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To all those attending St Marys today
at 09:07 22 Aug 2021

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the experience. In my heart of hearts i am hoping that i am going to regret not travelling up today (in order to queue for an hour or two) to catch the game and see Saints pull off a result.

Instead i will now be tending to the garden and parking my backside on the couch around 13:00hrs.
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Upcoming gigs....
at 11:11 8 Aug 2021

In order to deflect some attention away from Saints at present, has anyone got any decent gigs coming up?
Watch Wrexham.....
at 13:45 1 Jun 2021

.........fly up the leagues. The Black Box has moved on and is undergoing a reboot as we speak.
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at 12:17 15 May 2021

Nice to see the Saints / Hummel retro kits. Have to say they certainly produced some of the all time greats. Seeing 'Draper' / 'Draper Tools' as the sponsor got me thinking at how it must be nice for them getting some free publicity, that said are Draper still going? Is their 'base' still in Eastleigh / Chandlers Ford?
Godspeed You! Black Emperor
at 13:55 10 Apr 2021

Anyone got their new album? Bloödy fantastic effort if you ask me.......
Kevin De Bruyne
at 18:47 9 Apr 2021

Fair play, maybe all footballers are not complete thickos and some do have the odd brain cell.

Apparently the lad agreed a new contract / deal with City which he brokered all by himself and no agent involvement. You never know, perhaps this could catch on and wipe out at least a small portion of the greedy agent fees (probably wont however and the players will simply coin more cash for themselves).

Mind you, most footballers probably need an agent to write 'print' their names below the signatures.
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If Thiery Henry........
at 18:29 19 Feb 2021

....ends up at Boscombe how will Pompey130 and his liitle chums cope?
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So we are only the 11th team....
at 22:36 7 Dec 2020

.....in PL history to reach the 1000 point milestone. No doubt 130 will have a different take on this 'fact'......
What is the best (anticipated) gig....
at 18:37 30 Nov 2020

....you have missed this year as a result of the pandemic?

I was personally looking forward to the Black Futures gig in Camden but that went tits.......
at 13:16 11 Oct 2020

United and Liverpool are again pushing for plans to reduce the PL to 18 and make the elite richer?

Crack on boys....how about instead though you all fcuk off to a new Euro Superleague and leave the rest of us to watch our teams continue to play other English clubs in a domestic league.

I seriuosly wonder if we are now at a crossroads whereby fans of non fashionable PL teams turn their backs for good?
Since Leicester basically copied.......
at 18:27 27 Sep 2020

.....or adopted the wonderful 'Southampton Way' of doing things, is anyone else asking themselves when we might see some similar results, i.e. us winning the league or pushing the top 6 (so when they fail we are there) to 'mop up' one of the European spots?

Just wondering if the wheels are still on the bus or not.......
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FAO - Solent Toffee
at 13:45 21 Jul 2020

Not sure if you have sky or not, but just seen (sky documentaries) there is a 2 hour doc on Everton - 'Howards Way'. I will watch it later but expect it to be interesting since it involves your halcyon years under Howard Kendall (all of course pre the day when football was 'officially created' circa 1992).
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How long before...
at 18:52 3 Jul 2020

....130 comes on here boasting of a 47,231 attendance at the Old Girl tonight?
Home games
at 14:37 19 Jun 2020

With no fans to boo the players nor show their contempt by walking out of St. Marys on 80 minutes, do we think this will have a major impact on the amount of goals we win these remaining matches by? I am fully expecting home wins for all our remaining games and a big bonus kitty for league positions climbed.

[Post edited 19 Jun 2020 14:38]
Why are the majority of Saints fans....
at 11:35 14 Jun 2020

...so quick to want to dismiss or get rid of our players?

Genuine question as of late i see people saying how Bertrand might be too old, Hjolberg ain't all he's cracked up to be, Danso is useless etc. etc.

Whilst i am not saying i agree or disagree with the views sometimes posted, but i don't get it. Especially now as funds are tight and we rightly live within our means.

Bertrand is a case in example. This guy has one the Champions League, capped at international level and yet some want him gone. Question - if he goes who can we a) get better b) for similar monies and c) how do we know their attitude will be half decent?

Especially under the current financial climate i think some of our fan base are bonkers. If we had a sugar daddy then perhaps my views would be similar but we don't. Are we simply too quick to say get shot of our playing staff?
God bless our beloved northern trade partner....
at 07:18 12 Jun 2020



Must admit i particularly enjoyed the bit about how LFC 'gifted us' Danny Ings and how this has smoothed any lingering tensions between the club.

To this end i will be ever grateful to the scousers for helping us out and allowing us to push on and improve our squad. God bless LFC.

Now then, how much is coming our way when Mané and Van Dijk win the league?
[Post edited 12 Jun 2020 7:19]
The Secret Machines
at 18:06 6 Jun 2020

Just reminiscing and playing my way through a couple of Secret Machines albums, cracking band. Anyone lucky enough to see them in the day before one of the brothers sadly passed away?

I have seen my fair share of bands in my life but alas i never caught these guys. Bit gutted really now.

If you had to name one artist or act you would go back in time to see, who would it be?
[Post edited 6 Jun 2020 18:08]
Shane Long
at 12:08 4 Jun 2020

I believe Pat might now be more than a happy chappy?

More good news following RH signing a new deal.

[Post edited 4 Jun 2020 12:08]
Hall of Fame
at 17:53 2 Jun 2020

I wonder when the Premier League plan to anounce the first of its 'Hall of Fame Inductees?'
[Post edited 2 Jun 2020 18:27]
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