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at 09:36 3 Feb 2020

So apart from the game/result, how was your trip/weekend to Liverpool?
at 08:23 6 Jan 2020

Remember a thread a couple of weeks ago when some were suggesting bringing back Schneiderlin to SMS. Let’s start a TUI campaign to make it happen.

Just don’t show anyone at the club the following link......

FAO TCM - Bantz Update
at 10:16 12 Nov 2019

Quite surprisingly there was very little Scouse stereotypes bantz from the Itchen corner on Saturday and hardly any mass engaging with the away fans. There was the predicted “it’s only one nil, you must be shi1t” and “you’re going down with Southampton “ after the equaliser.

To be fair, they got behind the team throughout and only turned in injury time when there was zero urgency from Saints, and they turned on Goa, although there was an area of resignation about that, what with him being thousands of miles away.
at 12:00 7 Nov 2019

Right then, firstly who’s going, where are drinking and what’s your score predictions?

I’m going, completely unchallenged. Not sure where to drink, probably The Grapes. Think it will be a high scoring draw, which I’d take at this moment. By the look of it, Everton will have no defensive midfield, Gbamin, Schneiderlin and Delph are all out injured along with Gomes, so young Davies and a.n.other possibly Sigurdsson will play in the middle with a very attacking forward line including Iwobi, Richarlison and Walcott and either Tosun or DCL.

What should be the highlight of the season for me, ten minutes from home as opposed to 8 hour round trip, is always the worst. Inept performance sat next to the premier leagues biggest whoppers.

Can’t wait.
The Ugly Inside Fume Bingo
at 08:21 11 Oct 2019

I think this is what you call a full house.........
Confirmation, if needed, that international football.....
at 16:22 3 Oct 2019

.... is a load of bollox.

Southgate, on recalling Fabian Delph, states that he has made a great impact at Everton.

He’s been pretty rubbish so far Gareth, to be fair. That said, a half fit Eric Dier has probably got the nod too.
Lewis Dunk
at 20:51 14 Jul 2019

Long time favourite of these very pages is off to Leicester for 45 million quid, haha. Football is officially ruined.
Top 3 Women's World Cup things
at 09:47 3 Jul 2019

1. I enjoyed watching the England games, decent entertainment. Ultimately they got beat by a miles better team, America are a few years ahead of this English team in terms of their development.

2. The media. I don't follow social media much or read any newspapers but has there been that much coverage? The BBC would like to think that the whole nation stopped last night to sit down and watch the game. I don't think it's the case at all. Much more interest than before but nothing revolutionary despite the BBC pushing it. Also Jonathan Pearce, dear me.

3. The future. More slow progress I think, yes more girls will start playing off the back of the WC, but how many will turn up to support the WSL. Gates there are seventh tier standard.

In summary, it's great, crack on but stop comparing it to men's football, especially the BBC.
Sky Sports Latest Pundit
at 09:44 10 Jun 2019

I can only assume that every ex Liverpool player has gone on holiday, because the latest pundit who has been popping up during the day to give us his insight into the Nations League, the Hazard transfer and the future of Gareth Bale, is........ Jamie O'Hara.

I must admit I had to google him to remember who he played.

The barrel has been well and truly scraped there.
at 18:31 4 Apr 2019

Reports are suggesting that Everton are looking to offload Walcott, with Saints interested in buying him. Would you take him?
James tonight at The Guidhall
at 15:43 14 Mar 2019

Or O2 or whatever it's called.

Who's going?
Snow Days
at 14:58 31 Jan 2019

Jesus wept, when did this country become such a bunch of whinging, cry arse, lazy b4stards.

Schools and colleges already close tomorrow even though hasn't been a flake of snow yet today.

People desperate for snow so that they can have a day off, you have two at the weekend, lazy tw4ts.

Your game on that SKY goals thing
at 06:35 31 Jan 2019

Last night I watched the Sky goals update thing, that Jeff Stelling normally does.

Your game was covered by a pundit that I didn't recognise, but it was as though she was watching a different sport. She kept saying things like Saints are on the regain and Palace are having a spell of transition. JWP scored a goal in the red zone, apparently.

All very strange.

Anyway morning Saints, be careful with that snow and ice!
[Post edited 31 Jan 2019 6:42]
The Brits
at 08:57 14 Jan 2019

Never mind the country going to the dogs through politics, have a look at this sorry collection for the so called best of Britain music.
A year ago today
at 16:02 26 Nov 2018

Southampton 4-1 Everton

Bloody hell that was a tough watch. How things change in a year.......
Music Questions
at 10:27 24 Oct 2018

Apologies for non Brexit thread.

Current morning drive/commute music, evening/commute drive music, currently listening to, next gig?

Morning - Flick between five live and Radio X, mainly because I can't stand Chris Moyles.

Evening - Johnny Vaughan, Radio X - very funny.

Listening to - A lot of Muse, hoping to see them next year.

Gig - Blossoms at the Guidhall

Strange Game
at 17:17 18 Aug 2018

I thought Everton were comfortably the better side in the first half and then were a bit slow at the start of the second half and Saints came back in. Saints never looked like getting back in it and Everton should have wrapped it up with that Walcott miss.

Both teams look in transition to be fair. Deserved result for Everton though.

Have a safe journey back, off for a pint.
Right then, who's going tomorrow....
at 07:53 17 Aug 2018

Mode of transport.
First drink and where.
Score prediction

Already up here and drove, probably Heineken in The Stuart at about noon and paying less than 3 quid a pint. 2-0 Everton.
Wolves v Derby
at 20:57 11 Apr 2018

Wolves player, Neves, has just scored a proper Le Tissier goal.
Common People
at 09:54 16 Feb 2018

This year will be headlined by TUI board favourite, Lily Allen.

Don't all rush out at once to get those tickets.
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