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Saints V Newcastle United The Verdict
at 12:08:43

Incredible and we'll deserved. Just hope we can keep this squad and manager together for a few seasons at least.
Saints At Aston Villa The Verdict
at 20:10:12

As Greasvie said it's a funny old game. The late goals took the shine off the 90 minute performance but it does demonstrate the difference between teams like Saints and heavily funded clubs who can lose 3 players to injury and replace them with similarly talented players. Not too worried about the late goals conceded but hope all 3 subbed players aren't out for long.

And Congratulations to El Santo - talk about putting faith in your club.
Josh Sims Set For Loan To Doncaster Rovers
at 22:56:55

It is a massive shame. He doesn't seem to have an ego and he's a hard worker from what we have sen in the first team and he's doing a job for the under 22s in terms of creating.

Maybe he is a victim of the fuzzy logic of the wider management off the field which wasn't sure whether to stick with the better youth products from the academy or buying off the peg ready to go players from Europe who saints have recently cut their loses on. Maybe the same applies to Reed.

A shame as in a balanced team they would have learnt and developed while playing alongside senior players but fire fighting teams needs results and nothing else.
Saints Looking To Get Their Hands On A Brest Midfielder
at 11:17:08

I do not understand why saints operate their transfer business in this way i.e. last minute signings. While I understand they don't want to show their hand too soon surely pushing signings to the 11th hour risks the selling club saying take it or leave it. Also getting a player in in slower time means they are playing catch-up in terms of integrating into the team.

Saints are a schizophrenic club - with the right management team in place we could achieve something worthwhile but the last few years have at times made the club looked mismanaged, purposeless, ownerless and at times bloody embarrassing on the corporate side.

As the phrase goes the silence, allied to lack of activity, is deafening.
Saints Two Players Short Of A Top 10 Team
at 08:43:51

The last few seasons have seemed to be a case of the board and/or the owner betting on other teams being worse than us and it worked out fine - in terms of avoiding relegation. Even last year before covid-19 intervened it looked like we were in the relegation mix.

We do seem to be in limbo in terms of big financial decisions being made which may well reflect our current owners status.

The two questions I'd ask are why did chairman Gao take over in the first place and what is the current strategy at the club in terms of what the club want to achieve on the pitch.

Answer those two questions and we'd gain an insight into how the team is operating and what our expectations should be.
Saints V Tottenham Hotspur The Verdict
at 18:45:07

Hopefully this quote from Kane is the wake up call that is required. We cannot throw away games before a ball is even kicked. 'We knew there would be space in behind; we talked about it before the game. One of the passes I didn’t even look really, I just put it into the space because I knew he’d be running in behind.'
Is Greed In A Crisis Finally Turning The Fans Away
at 10:44:34

Good article Nick. The point about getting out of the habit is a very good one. I used to have a season ticket until 2000 when I move to London and could not afford the to keep my season ticket, plus the train fare down to Soton every other week. This was mainly down to the 3 fold increase in housing costs between London and Soton. It was a massive wrench and I felt like I was betraying my club.

However time healed surprisingly quickly and I started playing football again on Saturday afternoons for the first time in ages and built up a brilliant network of friends which was invaluable in moving to a 'lonley' place like London.

I go to around 10-15 games a season nowadays so I'm certainly a casual fan. I still love the club but the fact is football has changed a lot since the late 70's when I first started going regulalry with my uncle. I'm sure some things have changed for the better (for example my aunt stopped going in the 70's due to the threat of hooliganism - which I never recall seeing as a kid even in the 80s) but on the whole the game has moved away from being an affordable part of a lot of peoples everyday life to being an entertainment expericence simliar to disney land where everything is 'awesome' and every aspect has been monetised. I'm not sure if its better but its certainly different.

The big question is if I had have kept my season ticket going and spent ever increasing money on trains and travelling down to Soton every week would I resent what is currently going on right now in terms of the uncertainty and the constant selling, or threat of selling, the clubs family silver? Yes, I think I would. As it is, I just see it as part of the game which puts a greater emotional distance between me and the what it means to be a supporter of the club.
Saints At Crystal Palace The Verdict
at 14:30:03

Win some lose some - same old Saints opening day nerves. It would be nice to have an £80 million world class play maker who would sign for us and stay forever but we'll have to stick to the tried and tested method of clicking as a team and becoming more than the sum of our parts.

Please, lets not start getting suicidal after a single 1-0 loss. If we are where we are currently in the table in March then sure - start worrying. But talk of next game as being massive is premiership hyperbole.
Why Ings Would Be Mad To Move To Spurs !
at 14:23:50

Has Ings signed up with the 'super agent scumbag' as per fonte, Pierre, the wolves RB and Moanrhino?

This is complete nonsense and unimaginative journalism. More chance of apparent tax dodging messi going to spuds.
Spurs Daylight Robbery Offer About To Be Accepted
at 22:55:00

£15 m in cash and peters coming to Saints would be acceptable but not as it seems us paying them £12 m in transfer fee in return. This is a nonsense.

Under the circumstances this transaction needs to happen as in real terms saints are getting the better deal but this is an illustration of how we are seen by other clubs and certain players.
2019/20 Season Review - The Forwards
at 09:30:32

Hi Nick pretty fair round up. Agree that Che has taken a while to get up to speed but it will be worth the wait - he now realises how little time he has on the ball in dangerous areas but he needed the game time to work that out. Obefemi could also develop into a very useful player. Listening to him in interviews he's got his head screwed on so will listen and learn and is a promising prospect. Ings - what more can be added. Pure class all round.

