with lots of space between the back line and the midfield. The way saints play now leaves JV exposed in a back four, but he'd be ideal in a different system - ie the system Hughes signed him for in the first place.

Think it makes sense for them for all sorts of reasons:
- Schmeichel at Leiscester - he will have given his opinion and be trusted
- the fact they want the option to play with a back three -which is where hes played his best for saints
- he'd be there as a back up to a first choice pairing
- he's "premier league" ready in terms of experience (even if lacking match fitness due to recent lack of playing time) - so they know what he can do and cant, there's much less risk
- There arent a lot of options out there - if there were we'd be linked with them
- this is for them about ensuring they stay in the champions league places and dont drop off so can take a gamble
- much lower wages than rest of their squad but not so low or expecting to walk into the team to be a problem

Plus for him they play more games so higher likelihood to play, chance to play in europe if he backs himself to dislodge the first choice pairing or in a back three, likely a pay rise and/or longer contract and higher chance of league position / europe bonuses

Works all round if Ralf doesnt fancy him for our system. If he does not need to sell
Are Aston Villa Becoming The New Liverpool
at 13:22:59

Add in Austin and rumours of Jay-rod and they could have 5 ex-saints in their first team!
Hoedt Loan Confirmed
at 22:08:04

I know we are in minority but I thought Hoedt was a good player and really thought our first choice back four was going to be Cedric, Vest, Hoedt and Bert and the issue with Pelligrino and Hughes was down to team set up and pace/intensity. He did get found out with his little step over trick and due to the frequency with which our back line was under pressure it’s no surprise there were some errors, but as has been pointed out the benefit of better tactics plus Romeu back in the team has meant they all look better.

Can only assume it’s a wages disparity and/or a squad harmony/team spirit issue. Presumably Ralph watched loads of saints games in preparation for the post and since he was appointed so was able to form a view.

Looks like Cedric also on the list, wonder if Bert was fit if he’d also be on the block and Lemina the same. All three have been linked to “bigger” clubs (places where could earn more money) in the past.
Should Saints Go For Gary Cahill
at 22:07:48

Er, no we shouldn’t. Wages, age, blocking the acadamy pathway. Find it hard to phathom why Ralph can’t motivate and improve Hoedt but if he has to go for the squad then why would we add another senior pro on even more money?! Bertrand back fit gives CB cover, Yoshida back and the academy players mean we don’t need another cb during January.
Hasenhuttl Looking To Build Squad That Suits His Philosophy
at 18:56:06

Given they’ve hardly been seen the last few weeks does that mean Hoedt, Soares and Lemina are also on their way out? Bertrand absence been explained by back injury but he can cover third centre back in a back three if required as he did under Koeman. Is Sam G still injured as would have thought he suited the new style.
The Slate Will Be Wiped Clean Under Hasenhuttl !
at 11:31:07

Vestergaard, Hoedt, Yoshida, Stephens, Bednarek. We aren’t going to buy another central defender. No one is knocking on the door for one of those five, and we’ve only just bought the first two really. Under Pochettino and Koeman we had Schneiderlin and Wanyama covering and Wanyama often dropped back into defence during games when the cb got pulled out of position. Hoijbjerg and Lemina don’t do that and offer the same protection generally and Romeu not had a look in under Pell or Hughes. With a front six pressing and winning the ball back, I think we and the club will be expecting to see the existing players perform better. Vestergaard looks off the pace, but he hasn’t played so is it just about match fitness and adapting in his first season? Hoedt is error prone but his distribution is ok and with cover from around him can do a job and what’s happened to Bednarek?
Odds Tumble On A Spanish Replacement For Mark Hughes
at 08:52:47

Why would Rodgers come to Saints and potentially undermine the reputation he’s built at Celtic? I’m sure he sees his next move as a champions league club. It was surprising he didn’t go to Arsenal, maybe he was their second choice. Plus after his comments about us when buying up our players, why would we want him anyway, he’d be using us as a stepping stone just as much as anyone else. The reason Hughes, Moyes, Pulis, Pardew etc are no longer successful in the premier league is because of how “European” and tactical the league is now, that means an Italian, Spanish, Portuguese or South American is the preferred choice among clubs. Koeman (who had direct LaLiga experience) and Hodgson (Italy and cross Europe experience) have been exceptions. Do we want Dyche? Could Howe ever be successful away from the Cherries?
Sousa Heavily Backed
at 12:19:02

Don’t know enough about him but would have preferred (based on what I do know from my armchair) Flores or Bosz or Jardim. Definitely don’t want Allardyce, Bruce. Monk or Moyes not sure
Are Mark Hughes Days Numbered
at 13:30:37

O’Neil would be another in the same mould I think. We need a young hungry tactically adept man motivator, or a big name ex player who will get respect from the squad with a savvy older asssitant. (That is of course because Biesla is unavailable)
Leeds Boss Linked With Saints
at 10:39:42

Would love it if this were true, should be first choice imo, this is who MoPo modelled himself on and would be a rollercoaster of high pressing high energy football, but there must have been a reason he turned us down or the club didn’t offer the role to him in the past and can’t see the club spending a few quid to prise him away. We’re more likely to get Carlos Carvalhal, but would prefer him to Moyes or Allardyce.
Ings Is A Fan Of The Long Game
at 11:19:08

Completely agree. Long brings a lot to the team and should be recognised more. We are weaker without him. Maybe Gallagher (or Sims when back) can do the same role but can’t see anyone else doing what he does for us: harrying defenders, being an out ball and creating space for others to attack. Plus we know he has it in him to score 10+ goals in a season because he has for us once before so defenders can’t just ignore him and bank on him missing.
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