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Look it's just us here....
at 14:15 23 Sep 2021

What do we actually think of womens football?
We are being force fed it all the time now.

These days Sky will cut to a match and get live updates from a womens game whilst the mens games are on. They even include goals from womens games in their goals of the week packages.
The written media all carry womens stories in amongst the mens stuff - and most tv stations carry live games of club and international matches.

From a parental point of view I don't mind it, it's good to promote sport to girls and that can only be a good thing. Also there is no reason women shouldn't play football - and the standard is not too bad.
From the point of view of a grumpy git that started going to football in the bad old days of the early 80's I can't find any enthusiasm. I'm often caught out as they talk about Arsenal V Spurs or whatever and I suddenly realise they are talking about the womens game.
I do think that the womens game is receiving coverage and promotion that it currently doesn't justify. The media are pushing it hard and maybe it will work and bring in viewers and crowds. Obviously the plan is to promote it hard in the hope that at some point in the future it can stand on its merits. I wouldn't presume to say whether this is viable or not, we'll see.
Personally I have very little interest but I'm not the target audience. Maybe we'll look back in 20 years when the women's games are pulling in decent crowds and realise this is where it all started. Or maybe it'll disappear from our screens in 5 years who knows. I know I'm unlikely to be watching either way.
The Olympics...
at 11:33 22 Jul 2021

Maybe I'll get into it once it starts but at the moment I couldn't give a rats ass.
Having it in Tokyo seems like a huge mistake in the current situation. I don't even think there are any spectators are allowed are there?
Personally I think it should have been cancelled several months ago.
Premier league arrest.
at 09:06 20 Jul 2021

Looks like a certain Everton player could be in a spot of ummm, bother.
Obviously he can't be named at this time and again obviously, Twitter has splashed his name everywhere.
What's wrong with England fans ?
at 09:26 6 Jul 2021

I've watched England in a lot of tournaments and we've always come up short, whether that's not being good enough, injuries to key players or just plain bad luck.
Glorious defeats but defeats none the less.

This England team is doing well and so is Southgate. He's got them playing together as a team and they all look happy and motivated to play for England. We made the semi's of a world cup and we've made (at least ) the semi's of these Euros. We might even - whisper it - win it.
But read the comments in the press and it's extraordinary. Under every story there are loads and loads of comments saying "we haven't beaten anyone good" "Southgate hasn't won anything so he's crap" "couldn't beat Scotland" "worst German team for years" "yeah we won 4-0 but it wasn't exciting" and of course moaning that England players take the knee.

I just don't get it. It's like they don't want to win anything and can be proved "right" about their opinions. I've seen loads of tournaments and I can't remember if any of the winners were lucky, or if they beat anyone good or played teams that were past their best. I just remember who won and I remember the scenes of celebration.

Finally we are actually competing with the best - yet there are STILL fans that can't enjoy it and want to criticise. I honestly don't know what people want these days. Either I'm totally out of touch and football is no longer for me - or football really isn't for them as they will never actually enjoy the moment. Just enjoy it FFS !
The jocks.
at 09:03 18 Jun 2021

what is the media love in with them ? Twenty thousand (apparently have descended on London despite being asked/told not to if they don't have a ticket. Social media is full of video's of them getting beered up, slashing in the streets, filling the fountains with washing up liquid and generally being fat drunken louts and singing anti-English songs.

Dont get me wrong England fans often make me cringe but we are constantly hammered for it by the media. Yet the scots do similar things and somehow they add colour to the proceedings. Baffling.
at 10:02 3 Jun 2021

I can't see it mentioned on here but I saw yesterday that the American bloke has pulled out after not agreeing a price with Gao.
To be honest I think that's a good thing. He seemed more bothered about creating a sporting group rather than being focussed on Saints. Apparently he no intends to set up some player development platform instead.
And no I don't know what that is either.
Toffee won't be pleased....
at 13:12 1 Jun 2021

Ancelotti is off to Real Madrid apparently.
JWP set to miss out.
at 09:38 1 Jun 2021

Would be so typical of England.
We take Henderson who has barely played a game but we leave our best set piece and penalty taker at home.
Smack so f the days that MLT would be left out despite outscoring all the so called superstars.
Interesting read...
at 10:37 25 May 2021

A match review of the West Ham game.
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