As for Shane Long - he is a selfless player that causes all kinds of problems for the opposition and makes space for things to happen. One of my favourite players who's goal ratio suffers from his main role in the team, which is to create for others. Having said that I just wish he'd hit the target more from his easier opportunities to make the internet warriors quieten down. You are correct he will be missed when he’s gone.

Hojbjerg Needs To Tell Spurs To Get On With It
at 11:05:06

Thanks for the grammar refresher Dd, a useful reminder of the things learnt at school but generally forgotten in adulthood. If you've never read any of the books on the English language by David Crystal I think you'd enjoy them.

Anyway to the crux of the article - this takes player power too far. This player has made it clear he wants to leave and only one club is willing to meet the valuation. This should be pushed through with the player getting a big pay day and wage and saints getting a stupid amount of money for an average player.

I know that this is the way of modern football but saints do not need the player and the player doesn't want to stay. It's frustrating and he will invite the ire of the majority of most saints fans of he decides to sit on his backside and go for free next sumer while picky up his tens of thousands a week.

The way to avoid this situation is to accept the offer from spuds but with peters coming to us as part of the deal. Get it done asap and get on with the planning for next season.
Saints & Spurs Fans Getting Frustrated With Levy's Failure To Close Hojbjerg Deal.
at 08:57:29

Surely Saints hold the cards here. Do the deal with Everton and buy/put in the offer for Peters. The only issue is there is the risk that Levy may try and play hardball with his valuation of Peter's but ultimately he's surplus to requirements at spuds and wants to play first team football which he'll get with Saints.

Would Levy be so pig headed to get distracted on the wider transfer market by an unwanted player at the the detriment of his own clubs plans.
Saints Use Everton To Force Spurs Hand.
at 09:27:47

North london Yobbos as someone previously associated with the club said back in the late 90s.

I cannot believe that any club is interested in paying £25 million plus for him but thats the name of the game in top flight football.

Just hope that this doesnt put a spanner in the works of Peters coming t saints as we need a right back and he has shown so far to be better than what we currently have - JWP aside.
Saints At Manchester United The Verdict
at 14:41:11

Another performance to be proud of on the whole and thankfully man u took their foot off a bit after going 2-1 up. I was honestly fearing the worst after those two quick goals but saints managed the rest of the half pretty well.

The two goals were well taken and although saints did pussy foot around in the build up to both they were conceded against two of the best forward players currently in the top division.

Wei cannot see Ralph breaking up the CB partnership and despite the wish that Stephens and benderak were more consistent I think they have come into a struggling team over the past few seasons and generally got better - the results have demonstrated that. They are not the best but they have never shirked and I'm proud of the progress they have made in difficult circumstances.

Re the red card - it probably was a red, but early in the first half Maguire pushed Ings over outside the box and Maguire picked the ball up and threw it to their keeper for a goal kick. Later in the first he committed a second cynical foul and was not penalised with a yellow. So we should both have been down to 10. Swings and roundabouts.

All in all a very good night's worked based hard and focused work over the last 7 months or so.

Saints At Everton The Verdict
at 10:28:08

My initial reaction was damn another defensive lapse has cost us points again but as others have mentioned if the chances had been converted in the first 40 minutes of the game the Everton would have counted for little. A 3-0 lead means a defensive lapse isnt costly.

Also, reflecting comments above, I cannot see Saints signing two more solid reliable central defenders than we currently have. Both have come a long way over the past year and they have to be credited for that as well as Ralph for sticking by them to try and form a partnership. I'm positive they will get better as the results continue to improve as its all about confidence.

Saints do however need cover in the CB position and need to spread the goalscoring responsibility more widely as we cannot rely on Danny boy to keep coming up with the goods every match.

Its great being a Saints fan again - COYR
Saints V Manchester City The Verdict
at 23:18:10

Where did that performance come from? Is it 1998? A reminder of why we bother giving a toss. Brilliant. Coyr
Saints V Manchester City The Preview
at 12:18:14

I love my club but I'm afraid we just don't stand a chance. Hopefully the score isn't too humiliating. Together as one coyr
Spurs Can't Afford To Buy Hojbjerg In Cash
at 09:07:38

I would have thought it makes sense to bench PEH for the rest of this season - we need 11 focused players on the pitch for every game.

I know where we are in the football food chain but I am tired of how we are considered as a feeder club by clubs with more money than us and, even more disheatening, by a sizable minority of our own players with the same view.

I'll reiterate - I know where we are in the food chain, but we are seen as a club that develops players for other teams, to be praised by pundits when doing well for us and in the same breath saying ' if they've got ambition they'll go to a big club'. What about our ambition ? We are never going to achieve anything while we are seen as the big boys academy.

The summer of 2014 damaged the image of the club and the reason we have struggled over the past 3/4 years is that the team lost 11 of their best players over just a few seasons (5 in that dreadful summer) and continued to drip field our best players over the followings seasons. No other succesful club has ever sold players at such a rate but the genie was let out of the bottle in 2014 and we cannot put the lid back on now.

I'm not going to make any predictions on individual players here but if we put together a decent team again, which we have the makings of, how many of the players will we be allowed to hold on to? And where does that leave the top flight future of this club?
Countdown To The Comeback
at 14:29:19

If the problems at the back have been sorted out then we could well be heading for Europe - ahem. However, the friendly against Bristol a few days ago sounded like nothing has changed and the defence have not been able to improve to any significant degree over the past few seasons I cannot see how they would have improved without playing matches.

I'm a realist not an optimist so I expect the usual issues to still be there but Saints should squeek over the line providng a bit of luck and other results go our way. Together as one.
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