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Pompey's Top Fan Refused Entry To St Mary's
at 14:28:02

I really thought he was banned for life.Why the stewards even considered allowing him in is beyond me. If he had urinated in an office building, you can be sure he would be arrested and banned from the building-with security on alert to never let him in. There would be no discussion about letting him in because he was there to see a different company from last time.

It's a joke to suggest that his behaviour is that of of an "educated" or "very generous and caring" man.

But, he still got what he wanted: Playing the victim to the press.
Pompey Game Will Not Be A Bubble
at 14:02:06

Sounds like the police are living inside a bubble.
Saints Summer Transfer Window Assessed
at 14:08:09

Clearing out the dead wood will take a few windows-other teams are not going to pay top prices for players they know you want to get rid of.

SaintPaulVW-Speaking of the "Newcastle Way" :

When I watched it a month ago, (skip to the supporter talking at 3:30) I'm thinking, that sounds just like the Saints under Les Reed!"

Hopefully the feeder team attitude went out the door with Les and we will get players that want to play for the Saints and accomplish something in the league.
Saints V Manchester United The Verdict
at 01:30:34

Happy with the point and the performance!

Of course, as usual, just when Saints are getting themselves sorted, and are ready to kick comes an international break to throw them off stride!

Just curious-How many of you, like me, when the game is winding down and Saints are either up by one goal, or level, try to guess how many minutes of extra time is going to be added? ( I try to prepare myself for the stress.)

My system is to estimate the actual added time I think should be added then factor in the opposition:

Newly promoted or bottom 5 : Add nothing.
Perennial mid-table dwellers: Add another 2 minutes.
Big Six: Add minimum of another 4 minutes (of course if they score late in regulation, the whistle blows within 10 seconds.)

NHS Issues Travel Vaccination Details For Pompey Cup Clash
at 18:51:05

"Family Blast TUI"??

Typical Skates! Trying to blame The Ugly Inside!
Should Sofiane Boufal Stay Or Go ?
at 15:34:42

Still not sure.....
Optimist view: What a great pass to Redmond!
Pessimist view: He never passes! He was going for a glory goal at a crap angle!.

I've been hoping with the new season Ralph can work his magic.....but it seemed more of the same.....holding the ball too long, not passing, trying to bully JWP off the ball again....I am among JWP (hopefully constructive) critics but if the manager designates him as the free kick man, then that's that until Ralph says different (this also dovetails into previous discussions about lack of a proper captain/leader on the pitch who keeps everyone in line and focused).

So fingers crossed. His skills even without passing, should yield a good number of goals against slow defenders on weaker opposition.
Jurgen Klopp Claims Saints Fans Celebrated Liverpool Win !
at 15:09:35

I was really hoping some richer club(s) was going to grab a couple of their players this past summer thereby weakening them.

I read one article (I think on SkySports) that suggested Man City offer a gigantic amount of cash for Van Dik.....a big enough number that the Scouse couldn't refuse because Van Dik and his agent would jump at it (The article did not say if the deal wasn't done, he would go on strike as he did at Saints, but it didn't have to---).

City might over-pay (like that matters to them!) but it would be worthwhile in the long run because it would strengthen City which would equal more trophies, which would equal more prize and TV money and weaken their closest rival in the Prem.

Unfortunately that didn't happen.

As far as this week's game: You can be assured The Klown will conduct himself with the the same class and sportsmanship he has always exhibited in the past.

Saints At Burnley The Verdict
at 14:10:55

And here I was thinking we had a fairly good transfer window......RH, who had to come in mid-season now had the team from the start of pre-season training....he had got rid of a couple of players he didn't want and brought in ones he wanted.....things would be much better than last season............And here we are, right back where we left off last season!

