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Alex McCarthy
at 21:59 16 Jun 2019

There seems to be growing noise that Liverpool are interested in him. Any truth in it or just media rumour and hype? I suspect TCM will have his finger on the pulse.
Nigel Adkins
at 21:41 8 Jun 2019

I read today that Nigel Adkins decided to reject a renewal of his contract with Hull City as he was concerned with the manner in which the owners are running the club. The Alam owners have been a nightmare for Hull City since they arrived. Adkins very much respected and admired by the Hull fans.
English abroad
at 08:15 6 Jun 2019

I guess I am getting old, but even when I was young I always knew that wherever I went to respect the place I was in and the people that I was amongst. I am not saying I was a little angel who did not have a few too many sometimes, but I still knew how to manage my consumption and how not to behave like an idiot.

Why do the English in particular, behave so badly when they are abroad? We just can't seem to get it out of our psyche and character. Give young English lads and lasses an alcoholic drink and the inane songs and chants start, then the abuse, then the descent into anti-social behaviour. It is not just football tournaments, but holidays, stag parties, hen parties, etc.

I say abroad, but thinking about it, even here in the Uk in our cities it is the same. York is usually carnage on a Saturday afternoon as drunken mobs descend into the city, women with pink sashes and bunny ears shouting all sorts of language and groups of lads (normally from the northeast) sprawling across the pavements.

I guess this all makes me sound a terrible bore and may be I am, but I feel disappointed when we let ourselves down, particularly in someone else's backyard.
Replacements at the top and backroom
at 13:35 29 May 2019

Not for one minute did I or do I expect any new signings etc in May or even early June, that would be unrealistic, but unless I have missed something, are we still not looking to fill Reed and Kreuger posts and did RH not hint that he wanted to change his backroom staff?

I did think the foundations would have been in place by now, or am I misguided and unrealistic?
Flying flags at matches
at 23:31 5 May 2019

It is something that has taken place in Europe for a long time but is now a growing trend here (evident at Newcastle yesterday) and is probably only a matter of time when it is taken up at St Marys. I admit when you see it on TV it looks pretty good, but I have always wondered how would I feel, if the persons standing in front of me are waving flags and you can hardly see a thing.

What do others feel about flags in the stands being waved by fellow spectators?
at 19:45 7 Apr 2019

Yesterdays was a borefest but todays game between Wolves and Watford the complete opposite. Up until Deleufeo scored Watford were not in it and Wolves were cruising and looking very good, but Watford late show and key substitutions made the difference. Both sides are going to offer a real test for us. You wonder whether Wolves will bite back after todays defeat or slink away and go into hiding. Hopefully the latter. Both will be a dangerous test for us.

What I have noticed in numerous games is how key it is to have quality substitutions and getting it right in the closing stages of a game, particularly, if the game is not going in your favour.
Emiliano Sala and Crocodile tears!
at 23:23 25 Mar 2019

Am I alone in thinking that Cardiff's approach since the death and the dust has settled towards the purchase and payment of Sala is somewhat unedifying and lacking in dignity and hypocrisy? They milked his death for all it was worth, banners and moments of silence saying, "one of us and always will be" - but hold on a minute, may be not one of us and if we can prove he was not, we do not have to pay any of the fee!

You might think that the 2 clubs would come together and agree a 50/50 split at least.

I suppose, what I do not know is how our board would behave, but you would hope that there would be some sense of decency in the face of adversity. But, football is full of hypocrisy and nothing speaks louder than the price and value of a footballer - dead or alive and Cardiff have shown that for all their plaudits and favourable media attention and sympathy, there is now a smell of crocodile tears.
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