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Sunday is NOT "a good day out"
at 08:26 23 May 2024

As the title says.

This is the biggest game for the club since Swansea away in May 2018.

This is a chance to cement a winning mentality and to shape the destiny of the club for the next 5-10 years.

Lose, and we risk being in the doldrums for a number of years, possibly overtaken by the shower up the road.

Win, and we could stabilise the club within the Prem and get back towards the heady days of Koeman.

I hate a lot about the Prem, particularly the detestable way that VAR sucks the joy out of the game.

However, to use a tent analogy, with the Prem the lesser of two evils is to be on the inside pissing out than on the outside pissing in.

Please do not go to the game on Sunday with the mentality that if we lose it has been a good day out. We have to be far better than that; Leeds fans will not be like that.

Roar the lads on to victory and get us out of the wilderness as a club.

We simply HAVE to win.
[Post edited 23 May 8:33]
De Zerbi leaving Brighton
at 15:45 18 May 2024

A certain Hove resident may be looking on with some interest……..
Saints v Wolves in the FA Cup in 2003
at 06:43 16 May 2024

An atmosphere to rival that tomorrow night would do me.

Even Strachan, notoriously hard to please when it came to support from the fans, said we were good that day.
Pyros / Drums etc. on Friday
at 13:17 14 May 2024

Is everybody on here completely against this?

Are we just all too old on here?

I personally quite like the Legia Warsaw approach of going ridiculously over the top with flares in the ground. But that will obviously never happen over here.

The pyros thing by the Ted Bates statue. Yeah, fine if loads turn up, but it's going to be sh1t if it's just a couple of dozen nippers, and we'll be a laughing stock.

Do not want drums, clappers or any of that sh1t in the ground.

Just pure loud noise from fans' mouths from the moment the players walk out until the final whistle.

Doesn't need to be singing, just be loud. It's not that hard.

Nobody mucking about on phones during the game.

That'll do me.
Play-offs - physical approach and shithousery
at 12:11 10 May 2024

God knows why, but I notice the Echo have today been re-living the horrors of the 2007 play-off defeat to Derby.

In addition to remembering:-

- the rain at Derby
- our away fans being superb
- Leon Best being a disaster
- Derby's fans being arseholes

my main memory was the thuggishness of Derby on the pitch, kicking Bale and Kenwyne Jones out of the tie in the first leg, much of their dirty stuff going unnoticed by officials.

I think we have to be massively prepared for more of the same against West Brom.

Corboran is a wily character, and he will know that their best chance of beating us is to bully and initimidate us, and to really be in our faces.

Set pieces will also be a big tactic for them, monster long throws etc etc.

If we don't stand up to all of this, it may very possibly not end well for us.
The "Who's Collecting Tickets from the West Brom Ticket Office on Sunday th
at 08:59 8 May 2024

Putting myself forward as almost certainly being in that number.

Junior Firpo
at 20:07 4 May 2024

He played for Barcelona, him.


Easily Leeds’ worst player.

Just hope they keep him in the team for the play-offs.
"Two thirds of the squad wanted to leave in the summer"
at 09:40 3 May 2024

And so the PR bullshit begins.

I think I'm done with this bloke.

He just talks absolute drivel, gets his excuses in early.

That's Brighton Buddha, not Alfie House......

Viva Sports Republic
at 16:39 28 Apr 2024

If memory serves, this lot had a half-decent keeper…..

Penny for the thoughts of Dragan Solak
at 10:24 28 Apr 2024

See he was there yesterday.

Would not be a happy bunny if I was him.
Crowd of less than 25,000 looming for play-off semi home leg
at 09:16 28 Apr 2024

Unless the Club do something bold with pricing (£15 or less).

The play-offs were always my favourite week of the season to watch games on TV (as a neutral); often so much excitement in games with big atmospheres.

However, the feeling I get is that a lot of fans just want the season to end now, and extending it by another couple of weeks is just prolonging the angst.

A real shame.
Suspensions - play-offs
at 08:40 27 Apr 2024

How does it work with suspensions?

Do they roll over into the play-offs?

Thinking of the implications of any 3-match bans for a straight red card today or next Saturday…..(or a red card next Saturday for 2 yellows).
Does anybody think Saints can get promoted this season?
at 20:58 26 Apr 2024

Does anybody think Saints can get promoted this season?

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Leeds 2-0 down
at 20:56 26 Apr 2024

Bad news for us.

We need Ipswich to finish 3rd and Norwich 6th.
Played for Saints and Stoke
at 10:06 26 Apr 2024

Rory Delap
Danny Higginbotham
Kenwyne Bloody Jones
Peter Crouch
Ricardo Fuller
Andrew Davies
Derek Statham
61 goals conceded in the League this season
at 14:16 24 Apr 2024

Four more goals conceded from our last two games against Stoke and Leeds, and we will surpass the figure of 64 conceded by Swansea last season.

When we appointed Brighton Buddha, common consensus seemed to be that we would not concede as many goals as Swansea as we had better players.

I predict that if Brighton Buddha survives the summer, Colin Calderwood will be the sacrificial lamb.
Flynn Downes and Ross Stewart
at 13:49 24 Apr 2024

Increasingly thinking that the season is going to depend on these two both being fit for the play-offs.

I imagine there may be one or two behind closed doors friendlies being hurriedly arranged....
A message from Brighton Buddha to Nick
at 07:39 24 Apr 2024

Two games out of nine
at 07:28 23 Apr 2024

Won by Saints without Flynn Downes in the team.

And judging by Brighton Buddha’s comments in today’s Echo, we won’t be seeing Downes before the play-offs……
5 things I noticed at Cardiff
at 13:22 22 Apr 2024

1. Their locals are bellends.

2. Re point 1, saw a group of half a dozen nippers outside the Cambrian Tap pub on St. Mary Street doing slit-throat signs at anybody who they thought might be English. This was before 11.00am. Dibble moved them on.

3. Then stood outside the same bar, a local decided to acquaint himself with our group. Was drinking a whole bottle of Sauvignon Blanc (a good drop as well) at midday.

4. I got sunburnt stood outside that bar.

5. I don't want to go back there in a hurry. Have seen us play there 4 times in 3 different stadiums, we have lost every single time.
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