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So who's going to the Sheff Utd game
at 20:40 4 Dec 2020

I see they've sorted the method of allocation. Seems fair enough I guess

[Post edited 4 Dec 20:40]
at 18:30 4 Dec 2020

Doing their best to come straight back up again and will probably be top tonight.

Wonder how Eddie Howe feels as it's his team generally apart from his star players that went in the summer?
86 World Cup
at 12:22 29 Nov 2020

They're showing it now on bbc2 having just caughtvit by chance and saw the Brazil v France 1/4 final and we moan about ref decisions now!

Lineker just scored against Paraguay
Tomorrow night
at 18:32 22 Nov 2020

If my sums are right, and Lpool and Leicester draw we go back in to a Champs League spot with a win
Let's just milk it and start getting serious if in the same are come January
Will be a nice feeling
at 13:51 21 Nov 2020

I see he's getting rave reviews in the press this morning and being almost Moanio's saviour as Spurs stand out player almost particularly for the bite he gives their midfield

Why then was he getting dogs down here? Strange that his pass rate their is the best as well, but not down here

Can't blame the manager as Ralph is the best!
Tonight's game
at 21:10 12 Nov 2020

So is anyone watching England tonight?
No, I'm not either.......
Gomez out
at 16:07 11 Nov 2020

Now watch Kloppity moan!!
Now Sean Connery
at 12:44 31 Oct 2020

Was he the best Bond? Probably although the Roger Moore films were the more entertaining
Rock on Tommy!
at 15:05 29 Oct 2020

Poor old Bobby Ball RIP. Had tested positive for Covid as well, so another stat I'm afraid

Just stupid escapism slapstick comedy in day's gone by, but made us laugh. How we could do with some light entertainment right now
Early days but
at 21:56 25 Oct 2020

Just looked at the league table and of the "big six" there's only one of them in the top 8!!

Ok,that could (will) change with game in hand etc, but does it not show why the Prem is the best league in the world for competition
I'm getting worried
at 15:32 21 Oct 2020

There hasn't yet been a petition raised to be debated in Parliament as to whether there should be a national inquiry to assist Liverpool Football Club in getting our country's No.1 goalkeeper hung, drawn and quartered for causing an injury to a player that may mean that they won't be the first team to retain the Premiership title. I mean it was 3 or 4 days ago

Kloppity has been trying his best (no doubt no action against him for berating all 6 officials), and Winjnaldum also for the abuse he gave a fellow professional and that he didn't care about what happened to God (sorry, VvD) and that he was completely "stupid"

They should at least get 2 points added to aid them for they would obviously have won the game with him playing, even more so because their players apparently lost sleep Saturday night thinking about it FFS!

It wasn't good, but if this was another club what would the reaction be

Return match should be interesting
Old Firm game thread
at 13:30 17 Oct 2020

Well, why not. Bit of ex saints interest. Good to see Steven Davies still there and generally getting it right.

But just watched Elyounoussi miss a sitter with a simple keeper lob so he's still there as well!! He is trying though and lots of running about but no real end product. Flatter to deceive?
at 19:55 13 Oct 2020

This to me really does seem to show a sign of desperation and really did not think that he would need to do this or are things that bad. As much of a hero that he is to all down here, I'm not so sure this puts a good light on the situation. At least Poirot will be happy

Is this real?
at 16:00 4 Oct 2020

Can't think why they are in the 3rd division. Not sure whether to post this as a football or non football thread

Where's 130?
at 17:15 3 Oct 2020

Thought he would have been on here by now
Tom Davies
at 15:31 22 Sep 2020

Happy with that? According to Talksport it's a done deal from "sources" on Merseyside and the South Coast

One to sit in front of the back 4 and can distribute. Has age on our side and despite his age a fair amount of Prem experience

Solent T - have you heard anything or views?
Value for money
at 19:06 21 Sep 2020

While we have all been moaning about the mollions we've wasted over the past few years on 4 or 5 players, wonder how Chelsea fans feel about £75m on 1 keeper who no other prem team, including us, would take

To me that just shows how obscene the amount of money they have spent over the years as they probably couldn't give a sh1t that they'll only get maybe 20 or 30 mill back for him
at 12:07 19 Sep 2020

So Wolves have sold Jota to the Scousers for £45m. For a club apparently now in the upper tier of prem football, what dies this tell their fans selling such an asset?
Dodgy subject I know
at 09:28 18 Sep 2020

But is anyone getting a bit fed up with all this Sir Tom stuff?

Not sure how I feel and he did fantastically well with the money raised, how he cheered the country up and I'd love to think I'll be as sprightly as him as a centenarian, but now I see he's got an autobiography out now!

I'm assuming there must be a lot of people about out there actually making a few bob out of this or is everyone involved sending ALL of the profits from what he's doing, inc TV companies, to the causes that got him on the front pages?

I say fair play to him and he's no doubt making the most of it all, but I'm finding it a bit overloaded now
4000 hits!
at 09:45 15 Sep 2020

Glad to see Nick has achieved that milestone at the top of the page

Has anyone else achieved this with one post?
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