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at 18:29 18 Aug 2018

Ok I'm not his biggest fan but we've had two games and both times we have not been on the pace in the first half. That cannot happen and the buck stops with him.
Bobby Madley
at 11:06 17 Aug 2018

Quits as a ref and as usual twitter is a glorious place for bonkers rumours. Well at least I hope it's just a rumour. !
If you don't know just go to twitter and search for Bobby Madley.
Of course if it's not true, then it's a terrible brush to be tarred with.
What does our future hold?
at 09:52 14 Aug 2018

Interesting piece here about Wolves.
They have huge ambition and so I guess money. If the top 6 becomes the top 8 or even the top 10, then maybe one day all PL clubs will be owned by billionaires all hell bent on global domination.
Seriously though, money talks. We are getting to the stage where there are around 10 clubs that can buy top players which squeezes the rest of us. Do we need say a Paul Allen to buy us and if not what will the future look like? What will be our maximum possible level? 15th? 16th?
Puel about to get the bullet
at 10:49 12 Aug 2018

According to sky.
What's happened to all the speculation?
at 12:15 18 Jul 2018

It all seems to have gone very quiet.
We've been linked to a few randoms on twitter but no one I've ever heard of. Then again I look at our 4 signings so far and frankly I'd never heard of them either.
I'd really like to see us make a statement and sign a striker. We aren't going to pay 50 million but someone with potential, quick and an eye for goal would be great.

Departures? I thought Long was off but there's no word on that. Bertrand? Possibly, who knows? Doesn't seem to have been any bids for any of our players.
at 15:18 10 Jul 2018

What news of departures. I thought Long was off but that's gone quiet. I also expect Forster is in the departure lounge.
France / Belgium...
at 10:30 10 Jul 2018

What do you think? It's a great game and so hard to call.
Belgium have the calls of De Bruyne, Hazaed and Lukaku and were great against Brazil.
But then the French have a great defence, Griezman, Mbape, Pogba on his day and are improving every game.

It's one of those where I wouldn't be surprised by either team winning.
If I had to, I'd say Belgium as they have a little more up front. Lukaku (who I've always thought was crap) scores goals and is very mobile. He was brilliant against Brazil. France have Giroud and whilst he's capable, I think the Belgian defence will find him easier to contain. So I'm going Belgium by the odd goal.
Where is our glorious leader ?
at 14:40 6 Jul 2018

Hardly a comment from Nick for weeks. does he have the summer off? Is he at the World Cup? Was he poisoned in Salisbury?
Or perhaps he just stands back during the close season and watches us devour each other like sh it house rats.
Hope this happens here...
at 13:05 5 Jul 2018

I for one am heartily sick of being told to gamble. Commercial radio is infested with gambling ads and even have segments of shows dedicated to the various company reps who come on and parrot odds like they are providing some sort of service.
TV coverage includes constant ads telling us what the odds are and even flash up whilst the players are shaking hands at the start - and if I never see Ray Winstone again it'll be too soon. Most of all I hating going to a game or the pub and having to hear what someone else has bet on!!!
Anyway it seems Italy has had enough too....
Maya looking good...
at 19:43 2 Jul 2018

But can he concentrate against lukaku for the entire game I wonder.
Top 3 things Les has screwed up.
at 09:29 22 Jun 2018

1. Dele Alli's thigh
2. Brexit. (we are leaving with no sell-on clause).
3. Excess plastic in the ocean.
Golf !
at 09:40 15 Jun 2018

I realise it's not a popular subject on here but this is worth a mention.
US Open yesterday. Tricky conditions. One player shot a record score of 22 over par. The worst score at a major championship for 16 years. Embarrassingly he was English.

More specifically he was from Portsmouth.
World Cup
at 11:55 12 Jun 2018

I read today that the Russians are expecting 40 thousand Mexicans and 20 thousand Columbian fans. That sounds extraordinary to me. I don't think even we have ever taken that many anywhere have we ?
Cautionary tale?
at 11:26 11 Jun 2018

Some quite worrying comments about Chinese ownership in there.....
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