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at 11:44 17 Mar 2020

I just read on a rolling news story on the homepage that PEH has had the most shots in the PL this season without scoring a goal. 41.
41. Let that sink in.

Now clearly he isn't in the side to score goals but in reality he not only didn't score he gave away possession 41 times. He also bought those attacks to an end. Knowing that stat, what would you say to him if you were Ralph?
Austin is getting worse....
at 09:27 16 Feb 2020

Had enough yet..?
at 10:52 6 Feb 2020

Deep breath - I was talking to my mates last night after the game and most have really had enough of modern football. How on earth was that a pen?
From the 80's when I started going, getting a penalty was a rare occurrence. Someone had to be chopped down and other than that you just got on with it.

Last night we had Son push the ball wide of Gunn then feel a glove brush his thigh. Not only did he use that as a reason to collapse to the turf, but several commentators have said the line "there is contact" as if that justified it.
Dropping to the ground is now a legitimate tactic in a game in fact players say that their team mates will actively question them if they DON'T do it.
It's farcical to have ten replays so that some form of contact can be found to justify giving a penalty.
To be honest I blame the rule makers because the players wouldn't do it if the ref didn't oblige with a penalty.
Frankly I'm sick of it, we played so well and the game is decided by an act of cynicism and a level of contact that wouldn't knock over a toddler. And that isn't an exaggeration.
Add to that the fans that celebrate winning a game in that fashion - if Ings had done it, I'd take no pleasure from knowing we'd basically cheated.

Forget VAR - it simply looks for that contact. The rule is wrong and flies in the face of common sense.
Son must live in London. I guess he uses the tube and I can only assume he spends his days rolling around on the platforms as people jostle and knock against him.

Seriously a penalty must be given if a defender gains an advantage through foul play but we are at the stage where - unlike anywhere else on the pitch - a penalty is given if two players barely contact each other. It's pathetic and reduces the game to who can simulate and cheat the best, and frankly I'm tired of it. Rant over.

Terrible decisions from the BBC today
at 13:25 26 Jan 2020

Could have shown any number of interesting games this weekend but they go with City and Liverpool . It's not like we don't see them every week.

Before the game a pundit said "Fulham might as well have a go as they are going to lose anyway". Logan immediately said "But keep watching anyway" - which about sums it up.

What happens? City win a pen in the 6th minute and Fulham have a player sent off. So any chance of watching a game already gone. Time to go do something else.
at 13:00 24 Jan 2020
at 10:58 23 Jan 2020

I can't be arsed to do a poll thing, but what do people think.
I've seen a lot of fans suddenly demanding we give him another 2 year contract immediately and putting Ings form down to all the work Long does.

Personally I'd let him go. I agree he does cause problems. I agree he is hard to play against. I agree he works for the team.
But for me he costs us more points than he gains us. I've never seen anyone at this level so clueless in front of goal - and those goals would turn draws to wins and loses to draws.
Even Saturday he had the simplest of chances right in front of goal and side footed straight at the keeper. And missed a header at the back post - as he did away at Leicester.

I don't have an agenda and all strikers miss chances but he needs ten chances to score a goal and he misses so many relatively simple chances.
Overall he's been a good signing and we've had our money's worth I guess, but at his age now I think we need to thank him and move on.
He does seem to split opinion though. So the summer, keep him or let him go?
Liverpool fans...
at 09:46 17 Jan 2020

Yeah I know we all hate Liverpool. The bin dipping victims and all that crap. But what's your thoughts on this?
Liverpool fans planning one of their coach welcomes for the United game.

Personally I think it's great that in these days of snowflake fans sitting in respectful silence, there are still fan groups prepared to ramp up the atmosphere of the game. I'm not saying smash the windows or anything like that.
But imagine playing Pompey and giving their bus this welcome into the city.
Some fans around Europe rightly get condemned for much of their behaviour, but there are some places that still retain a real atmosphere and I for one am glad to see fans here doing the same. I never understand why fans of other clubs belittle the efforts of other supporters like Palace or in this case the scousers when many of us still want some sort of atmosphere at games.
First deal?
at 12:29 10 Jan 2020

Guy on SW saying we have our first deal over the line. Incoming not outgoing. Agent is here finalising the details apparently.

Could be nonsense. TCM any info ?
at 11:09 8 Jan 2020

Anthony Pulis..
at 22:07 3 Jan 2020

Remember him? About to be made coach of Beckhams Inter Miami. Where did it all go wrong......
FA Cup this week
at 10:21 3 Jan 2020

Huddersfield at home. They are 20th in the Championship so with all due respect (which of course means none at all) , we should have more than enough to dispatch them.
So do we play a strong side or does Ralph bring in the second string?

For all our decent form, we are not out of the woods yet by a long chalk, so I expect him to play the fringe players. Yoshida will be back, Boufal will probably start, Gunn may even get a game.
I think he'll rest Djenpo who seems to have struggled with injuries and I think Ings will be given the week off. I really hope that he goes with Adams as this would be a great chance to bag his first Saints goal particularly at saint Mary's.
Bets on first signing?
at 09:19 2 Jan 2020

I have no idea who but I am thinking that we must have been working on things behind the scenes. I think we might see a new face within a few days.
at 17:25 22 Dec 2019

Good to see he's not changed much. That was suicidal....
A centre back.
at 11:32 16 Dec 2019

My kingdom for a centre back...

OK we all know we need one in January. Does anyone actually know of one?
I don't watch enough football to be up on all the Championship teams, even less across Europe. All I know is that I doubt we will buy from another PL club.
In fact the only one that comes to mind is Phil Jones at United. He might fancy a change to get some games.
Other than that, any realistic suggestions?
Odd moments...
at 12:29 2 Dec 2019

Modern football can be soul destroying and cynical but there are moments when I remember why I love it.
Watching that Kevin De Bryne goal at the weekend was one of them. A goal that makes you just go "wow".

A little appreciation...
at 11:21 25 Nov 2019

Amongst all our troubles I think there has been one shining light.
Danny Ings.
When he arrived it was for a lot of money and initially more injuries made a lot of us doubt he was up to it. To be fair to the lad he gives 100% and in a struggling team is still scoring goals. Local too, so what's not to love.
I have to say that if we get a chance there's no one I'd rather it fall to than him.
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