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Vestergaard horror apparently
at 16:36 8 Dec 2018

Gifted Cardiff the goal according to the commentary. Equally Austin and Lemina have had chances.
Playing Manchester United
at 16:34 30 Nov 2018

In my late 50's and been a Saints fan most of my life, attended games since I was in my late teens and in all my time as a Saints fan I cannot recall a time where the prospect of playing Manchester United has been met with such apathy and indifference, and I include myself in that. To the extent I am not even going.

I have made no attempt to purchase a ticket or have the desire to travel the 200 plus miles to see it, whereas this used to be a game you looked and waited in anticipation and though, more often than not you did so with a sense of realism, there was always the chance we would upset the odds and give them a good game. Some great games in the past I have had the pleasure to witness and we have upset the odds and made people look at us with a sense of pride.

I hope we win tomorrow, I really do, because we need to, but I don't expect us to. I'm sure we'll flatter to deceive in periods and this is a Man U side that in itself, is not the Man U we are used to, but even despite that, a win will be a surprise rather than going into it believing we can win this, but with the right attitude we can.
3 worse teams than us in the PL
at 19:28 25 Nov 2018

In an effort to grip by our worn down finger nails for some feint reason for optimism, the claim by most Saints supporters this season were, we may not be good and we may well be in for a difficult season but most held onto the belief that were/are 3 worse teams than us.

The question now is, who are they and are we not now one of those 3?

Cardiff and Huddersfield were/are definitely in that group but even they, allowing for the fact they lack depth in squad and talent, appear to be as capable or even more so in picking up some points (as Huddersfield's result shows and not an easy one either - away to Wolves - remember how we performed away to Wolves?) and a degree of fighting spirit which we seem to lack when it comes to protecting a lead or coming back from going behind. Fulham are and will be in the mix but I think Ranieri will be allowed to make the adjustments in the January transfer window and they will survive. Newcastle with Benitez will steer clear when it matters.

There is usually one team sitting around mid-table that at some point has a collapse.

At the moment, unless the club do something meaningful and soon, the bottom 3 looks like ourselves and probably Cardiff and Huddersfield.
Now I have seen the highlights......
at 22:59 24 Nov 2018

the defending by all our players looks even more criminal. Such basic, basic errors and incompetence week in and week out.

I said it the other week, I really cannot see where a win is going to come from. Most of the time we cannot score and when we can, we can't defend.

Hughes trots out the same old stuff about us not deserving that result. May be we did have a large chunk of play and create some good chances, but we still flippin' lost. He just doesn't seem to get it and how can we keep making the same errors week in and week out and still keep playing the same players that keep making those same mistakes.

If Hughes is still the manager come Monday, then I have no idea where we go. Whilst I feel that the quality and ability of the team leaves a lot to be desired the only thing we can change at the moment is the man in charge of the team. I am not convinced a change will save us, but to do nothing would be accepting our fate before even reaching Christmas.

Just seen the highlights
at 22:51 4 Nov 2018

Just watched the highlights and f*cking embarrassing in the penalty box. Like a knife through butter. Saints players just standing around and watching and doing absolutely nothing. Lemina waves his hands in the air and is static. Cedric cannot even do the basic of kicking the ball out. Hoedt always seems to be facing the wrong way and a completely supine midfield, let alone an impotent attack. I don't care that it was Man City, there are no excuses for that. Dreadful, truly dreadful. This isn't the Southampton Way, the Southampton Way I was brought up on, gave it their all, did not lay back and die. If these players don't want to play then bring in some of the youngsters. We may well still lose but at least lose with pride.

