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Beautiful timelines
at 11:42 25 Mar 2020

Trump thinks the US churches can be packed again by Easter (12 April). He thinks it would be a 'beautiful timeline'.

Say what you like about Boris, Cummings, this government, herd immunity, but at least we don't have a complete madman running the country.

Does any one know, it is possible to 'section' people in the US?

UK death rates...
at 17:36 19 Mar 2020

Anyone heard or read anything about why UK death rates are so high?

In terms of percentage of deaths out of reported cases, we don't seem to be doing as well as other countries. For example, as of today...

UK 137 out of 2692 (5%)
US 161/11329 (1.14%)
France 262/9134 (2.89%)
Netherlands 76/2460 (3%)
Germany 43/14544 (0.2%)

In fact, looking at the numbers, it seems that only Italy and Iran have higher % death rates.

I am not trying to make a political point here. For what it's worth it seems that Johnson and the government are doing a good enough job to me and certainly their current policies can't be blamed for the fact that more people who get it are dying here than in similar countries.

Presumably we have state of the art info on how to treat the very ill? Presumably, the NHS is not yet overrun with cases?...

Of course, we could be seriously underestimating the numbers and maybe that's the answer.

Just wondered if anyone else had noticed this or had heard why it might be the case?
How do you rate Gao's period of ownership?
at 16:50 13 Mar 2020

How do you rate Gao's period of ownership?

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Defensive errors
at 12:04 8 Mar 2020

It's been bugging me for a while that every time someone has scored against us recently it's been put down to 'the usual/typical' defensive errors.

Not every goal conceded is down to a defensive error. Even the best defences concede.

Valery's yesterday was a defensive error, a disappointing unforced mistake which gifted a goal to the opposition.

Can we use that as our benchmark in the future?
My favourite home secretary
at 23:54 4 Feb 2020

Mail Online not my usual source but don’t want to be accused of posting liberal snowflake fake news.

They have been keeping Priti under wraps (precisely to avoid this sort of thing) but it was only a matter of time.

Sums her up perfectly. Speaks with absolute conviction but talks absolute tripe. (Not just things I disagree with, we’re talking proper nonsense). I think I have pointed this out before.

Would be funny if she wasn’t the Home Secretary.
Gao at St Mary’s?
at 09:56 2 Feb 2020

Anyone know the last time Gao or Nelly attended a game?

Gao and Saints' finances
at 11:23 31 Jan 2020

There's no evidence (yet) that Gao is asset stripping but we've seen little so far this window to rebut the fear that the club is still strapped for cash.

Much more talk of players leaving than arriving and our 'strengthening' at right back has now just turned into a gamble/potential weakening with the confirmation of Cedric's departure.

It's a good job we've got 31 points already or this board would be in meltdown at the club's lack of ambition.

Wonder if a late arrival is going to surprise us all? The willy-waving by the ITK crowd has been strangely absent so far this month, so its difficult to tell.
Bong, bong, bong
at 16:22 16 Jan 2020

I've always thought that there was a fair chunk of madness in the Brexiteer leaders.

I was hoping, now that the die is cast, that the madness might end.

They've proved me wrong with all this Big Ben b*ll*cks. Raising half a million to spend on some bongs, piping artificial bongs over a tannoy into Parliament Square.

You won, get over it. Mad as buckets the lot of them!
Neither Boufal nor Djenepo...
at 02:51 29 Dec 2019

...should start.

Both are much much much better off the bench.

Maybe it’s because they are better against tired legs. Maybe they need the limelight of being an ‚impact‘ sub.

The People’s Car
at 23:25 21 Dec 2019

Just a reminder when we are now being force fed ‘the People’s govt’ and ‘the People’s priorities’ that the VW beetle was called ‘the People’s car’ by the Nazis.

I’m not trying to equate Boris with Hitler but the use of simplistic propaganda is uncanny.
at 09:29 14 Dec 2019

43.6% voted to remain with the Tory government and 56.4% voted to leave (ok some of them NI so shouldn’t really be counted) albeit with different versions of leave.

...and yet we‘re remaining with them.

Can anyone else see the irony?

What the hell...
at 10:40 13 Dec 2019

...are we all going to argue about now!?

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