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Don't move, Don't breathe, Don't sing, Don't Cheer, bring your book
at 16:19 9 Aug 2022

Hope they will be enforcing these over the top rules with the 3000 rowdy Leeds fans on Saturday. The idiot authorities are heading for big trouble if they start dragging home fans down the steps for standing or using the word sissy, with Leeds fans abusing us and we just have to sit there f@cking taking it.

Stand up if you love the Saints will be the response. The fans will fight back against all this authority at a football ground. The fans in the Northam arn't going to just sit there and watch fans being dragged down the steps just for standing or using an offensive word towards a load of Leeds mob.

It will affect the atmosphere. It will be like a library, even more than it already is. I don't pay hundreds of pounds to sit in a prison. And on the pitch, we are useless too. This is the last season ticket I am getting.
[Post edited 9 Aug 16:58]
Ronaldo what a c@nt
at 16:26 3 Aug 2022

He really thinks he is God. He gets paid f@cking half a million a week and acts like this. No wonder the the lionesses are better role models.
Saints fans turn on Ralph
at 19:31 7 May 2022

I have to admit I'm getting f@cking fed up of getting thrashed every week.
We just aren't good enough - Ralph's own words
at 19:39 30 Apr 2022
Oil Protestors F off
at 18:43 13 Apr 2022

Local station running out of petrol every few days. Wife needs to care for her very elderly mother and can't get petrol. These idiots are f@cking stupid. I'm not buying a 30 grand electric car and the wife is not getting on a bus late at night to and from mother in laws. They can f@ck off.
Football Ground Covid Chaos
at 19:22 8 Dec 2021

Putting aside all the politics, rights and wrongs, how an earth are football clubs going to enact the law to ensure that huge crowds show a covid passport or negative test? People can't get in on time as is it. A lot more staff will be needed to check all the fans. And unvaccinated fans will still show a fake passport to get in so it's f@cking pointless!!!!!!!!!
[Post edited 8 Dec 2021 19:28]
Don't watch the news
at 20:35 25 Oct 2021

I have never been so depressed in all my life after watching the news this evening. It started with kids starving to death in Afghanistan. It's just terrible. Plenty of food in the world, yet kids are starving to death. Heartbreaking. Those poor people. What kind of plan was that? Starve them all to death and wipe them off the planet?

Then a news report about mental health where people were collapsing in the streets of Burnley through anxiety and depression, stating that drugs and alcohol use is out of control.

Then climate experts saying the world is doomed and will be flooded by the year 2050, so we will all drown. Then a story about a gay person being lashed to death. What is wrong with human nature? Crikey, at least they said they are expecting the coronavirus cases to drop in the next few months for a tiny bit of good news!

And to top it off, I went to the local GP surgery to book an appointment, only to be told that I had to stand back from reception in case I had the virus and that I would have to ring that same receptionist in order to book an appointment, when I was right there!! Rang on the phone to be held in a queue and then it just cut off. This world is just crazy!!! It never used to be this difficult or complicated. Something has gone terribly wrong.

Come on Saints, let's get through to the quarter finals at least!

[Post edited 25 Oct 2021 20:54]
at 23:58 18 Sep 2021

Just seen our game on Match of the day. How can the ref not give us a penalty? All the pundits said it was and it was. Armstrong got bundled to the ground. So the ref goes over to the screen and says it wasn't a penalty when Armstrong was clearly elbowed to the ground. Can only be corrupt.
Ings suddenly finds his fitness again.
at 15:52 21 Aug 2021

Cracking goal he has scored. He has scored 2 in 2 games, only managing that in half a year at Saints. Funny that!
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