Shocking, just shocking. Watford next and for whatever reason I brought a ticket despite my abject disappointment last week against Newcastle.
I cannot see another win anytime soon.............
at 11:08 28 Oct 2018

For the life of me, I cannot see where our next goal is going to come from, let alone our next win. I actually think, it is not beyond the realms of imagination, that we could go the rest of the season without a win at home or indeed at all. I no longer think there are 3 worse teams than us, I think we are one of the 3, or 3 has become 4 or 5 - Huddersfield, Fulham, Newcastle, Cardiff - and out of them, I think 2 of them may not have more skill but have some semblance of team spirit and fight (and I have no confidence that we could beat any of them as yesterday proved), which I think is absent from some of our first team players - indeed I am not even sure why some of our first team players are an automatic pick and no one in our academy seems to be worth a try!

I have really struggled with my conscience (Saints wise) this season and it has grown over the last 2 seasons, that despite my years and years of supporting and loving Saints through thick and thin, as to whether I really want to continue to pay to watch and support them, indeed whether I am really that bothered any more. The pull between going and not going becomes a fight. Why more now than before I don't know, because I was there during the Branfoot era, the admin period and downward spiral, but now this time despite the claims by the editor of this forum, we have people at the top, who on the face of it, seem to not care. Marcus Liebherr and Cortese had a vision - albeit that vision was cut short. His daughter and the latest owner just say nothing, don't bother turning up and seem to be happy to sit by and accept that whatever is happening on the pitch is of no concern to them. Rather than going forward we have recoiled into our shell both on and off the pitch, where even mediocrity is seen as acceptable.

Our recruitment has been dire these last 2 seasons with millions loaned out and this summers batch of additions have added no quality at all to the team, if anything, have scaled it down even further. The millions we have achieved through sales have not been invested in improving the team for the long term and our much lauded academy seems to be an expensive toy with no end product. Our appointment of managers have been one poor choice after another.

5 games without a goal, one win at home since last November and a manager (who I concede I have never rated) is somehow seen as the answer to our on field problems. I really do not have faith in him, but equally I cannot see how any manager of any gravitas would come to a club with seemingly no plan going forward.

In the meanwhile, as I keep receiving reminders of buying a ticket for a "big" game against Watford, can I really find it within me to make another effort to spend my hard earned cash.

Whatever is ahead, I have accepted relegation as the inevitable and that last season was a stay of execution which those in charge did not see as a reason to make sure did not happen again.
at 22:11 2 Oct 2018

you could knock me down with a feather...…..never expected that. I think I should stop going to matches. When I don't go, we scrapped a rare win, albeit through penalties. May be if I stay away a whole season we may win the league.

No idea how we played other than the radio commentary, but a win is a win. Targett was getting a lot of praise (apart from the penalty miss of course).

I don't think it will have much impact on how we will perform on Sunday or in the league, but I'll take the glimmer of hope that this has offered.
My Take on Yesterday and wider
at 11:21 30 Sep 2018

I apologise in advance that this will be long and may be tedious to read and it is just my take on yesterday and how I see things. I may be wide of the mark on some aspects and I don’t say I am right in my assessment. It is just a point of view.

First and foremost, result aside, I enjoyed the day out yesterday and for the most part the game. A beautiful autumn day, good journey and despite warnings of it not being a pleasant place to go to, my personal experience of the walk to and from the ground was good. The view was not bad and I did not find the opposition fans anything other than pleasant.

We started slow. Indeed for the first 15 minutes we were largely chasing shadows, but as the time went on, we grew into the game and started to wrestle some control and increasingly nullify the opposition. In the second half, I would say, until Wolves scored we were at times the better side. For 75 minutes we matched them and occasionally even bettered the opposition with some good chances. Some players put in solid determined performances. We wasted our corners – one corner we tried something clever which you only really do when you are 3-0 up with 10 minutes to go and the corner that followed it, we couldn’t even keep the ball on the pitch! However, until we made the substitutions we were doing ok (though Ok, is really not enough to win). Interestingly, whilst Wolves substitutions had a positive impact, ours did not – indeed, one of those substitutions – Armstrong – was instrumental in undoing the reasonably good work that had gone on before it.

