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Norwich appear....
at 21:12 9 Aug 2019

to be ever so slightly disorganised......
at 17:29 6 Aug 2019

What do we think ?
Joined Derby on 100k a week. His wages are being supported by the betting firm 32Red who signed a deal with derby.
Rooney will wear number 32.

I don't know. Good move for him and will help him move into coaching but it makes me feel distinctly uneasy. Firstly because it's a gambling firm. Alcohol and fags are banned but it seems gambling is fine in sport.
It also seems very contrived that the sponsor can dictate the shirt number.
Maybe I'm being old fashioned but it doesn't seem right to me. If Derby can't afford his wages then they shouldn't be signing him for a start.....
Tyrone and Warbz
at 20:26 30 Jul 2019

Any one of you chaps familiar with their work? My kids are into them. Local boys.
The song is quite catchy and they invited any fans to turn up and be in the video via social media.

Our tragic shirt....
at 11:08 23 Jul 2019

I'd love to know who designed it - and who they consulted before doing it.
I'm not going to buy one anyway but I still have to look at it on the players and it is awful.

There are 20 teams in the PL and the Mirror rated all 20 kits. Guess where we are? Go on have a stab.....
at 09:25 14 Jul 2019

Seems he's turned down a move to West Brom despite the club's agreeing a fee. Guess he doesn't want a drop in wages and is happy to stay here.
Any ITK info?
Cedric seems to be having fun..
at 23:39 15 Jun 2019
Spending spree
at 08:20 8 Jun 2019

Is not going to happen...

Let's face it, he doesn't have the money. We are already bottom of the league of spenders and here's another owner that believes he has the magic formula to compete.
Apparently we shouldn't rely on him. That leaves us to constantly unearth rough diamonds and sell them. It's not sustainable over time ad sooner or later you make a fee bad decisions and you can drop like a stone.
Owners like him think a football club is like any other business. Manage the balance sheet carefully and all will be fine.
Well you won't go broke but football will soon decide at what level that approach allows you to compete and it may well not be in the PL.
at 11:34 7 Jun 2019

last night reminded me so much of Saints.
They passed it around at the back under no pressure and looked fine. Then Holland pushed up and the back four started going backwards often passing back to the keeper who hoofed it. He might as well have just done that in the first place.
The Dutch realised we were determined to stick to passing out and grew in confidence that they could nick the ball from our hesitant back 4. Sure enough they closed down, we panicked and gave them 2 goals.

Even when we crossed the half way line the man on the ball lacked the confidence to make something happen himself - or lacked the option to pass forward - and went sideways. It all looked depressingly familiar. Yet when the Dutch had the ball they got to the edge of our box swiftly and easily.
It just looked like watching Saints for the last 2 years!
That Sancho does look a player though, I'm not quite sure why we took him off.
Tell me when it's safe to...
at 10:03 3 Jun 2019

venture back onto the internet. Every single site is plastered with the bloody scousers and their nauseating media cronies love-in.
Endless ass kissing of Klopp, VvD, Henderson, Henderson's dad, parades, and on and on and on.
I get it. They won but I have literally never seen such large scale fawning from the media.
They won the Champions League, we get it. Someone wins it every year.
Leicester winning the league was a bigger achievement in my opinion and didn't get this level of adoration from the media.
So can someone please let me know when all this pro Liverpool crap has passed as I really can't take any more of it.
None of you ITK'ers on this one?
at 18:10 1 Jun 2019

Pompey eh?
at 08:57 26 May 2019

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