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South Coast investment
at 20:41 18 Jul 2018

To date, I have been pretty content with our close season, though, of the purchases we have made it is difficult to know how they may respond in the PL, but there is always a risk even if you purchase a so called big name. But, interesting to see that our neighbours Brighton and Bournemouth are not asleep in the transfer market and putting some real investment in, on the face of it some quality and long term prospects, so none of us can afford to be slow.

My one concern remains up front. I see no real sign of any movement (putting aside the Ings coverage which I don't think has that much in it and I am not sure anyway), but we seem reluctant to explore at prospects in the championship on league 1 etc. I accept PL is a big leap up but on the whole they are cheaper and potentially are a real investment if they turn good. I honestly don't think we can afford to rely on Austin, McQueen, Long and Gabbiadini. Austin will not play many games, McQueen may come good but he needs to now, Long - well, good team player and works hard but profligate in front of goal. Gabbiadini is our best hope but a lot to pin it all on one guy. I assume Hughes may be hoping for a better return from midfield and the wings and certainly that needs to improve.

Having said all that, some clubs, thus far, have been virtually comatose in the transfer market so far.
Is there a velvet revolution taking place?
at 22:19 10 Jul 2018

As far as it is possible to be, I feel mildly optimistic, this being the first close season for a long time, where I sense that something is happening at Saints and in a timely manner designed to give us time to get ready for a new season, instead of the usual on and off field issues leading right upto and beyond the start of the season.

Dare I say it, but is there a quiet revolution taking place behind the scenes? Reed seems to have been silenced, in fact, I can barely remember the last time he uttered a word be it on screen or in writing. There is the questionable waste of valuable money on some players which does irk somewhat, especially when you are expected to shell out for 25 quid on a renewal of a membership card, but they can effectively surrender 19m on a player, but recognising that they may have got a host of things hopelessly wrong over the last 2 seasons, on the outside at least, they appear to be seeking to steady the ship and point it back in the right direction.

Time will tell of course and I for one, will keep my expectations reasonable, looking for a season of enjoyable football and a mid-table finish rather than the dull insipid football of the last 2 seasons.

I do feel we still need to purchase a reliable, fit, forward as that still seems vulnerable, especially if we have any injuries.

But, in the corridors of St Marys, is there a quiet revolution taking place?
Barry Davies
at 23:28 4 Jul 2018

Just watching a documentary on Barry Davies. What a thoroughly decent man and family and a proper commentator or broadcaster as he prefers to be called.

What was touching was his coverage of Heysel. I didn't realise as many as 39 were killed and over 600 injured though I recall vaguely the events that evening. How odd that Liverpool and their fans have chosen not to recognise it and dismiss it as if it never happened.
Stuart Armstrong
at 08:17 26 Jun 2018

Apologies if I have missed a thread or something and I am away at the moment, but have we actually signed this player yet or not or is this another long drawn out process?
Promoting our club
at 17:38 18 Jun 2018

Whatever the reasons that Maddison chose Leicester over us, I really don't suspect location was one of them.

He is a fairly young lad and if he is intending to do well in his career and location is unlikely to be a major factor. No one is really that far away from anyone in the UK and with the salary he will be earning transport etc is unlikely to be a major issue. What if the option had been a Chelsea, Man U or Man C or Barcelona - he would say No to them over staying close to the Midlands - I strongly doubt it.

My concern is not whether or not we have lost Maddison to another club, but more to the point, have we now gone beyond the point where players with potential or existing experienced players no longer see us as a preferred or favoured option? I fear we have.

Whatever factors you wish to throw into the mix the reputation and standing of SFC Plc has taken a hit over the last 2 seasons.

Southampton as a club and a city should be an attraction. Ok, I concede that the actual city is not exactly a selling point itself (appears run down in many areas, poorly looked after and generally lacks community love) but where Southampton is, is in itself positive - close to the New Forest, south coast, good links to London and the club is in the PL. McMenemy was very good at attracting good players because he says it was not difficult to sell the location.

Of course, these days, money talks. I fear we have a board that recently has not sold a vision or image of SFC at all. For all his faults (and he had some) Cortese was clear about what he wanted the club to look like, come across, internally and externally. He had a vision and he had an idea of where he saw the club going. I haven't a flipping clue what the current bunch want. They don't say much and when they do, it lacks any real substance.

I am not suggesting it is all doom and gloom, it is not, far from it, but it is about time Gao, Liebherr, Reed and Kreuger got their act together and started upping their game and promoting the positives of SFC, the city and the region and making SFC a good place to come.
Tremendous Game!
at 21:20 15 Jun 2018

I have to admit, that game (Portugal Vs Spain) was a tremendous game of football. Unusual to see a game like that so early in the tournament. Either of these sides could potentially go all the way. Ronaldo and Costa are arrogant, sly individuals, but wouldn't we love to see some of their talent in our team.

