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VAR not working at Villa Park?
at 18:56 17 Jun 2020

Victim of Coronavirus?

Villa keeper carries ball pehind the post, no goal?
at 20:48 27 May 2020

What have you done, achieved, had to do you probably wouldn't have otherwise?

Walked, averaging 6.2 miles a day so far in May, (like walking to Derby ), averaged 4miles per day April, lost a stone.
Cut own hair, easy really, shaved a grade 2.
Cut dogs hair with clippers with groomers shut, easy clip really as Springer Spaniel, and hair not curly.
Talked to wife.
Drunk more water, one beer a day, eaten less.
Queued outside a supermarket and chip shop.
Ordered 2 Sunday dinners delivered to your house for the last 6 weeks, Master Builder West End £9.95, recommended, now on rolling Sunday order
Watched no News programmes on TV for 2 months, it's as if nothing else happens.
Not put any petrol in car, as haven't driven further than a 5 mile journey.

Probably more, but you lot got any more?
[Post edited 27 May 21:51]
Your First FA Cup Final/ World Cup Final memories.
at 23:54 21 May 2020

Mine, giving age away.

Man City V Leicester 1969, first time i ever watched anything on colour TV, don't think we got colour TV at home till early 1970's.
I can remember every FA Cup final 1970-1988, hardly any after, except 2003.

Mexico 1970, Gordon Banks save.
[Post edited 22 May 9:43]
Best Saints team stating with the same letter
at 23:26 21 May 2020

Open up with an M, try and use in correct positions if poss,

S Mills
M Mills

Manager, Lawrie.

Use any letter, you can do better
Football's Back
at 22:19 14 May 2020

The government have said that as from Wednesday, we can only play sports, including football, with members of the same family.

Norwich v Ipswich kicks off on Friday at 7.45
The Day West Brom fans outnumber Little Portsmouth's at Fratton Park in 1994
at 23:55 9 Apr 2020

Two time English Champions, FA Cup winners,EFL & Hampshire Cup winners, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Div winners, best supported team in the Universe outnumbered by Little West Brom?
Surely this can't be true? (Little Pompey managed 5000 for one game that season,
so maybe)


4 years ago
Great day. 10,000+ Albion fans in a 17,000 crowd.

Michael Ottley
3 months ago
Everyone had to pay £10 cash on the day. Took the ground staff by surprise and they had to move the Portsmouth fans from their usual area as Baggies fans kept arriving!

Graham Chambers
2 years ago (edited)
I remember it well I drove a hired furniture van with about 6 of my mates in the back plus a wolves fan [ who all the way there was saying you lot are f......g mad ha ha took about 7 hours to get there van would only go at 65 mile ph worth it though great day we took about 11 thousand I think that day boing boing
Kyle Walker ignores Lockdown
at 11:29 6 Apr 2020

8pm Tonight.
at 19:36 2 Apr 2020

Don't forget to get outside your house for a chorus of,

'If you all hate Pompey clap your hands'

The whole Country will join in, again
Six months ago tonight, 24 September.
at 23:35 24 Mar 2020

Lord Nelson!Lord Beaverbrook! Sir Winston Churchill! Sir Anthony Eden! Clement Attlee!
Henry Cooper! Lady Diana! Maggie Thatcher! 130! — can you hear me, 130?
Your boys took one hell of a beating!”
Britain To Abandon The Pound £
at 12:29 22 Mar 2020

In a move which has taken the financial community by surprise, the government has announced that Great Britain will abandon the pound sterling as the unit of currency. From next month, the unit of currency will be the Loo Roll. Explaining the decision, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, stated that recent events in supermarkets have made it clear that the loo roll is widely seen as a stronger and safer store of value than the pound and he hoped that the new move would provide some stability to financial markets.

Work has already begun on selling the country's gold reserves and replacing them with loo roll reserves. This is creating logistical problems as loo rolls require more space than gold bars and so civil servants are looking for buildings in London which are serving no useful purpose. The House of Commons was considered but ruled out as a fire risk because of the frequent occurrence of hot air. An alternative is to store the loo rolls in the Tate Modern, which would also have the advantage that they would probably win the Turner Prize.

Coins will no longer be used. Instead, the public will carry a loo roll on a string over the shoulder, peeling off a sheet for each 1p spent. Gucci has already designed a leather thong for only 2999 LR.

For larger denominations, bank notes will still be required and graphic artists have been commissioned to produce designs. The 10 LR note is to have a picture of Thomas Crapper on one side and the Queen sitting on her throne on the other side. As a security measure to prevent forgeries, each note will bear a hologram of a labrador puppy.

The government has established a task force to consider other implications of the change. For example, a new security company will be set up to guard public toilets against the looting of loo rolls, It is to be called Guard-a-Loo. Historians have suggested that a different name be chosen or the guards be provided with waterproof clothing.

Speculation is mounting over whether other countries will follow Britain's lead. However, a spokesman for the European Central Bank has said that there is no truth in the rumour that the Euronote is to be replaced by the Urinate. “That's just taking the piss”, he said.
Final Premier League table
at 23:33 5 Mar 2020

If you've got 10 minutes to spare, have a go at this, the final table may surprise you.


I did it 3 weeks back, had Liverpool on 101 points, Saints 51, and Brighton, Bournemouth and Norwich relegated.
Quiz, name these 10 football grounds
at 23:01 9 Feb 2020


Unimpressive 7/10 from me
Aaron Mooy
at 22:24 24 Jan 2020

What a bargain @5m for Brighton.
Would have thought better clubs than Brighton in the PL would've been interested, liked to have seen him here.

Good player.


Remaining 14 Fixtures Predictions
at 16:07 22 Jan 2020

Liverpool A...........................L 1-2
Burnley H.............................D 0-0
Aston Villa H........................W 3-1
West Ham United A.............D 2-2
Newcastle United H.............W 2-0
Norwich City A.....................W 4-0 (Pompey of the East)
Arsenal H..............................D 1-1
Watford A.............................W 2-1
Manchester City H................L 0-1
Everton.................................D 1-1
Manchester United...............L 1-2
Brighton and Hove Albion.....W 2-1
AFC Bournemouth.................L 1-3 (Good neighbours)
Sheffield United H.................W 3-1

So the crystal ball says W6, D4, L4, 22points, 53 total, enough for top half.
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