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at 15:55 14 Apr 2018

Until the last 20 minutes I saw everything almost, that I have wanted to see for most of the season:-

- heart
- passion
- desire
- willing to fight
- drive
- and supporters getting behind their team

Then it all unravelled all too easily.

Feel gutted. I saw hope for most of today and then someone blew the flame out.

I think the players gave it their all today, but the quality in our defence is just not good enough for this league or this battle and the manner in which that quality has been allowed to be diluted each transfer window over the last 2 seasons (and the appointment of 2 poor managers - Puel was poor as well, and Leicester fans are already unhappy with him and his style), is nothing short of criminal negligence.

Reluctantly after that, I think I have to finally concede that we will be going down. No matter what the other teams do, I just can't see us getting the wins and points needed.
Liverpool fans
at 19:33 4 Apr 2018

Never really change do they. It won't be long before they get us banned from Europe again. But, it is never their fault is it? Hope Man City stuff them.
Forget who is the manager or coach
at 18:06 31 Mar 2018

today showed that many of the players are not playing for the team, the club or the fans. The manager or coach is an irrelevance. A disgrace. Feeling very angry again. 200 plus miles and lots of money to watch players who don't care and won't even put a shift in.
Mark Noble
at 17:14 27 Mar 2018

I see that he has written to West Ham fans asking them to get behind the team and be in fine voice. I am not one that believes that the debacle a couple of weeks ago at Burnley will work in our favour. I think we will face a different prospect to the one that Burnley faced and that the atmosphere by their fans and the West Ham performance will be very different. We will just have to be even better.........there can be no room for error, sub-standard performances by individuals or only turning up for 45 minutes.

One week from now.....
at 15:25 24 Mar 2018

will be at the London stadium for what has to be one of our most critical games of the season to date (there will be more before the season ends!). It will no doubt be tense and nervous for both sides. Sort of excited by the prospect.
What can I say that has not already been said?
at 23:12 10 Mar 2018

I have watched Saints through good and bad times for decades and every so often you get games that are best forgotten. But today, I saw something I cannot recall seeing for a very long time, not even during our darker days of relegation through the divisions with points deducted for administration - that is, too may players who simply did not care and who looked like they did not want to play.

What was wrong with todays game - where do I start and finish?

- players walking around and standing and watching;
- sideways and backwards passing;
- no willingness to compete at any level;
- failure of the midfield to protect the defence;
- easily bullied off the ball;
- failure to pass to a Saints player;
- over-hit or under-hit crosses;
- no leader on the pitch, willing to take the game by the scruff and lay into their colleagues;
- too many of our foreign international players who were not interested;
- an expensive striker, whilst being left with scraps, lacks movement or positioning or willingness to challenge
and so it goes on........

As for the manager. We all know don't we, the only problem is, the Board and those in charge are supine, negligent and conspicuous in their silence.

Our fans have been criticised on this forum recently, but today, that was a disgrace by our team and they got off lightly - mainly I suspect because the fans were so far away to really make their feelings known. No one had a good game, though out of a bad day, Sims at least showed some effort. I do think JWP, Hojberg, Stephens, Yoshida, McCarthy and probably Davis from our first team squad do care but it is not enough.

The other criticism that is aimed at us fans as some sort of karma and that is the dismissal of Puel. Well, we did not sack Puel, the board did. What we as fans were saying last season is, for heaven sake change the style of football because it is dull and boring - Puel didn't change it. We didn't ask for him to be sacked, we asked for better football. We may have finished 8th but we were closer to the bottom 3 than the top 6. The board then compounded their decision to release Puel by employing someone even more incompetent. Surely when they spoke to MP, a nice man he may be, but he lacks gravitas, presence and any motivational skills and arguably he lacks tactical nouse. Add to the fact that like Puel he has stubbornly stuck to a method that has failed.

Behind all this of course, is the season after season loss of quality - quality in players and in the last 2 seasons quality in manager and coaching staff. Do you think Sammy Lee would have just sat in his seat today if he had seen that? I doubt it. No leaders on the pitch and no leaders off it.
at 23:40 9 Mar 2018

I happened to be listening to the radio the other day and Leeds Utd were complaining about Wolves tactics. I assumed it was just typical Leeds Utd whinge-ing and sour grapes but the next day I heard again that several clubs in the championship were not happy with Wolves getting away with something. But, I never caught what it is that clubs are supposedly not happy with in respect of Wolves. I just wondered if any of you know what it is they are supposed to have done?

From what I have seen of Wolves they play nice football and I quite like their manager, though whether he proves as good at the top level will remain to be seen. It is a ground that I would like to go to, but unless our fortunes change it looks like we will pass each other.