You could see that as soon as Ronaldo had that free kick he wasn't going to do anything but score. Don't like the guy but have to admire his ability and self belief.
Long day yesterday
at 08:30 14 May 2018

Got up and left East Yorkshire at 7:30am yesterday for Southampton (given that I was aware that 2 junctions of the M1 was closed), so went via the A1 - ah, that was closed from Jct 14.

Anyway, arrived and met my brothers in Browns Pub and went to the game and have to admit, thoroughly enjoyed the game. Thought tactically we got it right in the first half even though it meant surrendering possession for long periods. Gave a real good account of ourselves in the 2nd half and could have won. So frustrating that yet again we conceded in the dying minutes (how many points have we lost this season from that happening) and also it again occurred from a free kick that should not have been (how many times has that happened as well - Good clubs like Man City do not need help from the officials!). In the end it did not matter and I was not that bothered that Man City got their 100 points, but what if it had of mattered????? I do like the fluid football of Man City though - the passing is crisp and pinpoint. Interestingly, though, when we had more energy and attacked them, they looked less comfortable - may be a lesson there.

Thought the atmosphere was pretty good.

After visiting the family briefly got back home at 11:30pm and now in work, feeling somewhat jaded.

All ended well in the end, but feel the board have got away with a pasting from the fans and things need to be sorted quick. Putting aside the euphoria of the recent games, that cannot mask what has been a very poor season and the issues off the pitch etc - only 7 wins - 2 more than the bottom side.

Have a good week and summer everyone. Lets hope we can look forward to next season with a bit more confidence.
at 22:44 8 May 2018

Haven't felt this good about a result since heaven knows when. So wanted to be there but couldn't even see it on TV so had to rely on radio commentary. Every comment, every minute was painful, but pure elation at the final whistle, especially after the disappointment on Saturday.

Just need to make sure we don't do anything stupid on Sunday. We wouldn't, would we......

Well done Saints and even on the radio, I could hear our fantastic support.
Still fuming
at 23:34 5 May 2018

Got back home just before MOTD so thought I would wait until I saw the MOTD highlights and see whether I right to be angry and it seems I am.

It should never have been a free kick against Redmond, then it was taken in the wrong place.

Bertrand, I don't know why he just did not kick it into the stands. I assume he was trying to get it up the pitch but ended up handing it to an Everton player. I guess we all make decisions at the time with the best intention but you can't afford to get them wrong in this situation and at that stage of the game.

Hoedt, sorry, he had another indifferent game and I know it is one of those things but he starting to seem like another Hooiveld. We need something special from him on Tuesday.

The Ref gave us nothing. I had a good view at our end and the countless times Everton players pulled at our players shirts and nothing was done beggared belief and yet, they got a free kick for just about anything. I don't usually go in for conspiracy theories, but it looked like he was destined to give Everton every opportunity to get something out of the game.

On the plus, we played well and Redmond was great today. There was a good team ethic but that result worries me and how it will have effected the players for Tuesday. Given how things seem to be going against us, even if we take the lead, it feels like the "Gods" are against us (and when it matters we just seem to come up short). I cannot see Stoke doing anything against Swansea. Stoke hate Hughes and they will be delighted to see him relegated.

I am despondent tonight, though I was equally proud of our effort and display today. I think I am just angry that whilst the officials were not to blame for the equaliser the decisions they made leading upto it denied us 3 points, similar to the Watford game. May be, just may be, a decision will go in our favour and we will get some good fortune on Tuesday - we are overdue one or two. Nothing less than a win will do now.

Jan Bednarek
at 16:32 29 Apr 2018

He has got some improving to do, but like his attitude and desire and will to want to win and not give up, since he has come into the team.
Days like this make it seem worth the pain
at 20:44 28 Apr 2018

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant today. The players, the fans, the atmosphere, everything.

I have whinged and moaned on here and felt despondent and annoyed with so much about this season, so it is only right, that I redress that balance by saying, you couldn't have asked for more by anyone.

Tadic and Lemina were tremendous today. I have heavily criticised Lemina especially (and rightfully so), but cannot fault his contribution today. It would be churlish to question why these 2 have risen to the occasion today and not before, but lets hope they take that attitude into the remaining games, whatever they choose to do when it is all over.

McCarthy, tremendous performance. In a season, where there have been few shining lights, he has been one, and will probably be my player of the season. Not saying he is perfect, but he has stepped in and stepped up, in a very difficult season and period.

The rest of the players had a never say die attitude today, even when a goal was scored against. Of course you felt that that goal (which was never a corner) could support Nick's view that not only have things off the pitch helped us this season, luck and bad decisions would again act against us.

The fans today - tremendous.

I bought my ticket for Everton as soon as I was eligible, then believing until today, it may as useful as an empty teabag. Everton has never been a particularly happy hunting ground even during the best of times, but it now has significance and meaning and at least Adrian Heath does not play for them (that moment still brings me out in cold sweats at night).
Come on Saints
at 09:11 28 Apr 2018

Come on Saints. Give it absolutely everything and you never know.
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