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Covid 19 Stats
at 11:57 22 May 2020

Why is it so hard to find out the daily stats announced at briefing each day, if I miss the broadcast it is virtually impossible to find out the stats announced, is there some sort of media embargo
No Easy Way To Say This
at 22:17 12 May 2020

A man gets run over by a red lorry. Then he gets run over by a yellow lorry. Then a red lorry and then a yellow lorry ...
A policeman informs his family, "There's no easy way to say this ...."
One For Solent Toffee
at 22:14 12 May 2020

The Liverpool Echo did a story today on the meaning of the place name in Liverpool this was the origin of Everton, dont shoot the messenger

Everton comes from a word meaning either “pig enclosure” or “Eofor’s enclosure”, from the Old English word “eofor” for a domestic pig or the first name “Eofor”.

It was once called “Euretone”, but had become “Evretona” by 1094.

The area was known for cattle-grazing and the farmland was handed between various elites before it was declared an independent area in the 17th century and the land was gradually sold off to local people.
Breaking Glass
at 22:09 12 May 2020

My wife broke a mirror.
"That's forty nine years bad luck" I said.
"Don't you mean seven?" she asked.
"No. The mirror belonged to the dog" ..
In The Courts Today
at 22:07 12 May 2020

A suspect was charged with killing a man with sandpaper.
In defence he said, "I only wanted to rough him up a bit" ...
Forum Rule Changes
at 09:06 10 May 2020

Recent events have forced us to make a change to this forum.

There are posters on this site that continually break our terms and conditions, get
banned then create new user profiles.

This network allows us to make all new user profiles to be manually verified before they can post, so we've asked them to do that for TUI. Not only does that mean that each new profile has to be manually approved, it also means that if you registered on a different
team section, you won't be able to post here either.

If you registered on another team's forum and only post here and can't do that any more then email and ask them to switch you to Southampton.

Also, we want to reiterate that if you use a VPN to hide who you are when
you create new user IDs then you're highly unlikely to be approved. If you
are approved, you can still be removed at any time should new information
come to light, or break our T&Cs.

Our terms and conditions, that you agreed to abide by when registering, can
be found at the foot of every page but the most important are:

- Please respect your fellow posters and refrain from name calling and
personal abuse

- Referring to users or former users by their real names is not permitted
without the permission of the user

- Don't swear, post libellous, racist, homophobic, sexist, threatening or
adult material or harass other users

- We reserve the right to refuse access to the site to any user at our sole

If you find that you can no longer log in and suspect that you are banned,
then we felt that you broke our T&Cs and are no longer welcome to post here.
Spurs 1978
at 22:43 6 May 2020
How Is Everyone Passing The Time During Lockdown ?
at 14:39 6 May 2020

During this lockdown to relieve the boredom I've been getting into Buddhist meditation ....
Beats sitting round doing nothing
Preferred Option for The Premier League
at 12:45 4 May 2020

Preferred Option for The Premier League

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at 21:45 29 Apr 2020

I've just remembered a word that I've been trying to think of for two weeks ....
It's fortnight
Germany Will Be The Guinea Pig
at 21:04 29 Apr 2020

We and several other leagues will watch what Germany do when they restart and what they do right and wrong, if they can get it done Ok we will follow

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The Doors
at 12:53 29 Apr 2020

Never been able to get into them although so many people tell me they were legendary
Fundraising Account Shut Down
at 22:09 28 Apr 2020

Seems there has been a hoax
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