And like last season, I look at the fixtures and wonder where are we getting points? We can't even get draw against Burnley! Yes, I know it is just the first game, but this is the type of opponent that we need to get points from if we are to survive. It's not like Saints lost because (usual excuses): bad officiating, their good keeper was having a great game, our shots were bouncing off the woodwork, etc. They lost because they were crap.
Saints Confirm Charlie Austin Transfer Completed
at 17:56:34

Looks like we turned a profit on an older player!
We signed him for 4 million.
Last Straight Claim For Lemina
at 16:04:40

SaintBrock- Lemina's career stats on Wikipedia support Nick's assessment:

Why Saints Should Cut Their Losses And Sell Sofiane Boufal
at 17:39:37

Hi arthurfane-

That would have had to have been in the 2014/2015 season as that was the only season Hull was in the Premier League while Mane was on the Saints.

The incident I referred to was the West Brom game on 4 Feb 2018. Here is my post (it is on the second page of comments):

So, I am happy to announce that my memory, (at least on this occasion) has served me well! And I can prove it!..... Because The Ugly Inside archives are here so that "All those... moments.... will NOT be lost in time like tears in the rain"

Why Saints Should Cut Their Losses And Sell Sofiane Boufal
at 13:23:01

As Nick points out, he didn't do much at Celta Vigo (who just escaped relegation), so it would appear he has not improved in the last year.

Yes, he can dribble, and yes he covers ground, but his problem was he would never pass the ball, thereby losing possession time and again.

I always felt his plan (like Lemina's) was": Get on the Saints, dazzle the league with my amazing skills, and the Scouse (or some other Big Six team) will swoop in for me at the next transfer window. He attitude was that Saints and his team mates were beneath him.

If my foggy memory serves me right, wasn't there an incident where other Saints players had to step in when he was trying to bully JWP into letting him take a penalty instead?

If we can't off-load him, let's hope Ralph can make him more of a team player (which I think is the only type of player Ralph wants).
Hasenhuttl's Assistant Leaves Club
at 13:58:02

Surprised they didn't try to loan him out.
Danny Ings Completes Move To St Mary's
at 19:15:50

SaintBrock- This was signed and sealed last August....see link below...

I don't know why this was always being called a "loan" as that would mean the Saints had an option to buy or not buy after the loan period ended. But as you can see, the Saints were locked into this from the beginning!

I would love to know who the "significant competition" was that Hughes referred to.
You can't tell me there was someone else stupid enough to go for this deal!

Danny Ings Completes Move To St Mary's
at 15:29:44

saintmark1976-Hopefully this is the last of Les' 5-year plan to rebuild the Scouse!
The Thoughts Of Chairman Gao
at 16:56:22

Yeah, WanderingSaint, it must be a typo as Wikipedia has Liebherr paying 13-15 million (either that, or we are in worse shape than we thought!)

Rest of the article is nothing new. He seems to like the idea of owning an English football team, and as long as he is not losing money, he's happy enough.

I guess we were all hoping he was going to say "I'm sick and tired of those smug B@st@rds in the Top Six! I'm here to knock them off their perches!"

Oh, well, it's nice to dream.
Saints Open Bidding War On Striker
at 14:34:48

We have to keep in mind that our transfer budget will be affected by how many players we can off-load to free up money. Not only getting money for them, but the money we save from not having to pay their wages. Unfortunately, I don't see any one taking over Forster's wages and by all reports we are locked into paying 20 million(!!) for Ings. So it looks like 10-15 million per player is our limit. (Hope I am wrong).

The Ugly Inside TV ! Commenter Of The Season !
at 13:17:31

Well done, Sweary Mike! He should have his own channel, MUSH-TV!
Benali Says It's About The Right Decisions Not Money !
at 13:58:46

Super league has no need of traveling fans. Their own fans, TV rights and sugar daddy owners are all they need (and have already)..

A relegation system would just leave us where we are now. If the top 3 of the richest clubs move to the super league, that still leaves the other 3 using their vast wealth to bully the rest of the Prem like they do now. Then say, 2 of them get promoted, that means 2 other mega-rich teams would get relegated into the Prem and resume business as usual.
The Six New Rule Changes For The Premier League in 2019/20
at 15:55:27

Goalkeepers not allowed to touch the posts before a penalty kick?
Why? Are they getting some unfair "Luck" advantage?
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