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SFC board qualifications
at 09:00 14 Nov 2019

Let’s have look at the people running our club and their backgrounds

MD Toby Steele, came from an aviation company
CEO Martin Semmens - used to run a marketing agency
Chief commercial officer - David Thomas 7 year at virgin holidays as brand manager
Tim Greenwell director of legal came from Toyota
nelly Goa - Kats mate and goas daughter

Now I appreciate not all of those jobs need a football background but How have we got to the point where not a single person running the club knows anything about how to run a football club? I’m sure they’re nice people trying hard but really, where else would you have a board of a business where none of them have come from the industry?
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A very good read
at 19:39 13 Nov 2019

Jurgen Klopp
at 13:26 10 Nov 2019

He wouldn’t leave Liverpool for us but he wouldn’t put up with half arsed peformances
Jaidi goes out on loan
at 15:19 8 Nov 2019

we cant even get shot of our back room staff permanently

Soares leaving
at 11:12 7 Nov 2019

will be off at the end of the season
The postive impact Goa has had
at 18:43 6 Nov 2019

We've been told he's done nothing wrong, so what 's he done right? What impact has him being here had? How has he taken us on that was promised when he bought the club.

List the positive changes below...…
Quincey Promes
at 21:56 5 Nov 2019

One time saints target who we couldnt do a deal for in January and we proudly proclaimed we would sign in the summer instead.

Well we didn’t, he’s scored twice tonight for Ajax at Stamford bridge

Cheers les.
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Clock is ticking
at 18:26 5 Nov 2019

We are meant to be getting a new director of football in before the international break, the players go off on after Saturdays games so not long to go

Or will it be like last time almost a year ago when we went on a bad run and Paul Mitchell was touted along with a few other names and nothing happened?
Bayern Munich manager sacked
at 20:54 3 Nov 2019

Wonder if this will mean the new man will bring in his own back room staff leaving Danny Rohl unemployed.
Fao stubo
at 08:53 2 Nov 2019

How the marathon training going?
sad news
at 13:41 1 Nov 2019

my pet mouse Elvis was found dead this morning

He was caught in a trap
A pig to be fattened
at 16:33 31 Oct 2019

The athletic
at 12:59 29 Oct 2019

Anyone subscribe to it? Meant to be a very good article about the issues at st Mary’s

Main points

No one in senior management knows anything about football, lack of direction

Kruger was told to sack reed out of the blue

Kruger left because he could see what a mess it was

Nelly Goa is the new Kruger!

Ralph H has no support on the football side

Our signed are rubbish

The academy is struggling with a lack of football people in key roles to
Give direction

Goa convinced Kat she would preserve Markus legacy

Goas commercial plan is centred around selling to Chinese tourists

Goa has to rubber stamp all major decisions which slows things down

We don’t have any on field leaders

All our centre backs are crap

Norhing really surprising except confirms that Goa is seriously bad news for us
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Players have donated fridays wage to saints foundation
at 22:52 27 Oct 2019

A reasonable think to do I guess, going to take more than token gestures though.
Dave Jones
at 00:38 27 Oct 2019

Our new director of football, Nick will love this 😂😂😂🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤣🤣🤣

Surly the mail as trolling us
[Post edited 27 Oct 0:40]
A song to lift Ralph
at 00:23 27 Oct 2019

To hell with all these coont players, Chinamen and fat Swiss bitches.

[Post edited 27 Oct 0:25]
Hasssnhuttl has lost the dressing room
at 23:35 26 Oct 2019

So the rumour goes. So did Puel, so did Pellegrino, so did Hughes. 4 managers have come 3 gone all of them have upset the snivelling little Saps that pose as professional footballers. Surely 4 different Managers, albeit of varying standards can’t be wrong as a lot of the players haven’t changed,

Will Watson, Davis etc back the boss or their mates?

Verdict - the players are a bunch of coonts and so are you if you back them.
at 12:14 26 Oct 2019

Seeing a few people comment that we should never have sacked Puel, at least his teams knew how to defend.
at 10:09 26 Oct 2019

On a lighter note it was amusing to see in the warm up him practising free kicks into an empty goal. He took two and both of them went in exactly the same place as during a game, a yard over the top corner
Final score prediction
at 21:00 25 Oct 2019

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