What was frustrating and disappointing was again, the lack of concentration, the lack of fight and “intent” to get back in the game once we went behind – the resigned look and acceptance that once we went 1-0 down, that was it. Where was the fight? Our players were slow to react to the first goal – everyone around me could see what was happening – why could not the players? Why were so many of our players still in the top half of the pitch ambling back instead of rushing back to defend. Then to repeat it was criminal.

Wolves did not match the hype that has accompanied them, but may be that was down to us. But, clearly they are a club with confidence and belief and a feel good factor. They have a good manager who seems to be able to read and anticipate a game and make good judgement and choices. They have a board that has a vision and way ahead. Indeed, not dissimilar to the period of our rise back to the PL. Unlike us, if they retain the board and vision they will continue to grow and go forward instead of retreating back into a shell of anonymity and “just getting by”. It is difficult to see what the owners and leaders of our club are getting out of the game. They seem to have little or any interest. They are not football supporters on the face of it and certainly not supporters of Southampton FC. I am sure Marcus Liebherr did not expect the current malaise at the top of the club to prevail. In that respect, they have let his legacy down.

Make no bones about it. We now have an average squad of average ability. We have made poor choices in management appointments. But, other managers have average squads and can seem to get the best out of what they go – why can’t our managers? Put simply, are our managers/coaches up to it, are we making the right choices in our appointments? On recent evidence, you would have to say No. I can’t in all honesty see Hughes making any more progress than his 2 predecessors.

Let’s remember, Liverpool apart, we have had a relatively gentle start to the season – what will December be like with that catalogue of fixtures. Indeed, a majority have stated that the one thing that may keep us up is that there are probably 3 worse teams than us. Even if we played one of those 3 are any of us truly confident we would beat them? I am not confident of beating anyone at the moment – in fact, for the like of me, I cannot see where or when our next league win will come.

A word on the fans. Contrary to what our editor of this forum says, I think our fans have been unbelievably patient and loyal and that was shown again yesterday. No venom aimed at the players, turning up at away games even though like last week, the manager and players have decided that the game is lost even before we start playing. West Ham and Newcastle fans protest and are seen as passionate and caring. When we express our frustrations, albeit largely through forums like this, we are seen as disloyal and hysterical.

In essence, despite the millions upon millions we have gained from sales, we have little of any substance or quality to show for it. That is a sad endictment of the wanton waste by the board and inept, casual approach to the club, the team and fans.

I do not want the manager and players trotting out the usual superlatives of intent, being together, etc, etc. Words are cheap and our actions so far on and off the pitch suggest that there is a lack of intent, flaky team spirit and fight.

I do care about this club and team and I know the majority of fans do. I do not expect to win the league, but I do expect the club to be run well, the money used wisely to invest to better the team. I expect us to compete, even against the so called big sides – that does not mean we will win, but to accept defeat before we have even kicked a ball is NOT “the Southampton Way”. Everyone has to question, where has all that good money gone because it sure as hell not on the pitch, or if it is, then some chronically bad recruitment decisions have been made.
Great entertainment but frustrating as well
at 21:58 17 Sep 2018

If I was impartial I would have to say that was a tremendous, entertaining game of football by both sides. We were excellent in the first half and Brighton were no where to be seen but they were the better side in the 2nd half but we allowed them back into it again. A soft penalty to say the least to them. Long was profligate again and you could say his misses are as costly as our defensive errors.

But some great performances as well particularly by PEH, Ings, Lemina and Cedric.

So needed those 3 points and for all the good play and entertainment I end up feeling disappointed and frustrated and ever so slightly annoyed that we could not hang on.

Still, at least it was entertaining and not dull and that is not something we have been able to say too often in the last couple or so seasons.
Superb strike
at 20:44 17 Sep 2018

by PEH. He is fast becoming a key player to our team and midfield. Saw signs of last season. He also has passion and desire and determination.
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