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Dodgy subject I know
at 09:28 18 Sep 2020

But is anyone getting a bit fed up with all this Sir Tom stuff?

Not sure how I feel and he did fantastically well with the money raised, how he cheered the country up and I'd love to think I'll be as sprightly as him as a centenarian, but now I see he's got an autobiography out now!

I'm assuming there must be a lot of people about out there actually making a few bob out of this or is everyone involved sending ALL of the profits from what he's doing, inc TV companies, to the causes that got him on the front pages?

I say fair play to him and he's no doubt making the most of it all, but I'm finding it a bit overloaded now
4000 hits!
at 09:45 15 Sep 2020

Glad to see Nick has achieved that milestone at the top of the page

Has anyone else achieved this with one post?
The American takeover
at 10:42 13 Sep 2020

I see Adam Blackmore has said on Twitter it's "BS" and he's usually fairly itk, but he still says there will probably be a sale in the next few months
at 10:56 10 Sep 2020

I may have missed it, but will there be a logo on the shirts this weekend? Or are they still wearing the old shirts as seems a shame to waste them
[Post edited 10 Sep 11:05]
PEH dropped then
at 19:44 8 Sep 2020

Not a good start for his Champions League aspirations
[Post edited 8 Sep 19:53]
We're going down
at 13:07 6 Sep 2020

Well according to Oliver Holt in the MoS!

All entitled to their opinion I know, and I used to have some respect for him, but did he not see the league table after the restart!

We've just bought a CB who is already being talked about as going to the top 4 and we had 2 players on the pitch last night with one certainly not looking out of place on the international arena, and the other did his bit for 20 mins
Home or office
at 16:15 28 Aug 2020

As it is now going to be the subject of a government campaign to get you back in the office I just wondered what people's views are, and then what are they actually going to do?

I always have shared between office and home anyway before all this ongoing stuff so I've just carried on as normal

Although certainly feel for the ancillary businesses (sandwich shop type places) that are undoubtedly suffering because majority are going to carry on working from home, but should one business expend vast amounts on larger office spaces, commuting costs etc to support these other businesses that rely on them

My main issue is the social interaction side that workers must miss being on their own all day and the mental effect that may have on them

Difficult one
McGuire guilty!!
at 17:32 25 Aug 2020

But also in the England squad!! Wonder how long for now ..................
at 22:06 16 Aug 2020

So we've got the best league in the world! Haven't done too well in Europe over the last few days have we

Too many prima donna's and not enough team players? Or actually we are just not as good as we think we are?
Wolves tonight
at 22:33 11 Aug 2020

Just seen the Jimenez penalty miss tonight. Yet another cr@ppy trying to tease the keeper and stop start walk up a la Ings (hate to knock that guy), but why tf do they try that! Only a few can do it successfully. Just welly the fkng thing!
10 years ago
at 17:35 10 Aug 2020

today was the passing of the Club's saviour, Marcus Leibherr

Where would we be now if he didn't spend some of his pocket money to buy the club, and where would we be if he was still around today

I thought I'd just google his name and although described as a German-Swiss businessman, quite rightly obviously, but all the photos that spring up are those of him with that smile on his face and the scarf!

God Bless Him
Happy Birthday
at 08:58 7 Aug 2020

To Wints youngest

(I do read some other posts)
[Post edited 7 Aug 8:59]
at 17:36 6 Aug 2020

Good to hear that the Prem clubs have voted against the 5 subs allowed for next season.

Without a doubt if it had gone through the bigger squad clubs would have benefitted and then just think of the time wasting with the changeovers
Last night's line up
at 08:01 14 Jul 2020

Must be unusual and haven't looked at the other Prem team's in particular, but we had 8 English and 1 Scot in that starting line up which must be some sort of record in recent times and brings back memories of years gone by before the foreign influx which was hailed as a backward step for the National team.
Everton game
at 22:24 6 Jul 2020

A big'un on Thursday now with them losing tonight. They're only 1 point ahead on same games now and apparently pretty cr@p game so we could star looking up a couple of places seriously now
Or am I getting above our station, this is Saints after all!
Ennio Morricone
at 08:30 6 Jul 2020

Must be some classical music buffs on here? Sad news that the composer of so many great film scores just passed away aged 91. Even if you haven't heard of him I'll absolutely guarantee you'll know his music - just think The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, A Fistful of Dynamite and all the spaghetti westerns etc

Was lucky enough to see him with 200 piece orchestra and choir at the O2 couple of years ago, quite an experience

Kloppy is such a heartwarming man
at 17:40 4 Jul 2020

I see he has said that unless every squad player gets a medal, even with just one game all season, he will give his medal away. I thought it used to be 12 games, but it seems now it's 5
No doubt the rules will be changed to suit them
Something dodgy at Wigan
at 22:32 3 Jul 2020

If this is all genuine and who's to say it's not with the amount of research has gone in to i it seems, someone at the EFL should be hung drawn and quartered

That dreaded virus
at 16:55 16 Jun 2020

It seems someone at Bristol City is positive! Let's hope we escape following last week's game

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