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See where Leicester City put away fans.
at 10:41 26 Aug 2018
Their ground is very like our own.
at 21:42 18 Aug 2018

Why is he Captain?
Mind you who else is there?
The Captains role seems to be less important than in the past,I've always seen it as a
important ,motivating and tactical one.
[Post edited 18 Aug 2018 21:50]
So it looks like we will miss out on Welbeck
at 18:28 9 Aug 2018

but might get Ings on loan.I dont know wether to laugh or cry.
Something that concerns me
at 21:11 4 Aug 2018

is lack of Academy players making a break through into the first team.
Saints Academy is rightly thought of as one of the best in the country but recently it seems to be struggling to produce young players capable of breaking through into the first team.
I know how hard it must to gain Premiership standard players but we used to in the past.
I know we need a new striker but
at 13:42 2 Aug 2018

a Gabbiadini and Austin partnership would be promising as long as Austin could stay fit.
I know some wont like this......
at 08:26 21 Jul 2018

But I think Liverpool will win the title this season.
I'm on a treble,I predicted Man City would last season and France would win the world cup.
Just a feeling in my old bones.
World Cup and Premiership Players...
at 19:57 14 Jul 2018

Does so many foreign players playing in our premiership impact on the development of our best players?
Watching this World Cup its interesting to see how many of players from other countries play in our top division.
Bearing in mind that the best players from all over the world compete and play against eachother in the Premiership it must benefit their development at the expense of ours.
I know that it happens in many countries but do they have so many?Some matches its hard to find more than 2 or 3 players from England.
They better address this problem or we will always be second best against top sides or even less so.
Realisitcally England
at 09:40 12 Jul 2018

All this positivity is good but realisticaly the truth is we are not good enough when faced by the top sides.
Southgate has done a very good job with the players at his disposal.
Pickford and Maguire have been magnificent,the others have done well enough,but when have you have Alli and Lingard in midfield not much is going to happen apart from some nice touches sideways and a lot of running about..
We have a good team ethic but you need a player who can do something out of the ordinary.
There are far too many foreign players in our premiership stopping the development of our younger players.
I wouldnt say the players were heroes but they did well enough with a easy draw but put a top side in front of them the result will usually be the same.
Those horns at the world cup
at 21:26 20 Jun 2018

What a racket, have fans forgotten how to sing?
I can think of someone who would feel right at home with them.
Austin,Long and Gabbiadini
at 08:33 9 May 2018

Austin.........An old fashioned English forward, big and strong and a real handful in and around the box, always looking to score.
Long............ full of running, would hate to be a defender marking him.
Gabbiadini...a predator around the box always looking for a chance.

When you have players like that on the pitch you will always be in with a chance.

Give us a strong creative Midfielder who can score and a Class CB and who knows we could be on to something. Of course we need back up for Austin who does pick up injuries as well.
Tonight is the night.
at 08:28 8 May 2018

I think we know what we have to do......Win nothing less.
Gabbiadini and Austin
at 21:10 7 May 2018

Together?Against Swansea. Thoughts? Long on the bench.
[Post edited 7 May 2018 21:11]
Alex McCarthy
at 13:08 29 Apr 2018

We must hold on to him next season whatever the division we're in.
His save yesterday was world class and I mean world class.It was a deflected shot and some speed, how it got to it was amazing.
Wheres the rallying call?
at 07:58 24 Apr 2018

Apart from the manager where is the rallying call to the fans from the clubs hierarchy.
The Saints fans deserve so much more from them.
Very Preditble
at 19:55 22 Apr 2018

Guess we all knew what was going to happen.
I wonder who will the top six sides next season, not hard is it?
at 11:44 22 Apr 2018

To all the fans going,enjoy the day.
Its a rollercoaster being a Saints fan, we know that, but its our club.
Chelsea are massive favourites but who cares, that's their problem not ours.
Sing your hearts out whatever the result.

Have a great day.
The biggest contributing factor
at 08:30 20 Apr 2018

to where we are now, is the loss and the subsequent not replacing of VVD.
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