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Covid / Lockdown Scepticism
at 14:28 14 Jan 2021

There aren't too many Covid-deniers on here, but for those still attracted to such stuff, there's a pretty comprehensive demolition of the supposed arguments in favour here.

Priti Patel
at 12:13 20 Nov 2020

Stable genius Priti Patel making all the right headlines today...and we haven't even got to Philip Rutnam's unfair dismissal case yet.

Nice to have something to look forward to in these dark times.

Trump and Farage
at 21:43 16 Nov 2020

If there are any Brexit voters on this forum, do any of you see how Trump is now behaving in the US, consider that his best mate is Nigel Farage, wonder that Farage is maybe not the 'straight up' English patriot that he pretends to be, and that you maybe backed the wrong donkey?

Asking for a friend.
Scientists and Covid
at 21:33 24 Sep 2020

For anyone wanting to get into some of the serious scientific debate around the appropriate response to Covid, this is very good.


It links through to the recent 'open letter' signed by a large number of UK scientists, asking the government for a more targeted approach, but then includes a number of critical responses to that.

More than one view represented here, and no axe being ground by me.
at 11:39 20 Sep 2020

First start for Djenep in what seems like a very long time.

Big day for him. We need some attacking invention and that is what he was bought for.

Let's see if he can deliver a performance and maybe a goal.
Danso gone
at 22:49 18 Aug 2020


Should politicians resign?
at 10:26 18 Aug 2020

When exactly did it change that heads of govt department no longer feel the need to resign when an almighty c0ck up occurs on their watch?

So many of them now just try to style it out and surely this can't be a welcome development.

If someone resigns it shows that the buck does indeed stop with them, that the job is more important than the individual, and that the individual has some decency/principles.

I'm not sure what it means if they cling on - but surely some kind of desperation.

Having become a complete laughing stock (previously Frank Spencer but on the front of the Mail this morning as Stan Laurel) surely Williamson would have salvaged more self respect by falling on his sword. What does he think he is gaining by staying in a job where he is now thought of with such contempt, and where he is surely going to get sacked at the next opportunity anyway?
Getting Old - Mercury Prize list
at 12:25 23 Jul 2020

Here's the Mercury Prize shortlist. I recognise 3 of the names - and it diminishes every year.

Is anyone even less 'with it' than I am?

Anna Meredith - FIBS
Charli XCX - How I’m Feeling Now
Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia
Georgia - Seeking Thrills
Lanterns on the Lake - Spook the Herd
Laura Marling - Song For Our Daughter
Kano - Hoodies All Summer
Michael Kiwanuka - KIWANUKA
Moses Boyd - Dark Matter
Porridge Radio - Every Bad
Sports Team - Deep Down Happy
Stormzy - Heavy Is The Head

And can anyone recommend any of these albums?
West Ham v Watford
at 23:14 16 Jul 2020

Big game at the bottom tomorrow.

Any thoughts on value bets for this one? Result, score, scorer - as you prefer...
What is going on with VAR?...
at 09:56 10 Jul 2020

The Premier League has confirmed THREE VAR penalty errors on one night.


This is really past a joke now. They have had how many months while no football has been played to do a proper review of VAR and get the whole thing scrapped or sorted out and yet it's just the same old sh!t.

VAR would interrupts and therefore spoil the game, even if it is was making sure that every decision was 100% correct.

Currently it is spoiling the game for no real improvement in the standard of decision making. Sure, it is correcting some obviously wrong decisions, but I'd say it was making an equal number of really stupid decisions about handball and offside. And if it can't even get the penalties it reviews right, what is the point?

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