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Feeling good about the result today
at 21:22 17 Oct 2020

I did not have the privilege of watching the game today and had to rely on the radio commentary but I was delighted with the way we came back, never gave up and fought to the very last whistle. Pre-Hassenhuttl we would rarely played to the last minute, in fact we often lost games in the dying moments of a match.

I am not deluded, clearly we still conceded 3 goals today and we went 2-0 down quite early in a game which we cannot afford to do too often and hope to get away with it and we still have a poor record overall against the top sides, but for now I am going to enjoy the result for what it is and what sounded like a fighting spirited performance and looking forward to MOTD.
Carlo Ancelotti
at 22:40 3 Oct 2020

His comment on James when the pundit said he has fitted in well - "players with quality do not need time to adapt"

at 20:08 21 Sep 2020

I suppose he is out of our league price and salary wise but apparently Chelsea are looking to off load him. He would be the experience etc that we need at the back though and he is fit to play!
Too quick to react
at 23:08 20 Sep 2020

Following todays result, I was too quick to vent my frustration and disappointment on this board instead of pausing and reflecting on the performance and game. Truth is, all I had to go on was the radio commentary, so I even made my comments without properly assessing the game.

Having seen highlights since and viewed other comments it is clear that there were some aspects of our game that were actually quite good, even only we could take our chances more. We focus heavily on the lack of quality in our defence over the recent seasons but equalling (Ings aside) our quality in converting chances is also poor and it was today.

Don't get me wrong, I still remain disappointed and annoyed with how we have approached the start of this season and our failure again to deal with the deficiencies on our squad. Though Hojberg was not great or anything that special I did think he did a job. If we were going to let him go we should have had a replacement lined up - it is not as if we did not know he was going and this has been a trend in our transfer dealings in recent seasons - happy to let people go, less happy to be prepared for it by having someone who can fill the gap - that is poor club planning and management.

I like Romeu and he has been a great servant for us but he is clumsy and a booking a game and he is not going to take us forward.

I have supported Stephens, when many haven't but even I have to admit that he has had a very poor start to this season.

What has left me with some hope out of today is that, we did attack, we did create alot of chances and even at 5-1 it looked like we were still fighting. Djenepo played well as did Ings as usual. What of our manager? I like Ralph and he is a decent guy but he still seems naive at times and he has to accept responsibility for a. the team not being properly ready for the season and b. not making the changes that are needed when a game is starting to go against us (though whether he has the quality of the players to do it is a moot point). I want Ralph to stay and I believe he can take us onto better things but he can only do that with an owner and board that will back him and so far these owners are not backing the club, the team, full stop. Kat Liebherr made a bad and costly error of judgement in terms of the future of the club (hate to say that as her Father gave us a future and built hope) when she joined forces with Gao and no matter what Nick or anyone says, I lay alot of blame for the slow undermining of the quality of the team at his feet - he needs to go and the sooner the better.

In the meantime, we need Salisu fit (whether or not he will make a difference, who knows) and we need to purchase a midfielder before the transfer window closes and preferably another CB and here I agree with Nick, we need experience. Lawrie McMenemy was a deft hand at purchasing experienced players at the twilight of their careers who made a difference and acted as a wise head when the youngsters played.

For me, I need to pause before I react in future - though will I - I somehow doubt it - emotion of the game gets to me sometimes. But, you just know, no matter how bad it ever gets there is only ever going to be one team for me.
Why, why, why.....
at 14:02 20 Sep 2020

....do we Saints fans have to go through this every f***ing season year in and year out. It always seems to be us that has to put up with poor starts to every season, lack of quality in the transfer market and worst of all, not just defeats but punishing embarrassing defeats.

Sick of it.....and they will get away with it won't they? Who is there now to tell them that this is unacceptable. In fact, do they even care.

We are soft and spineless. How is it we can play like we did a few weeks ago and in such a short time revert back to where we were last autumn? Oh, we may pull the season round at some point, but already we are on a mission of trying to repair a mess and do catch up.

As for Ralph, he clearly has some tactical shortcomings
It's the same flipping narrative every season...........
at 22:07 16 Sep 2020

Start the season slow and get worse. Lose some games badly, then decide to have a bit of a run leading upto Christmas and then dip again and then have a final fling at the end to get us over the line. Sick of it, yes. Doesn't seem to matter who the manager is or who plays it is the same again and again.

RH says that he wanted to play his first team to get some practice in as we did not have a pre-season - for heavens sake it was only a few weeks ago we stopped playing.

Tired of the same excuses, the same narrative, the same disappointment.

This result is embarrassing and it looks like we are heading for another heavy defeat if we carry on like this.

We make one signing this summer (accepting that KWP was not really new) and he is not flipping available - another common narrative with our club. Why is it that whoever we sign always seems to have to take weeks before they can be used for the purpose they were purchased for?

I have no doubt that some player will be trotted out to say how they must do better etc etc.

Well, the fans can't be blamed this time, not by Ralph, the team or the author of this site.

Sorry to rant and I know I am not ranting that coherently but for once I believed we would start this season better and instead of that it is the same old stuff. The cover of the book may change with a new date but the pages read the same.
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