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Eintract Frankfurt
at 22:31 28 Apr 2022

Thought they looked pretty good tonight. Good support as well in and outside the ground.

Never been to a game in Germany but wouldn't mind the experience - though that would make me one of those flippin' tourist football fans..........I could even top a trip off with a half and half scarve!
Just a thought................
at 13:13 13 Apr 2022

I see Kenny Shiels the Northern Ireland manager of the womens team probably unwisely suggested that women are more emotional when they concede a goal which leads to them conceding more goals.

It made me wonder what he would say or make of our men's first team then because at one stage we were conceding roughly every 6-8 minutes on Saturday!
Patrick Vieira
at 08:09 5 Apr 2022

At the risk of getting shouted down for daring to highlight a manager of another team, I have to say thus far I have been impressed with him - the way he goes about the job - no histrionics or noise, just quietly getting on with the job and the way he has set up the team to be effective and efficient. I can quite see them beating Chelsea in the semi.

Conor Gallagher is a hell of a player as well. He seems to have endless energy and determination.
My take on the Leeds Utd game
at 11:15 3 Apr 2022

I have to admit, I found this an enjoyable entertaining game to watch, which is not the same as saying that it was full of quality and control. At times it was a 100 miles per hour frenetic stuff and virtually the whole game was end to end where the result could have gone either way but a draw at the end felt about right.

For the most part I felt that Leeds shaded the first half with the bulk of the chances though the officials did seem to favour the home side. There were at least 2 clear moments that we should have had a free kick and arguably the failure to give a free kick for Broja ultimately lead to the opening goal though we had time to defend it better than we did before the final outcome.

We had a chance to equalise not long after that and again our tame shots at goal throughout the game meant that their goalkeeper was not troubled too much. Quite why our shots persist to be like back passes and almost inevitably aimed direct at the opposing keeper is beyond me. Sometimes if they just hit a shot with a force it may force a save that could rebound or just go in.

The 2nd half I felt we were on the whole the better team but Leeds were always a threat when going forward. As usual JWP got his chance and took in a way only he seems to know how. We could have gone ahead shortly after that.

It was entertaining stuff with both sides going forward with purpose but never giving up. I don't think anyone played badly yesterday. More importantly we looked up for it and willing to get stuck into a battle. Stand outs again were Kyle Walker Peters, JWP, Che Adams and at times Diallo - though he is inconsistent - some good passes but quite weak in the tackle. Livramento worked hard though his final ball at times needs to improve. Our defence looked pretty solid and did a professional job generally and Forster pulled off a couple of good saves.

It wasn't a perfect display by any means but I felt that there were 2 teams that went for it - as you would have expected with Leeds. I don't like their ground, the view is not great and the their fans are pretty unlikeable but for me it was easy to get to and I came away feeling that I had had an enjoyable afternoon's entertainment. I just wish we were more of a force in front of goal because some of the build up is excellent and deserves a better outcome.
A very bad day at the office
at 08:50 6 Mar 2022

When Saints have a bad day at the office, we have a very bad day at the office. We don't do subtle downturns in performance. We are either good or very bad.

Strangely I went to the game sorting of expecting that Villa may put an end to our run though I wasn't quite expecting this level of bad performance. The trip to Villa was good from York and that was about the best part of the day. The other thing was the excellent support at the start of the game and the recognition by Saints fans to the on-going war in Ukraine.

Alot of me wants to restrain being over critical because we have had such a good run, some excellent results and performances and even the best teams have a bad day. The thing is with Saints: will it be a one off bad day or the start of a collapse repeating last seasons end of the season? there were some players yesterday that if we have to rely solely on them does not fill me with confidence at all.

The natural thing is to start with the pairing of Bednarek and Stephens. Can best be described as Absolutely shocking. Both of these are ok when they are playing individually with a good defender but both are dreadful as a pairing. They were literally all over the place. They offered no defence whatsover - indeed, I bet the Russians wish they were facing a defence like that! I am not sure why Salisu is out but boy did we miss him. But, it shows yet again how vulnerable we are at the back by only having one excellent defender to carry the torch which is ok until that person is missing for some reason.

But, enough about the defence, I really would be hard to find anyone in the team other than Forster who had even an average game. Just about everybody seemed to be off their game. If it was not for Forster this game would have been perhaps not a 9-0 but certainly a 6 or 7. Livramento looked sluggish, the whole midfield made no in roads, Broja seemed more inclined to get sent off than he did in helping the team with his pointless battles when the game was clearly lost (even though I accept Tyrone Mings is an ar*e).

Gerrard and Villa did their homework and what a front line they have when they are all firing.

Collapses like this are simply not good enough and the fact that we still seem to have this potential in our team is not a good luck. With RH you either get very good or bl**dy awful, though I suppose at least you don't get boring or mediocrity.

The thing is that RH mixed it up on Wednesday presumably to save players for Villa. That could have gone horribly wrong on Wednesday had West Ham been better than they were. Saving some players did not work at all on this occasion.

For all our great performances and results this season I have not personally done that well away from home - Arsenal away, Liverpool away, Wolves away, Everton away and Villa away - may be I should stay away!

As I said, I don't want to damn the team or manager too much as every team has a bad day now and then and I have on the whole enjoyed this season and watching Saints again with some great performances and results. It has on the whole been a pleasure. I just hope really hope though that yesterday was a one off and our season does not now fall off a cliff. Newcastle will be tough but we need to get something to avoid those fears of something setting in and Watford are poor but are capable of clawing a drab dull draw or 1-0 win. One thing I can't face is a performance like that away to Leeds. I don't think I could go to work.

A footnote: yesterday showed that we may have a deeper squad but we do not have quality in depth in all areas. We can forget any pretences to challenging at a higher level until we have remedied that.

Anyway, yesterday was what it was and we move onto the next game.
[Post edited 6 Mar 9:52]
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