I feel sorry for season ticket holders
at 10:14 4 Mar 2018

I have never been a season ticket holder because of the prospect of having the money to make that initial outlay each summer. Many a time I wish I had been, so have stuck with paying some summary amount to be a member. But, do I feel sorry for season ticket holders over the last 2 seasons. A handful of games apart, you really have not got value for money. Each year as the season draws to a close temptations are put out to purchase early and many do, in eager anticipation that their commitment will be matched by the boards, only to have seen the last few summers dominated by on and off field shenanigans and then a slow start to a season. These last 2 years the football at home has by and large been pure dross and yesterday epitomised it as much as many other games. In reality, did we really look like scoring, though on a couple of occasions we should have.

A word about Puel. Though not important to us now, but for all the criticism of us supposedly hounding Puel out for his dull football, at Leicester they are starting to get restless as the expansive football they were playing is slowly, game by game being snuffed out in favour of playing safely. He will last this season but will be interesting to see how long he lasts in the next.

Off to Newcastle next week. No idea what to expect. If Newcastle take the lead though I cannot see us coming back and winning it and a draw is not enough and a defeat will probably be a huge nail in the coffin. Not sure how tickets have gone with Saints. It could be my last game of the season as been to quite a few games recently and things are tight, but it is amazing how, despite everything, you try to find the funds to go to a game, almost out of some form of duty.

My view of the game - for what it's worth
at 21:43 24 Feb 2018

As I live just east of York, got home a little while ago.

At half time I put a thread on about how dire the football was in the first half. Well, extend that comment for 95% of the match. The football, whichever side you supported, was truly abysmal and dire.

But, of course, it is not about Burnley but about us and the fact is, yet again we have lost to a very poor opposition who offered little other than "hoofing it" and scored with just about the only chance they had. The goal was at the other end, so I cannot comment on whether it was an error or whatever.

As for our Saints though. So many players were just plain poor, some even awful. Surprisingly perhaps, the one slight shining light was Redmond. He never gave up, despite some poor wayward passes to him. As bad a manager as Pellegrino is (and I really cannot see this manager ever improving the team whichever league we end up in, and I have accepted he is with us to the end of the season), why is that so many of our passes went astray. That doesn't need a manager to say anything, these are well paid professional players most supposedly at their prime and yet they made basic mistakes - failure to pass to a player in red and white, crosses that were either over hit or did not even get past the first man and why oh why can we not compete in the air. Though a lot of players were not great, Tadic was particularly inept and always blaming someone else when his attempt at a pass did not meet a saints player. JWP - who, I personally do not have a problem with and I believe contributes usually, was largely ineffective today.

Lemina was not bad, but on the whole our midfield was quiet and yet again our lone striker was left picking up the scraps.

Once Burnley scored, as usual the subs were then made and Sims did change the game and made the difference, added by Boufal and Gabbiadini. Sims did really well and showed the enthusiasm and desire I wish the majority had made but failed to do so. Gabbiadini showed, give him half a chance and you have half a chance at least of a goal.

A draw was the right result but we needed to win and we should and could have won if only we had put the same effort in for 90 minutes instead of just the last 10.

As for Burnley. They are truly awful and no better than us and how they are not down with us scrapping against relegation is beyond me. I have yet to see a good game with Burnley and I have yet to see Burnley play well. Dyche is highly rated and he may be a good manager and may be he is good at making the best out of very average players. It would be interesting to see what he would be like with a good squad of players - is he one trick pony or a football genius?

In another thread Kennington was right. Don't let this draw fool you. Too many players were not interested today until Sims came on. Too many players did not look bothered and with that attitude it is difficult to see how we will avoid the drop.

Forget all these stories about game changing moments and turning the corner. We have had ample time to change this season and turn the corner, but too many of those that could have changed it have sat back and watched our decline with seemingly supine negligence.

Stoke will be much the same as Burnley, and Butland has got a lot of stick today for his error. He will do all he can to atone for that, so we have to, literally have to, be up for a physical fight next week and battle like lions and batter their goal. The trouble is, I really don't think our manager gets that and I am not sure that we have a team of players who care enough. A few do, but you can't win on a few.

I would love to have made a positive thread, as I did when we beat WBA in the league. But it seems that this season is one step forward and 3 or 4 back. I suppose the one consolation out of today is, we didn't lose and most our rivals in the scrap did not win and for that reason and that reason alone we still have hope.
First half torture
at 15:57 24 Feb 2018

Sat here at half time freezing my caunes and thinking, why do I do this week in and week out. That first half was dire. It can only get better....... surely!!!!!!
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