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Scoring Direct From Corners
at 17:48 23 Jan 2021

JWP Came very close today and I remember MLT scored at least once direct from a corner (possibly twice - one being against the skates?). It’s obviously quite a skill, and I also remember him doing a variation where he hit it short to Simon Charlton with MLT running on to the return pass (to improve the angle) curled it into the net. Perhaps JWP should develop this one-two routine, or does he do it already and I’ve somehow missed it?
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Dirty Leeds
at 09:18 12 Jan 2021

I’m getting a tad confused now. When are we supposed to be playing Leeds? For some reason I had it down as today.
Steve Moran
at 10:31 10 Jan 2021

I see it’s Steve Moran’s 60th birthday today, how old does that make me feel, FFS? Will always be loved by Saints fans for that goal against the skates (and many others). What would he be worth today? Career sadly curtailed at SFC.

He was a good friend of a mate of mine and I’m happy to report he was (and hopefully still is) a very nice guy.

Worthington - Armstrong - MORAN!!

Happy birthday Steve.
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UI End of the Year Awards: Nominees
at 09:52 31 Dec 2020

I don’t know if Nick is planning to announce any end of year awards this New Year’s Eve, but I thought I’d get the ball rolling anyway for the UI “family”.


Rookie of the Year: Berber - a recent entrant, but with some carefully crafted posts. Thought provoking, but as yet not too contentious.

Obessive of the Year: two big contenders here:
I Would: for his sterling work in continually being negative about JWP and;
Porirot: for his obsession with MLT’s obsession with making daft tweets.

However, in my humble view neither of these worthy candidates come anywhere near the onanistic obsessiveness of.....Skate 130 who has to be THE hot favourite. A hands down, copper-plated complete and utter gimp bed-sit dweller of the highest (cut and paste) order.

Tycoon with a Social Conscience: Saint 22 who, despite running a world wide BUSINESS empire still finds the time to log in from his private jet to remind us all what a tvvat Bojo is and how Sir Keir of the Starmer would be doing everything right.

Lastly (and to show 130 how to actually represent a team properly on another club’s board) I suggest for Opposition Fan of the Year:

Blue: his unwavering, but usually polite interweaving of all things Citeh into Saints matters is at times a joy to behold.
Solent Toffee: as well as his devotion to the lesser hated team on Merseyside, his input on social matters in Southampton is always constructive.

Anyone bothered/got any more nominations?

[Post edited 31 Dec 2020 10:44]
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Christmas on the UI
at 17:18 23 Dec 2020

I must admit I’m a bit conflicted. Given how much we all love each other on here, should we go for a Tier 4 virtual group hug to celebrate Christmas or a mass virtual Taking of the Knee..? Maybe we should have a poll?

At least we all love SFC...
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Good but Derogatory Nick-Names
at 14:36 12 Dec 2020

Ok, so we all know nick-names like wet spam and spuds are pretty pathetic. Likewise Saints being called ‘scummers’ as the word is used by many clubs (at least in the ‘scum’ form) to describe hated rivals. ‘Skates’ on the other hand, is quite brilliant as it is unique to them, historically accurate and grossly insulting. The Blue Few and Portsdown Hillbillies (given their inter-breeding) are also acceptable in my book.

As for other names, I do have a wry smile when I see opposition fans refer to us as ‘Stains’ as it’s a simple rearrangement of our name (and therefore unique), uncomplimentary and also a bit funny. ‘Jam Rags’ and ‘Deck Chairs’ are used for the likes of Sunderland and Stoke as well, so don’t cut it.

Another name I though was quite good recently was West Brom fans referring to Wolves as the ‘Dog Heads’.

Anyone have any more?
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