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at 19:45 7 Apr 2019

Yesterdays was a borefest but todays game between Wolves and Watford the complete opposite. Up until Deleufeo scored Watford were not in it and Wolves were cruising and looking very good, but Watford late show and key substitutions made the difference. Both sides are going to offer a real test for us. You wonder whether Wolves will bite back after todays defeat or slink away and go into hiding. Hopefully the latter. Both will be a dangerous test for us.

What I have noticed in numerous games is how key it is to have quality substitutions and getting it right in the closing stages of a game, particularly, if the game is not going in your favour.
Emiliano Sala and Crocodile tears!
at 23:23 25 Mar 2019

Am I alone in thinking that Cardiff's approach since the death and the dust has settled towards the purchase and payment of Sala is somewhat unedifying and lacking in dignity and hypocrisy? They milked his death for all it was worth, banners and moments of silence saying, "one of us and always will be" - but hold on a minute, may be not one of us and if we can prove he was not, we do not have to pay any of the fee!

You might think that the 2 clubs would come together and agree a 50/50 split at least.

I suppose, what I do not know is how our board would behave, but you would hope that there would be some sense of decency in the face of adversity. But, football is full of hypocrisy and nothing speaks louder than the price and value of a footballer - dead or alive and Cardiff have shown that for all their plaudits and favourable media attention and sympathy, there is now a smell of crocodile tears.
at 21:40 25 Mar 2019

Good consummate performance away from home.

A couple of needless cards near the end, which showed a bit of immaturity. Tyldesley commentary a little annoying, especially the constant need to say Hudson-Odoi even when he was nowhere near the ball - commentary reminded me of when Rooney started out!

Champions League
at 22:05 5 Mar 2019

I have to admit, I thought Spurs looked good tonight. I have to hope that they have a very bad day at the weekend and we have an exceptional one.

But, that aside, Ajax are looking superb and our friend Mr Tadic scored again. They have a nice young side and play some good football. Would not complain if Hassenhuttl models us on them. I suspect he would have got the best out of Tadic. Real Madrid look a busted flush and I hear Bale is having a miserable time. I can dream, but wouldn't it be wonderful if Bale forego a hefty salary and said he wanted to play out his career where it started at Saints...…..ok, back to reality. Bale is never going to come back and we probably won't beat Spurs.
Proud but disappointed
at 13:51 3 Mar 2019

I hope this comes across in the right vain. I was very proud to be a Saints fan yesterday, for the style of the football we played, for our approach to a game, which even the most ardent Saints supporter probably thought we had a cat in hells chance of getting anything out of and what appeared to be a great team spirit with some excellent goals. We also battled and played against an official who seemed to wear only the glasses of Man U (why do we always seem to get "bent" officials in key games against Man U - Gabbiadini at Wembley disallowed goal as another example?).

So, why despite all the positives, did I end up feeling disappointed, frustrated even annoyed with Saints again?

The reason was, that for the umpteenth time this season we were within minutes of coming away with something that could have made such a difference. In recent games I think we have lost 5 or 6 points from failing to hold on to what we have in the dying minutes or seconds of a game:-

Burnley - seconds away from a win, ended with a point;
Cardiff - seconds away from a point in a bad game, ended up with nothing;
Man U - minutes away from a draw ended up with nothing.

So for all our brilliant play yesterday we still failed to see it through to the end. Yes, we get the plaudits for playing some good football and excellent goals, but we came away with nothing. A point (when we did not expect anything) would have given us a 3 point gap over Cardiff (the goal difference would be like another point). It would also have drawn Burnley back into the fray with their defeat and kept the pressure on Brighton. There are certainly no guarantees we will get anything against Spurs and neither against Brighton. What a shame that for all our endeavours and lovely football our failure to hold on in games could send us down and Cardiff could crawl out of it with their awful brand of football.

I know it is selfish as usually I would love to see Saints players get recognition and get called up for their country, but I sincerely hope JWP does not get called up. I appreciate I_would will not agree with me, but we need him to stay fit for us at this critical time, as I cannot see who will fill his boots if he should be lost to injury.

I was proud of the lads yesterday and I was excited by our football and the game, but at critical stages of the season like this, there are no points for just putting in a good performance if at the end of it, you cannot hold onto what you have.
at 16:56 1 Mar 2019

I understand that Lemina is still not available. I cannot imagine that there isn't a Saints fan who does not find his lack of availability and the lack of information related to his absence strange. He may well have some sort of stomach issue that is quite serious, but would you not say something other than it is just a stomach issue after all this time? His whole absence and reason for not being available appears to be shrouded in secrecy.

It is looking that there is more to his absence than meets the eye and is not all around medical issues. if it is, medical, then the level of secrecy and the fact that RH seems to gloss over Lemina in his interviews (other than saying it is not possible for him to play) will not help quell any suspicion that the club et al are being economical with the facts.
That is how to defend.....
at 21:31 18 Feb 2019

I cannot stand the club, the city or their legions of tourist arrogant fans, but I even I have to admit that that was a consummate display by Man Utd against a largely toothless Chelsea side. Man U's defence was superb, literally snuffed out every chance of a possible attack, the way they defended in number and Herrera was excellent. Pains me to say it, but Shaw looked class tonight - seems to be realizing his potential now.

I hope our players were watching on how to defend a game. I know the quality of players is different, but if you work together as a team all over the pitch then you stop the opposition and make anything possible (streuth I almost sounded like Puel with that final word).
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